Proceedings of the 24th International DAAAM Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

23-26th October 2013, Zadar, Croatia

Volume 69-2014, ISSN 1877-7058
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by Elsevier Ltd. / Peer-review under responsibility of DAAAM International Vienna, 2013

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*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now
000 Katalinic B.: Preface
001 Filaretov. V.; Zuev. A.; Khvalchev. A.:Development of Approach to Automatic Machining of Composite Parts Without their Rigid Fixing by Means of Multilink Manipulators
002 Ha. J. S.:A Human-Machine Interface Evaluation Method Based on Balancing Principles
003 Clinciu. M.; Thierheimer. D. C.; Nicolae. T.; Thierheimer. W.:Aspects of Side Impact with Vertical Cylindrical Obstacles
004 Hallon. J.; Kovac. K.:Simplified Generation of Electromagnetic Field within EMC Immunity Test Area
005 Andreev. V.; Kuvshinov. S.; Pryanichnikov. V.; Poduraev. Y.:Education on the Basis of Virtual Learning Robotics Laboratory and Group-Controlled Robots
006 Stojkic. Z.; Majstorovic. V.; Visekruna. V.; Zelenika. D.:Application of Lean Tools and xRM Software Solutions in Order to Increase the Efficiency of Business Processes
007 Muminovic. A.; Repcic. N.; Colic. M.:Thermo Elasto Hydrodynamic Lubrication Model of Mixed Friction
008 Ravas. R.; Syrova. L.:The Analysis of Properties of Schlieren Color Images
009 Buchmeister. B.; Friscic. D.; Palcic. I.:Bullwhip Effect Study in a Constrained Supply Chain
010 Veganzones. M.; Camacho. A. M.; Garcia-Prada. J.; Sebastian. M. A.:Contact Pressure Profiles in Axisymmetric Compression Considering Friction and Geometrical Factors
011 Coroni. D.; Croitoru. S. M.:Prediction of Cutting Forces at 2D Titanium Machining
012 Leber. M.; Bastic. M.; Mavric. M.; Ivanisevic. A.:Value Analysis as an Integral Part of New Product Development
013 Uebel. M.; Bliedtner. J.:Laser Precision Cutting of High-Melting Metal Foils
014 Gheorghe. I. G.; Badita. L.:Micro-Nanometrologically and Topographic Characterization of Nanostructured Surfaces
015 Jakovic. B.; Galetic. F.:Marketing and Commercial Activities Offered on Croatian Five-Star Hotel Web Sites
016 Takakuwa. S.; Veza. I.:Technology Transfer and World Competitiveness
017 Sysel. M.; Dolezal. O.:An Educational HTTP Proxy Server
018 Horman. I.; Busuladzic. I.; Azemovic. E.:Temperature Influence on Wear Characteristics and Blunting of the Tool in Continuous Wood Cutting Process
019 Ciupan. E.:A Study Regarding the Possibility of Optimizing the Supply Batch using Artificial Neural Networks
020 Bolanca Mirkovic. I.; Bolanca. Z.; Majnaric. I.:Prints Recycling in Function of the Press Conditions and Substrate Characteristics
021 Kralikova. R.; Sokolova. H.; Wessely. E.:Thermal Environment Evaluation According to Indices in Industrial Workplaces
022 Mataija. M.; Pogarcic. M.; Pogarcic. I.:Helmert Transformation of Reference Coordinating Systems for Geodesic Purposes in Local Frames
023 Kremljak. Z.; Kafol. C.:Types of Risk in a System Engineering Environment and Software Tools for Risk Analysis
024 Kremljak. Z.; Tekavcic. M.:System Approach to Direct the System Development Capability
025 Godina. A.; Acko. B.:Measurement Uncertainty Analysis for Calibration of Gauge Blocks
