DAAAM International Scientific Book 2007

Vol. 6, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 3-901509-60-7
Editor: B. Katalinic, hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2007

001 Mursec, B.; Vindis, P.; Janzekovic, M.; Banaj, D.; Kolar, M. & Kristl, J.: Testing of pneumatic vacuum and pressure sowing machines
002 Buchmeister, B.; Palcic, I.; Pavlinjek, J. & Polajnar, A.: Supply Chains and Bullwhip Effect
003 Poljacek Mahovic, S.; Agic, D. & Gojo, M.: Deviations of the Ctp Printing Plates Quality caused by Chemical Processing
004 Kozina, M.: Management of Company IT Organization
005 Stan, S.; Maties, V.; Balan, R.; Lapusan, C. & Hancu, O.: Workspace Analysis and Design of a 3-Dof Micro Parallel Robot
006 Bleicher, F.; Puschitz, F. & Palatin, T.: High Performance Manufacturing (HPM) a System Adapting Cutting Process
007 Casalino, G. & Rotondo, A.: Multivariate Process Incapability Index for Non-Normal Data: A Case Study
008 Lapusan, C.; Maties, V.; Balan, R.; Stan, S. & Hancu, O.: An Integrated Approach for Modelling Mechatronic Systems
009 Palcic, I.; Buchmeister, B. & Herzog, N.V.: Off-Shoring of Production in European Countries
010 Andrlic, B.; Budic, H. & Novoselovic, D.: Strategic planning and brand management on Internet
011 Herzog, N.V.; Polajnar, A. & Palcic, I.: Measuring of the Company Operations Efficiency
012 Vaupotic, B.; Brezocnik, M. & Balic, J.: Use of Self-Organizing Neural Network in Modern Manufacturing Systems
013 Cotet, C.E.; Popescu, D.; Guran, M.; Dragoi, G.; Carutasu, G. & Carutasu, N.: Using PLM Training and Consulting in University – Enterprises Partnership
014 Karaulova, T.; Kramarenko, S. & Shevchenko, E.: Knowledge Discovery for Decisions Making in Network of Enterprises
015 Ovari, N.; Gaal, Z. & Szabo, L.: Cultural impacts on organizational knowledge sharing
016 Prodan, D. & Gheorghiu, H.: Refabrication of Machine Tools Problems Specific to the Increase of the Cutting Speeds
017 Pupavac, D. & Sehanovic, Z.: Logistics Operator in the Function of Supply Chains Optimalization
018 Schreiber, P. & Tanuska, P.: Detection of the shortest robot trajectory by genetic algorithms
019 Dragoi, G.; Rosu, S.M.; Guran, M.; Cotet, C.E. & Rosu, L.: A Knowledge Management Methodological View to Improve Virtual Product Development
020 Dragoi, G.; Rosu, S.M.; Rosu, L.; Cotet, C.E. & Dragomirescu, C.G.: Collaborative Design Systems to Improve Virtual Development of Mechatronic Products
021 Kuzmanic, I.; Beros, S.M. & Vujovic, I.: Experimental Results on Visibility Threshold and Calculation of JND Based on Human Visual Perception
022 Vaclavek, P. & Blaha, P.: Ac Induction Machine Speed Estimation using Electrical Quantities Harmonic Analysis
023 Grgona, J.: Significance of Marketing Communications in the Tourism Market
024 Randic, M.; Blaskovic, B. & Dembitz, S.: Model Generation for Analysis with Modelica Based on the Atl Model Transformation Language
025 Stopper, M.: Fundamentals of the robotics net platform architecture
026 Antoshchuk, S.; Krylov, V. & Shcherbakova, G.: The integrated circuits photomasks images alignement for automated optical inspection system
027 Zirra, D. & Munteanu, A.C.: Personal development – challenges and opportunities for knowledge spillovers in Romania
