Proceedings of the 29th International DAAAM Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

24-27th October 2018, Zadar, Croatia

Volume 29, No.1, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-902734-20-4
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2018

*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now
000 Katalinic, B.: Preface
001 Markovic, M.; Draskovic, N. & Gnjidic, V.: Product Innovation, Process Innovation and Competitive Lessons from Consumer Electronics Industry
002 Gljuscic, P. & Zelenika, S.: Coupled Electromechanical Numerical Modelling of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters
003 Arrigoni, T.; Zelenika, S.; Kamenar, E. & Schnurrer Luke Vrbanic, T.: Design of the Prototype of a Full Arm Mechatronics Rehabilitation Device
004 Gljuscic, P.; Zelenika, S. & Kamenar, E.: Characterisation of Performances of Thermoelectric Generators for Energy Harvesting Applications
005 Gjeldum, N.; Mladineo, M.; Crnjac, M. & Aljinovic, A.: Application of the Integrative Procedure for Management of Production and Service Improvement Process on the Assembly Line
006 Zeljko, D.; Jakovic, B. & Strugar, I.: New Methods of Online Advertising: Social Media Influencers
007 Runje, B.; Horvatic Novak, A. & Keran, Z.: Impact of the Quality of Measurement Results on Conformity Assessment
008 Skocik, P.: Functionality Verification of the Deformation Units for Measurement of Wind Speed and Direction
009 Takakuwa, S.; Veza, I. & Celar, S.: “Industry 4.0” in Europe and East Asia
010 Palcic, I.; Ojstersek, R. & Buchmeister, B.: Creating Value in Manufacturing Companies
011 Prokopova, Z.; Silhavy, P. & Silhavy, R.: VAF Factor Influence on the Accuracy of the Effort Estimation Provided by Modified Function Points Methods
012 Perutka, K. & Duchackova, P.: Teaching Aid Supporting the Tuition of Automation at Faculty of Applied Informatics
013 Alchakov, V. & Kramar, V.: Mathematical Model of an Anthropomorphic Robots Arm
014 Marko, T. & Kubinger, W.: Automatic Stereo Camera Calibration in Real-World Environments Without Defined Calibration Objects
015 Kralikova, R.; Wessely, E. & Koblasa, F.: Influence of Lighting Maintenance on the Energy Consumption
016 Kralikova, R. & Wessely, E.: Impact of the Environmental Factors and its Effects on Productivity and Health
017 Kremljak, Z.: Case Study for Planning of Cell Production System
018 Fedorov, A. & Shkodyrev, V.: Recommendation System based on Neural Network for Prediction of Emergency Situations
019 Prokop, R. & Korbel, J.: Relay Feedback Autotuning – Implementation and Simulation
020 Cus, F. & Zuperl, U.: Experimental Exploration of Cutting Forces During Milling of Multi-Layered Metal Materials
021 Damic, V.; Cohodar, M. & Voloder, A.: Modelling and Path Planning of Delta Parallel Robot in Virtual Environment
022 Stuja, K.; Poszvek, G.; Wolfel, W. & Markl, E.: Integrated Method for the Design and Evaluation of Safety & Secure Manufacturing Systems
023 Wolny, R.: Evaluation of Accuracy of Five-Axis CNC Milling Machine on the Basis of Test Piece Machining
024 Keran, Z.; Mihaljevic, M.; Horvatic Novak, A. & Runje, B.: Non Destructive Testing of Forge Welding Joint Errors
025 Matusu, R. & Prokop, R.: Robustly Stabilizing Regions of PI Controllers Parameters for Systems with Additive Uncertainty
026 Bulgakov, V.; Melnik, V.; Kuvachоv, V. & Olt, J.: Theoretical Study on Linkage Unit of Wide Span Tractor