026 Mikhaylov. M.; Stazhkov. S.; Cvetkov. V.:The Method of Disturbances Analysis on the Hydromechanical Constant Speed Drive
027 Damic. V.; Cohodar. M.; Kulenovic. M.:Modeling and Simulation of Hydraulic Actuated Multibody Systems by Bond Graphs
028 Nedelcu. A. V.; Duguleana. M.; Sandu. F.:Evaluating the Energy Overhead Generated by Interferences within the 2.4 GHz Band for a Hybrid RFID Network
029 Kirsanov. K.:The Architecture of Robotics Control Software for Heterogeneous Mobile Robots Network
030 Kolosowski. M.; Chwastyk. P.:Economic Aspects of Company Processes Improvement
031 Livinti. P.; Ghandour. M.:Experimental Stand for the Study of a Three-Phase Synchronous Generator with Permanent Super Magnets
032 Franz. M.; Bliedtner. J.; Haupt. C.:Laser Metal Deposition Welding in the Field of Tool and Mould Making
033 Viducic. V.; Pivcevic. D.:Quantification of Variables of the Information Model for Resolving Maritime Disputes Through Arbitration
034 Gapinski. B.; Wieczorowski. M.:Measurement of Diameter and Roundness on Incomplete Outline of Element with Three-Lobbing Deviation
035 Gapinski. B.; Wieczorowski. M.; Marciniak – Podsadna. L.; Dybala. B.; Ziolkowski. G.:Comparison of Different Method of Measurement Geometry using CMM, Optical Scanner and Computed Tomography 3D
036 Acko. B.; Brezovnik. S.; Siuban. B.:Verification of Software Applications for Evaluating Interlaboratory Comparison Results
037 Hurt. U.; Otto. T.; Korbe. K.; Koppel. O.:New Approach to Knowledge Transfer Environment Development
038 Andreadis. G.; Klazoglou. P.; Niotaki. K.; Bouzakis. K. D.:Classification and Review of Multi-Agents Systems in the Manufacturing Section
039 Begic. D.; Cekic. A.; Kulenovic. M.:Experimental Study on the High Speed Machining of Hardened Steel
040 Tekic. Z.; Drazic. M.; Kukolj. D.; Vitas. M.:From Patent Data to Business Intelligence – PSALM Case Studies
041 Pascu. N. -.; Dobrescu. T.; Opran. C.; Enciu. G.:Realistic Scenes in CAD Application
042 Cekic. A.; Begic. D.; Kulenovic. M.; Omerspahic. A.:CO2 Laser Cutting of Alloy Steels using N2 Assist Gas
043 Sumpor. D.; Sandor. A.; Zelenkovic. P.:Ergo-Assessment of Human Factor for Female Tram Drivers
044 Juhas. M.; Juhasova. B.; Halenar. I.:Adaptive LMS Filter using in Flexible Mechatronics System with Variable Parameter Control
045 Duguleana. M.; Nedelcu. A.; Barbuceanu. G. F.:Measuring Eye Gaze Convergent Distance within Immersive Virtual Environments
046 Opran. C.; Teodorescu. D. F.; Tudor Vlad. G.; Dobrescu. T.:Optimization of Micro Injection of Polymeric Medical Devices using Software Tools
047 Dobocan. C. A.; Blebea. I.:Application of the Optimal Control Problem in New Product Launching Process
048 Chwastyk. P.; Kolosowski. M.:Estimating the Cost of the New Product in Development Process
049 Gepp. M.; Hellmuth. A.; Schaeffler. T.; Vollmar. J.:Success Factors of Plant Engineering Projects
050 Miller. A.; Michal. S.:Model Planning Production and Logistics Activities in Business Networks
051 Kandananond. K.:A Roadmap to Green Supply Chain System Through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation
052 Paulins. K.; Irbe. A.; Torims. T.:Spiral Bevel Gears with Optimised Tooth-End Geometry
053 Toth. T.; Zivcak. J.:A Comparison of the Outputs of 3D Scanners
054 Rakic. K.; Bandic Glavas. M.; Majstorovic. V.:Development of the Intelligent System for the use of University Information System