028 Blaha, P. & Vaclavek, P.: Stator Resistance Estimation of Ac Induction Motor Drive
029 Cruz, F. & Coole, T.: Additive Fabrication of Bioceramic/Biopolymer Bone Implants: A Case Study
030 Kandelbauer, A.; Penker, A.; Wuzella, G.; Lammer, H. & Gronalt, M.: Benefits from Applied Research in Process analysis, Logistics and Knowledge Management for the Forest Based Industry
031 Izvercianu, M.; Mocan, M. & Popa, H.: Training need for Business Creation in Automation Field
032 Filic, M.: Infrared based moisture measurement
033 Carutasu, G.; Turcoiu, T.; Botezatu, C.P. & Botezatu, C.: Guiding the incubation of SMEs
034 Filipoiu, I.D.; Seiciu, P.L.; Laurian, T. & Carutasu, N.: SIMESIM – The Mechatronic System For Neuro-Motor Disabled Persons
035 Popescu, L. & Popescu, V.: Stress Sources and Possibilities of Diminishing them at Organizational Level
036 Adamko, N.; Kavicka, A. & Klima, V.: Agent Based Simulation of Transportation Logistic Systems
037 Vidacek-Hains, V.; Lovrencic, S. & Kirinic, V.: Personality Model Representation using Ontology
038 Takakuwa, S.: Logistics and Inventory Systems of Just-In-Time Manufacturing
039 Radosevic, D.; Orehovacki, T. & Konecki, M.: Web oriented applications generator development through reengineering process
040 Dassisti, M.; Giannoccaro, R.; Ludovico, A.D. & Scorziello, F.: Environmental Benchmarking: A Review Of Concepts
041 Oestreich, E. & Teich, T.: Connecting construction notifications and bills of materials – An integrated approach to support logistic processes for individual and standard parts
042 Bezak, K.: Deterministic Chaos in Forests
043 Ambrosch, K.; Humenberger, M. & Kubinger, W.: Design Considerations for Embedded Stereo Vision Systems
044 Seda, M.: An Improved Insertion Heuristic for the Euclidean Minimum Steiner Tree Problem
045 Pohlak, M.; Majak, J. & Eerme, M.: Design Improvement of the Car Frontal Protection System
046 Hancu, O.; Maties, V.; Balan, R.; Stan, S. & Lapusan, C.: Mechatronic approach for design and control of a hydraulic 3-DOF parallel robot
047 Simicevic, V.: Teaching Statistical Methods for Management: Statistical Thinking Approach
048 Xing, K.: Modelling and Optimisation for Development of Multi-Service-Life Products
049 Budic, I.; Vitez, I. & Marusic, V.: Residual stresses in iron castings
050 Keran, Z.; Skunca, M.; Math, M. & Medved, T.: Fem Analysis in Redesign of Continuous Profiling Unit
051 Mahacek, D.: Implemented expenditures and outlays of local and regional self-government units in the Republic of Croatia with special emphasis on the audit of staff expenditures
052 Piccinini, L.; Cimolin, V.; Turconi, A.C.; Zacchi, S.; Crivellini, M. & Galli, M.: Quantification of Energy Expenditure During Gait in Children With Cerebral Palsy
053 Kokic, M. & Vrekic, S.: Characteristics and Swot Analysis of Serbian Vehicle and Automotive Parts Manufacturers
054 Manas, D.; Stanek, M. & Manas, M.: Workability and Wear of Rubber Parts
055 Stanek, M.; Manas, M.; Drga, T. & Manas, D.: Influence of Mold Cavity Surface on Fluidity of Plastics
056 Bhattacharya, M.: Meta Model Based Evolutionary Optimization
057 Stuja, K.; Stopper, M. & Katalinic, B.: Considerations on the Jara Open Robot Interface for the Network Architecture
058 Katalinic, B.: Collective Behaviors of an Interconnected Bionic Assembly System – Working Scenarios & Strategies