027 Olt, J.; Maksarov, V. & Efimov, A.: Impacts of Gradient Structure on the Dynamic Characteristics of Machining Process System
028 Zecevic, N.; Husika, A. & Dzaferovic, E.: Impact of Energy Efficiency Measures on Indoor Air Quality in Building of Mechanical Engineering Faculty Sarajevo
029 Muhamedagic, K.; Begic-Hajdarevic, D.; Pasic, M. & Cekic, A.: Optimization of Process Parameters in Plasma Arc Cutting using TOPSIS Method
030 Cekic, A.; Begic-Hajdarevic, D.; Muhamedagic, K. & Guzanovic, N.: Experimental Investigations of Process Parameters Influence on Dimensional Accuracy and Mechanical Properties of FDM Manufactured Parts
031 Dostalek, P.; Vasek, V. & Dolinay, J.: Microcontroller Based Control System with Flexible Configuration
032 Topalova, I. & Tatarska, V.: Automated Classification of Similar Two-dimensional Objects with Neural Network Application
033 Deac, G. C.; Georgescu, C. N.; Popa, C. L.; Ghinea, M. & Cotet, C. E.: Virtual Reality Exhibition Platform
034 Costache (Stochitoiu), A. G.; Popa, C. L.; Dobrescu, T. G.; Zaleschi Negrea, V. C. & Cotet, C. E.: Organizational Culture, Knowledge and Competences in Virtual Organizations
035 Pokorny, P.: A Comparison of Methods for the Identification of Traffic Levels in Cities
036 Hadziahmetovic, H.; Dzaferovic, E.; Ahmovic, I. & Blazevic, R.: Analysis of Wind Velocity Data in the Area of the City of Sarajevo in Period from 2001-2010
037 Ahmovic, I.; Dzaferovic, E. & Hadziahmetovic, H.: Analysis of Temperature Data in the Area of the City of Sarajevo (Bjelave) in Period From 2000-2010
038 Pospisilik, M.; Kasacek, J.; Mikulicova, M. & Adamek, M.: Performance Measurement of the D-Class Audio Amplifier
039 Jenicek, S.; Kotesovec, V.; Kalina, T. & Opatova, K.: Design of Heating Equipment for Moulding Organic Polymer-Based Composites
040 Zapico, P.; Giganto, S.; Martinez Pellitero, S.; Fernandez – Abia, A. I. & Castro Sastre, M. A.: Influence of Laser Energy in the Surface Quality of Parts Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting
041 Votrubec, R. & Vavrousek, M.: Behaviour Identification and Linearization of Pneumatic Rotational Engine
042 Akmadzic, V.; Vrdoljak, A. & Ramljak, D.: Influence of the Subgrade Reaction Coefficient Modelling on the Simple 3D Frame
043 Kadric, D.; Delalic, N.; Delalic, B.; Kadric, E. & Bajric, H.: Benchmarking Energy Efficiency of School Buildings
044 Broum, T. & Kleinova, J.: The Cumulative Functions Concept
045 Simon, M. & Broum, T.: Layout Calculations Related to Product Insourcing
046 Breido, I.; Kaverin, V. & Ivanov, V.: Telemetric Monitoring Insulation Condition of High Voltage Overhead Power Lines
047 Breido, I.; Kaverin, V. & Voytkevich, S.: Distribution of Power Losses on High-Voltage Supports
048 Vaskova, H.: Hydrolysis of Leather Shavings: Mathematical Model and Experiment
049 Mihaljevic, M.; Cajner, H.; Markucic, D. & Kozic, K.: Coating Influence on Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Result
050 Pracek, S. & Krajner, M.: System Forces in the Mathematical Model of Yarn Unwinding
051 Vacik, E. & Spacek, M.: Process Innovation in Service Sector Matching Industry 4.0 Environment
052 Hajdarevic, S.; Obucina, M.; Mesic, E. & Martinovic, S.: Stress and Strain of the Frontal Parallel Joints with 3D Printed Connectors
053 Lapkova, D.; Kotek, L. & Kralik, L.: Soft Targets – Possibilities of Their Identification
054 Stohl, R.; Stibor, K. & Sediva, S.: Application of CIP Safety Protocol Between Double Hydraulic Press Machine and Industrial Robot