055 Votrubec. R.:Stabilization of Platform using Gyroscope
056 Kamensky. M.; Kovac. K.:Suitability of Pulse Error Models for Time-Domain Spectrum Measurements
057 Gastermann. B. C.; Stopper. M.; Luftensteiner. F.; Katalinic. B.:Implementation of a Software Prototype with ConWIP Characteristics for Production Planning and Stock Management
058 Patino. H.; Gonzalez – Madruga. D.; Cuesta. E.; Alvarez. B.; Barreiro. J.:Study of Virtual Features in the Performance of Coordinate Measuring Arms
059 Gonzalez – Madruga. D.; Barreiro. J.; Cuesta. E.; Gonzalez. B.; Martinez Pellitero. S.:AACMM Performance Test: Influence of Human Factor and Geometric Features
060 Aruvaeli. T.; Maass. W.; Otto. T.:Digital Object Memory Based Monitoring Solutions in Manufacturing Processes
061 Svaco. M.; Sekoranja. B.; Suligoj. F.; Jerbic. B.:Calibration of an Industrial Robot using a Stereo Vision System
062 Sekoranja. B.; Basic. D.; Svaco. M.; Suligoj. F.; Jerbic. B.:Human-Robot Interaction Based on use of Capacitive Sensors
063 Dinu. G.; Dinu. L.:Using Internet as a Commercial Tool: a Case Study of E-Commerce in Resita
064 Hajdu. S.:The Investigation of the Stress State Near the Crack Tip of Central Cracks Through Numerical Analysis
065 Rusko. M.; Sablik. J.; Markova. P.; Lach. M.; Friedrich. S.:Sustainable Development, Quality Management System and Environmental Management System in Slovak Republic
066 Achsan. H. T.; Wahyu Catur. W.:A Fast Distributed Focused-Web Crawling
067 Stamatescu. I.; Fagarasan. I.; Stamatescu. G.; Arghira. N.; Iliescu. S. S.:Design and Implementation of a Solar-Tracking Algorithm
068 Streian. F.; Argesanu. V.; Kulcsar. R. M.; Borozan. I. S.; Jula. M.; Talpos – Niculescu. C.:Human Body Posture before and after Maxillofacial Surgery
069 Larchikov. I.; Yurov. A.; Stazhkov. S.; Anastasia. G.; Protsuk. A.:Power Analysis of an Axial Piston Hydraulic Machine of Power-Intensive Hydraulic Drive System
070 Cervinka. L.; Horak. K.:Visual Measurement of Material Segregation in Steel Wires
071 Bashkite. V.; Karaulova. T.; Starodubtseva. O.:Framework for Innovation-Oriented Product End-Of-Life Strategies Development
072 Zemann. R.; Kain. L.; Bleicher. F.:Vibration Assisted Machining of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers
073 Kumar. A.; Jain. P. K.; Pathak. P. M.:Curve Reconstruction of Digitized Surface using K-means Algorithm
074 Duranik. T.; Stopper. M.; Ruzbarsky. J.:Proposal of Storage Process Optimization in Manufacturing Enterprise
075 Olaru. S.; Spanachi. E.; Filipescu. E.; Salistean. A.:Virtual Fitting – Innovative Technology for Customize Clothing Design
076 Fulemova. J.; Janda. Z.:Influence of the Cutting Edge Radius and the Cutting Edge Preparation on Tool Life and Cutting Forces at Inserts with Wiper Geometry
077 Oana. C. V.; Staiculescu. S.; Tiganesteanu. F.; Vezeanu. C.:An Integrated and Adaptive Management Plan of the “Balta Mica a Brailei” Natural Park Based on the Analytical Power of GIS Tools
078 Patino – Cambeiro. F.; Patino – Barbeito. F.; Goicoechea. I.; Fenollera. M.; Rodriguez. F. J.:Integration of Agents in the Construction of a Single-Family House Through use of BIM Technology
079 Baila. D.:Medical Implants Realized from the Sintered Compacts of Titan-Hydroxyapatite
