DAAAM International Scientific Book 2018

Vol. 17, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-902734-19-8
Editor: B. Katalinic hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2018
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000 Front Cover, Foreword and Contents
001 Costa, C.; Pinto Ferreira, L.; C. Sa, J. & Silva, F. J. G.: Implementation of 5S Methodology in a Metalworking Company
002 Zuperl, U.: Automated Measurement of Layer Thickness in Gradient Materials
003 Pecujlija, M. & Cosic, I.: Entrepreneurship in Serbian Enclaves in Region of Kosovo and Metohia
004 Pecujlija, M. & Cosic, I.: Crisis Management and Employees Moral Foundations (Case of Serbia)
005 Pecujlija, M. & Cosic, I.: Mociology, Serbian Contribution to It
006 Gusel, L.: Experimental Analysis of Punch Speed Impact on Plastic Behaviour of Extruded Material
007 Janzekovic, M.; Prisenk, J. & Krenker, A.: Impacts of RDP Financial Aid Supports for Setting up Young Farmers Scheme
008 Obucina, M.; Dzaferovic, E.; Ibrulj, J.; Cekic, A.; Kuzman, K. M.; Kariz, M. & Sernek, M.: Analysis of the Viscoelastic Properties of Polymeric Materials used for 3D Printing
009 C. Lipus, L.; Hamler, A.; Buchmeister, B. & Gorsek, A.: Magnetic Treatment for Amelioration of Wastewater Biodegradation
010 Pracek, S. & Krajner, M.: Theory of Yarn Unwinding from Packages
011 Palcic, I.; Ojstersek, R.; Ficko, M. & Buchmeister, B.: Value-adding and Outsourcing Activities in Slovenian Manufacturing Companies
012 Gotlih, J.; Karner, T.; Gotlih, K. & Brezocnik, M.: Experiment Based Structural Stiffness Calibration of a Virtual Robot Model
013 Mahendrakar, S.: Research Issues and Development in Advance Manufacturing Systems
014 Mahendrakar, S.: Optimization of Performance Measures for the Improvement of Lean Manufacturing System
015 Kafol, C.; Bregar, A. & Trilar, J.: Blockchain for Energy Utilities
016 Duishenaliev, T.; Duishembiev, A. & Mekenbaev, B.: Criterion for Verification of the Generalized Law of Hooke
017 Park, H. S. & Dang, X.: Technology for Improving Productivity and Quality of Injection Molding
018 Zoric, A. & Kaljun, J.: The Influence of the Acoustic Properties of Wood for the Production of Electric Solid Body Guitars
019 Breido, I.; Kaverin, V. & Em, G.: The Research of the Adjustable Electric Drive of the Direct Current
020 Mozina, K.: Novel Stylus Method for Measuring Papers Topography
021 Pal, S. & Drstvensek, I.: Physical Behaviors of Materials in Selective Laser Melting Process
022 Domingo, R.; De Agustina, B. & Marin, M. M.: Effect of Cooling on the Torque of Tapping Processes in Polymer Composites
023 Toledano, C. & Domingo, R.: A Sustainability Index for the Evaluation of Machining Operations
024 Takakuwa, S.: Integration of Management and Simulation for Manufacturing Systems
025 Pawan, K. & Misra, J. P.: A Surface Roughness Predictive Model for DSS Longitudinal Turning Operation
026 Lepaja, S.; Maraj, A. & Berzati, S.: Wireless LAN Planning and Performance Analysis
027 Porkolab, I.; Djambic, G. & Kucak, D.: Performance Issues and Gains of Caching the Pathfinding Data with FAST-N Algorithm
028 Malafeev, S. I. & Malafeev, S. S.: Compensation of Voltage Loss in the Power Line
029 Malafeev, S. I. & Malafeev, S. S.: Dynamic Loading of Electric Machines During Testing