055 Hodzic, D. & Pandzic, A.: Post Service Strength Properties at Elevated Temperature of Steel 14Mov6-3
056 Obucina, M. & Hasanic, S.: Defining Causes of Defects and Quality Control Points in the Industry of Furniture
057 Curkovic, P.; Miskovic, L. & Sarancic, D.: Legged 3D Printed Mobile Robot
058 Curkovic, P. & Cehulic, L.: Evolutionary Planner of 3D Trajectories
059 Kucak, D.; Juricic, V. & Dambic, G.: Machine Learning in Education – a Survey of Current Research Trends
060 Kuvshinov, S. & Kharin, K.: Data Visualization on Distributed Display Facilities in a Professional Distance Learning System
061 Bicova, K. & Bebr, L.: Analysis and Dependability of Production Processes for the Automotive Industry
062 Vopat, T.; Kuruc, M.; Simna, V.; Necpal, M.; Buransky, I.; Zaujec, R. & Peterka, J.: The Influence of Cutting Edge Radius Size on the Tool Life of Cemented Carbide Drills
063 Kuruc, M.; Vozar, M.; Simna, V.; Vopat, T.; Hrusecky, R.; Milde, J.; Buransky, I.; Necpal, M.; & Peterka, J.: Comparison of High Feed Machining with Conventional Milling in Terms of Dimension Accuracy and Productivity
064 Zahalka, M.: Stability of the Brass Cups Forming Process
065 Melichar, M.; Kubatova, D. & Kutlwaser, J.: The Influence of Humidity on ABS Plastic Measurement Results
066 Blaskovic, B.; Skopljanac-Macina, F.; Knezevic, P. & Palic, N.: Modeling Constraint Satisfaction Problem with Model Checker
067 Poor, P. & Basl, J.: Czech Republic and Processes of Industry 4.0 Implementation
068 Katona, A. & Panfilov, P.: Building Predictive Maintenance Framework for Smart Environment Application Systems
069 Zharova, A.; Elin, V. & Panfilov, P.: Technological and Legal Issues of Identifying a Person on the Internet to Ensure Information Security
070 Zharova, A.; Elin, V. & Panfilov, P.: Electronic Document as a Tool of Digital Economy
071 Trstenjak, B.; Mikac, S. & Trstenjak, J.: The Framework for Fast Skew Angle Detection and Auto Correction of Scanned Documents
072 Tuzharov, K.; Iliev, S. & Gunev, D.: Aerodynamic Study of the Environmental Vehicle Model with the Flow Simulation CFD Program
073 Iliev, S.: A Comparison of Ethanol, Methanol and Butanol Blending with Gasoline and Relationship with Engine Performances and Emissions
074 Ivanova, O.; Rodkina, A.; Kramar, V. & Dushko, V.: Development of the Metals Electrochemical Characteristics Determining Method at Cathode Polarization
075 Masic, A.; Pikula, B.; Bibic, D.; Musemic, R. & Halac, A.: Calibration and Assessment of Low-Cost Dust Sensors
076 Masic, A.; Bibic, D.; Pikula, B.; Dzaferovic-Masic, E. & Razic, F.: Visualization of Data from Network of Sensors: Appropriate Spatial Interpolation Method
077 Bebr, L. & Bicova, K.: SPC in Joint Application with FMEA
078 Vasilyev, I.; Popov, A.; Smirnova, E.; Shmakov, O. & Tselouyko, V.: The Vision System Software to Enable Maneuvering of Underwater Vehicle
079 Polasek, P. & Simon, M.: Product Innovation Influence on Production Organization
080 Sumic, D.; Rosic, M. & Skorput, P.: Decision Making Example for On-Board Distress Situation Based on Agents
081 Andreev, V.; Kim, V. & Pletenev, P.: Using Pareto Optimum to Choose Module’s Computing Platforms of Mobile Robot with Modular Architecture
082 Karpova, I. & Karpov, V.: Some Mechanisms for Managing Aggressive Behavior in Group Robotics
083 Kostenko, D.; Kudryashov, N.; Maystrishin, M.; Onufriev, V.; Potekhin, V. & Vasiliev, A.: Digital Twin Applications: Diagnostics, Optimisation and Prediction
