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27th DAAAM International Symposium, 2016

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DAAAM Week 2016


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International Academy of Engineering – Central European Branch Inauguration Ceremony 2015 – Gallery


in the name of Worldwide DAAAM International Community to all DAAAM Members…

Medals are waiting…


Anniversaries and Years: 25 / (1815-1990-2015) / 200 Years Medal


University of Zadar – Venue of DAAAM-2015 Week


Participants of 4th DAAAM International Doctoral School with Dr I. Kukushkin and Professors P. Panfilov, President B. Katalinic, Professor V. Pryanichnikov and Professor Stjepan Krasic – group photo at the start of school


DAAAM International Community Congratulations to Rector Dijana Vican on her election to the position of the Rector of the University of Zadar.


Rector Dijana Vican, speech at the opening of Symposium


Inauguration of new members of International Academy of Engineering – Central European Branch. New Members – from left: Professor Toni Bielic, Professor Heinz Brandl, Professor Stjepan Krasic and Professor Valentin Pryanichnikov with Rector Dijana Vican, and academicians Branko Katalinic, Ante Uglesic and Ilija Cosic


Laureates of “Imperial Medal 1613-2013” from left: Professor Valentin Pryanichnikov – promotor, Rector Dijana Vican, former Rector Ante Uglesic and President Branko Katalinic 


Smiling, sleeping and listening – hard work


Post mortem Gold Medal of DAAAM International for Professor Ivana Burgelez


Part of Synergy Network participants – inspirations after coffee and before start of workshop


Meeting with Rector Dijana Vican. From left: Professor S. Kuvshinov Vice rector – Stankin; Professor Alexander Ksenzenko, Head of Lab – Stankin; Professor Ilija Cosic long-time Dean at TF University of Novi Sad; Professor Stjepan Krasic, Professor Vlado Majstorovic, former rector of the University of Mostar; Professor Dr. multi. Heinz Brandl, President of Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects; Rector Dijana Vican; President Branko Katalinic; Professor Peter Panfilov; Professor Iosef Breido, Synergy Network partner KarSTU; Dr Alexander Shiler, Professor Valentin Pryanichnikov, RAS; Professor Oleg Ipatov, Advicer to Rector of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University; Professor Tauno Otto, Dean at Tallinn University of Technology; Professor Victor Andreev


Laureates of “25th Anniversary Gold Medal of DAAAM International”


Happy Birthday – special selection jubilees!


Certificates for Members of 10+, 15+, 20+ and 25+ DAAAM Symposium Authors’ Clubs


Certificates for Members of 5+ DAAAM Symposium Authors´ Club


Winners of Festo Scholarships and Festo Prizes 2015


Participants of 4th DAAAM International Doctoral School and winners of Festo Scholarships


Participants of 4th DAAAM International Doctoral School and winners of Festo Scholarships Winners of Prizes 2015 with Professors Ante Uglesic, President of Award Committee 2015; President Branko Katalinic; Slaven Zjalic, Vice Rector; Valentin Pryanichnikov, Dr Ilya Kukushkin, Peter Panfilov, Ilija Cosic; Tauno Otto; Emil Costel Cotet


Group Photo after Closing Ceremony for Memory on DAAAM-2015 and Zadar


Dr. Wilfried Stoll and the Representatives of the Synergy Network Universities and Partners 

2014-11-29, Vienna 

 at Working Lunch – Kursalon Vienna


1946-10-13 / 2015-11-11


Sponsored by

University of Applied Sciences – Technikum Wien

Supported by



Links for TU Vienna students of Univ.Prof.Dipl.-Ing.Dr.techn.Dr.mult.h.c.Branko Katalinic



1) Registration for Course  (SS 2016)

2) Proposal of 3 Topics (Unlocked after the first lecture in June, 2016)

3) Presentation Upload (Unlocked after the first lecture in June, 2016)

 Presentation Submission Deadline: 2016-07-11 (Monday, 23:59)





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