DAAAM International Scientific Book 2023

Vol. 22, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-902734-39-6
Editor: B. Katalinic hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2023
DAAAM International Scientific Book (ISSN 1726-9687) is included in EBSCO and Gale Cengage bibliographic databases

000 Front Cover, Foreword and Contents
001 Vujica Herzog, N. & Buchmeister, B.: Ergonomic Workplace Design Using Motion Capture Technology
002 Vujica Herzog, N.; Kaya, O. & Buchmeister, B.: Ergonomics and Ageing – Case Study
003 Demircioglu, P.; Seckin, A.; Torgersen, J.; Bogrekci, I. & Durakbasa, N.: Metal Surface Texture Classification with Gabor Filter Banks and Xai
004 Mergedus, A.; Levanic, M. & Brus, M.: In-floor Heating Effects on the Growth and Leg Injuries in Broiler Chickens
005 Erker, U. & Brus, M.: Hot Air Fryer On-farm Easy Dry Mater Evaluation Tool for Forage as Support for Making Decisions
006 Serdarevic-Kadic, S.; Softic, A. & Razic, F.: Wave Drag Coefficient of Elliptical Forebody Shapes
007 Donmezer, S.; Demircioglu, P.; Bogrekci, I.; Durakbasa, N. & Bas, G.: Defect Detection in Garment Industry 5.0: Digital Human Modelling Approach
008 Potrc, M.; Vujica Herzog, N.; Drevensek-Olenik, I. & Spindler, L.: Fabrication of Containment Cells for Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Materials
009 Mulc, T.; Drobilo, L.; Bagaric, D. & Staroveski, T.: Application of Computer Tools in the Design of Clamping Devices
010 Kovic, K.; Ojstersek, R.; Buchmeister, B.; Javernik, A. & Palcic, I.: Exploring the Use of AI in Manufacturing Companies
011 Hamouda, A.; Aburaia, M. & Stuja, K.: Energy Consumption Modelling and Optimization for the UR5e