084 Khokhlovskiy, V.; Potekhin, V. & Shkodyrev, V.: Knowledge Based Control of Energy Installations Under Uncertain Conditions
085 Almazova, N.; Barinova, D. & Ipatov, O.: Forming of Information Culture With Tools of Electronic Didactic Materials
086 Dekastello, J.; Hlavac, J. & Cirek, M.: Replacement of a Cast Stand of a Rubber Machine With a Welded Stand
087 Hamrle, P. & Hlavac, J.: Load Analysis of Crankshaft of Two-Point Crank Press
088 Potapov, A.; Stazhkov, S.; Dalyaev, I. & Ohochinsky, M.: Structures of Automatic Systems with Unstable Parameters (Part II)
089 Stepanov, D.; Popov, A.; Gromoshinskii, D. & Shmakov, O.: Visual-Inertial Sensor Fusion to Accuracy Increase of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Positioning
090 Sedlacek, F.; Kalina, T. & Raab, Z.: Determining the Strength of Composite Cylindrical Bonded Joints Using Numerical Simulation with Cohesive Elements
091 Grechin, G.; Shilin, D. & Golubey, V.: Development of an Automated Control Panel for Monitoring and Research of Electrohydraulic Steering Gear
092 Kuznetcova, E.; Titov, V.; Smirnov, E.; Dalyaev, I. & Truts, A.: Design and Simulation Analysis of Haptic Device With Parallel Kinematics
093 Janda, P.: Mechatronic Concept of Heavy Machine Tools
094 Raz, K.; Chval, Z. & Polak, R.: Influence of Runner Angles on Balanced Filling for Multicavity Moulding
095 Polak, R. & Zahalka, M.: Influence of Gate Positon During Injection Moulding Process
096 Pandzic, A.; Hodzic, D. & Hajro, I.: Development of Integrated Intelligent CAD System for Design of Cylindrical Helical Compression Valve Springs
097 Medojevic, M.; Diaz Villar, P.; Cosic, I.; Rikalovic, A.; Sremcev, N. & Lazarevic, M.: Energy Management in Industry 4.0 Ecosystem: a Review on Possibilities and Concerns
098 Kuncar, A.; Sysel, M. & Urbanek, T.: Inertial Measurement Unit Error Reduction by Calibration Using Differential Evolution
099 Halper, C.; Ilko, J. & Rusko, M.: Application of Ultrasonic Method for Measuring the Sound Velocity in a Medium to Determine the Temperature Change and Fluctuations
100 Kuzmin, A.; Popov, V. & Stazhkov, S.: Dynamic Characteristics of Rotation Transmission Device in High Ambient Hydrostatic Pressure Conditions
101 Marek, V.: Sensitivity Analysis and Validation of a Thermo-Mechanical Model of a Spindle
102 Lavic, Z.; Vucijak, B.; Pasic, M. & Dukic, N.: Consistency Check of Fuzzy Pairwise Comparison Matrices of Dimensions Larger Than 3×3
103 Bublikova, D.; Jenicek, S.; Jirkova, H. & Stehlik, A.: Heat Treatment of Closed-Die Forgings of Low-Alloy AHSS Steels
104 Mach, V.; Adamek, M.; Valouch, J. & Musalek, M.: Limitation of the Advanced Technology Zone
105 Mach, V.; Adamek, M.; Valouch, J. & Tomasek, P.: Software Extension for Advanced Technology Zone
106 Alispahic, M. & Sikalo, S.: Effect of the Subcooling on a Bubble Dynamics in Pool Boiling
107 Chval, Z.; Raz, K. & Kalina, T.: Thermal Analysis of the Forging Press LZK 4000
108 Kalina, T.; Sedlacek, F. & Kroupa, T.: Determination of Cohesive Parameters for Mode I of Epoxy Adhesive
109 Simna, V.; Necpal, M.; Vopat, T. & Kuruc, M.: Determination of the Stable Area and Parameters Optimization of Sintered Carbide Machining by WEDM
110 Mitin, F. & Krivushov, A.: Application of Optimal Control Algorithm for DC Motor
111 Farsky, J.; Baksa, T. & Zetek, M.: Influence of Grinding Parameters on Forces when Grinding Maraging Steel X3Nicomo 18 9 5 with SiC Grinding Wheels
