Proceedings of the 26th International DAAAM Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

21-24th October 2015, Zadar, Croatia

Volume 26, No.1, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-902734-07-5
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2015

*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now
000 Katalinic, B.: Preface
001 Andreev, V.; Kirsanov, K. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Geographically Distributed “Multi-Operator” Control for Mechatronic Devices via the Internet
002 Buchmeister, B. & Palcic, I.: Indicator for Project Optimization with the Cost-Time Investment Criterion
003 Neumann, P.; Houser, J.; Pospisilik, M.; Skocik, P. & Adamek, M.: Some Methods for Electronic Component Authenticity Assessment
004 Skocik, P.; Korbel, J. & Neumann, P.: Design and Implementation of Lenses for Shaping the Beam of Millimeter Waves in Free Space
005 Janacova, D.; Mokrejs, P.; Vasek, V.; Drga, R.; Liska, O. & Krenek, J.: Mathematic Model of Heat Transport in Materials During Cutting Process
006 Perutka, K.: Electronic Didactic Tool for Primary Schools in Czech Republic
007 Kramar, V.: Investigation of Changes and Development of Mathematical Model for a Drilling Vessel
008 Sysel, M.: Tilt Compensated eComp
009 Bajric, H.; Kadric, E. & Pasic, M.: A Comparison of Same Slope Seasonality and Holt-Winters Smoothing Forecasting Models
010 Rados, B. & Rados, A.: Implementation of multi-criteria decision making in planning traffic systems
011 Adamek, M.; Neumann, P.; Pospisilik, M. & Matysek, M.: Using of GSM Locator in Security Applications
012 Andrejiova, M.; Kralikova, R. & Wessely, E.: The Air Quality Assessment from the Stationary Source Air Pollution
013 Kremljak, Z.: Study of E-Commerce Advantages for E-Supply Chains
014 Fedorov, A.; Zobnin, S.; Shkodyrev, V.; Goloschchapov, E. & Potekhin, V.: Fuzzy Decision Support in Distributed V2V Systems
015 Matysek, M.; Adamek, M. & Karafiat, T.: The Mobile Monitoring and Control of Real Systems
016 Damic, V. & Cohodar, M.: Dynamic Analysis and Visualization of Spatial Manipulators with Closed Structure
017 Zhirabok, A.; Filaretov, V. & Pavlov, S.: Fault Isolation in Technical Systems by Data-Driven Method
018 Sysala, T.; Neumann, P. & Mikus, K.: The Microcomputer Application in Physical Principles Demonstration Model Design
019 Chalupa, P. & Novak, J.: Robust and adaptive control of twin rotor MIMO system
021 Kolosowski, M.; Duda, J. & Tomasiak, J.: Statistical process control in conditions of piece and small lot production
022 Livinti, P.: Speed Control of a Permanent Magnet D.C. Servomotor through CompactRIO 9074
023 Catana, R. & Cican, G.: Detailed Gas Dynamic Study of Performances for Two Types Turbofan Configurations
024 Comanescu, A.; Comanescu, D. & Dugaesescu, I.: Leg Mechanism Motion and Structural Characteristics
025 Obucina, M.; Dzaferovic, E. & Gondzic, E.: Numerical Analysis Viscoelasticity Properties Composite of Wood
026 Obucina, M. & Akvic, A.: Influence of Gluing Technology on the Shear Strength in the Gluing of Solid Wood
028 Popa, C. L.; Cotet, C. E.; Constantin, F. & Zaleschi Negrea, V. -.: Optimizing a Beverage Can Production Line by Material Flow Simulation
029 Matusu, R.: Robust Stabilization of a Main Irrigation Canal Pool via Fractional Order PI Controller: A Graphical Investigation
030 Matusu, R.: Control of Interval Systems by Using Two Feedback Controllers
031 Olt, J. & Maksarov, V.: Development of Chatter-Resistant System of Cutting Tool
032 Olt, J. & Maksarov, V.: Cutting Process Simulation on the Basis of Rheological Properties of Metals
033 Macku, L. & Samek, D.: Self – Organizing Migrating Algorithm in Model Predictive Control: Case study on Semi-Batch Chemical Reactor
035 Navratil, M.; Kresalek, V.; Kudelka, J. & Martinek, T.: Design of Scanning System for Mechanoscopic Analysis