080 Teich. T.; Wolf. S.; Neumann. T.; Junghans. S.; Franke. S.:Concept for a Service-Oriented Architecture in Building Automation Systems
081 Teich. T.; Roessler. F.; Kretz. D.; Franke. S.:Design of a Prototype Neural Network for Smart Homes and Energy Efficiency
082 Muminovic. A.; Saric. I.; Repcic. N.:Analysis of Stress Concentration Factors using Different Computer Software Solutions
083 Martinka. J.; Chrebet. T.; Balog. K.:A Fire Risk Assessment for Bio Ethyl Tert-Butyl Ether (ETBE)
084 Kopecek. P.:Selected Heuristic Methods used in Industrial Engineering
085 Beranek. L.; Kolarik. K.:Surface Integrity Analysis of Duplex Steel by Design of Experiment Approach
086 Dubovska. R.; Jambor. J.; Majerik. J.:Implementation of CAD/CAM System CATIA V5 in Simulation of CNC Machining Process
087 Dubovska. R.; Jambor. J.; Majerik. J.:Qualitative Aspects of Machined Surfaces of High Strength Steels
088 Kozacinski. H.; Knezevic. P.:Configuration of Quality of Service Parameters in Communication Networks
089 Zahradnickova. L.; Vacik. E.:Scenarios as a Strong Support for Strategic Planning
090 Hrelja. M.; Simon. K.; Irgolic. T.; Paulic. M.; Balic. J.; Brezocnik. M.:Turning Parameters Optimization using Particle Swarm Optimization
091 Hajdarevic. S.; Martinovic. S.:Effect of Tenon Length on Flexibility of Mortise and Tenon Joint
092 Dvorakova. L.; Zborkova. J.:Integration of Sustainable Development at Enterprise Level
093 Hinke. J.; Zborkova. J.:Comparison of Approaches to Financial Reporting of Non-Current Assets According to the IFRS for SMEs and IAS/IFRS
094 Bahtovski. A.; Gusev. M.:Cloudlet Challenges
095 Makraiova. J.; Pokorna. E.; Woolliscroft. P. S.:Person-Organisation Fit in the Context of Cultural Learning
096 Volf. L.:Decanting Centrifuge Production Process Optimization using Plant Simulation
097 Amol. S.:Resource Constrained Multi-Project Scheduling with Priority Rules & Analytic Hierarchy Process
098 Malakov. I.; Zaharinov. V.:Computer Aided Determination of Criteria Priority for Structural Optimization of Technical Systems
099 Cerna. M.:Aspects of Information Management in Context with IS Selection by SME
100 Chakorn. P.; Yangyuen. S.; Wongkasem. S.:The Design and Development of Machine for Producing the Natural Dental Floss
101 Evin. E.; Tomas. M.; Kmec. J.; Nemeth. S.; Katalinic. B.; Wessely. E.:The Deformation Properties of High Strength Steel Sheets for Auto-Body Components
102 Raska. P.; Ulrych. Z.:Testing Optimization Methods on Discrete Event Simulation Models and Testing Functions
103 Husnjak. S.; Perakovic. D.; Jovovic. I.:Possibilities of using Speech Recognition Systems of Smart Terminal Devices in Traffic Environment
104 Tomasiak. J.:The use of Optical Methods for Leak Testing Dampers
105 Paulic. M.; Irgolic. T.; Balic. J.; Cus. F.; Cupar. A.; Brajlih. T.; Drstvensek. I.:Reverse Engineering of Parts with Optical Scanning and Additive Manufacturing
106 Irgolic. T.; Cus. F.; Paulic. M.; Balic. J.:Prediction of Cutting Forces with Neural Network by Milling Functionally Graded Material
107 Hasan. F.; Jain. P. K.; Kumar. D.:Service Level as Performance Index for Reconfigurable Manufacturing System Involving Multiple Part Families
108 Filaretov. V.; Zhirabok. A. N.; Zuev. A.; Protcenko. A.:The New Approach for Synthesis of Diagnostic System for Navigation Sensors of Underwater Vehicles
