Video Paper Presentation – 2024

Video paper presentations of Conference papers (“a” & “b” type) are mandatory. Authors will know their exact day/section as announced in DAAAM Preliminary and Final program. Authors will not be able to change their section. All authors have to prepare a video presentation for their paper(s) using the official DAAAM 2024 Video presentation template (available via link below)

Download Presentation Template

  • There will be no  “live” paper presentations during the conference
  • Your paper presentation needs to be exclusively a video of your presentation slides with voice over, made either with a screen recording software of your choice, or with the built-in PowerPoint function in Microsoft Office (Instructions on how to turn your presentation into a video with voice over)
  • Avoid “real-life videos” (i.e. real movement etc. due to streaming restrictions)
  • Max. video duration is 12 minutes
  • The corresponding author needs to upload the video via DAAAM Profile
  • All videos will be available in a private playlist on the DAAAM YouTube Channel before the start of the conference
  • Videos and available working papers will allow you to prepare questions in advance, for author(s) of paper(s) you are interested in
  • All papers are divided in sections organized within two days of the conference. Each section begins with one invited lecture. After the invited lecture, the Q/A procedure will take place for papers defined in the final program. A designated Chairperson will be responsible for the moderation of each section
  • DAAAM Chairperson will announce papers and authors according to the Final Program. Authors must be “virtually” present and be ready for Q/A (If the author(s) are not ready to answer the questions, organizers may reject to publish the paper in the proceedings) 
  • All Official DAAAM Certificates (Participated, Best Paper, and all other), will be only given in electronic form via your DAAAM Profile.
  • Submit your video presentation(s) as soon as you receive positive review results!
  • Once the Zoom Conference link is set-up, you can get it via your DAAAM Profile. Here, you will also have links to the Final Program and the Q/A repository of video presentations & working papers. The corresponding author will be able to share these links with their team / colleague(s). Do not wait till the last moment to renew / get your DAAAM Membership for 2024!

Good luck!