036 Pascu, N.; Dobrescu, T.; Enciu, G. & Jiga, G.: Graphic Modeling and Visual Impact on the Structural Design of Packaging in CAD Applications
037 Cekic, A.; Rasovic, N.; Obad, M.; Kaljun, J.; Dolsek, B. & Begic-Hajdarevic, D.: Production of Optimized Layered Products using Intelligent Support
038 Pokorny, P.: Altitude Measurement and Processing of their Values
039 Bures, M.: Time Demands of Virtual Ergonomic Modelling – Experimental Study
042 Opran, C.; Ghionea, I. G. & Pricop, M.: Embedded Modelling and Simulation Software System for Adaptive Engineering of Hydraulic Gear Pumps
043 Rusu-Casandra, A. L.; Baciu, F. & Iliescu, N.: Reflection Photoelastic and Finite Element Residual Stress Analysis of a Torpedo Pot for Cast Iron
044 Subramanian, A. & Sun, H.: A Model for Value Chain Integration in a Vertically Integrated Design and Manufacturing Firm
045 Pospisilik, M.; Silva, R. M. & Adamek, M.: Voltage Controlled Amplifier with Linearized Response to the Controlling Voltage
046 Januska, M. & Faifr, A.: Project Quality Management Lifecycle: A Case Study of the Commencement of Insulin Pen Mass Production
048 Varacha, P.: Adaptive Strategy for Neural Network Synthesis Constant Estimation
049 Vaskova, H. & Buckova, M.: Spectroscopic Measurement and Analysis of Fat in Mi
050 Iskakov, U. & Breido, J.: Settings Adaptation System for Current Protection Relay
052 Tikal, F.: Evolution of Indoor Bullet Trap Design
053 Hajdarevic, S. & Martinovic, S.: The Effect of Dowel Spacing on the Stress and Strain of Case-Type Furniture Corner Joint
054 Plsek, S. & Vasek, V.: Takahashi Controller with Continuous Identification in Fast Response Application
055 Katsurin, A.: Planning Trajectory of the Mobile Robot with a Camera
056 Pryanichnikov, V. & Shipovalov, E.: Terrain modeling for mobile robot control using cross-section curves in nested multi-resolution grids
057 Amol, A. S.: Multicriteria Dynamic Scheduling by Topsis and Goal Programming
058 Malakov, I.; Georgiev, T.; Zaharinov, V.; Tzokev, A. & Tzenov, V.: Demand Modeling for the Optimization of Size Ranges
059 Kafol, C.: Project Risk Management Methodology in Practice
062 Filaretov, V.; Zhirabok, A.; Zuev, A. & Protcenko, A.: Identification of Faults in Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
063 Sremcev, N.; Cosic, I.; Anisic, Z.; Lazarevic, M. & Gecevska, V.: Procedure Phases for Configuration System Development
065 Chval, Z.; Raz, K. & Cechura, M.: Analysis of Stress Distribution in the Forging Press
066 Gregor, M.; Krajcovic, M.; Hnat, J. & Hancinsky, V.: Genetic Algorithms in the Design and Planning of Production System
067 Horman, I.; Busuladzic, I.; Hajro, I. & Beljak, N.: Optimization of friction parameters in the process of wood welding without additional adhesives
068 Bicova, K. & Melichar, M.: Influence on the Shift the Product Precision of Machining Process and Eligibility
069 Kana, J.; Vorel, I. & Ronesova, A.: Simulator of Thermomechanical Treatment of Metals
070 Kuruc, M.: Machine Tool Loads in Rotary Ultrasonic Machining of Alumina, CBN and Synthetic Diamond
071 Raz, K.; Cechura, M. & Chval, Z.: Upper Crossbeam of Free Forging Press Optimization in Order to Improve Mechanical Properties and Durability
072 Zahalka, M.; Stanek, J. & Raz, K.: Cross Wedge Rolling and Forging Rolls as Additional Devices in Closed Die Forging
073 Melichar, M.; Kutlwaser, J. & Kubatova, D.: Effect of Sweat Aggressiveness on Parameters of Surface Integrity
074 Miroslav, Z. & Ivana, Z.: Influence of the Forging Process of the Machined Material on the Cutting Tool Life
075 Isaenko, S.; Sochivko, O. & Dalyaev, I.: Analysis of Vibration Modelling Validity of Space-Borne Robotic System
076 Isaenko, S.; Sochivko, O.; Shardyko, I. & Titov, V.: Simulation of Manipulator as a Part of Space Robotic System Weightlessness Device
079 Totis, G.; Sortino, M. & Belfio, S.: Wavelet-like Analysis in the Frequency-Damping Domain for Modal Parameters Identification