109 Orcik. A.; Vrgovic. P.; Tekic. Z.:Thinking Styles and Product Development Project Types: How to Match them?
110 Krajcarz. D.:Comparison Metal Water Jet Cutting with Laser and Plasma Cutting
111 Lamza. S.; Sucic. V.:Comparison of Signal Switching Matrices for Remote Laboratories and a Novel Solution using FPGA Technology
112 Omerspahic. A.:Behavior of Integral Curves of the Quasilinear Second Order Differential Equations
113 Puskaric. M.; Kukushkin. I.; Haskovic. D.:Power Supply Concept for Mobile Robots in Bionic Assembly System
114 Ranilovic. M.:Organizing the Crossing of a Gas Pipeline over Guduca Canyon
115 Kos. I.; Schwarz Gudlin. I.; Suton. K.:Influence of Warp Density on Physical-Mechanical Properties of Coated Fabric
116 Chval. Z.; Cechura. M.:Optimization of Power Transmission on Mechanical Forging Presses
117 Chval. Z.:Effect of Heat Load on a Forging Press
118 Lulic. H.; Civic. A.; Pasic. M.; Omerspahic. A.; Dzaferovic. E.:Optimization of Thermal Insulation and Regression Analysis of Fuel Consumption
119 Civic. A.; Vucijak. B.:Multi-Criteria Optimization of Insulation Options for Warmth of Buildings to Increase Energy Efficiency
120 Ivanisevic. A.; Lainovic. T.; Blazic. L.; Vilotic. M.:Influence of Light-Curing Mode on the Mechanical Properties of Dental Resin Nanocomposites
121 Park. H. S.; Tuladhar. U. M.:Development of an Inspection System for Defect Detection in Pressed Parts using Laser Scanned Data
122 Osinskiy. Y.; Danilov. V.:Oscillatory Step Rotary Pneumatic Drives in Gas Transmission Systems
123 Lainovic. T.; Blazic. L.; Dragan. K.; Vilotic. M.; Ivanisevic. A.; Kakas. D.:Effect of Diamond Paste Finishing on Surface Topography and Roughness of Dental Nanohybrid Composites – AFM Analysis
124 Sahani. A.; Jain. P. K.; Satish C.. S.:Tolerance Stack Up Analysis for Angularity of Components and their Assembly
125 Dzugan. T.; Kroupa. M.; Reboun. J.:Sensitivity of Organic Humidity Sensor Element on Organic Vapours
126 Suligoj. F.; Sekoranja. B.; Svaco. M.; Jerbic. B.:Object Tracking with a Multiagent Robot System and a Stereo Vision Camera
127 Kyncl. J.; Beranek. L.; Kolarik. K.; Pala. Z.:The Research of the Surface Profile after Profiling of Inconel 738lC
128 Tudorache. V.; Iancu. A.; Tarean. C.; Niculae. T.:Maintenance of the Romanian National Transportation System of Crude Oil and Natural Gas
129 Iancu. A.; Tudorache. V.; Tarean. C.; Niculae. T.:Recovery of Wasted Mechanical Energy from the Reduction of Natural Gas Pressure
130 Sobanke. V.; Adegbite. S.; Ilori. M.; Egbetokun. A.:Determinants of Technological Capability of Firms in a Developing Country
131 Ertas. A. H.; Alkan. V.; Yilmaz. A. F.:Finite Element Simulation of a Mercantile Vessel Shipboard Under Working Conditions
132 Bicova. K.; Fulemova. J.:Support of Effective Planning in the Workshop Laboratory at the Department of Machining Technology in Pilsen
133 Tuma. Z.; Tuma. J.; Knoflicek. R.; Blecha. P.; Bradac. F.:The Process Simulation using by Virtual Reality
134 Schubert. A.; Zeidler. H.; Jahn. S.; Flemmig. S.; Schulze. R.:Vibration Analysis of an Ultrasonic-Assisted Joining System
135 Kana. J.; Masek. B.; Jenicek. S.; Ronesova. A.:Apparatus for Bulge Testing Metal Foils using a Laser Scanner
136 Rudzitis. J.; Avisane. A.; Avisans. D.:Investigation of Elastic Machine Element Measurement Error
137 Vopat. T.; Peterka. J.; Kovac. M.; Buransky. I.:The Wear Measurement Process of Ball Nose End Mill in the Copy Milling Operations
138 Kuruc. M.; Zvoncan. M.; Peterka. J.:Investigation of Ultrasonic Assisted Milling of Aluminum Alloy AlMg4.5Mn
139 Rikalovic. A.; Cosic. I.; Lazarevic. D.:GIS Based Multi-Criteria Analysis for Industrial Site Selection
