DAAAM International Scientific Book 2010

Vol. 9, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-901509-74-2
Editor: B. Katalinic, hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2010
DAAAM International Scientific Book (ISSN 1726-9687) since 2009 is included in EBSCO bibliographic database.

000 Front Cover, Foreword and Contents
001 Duerr, H.; Tran, N. – A.; Unger, K.; Militzer, J. & Teich, T.: Functional Resource Model Enables Flexible Offer Processing
002 Mikota, M. & Pavlovic, I.: ISO Speed as the Technical and  Creative Element of the Digital Portrait Photographs
003 Brozovic, M.; Mikota, M. & Pavlovic, I.: Steadfastness of Colours of Outdoor Advertising Media
004 Palcic, I.; Polajnar, A.; Buchmeister, B.; Leber, M. & Vujica Herzog, N.: Cooperation of European Manufacturing Companies
005 Filipowicz, K.; Biedunkiewicz, W.; Krolikowski, M. & Grzesiak, D.: Machining of Resilient Wheelsets on Wheel-Turning Lathes
006 Galli, M.; Cimolin, V.; Albertini, G.; Onorati, P. & De Pandis, M.F.: Quantification of Effects of Levodopa Treatment in Parkinsonian Syndromes
007 Park, H. S. & Anh, T. V.: Different Methods in Analyzing Roll Forming Process of Automotive Component
008 Strgar Kurecic, M; Agic, D. & Mandic, L. : Assessing the Color Image Differences Depending on  the Reproduction Device 
009 Salopek Cubric, I. & Skenderi, Z.: Approach to the Prediction of Thermophysiological Comfort 
010 Kremljak, Z. : Real Options Used in Natural Resource Investments
011 Vindis, P.; Stajnko, D.; Berk, P. & Lakota, M. : Qualitative Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Energy Crops 
012 Karuovic, D.; Radosav, D. & Glusac, D.: Educational Game Model for Pre-School Children
013 Berk, P.; Rakun, J.; Vindis, P.; Stajnko, D. & Lakota, M. : Temperature Loop Structure with  Fuzzy and  Classical Controllers
014 Fabisiak, B.: Monitoring of Networked Machines and Devices in Manufacturing Networks
015 Skala, T.; Muza, R. & Mrvac, N.: Render Settings Impact Analyses on  Quality of Complex 3D Graphic Structure
016 Skala, T.; Jelic, A. & Mrvac, N.: Movement Problems of Solid Objects in 3D Computer Animation
017 Wolny, R. : The Machining of Brake Discs 
018 Wolny, R. & Rygallo, A. : Modeling and Computational Analysis  of Machine Tool Spindle Units
019 Popa, H. L.; Mocan, M. L.; Izvercianu, M. & Pater, L. R.: Clustering and Clusters: A Systemic Approach
020 Cigula, T., Mahovic Poljacek, S. & Gojo, M.: Influence of Drop Volume on  Time-Dependant Contact Angle
021 Dobrescu, M.; Costencu, M.; Dobrescu, C. & Rudolf, C.: Possibilities for Implementing Telework in Caras-Severin County
022 Nagyova, A. & Pacaiova, H.: Quality Evaluation Methodology for Research Projects
023 Stajnko, D.; Vindis, P. & Berk, P.: Estimation of Bull Live Weight Using Thermal Imaging
024 Szuhanek, C.: Mechanical Properties of Welded Orthodontic Metal Appliances
025 Dania, W. A. P.: Application of Genetic Algorithms in Inventory Management
026 Matijevic, M.; Mrvac, N.; Milkovic, M. & Vusic, D.: Evaluation of Percepcion of Red Color Applied to Koffka Effect
027 Plantak Vukovac, D.; Kirinic, V. & Klicek, B.: A Comparison of Usability Evaluation Methods for e-Learning Systems
028 Lovrencic, S.; Vidacek – Hains, V. & Kirinic, V.: Use of on tologies in Monitoring Mental Retardation Rehabilitation Process 
029 Savin, E.; Cazacioc, L. & Poenaru, V.: Influence of the Atmospheric Circulation on  the Droughts
030 Bilas, V. & Franc, S.: The Role of Performance Measurement Systems on Globalized Markets
031 Vimercati, S.; Galli, M.; De Pandis, M. F.; Cimolin, V. & Albertini, G. : Evaluation of Graphic Gesture in Parkinson’s Disease
032 Beranoagirre, A.; Olvera, D.; Urbicain, G.; Lopez de Lacalle, L. N. & Lamikiz, A.: Hole Making in Gamma Tial
033 Pacaiova, H. & Balazikova, M.: Assessment of Psychosocial Risks at Work 