080 Salibekyan, S. & Panfilov, P.: Database Architecture for Specifying and Modeling Spatio-Temporal Relations
081 Ilyukhin, Y. & Kolesnichenko, R.: Impedance Control of High-Precision Geared Servo Drives with Two Motors for Technological Robots
082 Rahmani, M.; Krall, S. & Bleicher, F.: Numerical investigations on the static stiffness of industrial ball bearing linear guides
083 Sivri, S.; Hennersdorf, S. & Krallmann, H.: Enhanced Method for Quality-fit (ISO 9001) Operations within the Automotive Industry
084 Chernus, P.; Sharovatov, V. & Chernus, P.: Modelling of Two-Way Bellow Actuator Positioning
085 Chernus, P.; Sharovatav, V. & Chernus, P.: Mathematical Model of Proportional Spool Valve
086 Krall, S.; Lechner, C.; Nirtl, M. & Bleicher, F.: Robot based machine hammer peening using an electromagnetic driven hammering device
087 Kramar, V.; Dushko, V.; Rodkina, A. & Alchakov, V.: Neural Network Modeling the Potential of Steels with Different Chrome Content
088 Brocal, F.; Sebastian, M. A. & Gonzalez, C.: Classification proposal of metrological techniques in occupational safety and health
089 Leokhin, Y.; Myagkov, A. & Panfilov, P.: GoMapReduce Parallel Computing Model Implementation on a Cluster of Plan9 Virtual Machines
091 Nyrkov, A.; Chernyi, S.; Zhilenkov, A. & Sokolov, S.: The use of Fuzzy Neural Structures to Increase the Reliability of Drilling Platforms
092 Schornik, V.; Zetek, M. & Baksa, T.: Durability of the Cutting Tool with Different Thin Layers when Inconel 718 is Machined
093 Schornik, V.; Zetek, M. & Dana, M.: Modern Trends in Design and Testing of Milling Cutters
094 Rusu, A. & Lohan, E.: Analysis of Real Mobility Records in Urban and Suburban Environments
096 Kostolny, I. & Kolenak, R.: Investigation of the Influence of Alloying Elements in Zn-Al Alloy on Thermal and Mechanical Properties
097 Kostolny, I.; Kolenak, R. & Barta, J.: Research of Wettability of In Solder on Al2O3 Ceramic During Laser Beam Heating
098 Dana, M.; Zetek, M. & Schorník, V.: Effect of Cutting Edge Geometry on Cutting Tool Life when Drilling Inconel 718
099 Dana, M.; Zetek, M. & Schorník, V.: Tapping Tool Life when Machining Inconel 718
100 Klimov, D. & Poduraev, Y.: Robotic Flight Follower System for High Speed Recording
101 Andreev, V.; Pletenev, P. & Poduraev, Y.: The Method of Network Control of Robotic Systems of Different Models and Manufacturers
102 Ivan, C.; Vujic, M. & Husnjak, S.: Classification of Security Risks in the IoT Environment
103 Hanzl, P.; Zetek, M. & Zetkova, I.: Testing of Special Ni-Mo Steel and its Suitability for Cutting Tools
104 Hanzl, P.; Zetek, M. & Zetkova, I.: Cellular Lattice Structure Produced by Selective Laser Melting and its Mechanical Properties
105 Kroupa, T.; Schornik, V.; Dana, M. & Zetek, M.: Comparing the Effects of Modifying Milling Tool Geometry on Durability
106 Filaretov, V. & Konoplin, A.: Experimental Definition of the Viscous Friction Coefficients for Moving Links of Multilink Underwater Manipulator
107 Polcar, J.; Gregor, M.; Horejsi, P. & Kopecek, P.: Methodology for Designing Virtual Reality Applications
108 Breido, I.; Voytkevich, S.; Em, G. & Kaverin, V.: Alternative Sources of Supply for Stand-Alone Automation Devices on Supports High-Voltage Lines
109 Gebel, E.: Estimation Workspace of 6 DOF Hauff platform
112 Rubesova, K.; Jirkova, H.; Masek, B. & Vorel, I.: Effect of Mini-Thixoforming Parameters on Microstructural Evolution in Low-Alloy Steel
113 Abramov, A. & Blyankinshtein, I.: Electronic Control System of Rotating Axes of Long Based Road Train
114 Tan, K. L. & Yeo, S. H.: Cavitation Erosion Study in Deionized Water Containing Abrasive Particles
115 Finkeldei, D. & Bleicher, F.: Investigation of Coolants in Machining of Titanium Aluminides
116 Abdessemed, A. C. & Viba, J.: Aerodynamic and Motion Study of Flapping Wings Vehicle
119 Antos, J. & Kubalcik, M.: Alternative Approach to Optimization in Model Predictive Control Using Hill Climbing Algorithm
