DAAAM International Scientific Book 2015

Vol. 14, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-902734-05-1
Editor: B. Katalinic hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2015
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000 Front Cover, Foreword and Contents
001 Buchmeister, B. & Palcic, I.: Advanced Job Shop Scheduling Methods
002 Kremljak, Z. & Kafol, C.: Information Technology Support for Supply Chains
003 Letunic, S. & Dragicevic, M.: Leijonhufvud’s Interpretation of J.M.Keynes (Monetary Economics) Revisited
004 Letunic, S.: Welfare State Reforms and Question of its Existence
005 Janzekovic, M.; Mocnik, U. & Brus, M.: Ultrasound Measurements for Body Condition Score Assessment of Dairy Cows
006 Maric, I.; Knezevic, B. & Kovac, J.: Attitudes of Young Population Towards Managing Social Supermarkets in Croatia
007 Corcau, J. I. & Dinca, L.: Numerical Model and Experimental Tests for DC to DC Boost Converter
008 Micieta, B.; Binasova, V. & Kubinec, L.: Information and Communication Technology Enabled Energy Efficiency
009 Rao, P. S.; Jain, P. K. & Dwivedi, D. K.: Electro Chemical Honing of External Cylindrical Surfaces – An Innovative Step
010 Guban, A.; Mezei, Z. & Sandor, A.: A literature Based Review of Process Oriented Public Finance
011 Ganin, P.; Kobrin, A.; Belousov, M. & Shilin, D.: Simulation Manipulator Based on Step Motors Festo
012 Jankowski, T.: Suitable Configuration of Evolutionary Algorithm as Basis for Efficient Process Planning Tool
013 Barac, M.; Kukolj, D.; Kukolj, S.; Antin, M. & Tekic, Z.: An Overview of the IP Politics in Software and Research based SME Company
014 Vujica Herzog, N. & Buchmeister, B.: The Review of Ergonomics Analysis for Body Postures Assessment
015 Konecki, M.: Improving Students’ Focus in Introductory Programming Courses
016 Radoi, A. M.: The Establishing of the Insertion Loss of the Noise Barriers
017 Fomin, S.: Aspects of Application of Virtual Environments at Training of Specialists in the Field of ICT
018 Kelc, D.; Vindis, P. & Lakota, M.: Mesurments of Photosynthesis and Transpiration on Apple Trees
019 Rakun, J.; Berk, P. & Lakota, M.: Fruit Sorting Based on Texture Analysis and Support Vector Machine Classification
020 Zecevic, B.; Terzic, J.; Razic, F. & Serdarevic-Kadic, S.: Lethal Influence Factors of Natural and Preformed Fragmentation Projectiles
021 Leber, M.; Buchmeister, B. & Ivanisevic, A.: Impact of Knowledge on Innovation Process
022 Verma, S. & Misra, J. P.: A Critical Review of Friction Stir Welding Process
023 Bisaria, H. & Shandilya, P.: Machining of Metal Matrix Composites by EDM and its Variants: A Review
024 Strugar, I.; Kokolek, N. & Jakovic, B.: Statistical Analysis of Electronic Banking Services in the EU
025 Rogobete, M.; Pintilie, I. & Scutaru, M.: A Means of Allocating the MW Requirement in an Electrical Power System
026 Radneantu, N.; Stan, E. R. & Gabroveanu, E.: Analysis of Causes That Led to the Insolvency Using the IC Rating Assessment Method
027 Alashkevich, M.; Bobryakov, A.; Klimenko, A. & Stefantsov, А.: Automation and Informational Support of Budgetary Institution Financing Processes
028 Serbanati, L. D. & Vasilateanu, A.: Agentification of Electronic Healthcare Record Systems
029 Brus, M.; Pazek, K.; Rozman, C. & Janzekovic, M.: The Feeding Ration Optimisation Model for Simental Bulls
030 Pinosova, M.; Andrejiova, M.; Kralikova, R.; Hricova, B.; Lumnitzer, E. & Wessely, E.: Assessment Of Hearing Impairment Risk From The Point Of View Of Long-term Exposure To Noise In Working Environment
031 Kralikova, R.; Rusko, M.; Prochadzkova, D. & Emil, W.: Integrated Environmental Permitting Process in Slovakia
032 Mulc, T.; Udiljak, T. & Ciglar, D.: Structure of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
033 Micieta, B.; Zavodska, L.; Rakyta, M. & Binasova, V.: Sustainable Concept for Green Logistics and Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing
034 Grgurevic, I.; Perakovic, D.; Forenbacher, I. & Milinovic, T.: Application of the Internet of Things Concept in Carsharing System
035 Lazarevic, M.; Cosic, I.; Vukelic, D.; Sremcev, N. & Bajceta, D.: Traceability of Machining Cutting Tools and Fixtures in the Production System Using the RFID Technology
036 Majstorovic, V.; Medic, M. & Bandic Glavas, M.: Innovative PM Approach to Produce an Environmentally Friendly Product