112 Farsky, J.; Baksa, T.; Zetek, M. & Adamek, P.: Evaluation of Grinding Wheel Wear when Grinding VACO 180 Steel under Variable Grinding Conditions
113 Nozar, M.; Zetkova, I. & Hronek, O.: Searching for Favourable Powder Bed Fusion Settings in Sintering of Maraging Steel MS1
114 Ficek, M.; Juricek, L. & Mikulicova, M.: Expansion Weapons and their Wounding Potential
115 Papa, M.; Kaselautzke, D.; Stuja, K. & Wolfel, W.: Different Safety Certifiable Concepts for Mobile Robots in Industrial Environments
116 Beltran-Prieto, J. C. & Kolomaznik, K.: Fluid Dynamics Analysis and Numerical Study of a Fluid Running Down a Flat Surface
117 Kovar, I. & Musalek, M.: Use of Virtual Reality for the Therapy of Pensioners with Communication Disorders
118 Musalek, M.: The Use of EEG Biofeedback within the Framework of Assistive Technologies
119 Hronek, O.; Zetek, M. & Baksa, T.: The Influence of Cutting Edge Radius on Force Load when Milling Inconel 718
120 Klushin, G.; Fortin, C. & Tekic, Z.: Modular Design Guideline for Projects from Scratch
121 Pasic, M.; Begic-Hajdarevic, D. & Bijelonja, I.: Laser Cut Surface Roughness Modelling Using Regression Analysis
122 Vatres, A.; Bajric, H.; Kadric, E. & Pasic, M.: Predicting Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) Price Using Regression Analysis and Same Slope Model
123 Zmarzly, P.; Adamczak, S.; Kozior, T. & Gogolewski, D.: Surface Texture Quality of Models Manufactured by Additive Technology Fused Deposition Modeling
124 Wrzochal, M.; Adamczak, S.; Lomza, H. & Luszczak, R.: Testing the Susceptibility of Rolling Bearing Vibration Measurement Systems
125 Dakic, D.; Stefanovic, D.; Cosic, I.; Lolic, T. & Medojevic, M.: Business Process Mining Application: A Literature Review
126 Bibic, D.; Pikula, B.; Masic, A. & Razic, F.: New Approach of Measuring Toxic Gases Concentrations: Application Examples
127 Masic, A.; Bibic, D.; Pikula, B. & Razic, F.: New Approach of Measuring Toxic Gases Concentrations: Principle of Operation
128 Kretzschmar, N. & Chekurov, S.: The Applicability of the 40 TRIZ Principles in Design for Additive Manufacturing
129 Chekurov, S. & Kretzschmar, N.: Classification of End-Use Industrial Applications of Additive Manufacturing
130 Juricic, V. & Radosevic, M.: Performance Impact of Using Abstractions in Object-Oriented Programming
131 Mikulaskova, J.; Cambal, M. & Polakovic, L.: Spiral Management – A New Concept of the Social Systems Management
132 Novikov, K. & Kleinova, J.: The Impact of Personnel Costs on the Competitiveness of Automated Manufacturing Systems
133 Humenberger, G.; Liedl, G.; Bammer, F. & Ferrari, M.: Polarisation Measurement of the Emitted Thermal Radiation During Laser Material Processing
134 Perez, R.; Gutierrez Rubert, S. C. & Zotovic, R.: A Study on Robot Arm Machining: Advance and Future Challenges
135 Mikulic, I. & Stefanic, A.: The Adoption of Modern Technology Specific to Industry 4.0 by Human Factor
136 Castro-Sastre, A.; Fernández-Abia, A. I.; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, P.; Martínez-Pellitero, S. & Barreiro, J.: Characterization of Materials Used in 3D-Printing Technology with Different Analysis Techniques
137 Vevers, A.; Kromanis, A. & Gerins, E.: Co2 Laser Powered Metal 3D Printer Parameter Influence on Part Quality
138 Ryazanov, A. & Borisov, V.: Method of Partitioning the Territory to Logistic Solutions Support Based on Genetic Clustering