034 Kumpar, D.; Zjakic, I. & Bates, I.: Deviation of Deformation of the Screen Elements Through Circulation in the Newspaper Printing
035 Bates, I.; Klanjac, M.; Knezevic, N. & Modric, D.: Optical Properties of Printed Transparent Substrates 
036 Achebo, J. I.: Optimizing Stoichiometric Welding Fluxes Using Nested Random Model
037 Arivazhagan, A.; Mehta, N. K. & Jain, P. K.: Step-Based CAD/CAPP Integration for Finish Machining Operations 
038 Casalino, G.; Dal Maso, U.; Angelastro, A. & Campanelli, S.L.: Hybrid Laser Welding: A Review
039 Godina, A.; Tasic, T. & Acko, B.: Uncertainty of Mechanical Calibration of Gauge Blocks of Dissimilar Materials
040 Boiangiu, M. & Boiangiu, A.: Influence of the Constructive and  Operational Features on  the Centrifuges
041 Ferreira, L.; E. Ares, G.; G.C. Pelaez, L. & Salgado, M.: Analysis of the Influence of Conveyor Speed on  the Behaviour of an Automobile Assembly Line
042 Hrubina, K.; Katalinic, B.; Jadlovska, A.; Wessely, E.; Macurova, A. & Majercak, J.: Modeling and  Computing Methods for Solving  Optimization Problems
043 Celar, S.; Turic, M. & Vickovic, L.: Stakeholder Analysis: Process Modell
044 Andrlic, B. & Budic, H.: Application of the Internet Market Research Methods in Hospitality 
045 Majnaric, I.; Golubovic, K.; Bolanca, S. & Modric, D.: Voltage Effect on  Developing Process and B&W Reproduction
046 Kohout, K.: Conscious and Unconscious Implicit Anticipation
047 Vickovic, L.; Celar, S. & Mudnic, E.: Disk Drive Simulation Model Development
048 Bancila, D.; Buzatu, C. & Fota, A.: A Hybrid Algorithm to Minimize the Number of Tardy Jobs in Single Machine Scheduling
049 Botezatu, C.; Botezatu, C. P. & Carutasu, G.: Integrating Multiple Software Platforms for Integrated Management
050 Catana, D.: Traction Behaviour Simulation of Spot Welded
051 Comanescu, A. M.; Comanescu, D. M.; Filipoiu, I. D. & Alionte, C. G.: About Spatial Rigid Memory Characteristics
052 Comanescu, A. M.; Comanescu, D. M.; Filipoiu, I. D. & Alionte, C. G.: A new Heat Pipe Cooling Device
053 Diaconescu, D.; Jaliu, C.; Neagoe, M. & Saulescu, R.: Product Conceptual Design Modeling: A New Generalized Algorithm
054 Dima, M. A.; Lefter, V. & Sandru, I. M. D.: The Drivers of Local Competitiveness on the Romanian Market
055 Grigorescu, S.; Vatau, S. & Dobra, A.: Dedicated Robot-Robot Cooperation
056 Lestan, Z.; Brezocnik, M.; Brezovnik, S.; Buchmeister, B. & Balic, J.: A Simple Genetic Algorithm for the Job-Scheduling Problem
057 Mohamed Mowjoon, M. & Agbinya, J.: Bio Inspired Secure Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
058 Nica, G. B.; Aurite, T.; Dumitrescu, D. M. & Popescu, B. M.: Communication & Language Codes in Evaluating Human Resources in Virtual Enterprises
059 Popa, C. L. & Cotet, C. E.: Discrete Material Flow Management in Multipolar Manufacturing Networks
060 Risovic, S.; Zezelj, D. & Panic, N.: Design Solution of Semi-Automatic Linear Loading Measurement Line
061 Rolich, T. & Grundler, D.: GA Aided Optimization of Transmitters’ Parameters to Reduce EMF Pollution
062 Rosu, S. M.; Dragoi, G.; Guran, M. & Dragomirescu, C.: The SMEs Knowledge Management: Professional Risk Assessment Using a KBS
063 Rosu, S. M.; Dragoi, G.; Rosu, L. & Guran, M.: Virtual Enterprise Network Solutions to Support E-learning Sites Development
064 Vitalariu, A. M. & Comaneci, R.: Evaluation of Fatigue Resistance of Post-and-Core Systems
065 Yordanov, R. & Todorov, R.: Web Based System for Choose Optimal Micro Modules Technological Variant
066 Zirra, D.: The Impact of a Performant E-Ship Framework on Economic Development
067 Stanciu, L.; Fratila, A.; Boitor, C.; Pangica, A. & Sabau, M.: Occlusion Traumatic and  Iatrogenic Factors
068 Boca, G.D.: A  New  Tool  to Improve Quality Product – Sign  Language