140 Raz. K.; Kubec. V.:Using of a Hydraulic Press in Production and Manufacturing of Large Rings
141 Zahalka. M.:Modal Analysis of Hydraulic Press Frames for Open Die Forging
142 Rajzrova. J.; Jirickova. J.:Severe Accidents Management in PWRs
143 Bittera. M.:Modeling Broadband Wire Antennas with Complex Geometry
144 Melichar. M.; Kutlwaser. J.:The Issue of Contactless Setup Before Measuring Process
145 Obucina. M.; Gondzic. E.; Smajic. S.:The Influence of Amount of Layer on the Bending Strenght by Longitudinal Finger-Jointing Wood Elements
146 Singh. H.; Jain. P. K.:Remanufacturing with ECH – A Concept
147 Cesakova. I.; Zetek. M.; Svarc. V.:Evaluation of Cutting Tool Parameters
148 Zetek. M.; Cesakova. I.; Svarc. V.:Increasing Cutting Tool Life when Machining Inconel 718
149 Kumar Mittal. K.; Jain. P. K.:An Overview of Performance Measures in Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
150 Pillay. N.; Govender. P.:A Data Driven Approach to Performance Assessment of PID Controllers for Setpoint Tracking
151 Himmler. F.; Amberg. M.:Data Integration Framework for Heterogeneous System Landscapes within the Digital Factory Domain
152 Krechovska. M.; Tausl Prochazkova. P.:Sustainability and Its Integration Into Corporate Governance Focusing on Corporate Performance Management and Reporting
153 Iordache. R.; Moldoveanu. F.:QoS-Aware Web Service Semantic Selection Based on Preferences
154 Iordache. R.; Moldoveanu. F.:A Genetic Algorithm for Automated Service Binding
155 Pop. D.; Adam. A.:Designing an MVC Model for Rapid Web Application Development
156 Hromadka. K.; Stulik. J.; Reboun. J.; Hamacek. A.:DBC Technology for Low Cost Power Electronic Substrate Manufacturing
157 Radziwon. A.; Bilberg. A.; Bogers. M.; Skov Madsen. E.:The Smart Factory: Exploring Adaptive and Flexible Manufacturing Solutions
158 Jiga. G.; Stamin. S.; Popovici. D.; Dinu. G.:Study of Shock Attenuation for Impacted Safety Barriers
159 Mitroi. E.; Vlasceanu. D.; Bajenescu. T.; Petrescu. H. A.:A Novel Implant Regarding Transcondylar Humeral Fractures Stabilization. A Comparative Study of Two Approaches
160 Halenar. I.; Juhasova. B.; Juhas. M.; Nesticky. M.:Application of Neural Networks in Computer Security
161 Rakvin. M.; Markucic. D.; Hizman. B.:Evaluation of Pipe Wall Thickness Based on Contrast Measurement using Computed Radiography (CR)
162 Gracanin. D.; Buchmeister. B.; Lalic. B.:Using Cost-Time Profile for Value Stream Optimization
163 Titov. V.; Shardyko. I.; Isaenko. S.:Force-Torque Control Implementation for 2 DoF Manipulator
164 Zahalka. J.; Tuma. J.; Bradac. F.:Determination and Improvement of Performance Level of Safety Function of Emergency Stop for Machinery
165 Bratosin. C.; Baciu. F.; Rusu-Casandra. A.:Comparative Study of the Biomechanical Behavior of the Deciduous Molar-Restorative Material-Bone Assembly
166 Skopljanac-Macina. F.; Blaskovic. B.:Formal Concept Analysis – Overview and Applications
167 Kostoska. M.; Gusev. M.; Ristov. S.:A New Cloud Services Portability Platform
168 Poor. P.; Kuchtova. N.; Michal. S.:Machinery Maintenance as Part of Facility Management
169 Behun. M.; Kleinova. J.; Kamaryt. T.:Risk Assessment of Non-Repetitive Production Processes
170 Panfilov. P.; Salibekyan. S.:Dataflow Computing and Its Impact on Automation Applications
171 Sortino. M.; Totis. G.; Kuljanic. E.:Comparison of Injection Molding Technologies for the Production of Micro-Optical Devices
172 Totis. G.; Sortino. M.:Robust Analysis of Stability in Internal Turning
173 Motyl. B.; Filippi. S.:Integration of Creativity Enhancement Tools in Medical Device Design Process
174 Klaic. M.; Staroveski. T.; Udiljak. T.:Tool Wear Classification using Decision Treesin Stone Drilling Applications: a Preliminary Study