139 Pervaz, J.; Petrovic, D.; Pecujlija, M. & Cosic, I.: Improving Export Strategies to EU (Case of Serbia)
140 Dimitrov, Y.: System for Automatic Distribution and Working with Technical Documentation in Small and Micro-Sized Industrial Enterprises
141 Jamegh, R.; Kassam, A. & Sabih, S.: Dynamic Fuzzy Logic to Identify Safety Stock in Dairy Industries / Empirical Case Study
142 Blaskovic, K. & Candrlic, S.: DEM4RTS: Software Development Methodology for Special Case of Real-Time Closed-Loop Control Systems
143 Andreev, V. & Tarasova, V.: Identification of the Obstacle Shape Using the Ultrasonic Sensors Module of Modular Mobile Robot
144 Loncar, P.: Data-Intensive Computing Paradigms for Big Data
145 Vuksic, M.; Zmak, I. & Curkovic, L.: Composition Optimization of Alumina Suspensions which Contain Waste Alumina Powder
146 Sultanalieva, R. & Konushbaeva, A.: Loss of Strength of Rocks Under the Influence of Microwaves
147 Dimitrova, Y. & Dimitrov, Y.: The Non-Traditional Practice of Professional Student Club to Connect the Business with the Engineering Students of University of Ruse
148 Maric, P. & Bevanda, I.: Parameter Estimation and Optimization of the Hydronic Floor Heating System as a Basis for Predictive Control of the Zone Level Energy
149 Carija, Z.; Lucin, I.; Lucin, B. & Grbcic, L.: Investigation of Numerical Simulation Parameters on Fluid Flow Around Trash-Racks
150 Kranjcevic, L.; Srajbek, M.; Grbcic, L. & Carija, Z.: Analysis of Well Field Nitrates Pollution Distribution in Agricultural Area
151 Lucin, I.; Kranjcevic, L.; Carija, Z. & Mogorovic, A.: Experimental Setup of Fluid Mixing in Double Tee-Junctions
152 Zeng, H.; Grbcic, L.; Lucin, I. & Kranjcevic, L.: Mesh Creation for Realistic Terrain Cases for Shallowfoam – 2D OpenFOAM Solver
153 Vasilnakova, A.: Risk Management in Accredited Testing Laboratories
154 Bevanda, I. & Maric, P.: Simulation and Identification of Hydronic Radiator Model as a First Step Towards Efficient Control of Thermal Energy Consumption in Zones
155 Vavra, J. & Hromada, M.: Comparative Study of Feature Selection Techniques Respecting Novelty Detection in the Industrial Control System Environment
156 Brkljac, M. & Sudarevic, T.: Sharing Economy and „Industry 4.0“ as the Business Environment of Millennial Generation – a Marketing Perspective
157 Gevorkov, L.; Smidl, V. & Sirovy, M.: Stepper Motor Based Model of Electric Drive for Throttle Valve
158 Pinero Vega, D.; Batista Ponce, M.; Valerga Puerta, A. P.; Vazquez Martinez, J. M. & Fernandez, S. R.: A Comparison of Macro and Microgeometrical Properties of Specimens Made With a FDM Commercial Printer and its Opensource Retrofit Version
159 Montano-Vega, R.; Batista Ponce, M.; Leon Arevalo, F. J.; Ruiz-Garcia, R.; Roldan Jimenez, L.; del Sol Illana, I. & Salguero Gomez, J.: Preliminary Characterization of the Rivet Shaving Process
160 Vendin, A. & Karpova, I.: Formulation of the Simulation Cluster Modelling System Development Problem
161 Kralik, L.; Malanik, D.; Zacek, P. & Matysek, M.: IT Events Classification
162 Mikulicova, M. & Kresalek, V.: An Analysis of Curing of Epoxy Resin by Steady-State Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Determination of a Storage Temperature
163 Gracla, M.; Mikulicova, M. & Malanik, Z.: Detecting Differences at a Selected Shooting Weapon and Its Freely Available Copies
164 Sevcik, J. & Adamek, M.: Virtual Crime Scenario Reconstruction Methods Assessment