120 Lopota, A.; Dalyaev, I.; Shardyko, I.; Kuznetcova, E. & Belezyakov, I.: Means of Robotic Support for On-Orbit Servicing
121 Potapov, A.; Stazhkov, S.; Gradovtsev, A.; Dalyaev, I. & Ohochinsky, M.: Structures of automatic systems with unstable parameters
122 Shah, R.; Park, H. & Lee, G. B.: Design For Assembly: An approach to increase Design Efficiency of Electronics Home Appliance
123 Blyankinshtein, I.; Voevodin, E. & Ruban, A.: Techniques of Adjusting Opacity Estimates of the Diesel Exhaust Gases
127 Stojkic, Z.; Veza, I. & Bosnjak, I.: A Concept of Information System Implementation (CRM and ERP) within Industry 4.0
128 Spirk, S. & Kepka, M.: Effects of Dynamic Forces and Strain Rate During Battery-Electric Bus Impact
130 Sedlacek, F.; Lasova, V. & Kottner, R.: Design of Flexible Composite Bellows Coupling
133 Hajicek, Z.: Simulation of Virtual Machine Tool During the Development Phase
134 Hnatik, J.; Kutlwaser, J. & Sklenicka, J.: iMachining Cutting Force Measurement
135 Hnatik, J.; Kroft, L. & Kutlwaser, J.: Constant Chip Volume Machining
136 Janda, P. & Polak, R.: Virtual Prototyping and Optimization of Heavy Machine Tools
137 Malael, I.; Dragan, V. & Gherman, G. B.: Turbulence Intensity Effects on the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Starting Efficiency
139 Bogachev, A.; Kuzmenko, D. & Lazarev, E.: The Use of Walking Mechanisms as an Adaptive Suspension of a Planet Rover
140 Weingerl, D.; Kubinger, W. & Engelhardt-Nowitzki, C.: Preceding Vehicle Tracking in Stereo Images via 3D Feature Matching
142 Dosek, R.; Janku, P.; Bliznak, M. & Varacha, P.: Secure High Level Communication Protocol for CAN Bus
143 Yerofeyev, S.; Ipatov, O.; Markov, S.; Potekhin, V.; Sulerova, A. & Shkodyrev, V.: Adaptive Intelligent Manufacturing Control Systems
144 Janku, P.; Koplik, K.; Dosek, R.; Dulik, T.; Bliznak, M. & Varacha, P.: Context sensitive fire protection system
145 Chrobak, P.; Zalesak, M. & Sehnalek, S.: Photovoltaics and its Potential Application in the Production of Electricity
146 Saikaew, C. & Poolpraserd, C.: Effect of Rice Husk on the Sand Mold Properties and the Quality of Cast Iron
147 Drabek, P.; Zalesak, M. & Oplustil, M.: The Impact of the Heat Accumulation on Energy Efficiency of Building
148 Tolea, B.; Trusca, D.; Antonya, C. & Beles, H.: The Influence of the Frontal Profile Design of a Vehicle upon the Pedestrian Safety at Low Velocity
150 Korponai, J.; Banyai, A. & Illes, B.: The Effect of the Demand-Changes on the Inventories
151 Fajsi, A.; Tekic, Z. & Moraca, S.: Open Innovation in Manufacturing SMEs – Integration into Value Networks
152 Medojevic, M.: Analysis of Current Automation Level in Specific Compressed Air System with Model for Optimization
153 Gajic, S.; Palcic, I. & Cosic, I.: Complexity Perspective and Engineering Systems – Novel Approaches
154 Gregor, M.; Haluska, M.; Fusko, M. & Grznar, P.: Model of Intelligent Maintenance Systems
155 Rakyta, M.; Fusko, M.; Haluska, M. & Grznar, P.: Maintenance Support System for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
156 Martinek, T.; Kudelka, J.; Navratil, M. & Kresalek, V.: Characterization of Epitaxial Layers Using Scanning Microwave Microscopy
157 Gregor, M.; Grznar, P.; Pedan, M. & Cudrakova, M.: Knowledge in Healthcare
158 Kuncar, A.: Basic Techniques for Filtering Noise Out of Accelerometer Data
159 Jatsun, S.; Savin, S.; Yatsun, A. & Turlapov, R.: Locomotion Control Method for Patients Verticalization with Regard to their Safety and Comfort
160 Ertel, J.; Barta, J. & Maronek, M.: Case Study of Electron Beam Welding in Automotive Industry
161 Chernyshev, V.; Arykantsev, V.; Kalinin, Y.; Gavrilov, A. & Sharonov, N.: Development of the walking mover for underwater walking vehicle
164 Mansour Fallah, S.: Multi Agent based Control Architectures
165 Galiev, I.; Shiler, A. & Shiler, V.: Assembly and dynamics tests of newly designed flexible railway wheelset