175 Soos. L.; Duris. S.; Palencar. R.:New Design “Duplo-Headstock”
176 Todorovic. V.; Neag. M.; Lazarevic. M.:On the Usage of RFID Tags for Tracking and Monitoring of Shipped Perishable Goods
177 Spicar. R.:System Dynamics Archetypes in Capacity Planning
178 Trstenjak. B.; Mikac. S.; Donko. D.:KNN with TF-IDF Based Framework for Text Categorization
179 Singal. V.; Bajaj. J.; Awalgaonkar. N.; Tibdewal. S.:CFD Analysis of a Kerosene Fuel Tank to Reduce Liquid Sloshing
180 Petrescu. N.; Mircea. S.; Tronac. A.; Manole. E.:Some Mathematical Considerations on the Natural Protection of the Danube Delta Coastal Zone in Romania
181 Lazarevic. D.; Cosic. I.; Lazarevic. M.; Rikalovic. A.; Sremcev. N.:Application of Group Tools in Production of Printed and Laminated Cardboard Packaging for Total In-Process Time Reduction
182 Gonca. V.; Polukoshko. S.; Boiko. A.:Analytical and Experimental Research of Compressive Stiffness for Laminated Elastomeric Structures
183 Tronac. A.; Dracea. D.; Mustata. S.; Manole. E.; Dragomir. C.; Petrescu. N.; Mircea. S.; Postamentel. M.:Influence of Construction Activity on Academic Process
184 Radziwon. M.; Johansen. S.; Horst-Gunter. R.:Anti-Counterfeit Solution from Organic Semiconductor
185 Hreniuc. V.; Batrinca. G.:A Pleading for Ship Manned Models as a “Physical” Simulator in the Ship Handling Training Process
186 Gamberini. R.; Lolli. F.; Regattieri. A.; Rimini. B.:Dynamic Re-Order Policies for Irregular and Sporadic Demand Profiles
187 Baran. D.; Lozici – Brinzei. D.; Tataru. S.; Bisca. R. A.:Visual Environment for Structural Loads Computations for Stress Analysis of Aeronautical Structures
188 Jamradloedluk. J.; Lertsatitthanakorn. C.:Characterization and Utilization of Char Derived from Fast Pyrolysis of Plastic Wastes
189 Gornostajev. D.; Aryassov. G.; Barashkova. T.; Zhigailov. S.:Application of the Improved Method of Grids with the Estimation of Accuracy
190 Kandananond. K.:Guidelines for Applying Statistical Quality Control Method to Monitor Autocorrelated Prcoesses
191 Mihailescu. M. I.:New Enrollment Scheme for Biometric Template using Hash Chaos-Based Cryptography
192 Popa. C.:Application of Plantwide Control Strategy to the Catalytic Cracking Process
193 Kisss. I.; Wessely. E.; Blistanova. M.:Contribution to Logistics of Catastrophes in Consequence of Floods
194 Konovalova. O.; Suchanek. J.; Taticek. F.; Puchnin. M.:Tribological Analysis of the Nano-Modified Industrial Polymer
195 Azemovic. E.; Horman. I.; Busuladzic. I.:Impact of Planing Treatment Regime on Solid Fir Wood Surface
196 Neukart. F.; Moraru. S. A.:A Machine Learning Approach for Abstraction Based on the Idea of Deep Belief Artificial Neural Networks
197 Neukart. F.; Moraru. S. A.:Operations on Quantum Physical Artificial Neural Structures
198 Klimes. J.:Using Formal Concept Analysis for Control in Cyber-Physical Systems
199 Krpal. O.; Mraz. P.:V-A Characteristic Measuring of Stress Grading Tapes in the End-Winding of Synchronous Generators
200 Blistanova. M.; Katalinic. B.; Kiss. I.; Wessely. E.:Data Preparation for Logistic Modeling of Flood Crisis Management
201 Ibrahim. H.:Technology Acceptance Model: Extension to Sport Consumption
202 Casalino. G.; Campanelli. S.; Mortello. M.:Influence of Shoulder Geometry and Coating of the Tool on the Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium Alloy Plates
203 Brahim. N.; Ibrahim. H.; Abdessatar. H.:Tunisian Soil Organic Carbon Stock – Spatial and Vertical Variation
204 Petric Maretic. K.; Bates. I.; Modric. D.:Comparison of Colorimetric Values of Prints Made with Cyan Ink on Different Polymer Materials
205 Katalinic. B.; Kukushkin. I.; Pryanichnikov. V.; Haskovic. D.:Cloud Communication Concept for Bionic Assembly System