165 Gerulova, K.; Skulavik, T.; Buranska, E. & Jurina, F.: Real-Time Monitoring System for Used MWFs
166 Buranska, E. & Buransky, I.: Cutting Environment Impact on the Aluminium Alloy Machining (DFA)
167 Janda, T.; Jirkova, H. & Jenicek, S.: Comparing Properties of the 42SiCr Steel After Conventional Heat Treatment and QP Processing
168 Makagonov, N.; Bakhshiev, A. & Semakova, A.: The Hierarchical Algorithm for Detecting Road Marking Lines
169 Ali, A. A.; Krayem, S.; Chramcov, B. & Kadi, M. F.: Self-Stabilizing Fault Tolerance Distributed Cyber Physical Systems
170 Vichova, K.; Hromada, M.; Ficek, M. & Gracla, M.: The Comparative Analysis of Safety in the Czech Republic and in Abroad
171 Mrazek, J.; Vavra, J. & Hromada, M.: The Evaluation Criteria in the Road Transported With Fuzzy Logic Support
172 Gogolewski, D.; Wlodzimierz, M.; Stepien, K.; Zmarzly, P. & Wrzochal, M.: The Assessment of Wavelet Transform Parameters Regarding Its Use in 3D Surface Filtering
173 Wolny, L.: Some Problems of Sludge Management in the Wastewater Treatment Plants
174 Stehlik, A.; Vrtacek, J.; Pekovic, M. & Jenicek, S.: Measurement of Phase Transformation Temperatures Under Near-Real Conditions Using a Thermomechanical Simulator
175 Titova, O.; Anisimov, D. & Kolosov, O.: Determination of the Current State of Human Retina Using Algorithms of Classification
176 Zahavi, A.; Al Afrange, F.; Najafi Haeri, S.; Ajeevan, U. & Chamara Liyanage, D.: ABB YuMi© High-Speed Pick and Place Game in Action
177 Kubelkova, I.; Herman, A. & Vratny, O.: Determination of the Simulation Parameters of the Waxes used in Investment Casting
178 Herman, A.; Vaclav Stourac, F.; Kyncl, J. & Beranek, L.: New Design of Polyurethane Foam Moulds for Vibrational Casted Refractory Materials
179 Kubatova, D. & Melichar, M.: Uncertainty of Surface Measurement
180 Kubatova, D. & Melichar, M.: Effect of Scanning Speed when Measuring Surface Roughness
181 Kubatova, D.: Problems of Surface Roughness Measurement with a Focus on the Scanned Points
182 Kubatova, D.; Melichar, M. & Kutlwaser, J.: Methodology for Selecting Software Filters
183 Zaujec, R.; Vopat, T.; Simna, V. & Jurina, F.: Coating of Cutting Tool and CAM Milling Strategy Influence on the Tool Wear and Surface Roughness
184 Yusupov, N.; Akhinko, S.; Sambath Kumar, R.; Kumar Singh, H.; Khan, R. & Nikhil, K.: Smart Chair: IoT Based Health Telemetry for Air Traffic Controllers and Emergency Response Center Operators
185 Zetkova, I.; Jenicek, S.; Hronek, O.; Kotesovec, V.; Vrtacek, J. & Zetek, M.: Influences of Cutting Process Parameters on the Cutting Quality when Water Jet Cutting
186 Hajsman, J. & Jenicek, S.: Microscopy of Polymer Composites
187 Haskovic, D.; Katalinic, B.; Zec, I. & Kukushkin, I.: Contribution of Intelligent Adviser Module Proposals in Bionic Assembly System
188 Stepanova, D.; Pryanichnikov, V. E.; Khandorin, S.; Kuznetsov, A. & Koulchitskiy, A.: High-speed Image Processing Technique Implementation for Pointing and Tracking System Enabling Free-Space Optical Communications
189 Bogdanovich, A.; Kirsanov, K.; Khelemendik, R.; Pryanichnikov, V. E. & Prysev, E.: Development of Technology for Manufacturing Hardware and Intelligent Levels of the Service Autonomous Mobile Robot AMUR-307
190 Pryanichnikov, V. E.; Chernyshev, V.; Arykantsev, V.; Aryskin, A. A.; Eprikov, S; Ksenzenko, A. & Petrakov, S. M.: Enhancing the Functionality of the Groups of Autonomous Underwater Robots