Proceedings of the 30th International DAAAM Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

23-26th October 2019, Zadar, Croatia

Volume 30, No.1, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-902734-22-8
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2019

*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now
** Plenary Lecture – Cosmonaut & Professor Alexey Eliseev: Energy for Tomorrow
000 Katalinic, B.: Preface
001 Stankovski, S.; Ostojic, G.; Laslo, T.; Stanojevic, M. & Babic, M.: Challenges of IoT Payments in Smart Services
002 Andreev, V.: Control System Mobile Robots with Modular Architecture as a Multi-Agent System with a Hierarchical Topology
003 Buchmeister, B.; Palcic, I. & Ojstersek, R.: Manufacturing Scheduling Performance – a Case Study
004 Kurian, S.; Ramanathan, H. N. & Andrlic, B.: The Role Internal Marketing in The Promotion of Technology Usage Among Teachers: An Empirical Investigation of the Mediating Role of Extrinsic Factors Leading to Improved Technology Use
005 Leber, M. & Selinsek, A.: The Influence of the Supplier on the Successful New Product Development
006 Kokolek, N.; Jakovic, B. & Curlin, T.: Digital Knowledge and Skills – Key Factors for Digital Transformation
007 Runje, B.; Horvatic Novak, A.; Razumic, A.; Piljek, P.; Strbac, B. & Orosnjak, M.: Evaluation of Consumer and Producer Risk in Conformity Assessment Decisions
008 Karaulova, T.; Andronnikov, K.; Mahmood, K. & Shevtshenko, E.: Lean Automation for Low-Volume Manufacturing Environment
009 Janacova, D.; Mokrejs, P.; Vasek, L.; Tang, K.; Liu, J. & Viteckova, M.: Optimization of Washing of Bound Component from White Hide
010 Tatarevic, M.; Gapinski, B. & Swojak, N.: The Use of Optical Scanner for Analysis of Surface Defects
011 Perutka, K. & Gavenda, D.: New Application in Matlab to Knowledge Testing
012 Kramar, V.: Mathematical Model of a Continuous-Discrete Guidance System for a Robot Manipulator
013 Saravanja, D. & Grbesic, M.: Application of Vibration Analysis in Journal Bearing Problems Diagnostics
014 Bajric, H.; Kadric, E.; Pasic, M.; Bijelonja, I.; Vatres, A. & Pasic, M.: Comparative Traffic Safety Study in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, Brcko District and EU Countries Using Data Envelopment Analysis
015 Bajric, H.; Kadric, E.; Pasic, M.; Vatres, A. & Pasic, M.: Evaluation of the Efficiency and Ranking of Primary Schools in Canton Sarajevo Using DEA
016 Kralikova, R.; Dzunova, L.; Koblasa, F.; Pinosova, M. & Wessely, E.: Application of the Mathematic Model to Evaluation of Worker´S Well-Being
017 Kralikova, R.; Dzunova, L.; Pinosova, M.; Wessely, E. & Koblasa, F.: Man-Machine-Environment System Analyses and Impact of Environment Factors to Productivity and Health of Employees
018 Kremljak, Z.: Optimising Production Systems Using Genetic Algorithms
019 Sogorovic, D. & Knezevic, A.: Testing of the Surface Roughness Parameters of Aluminium-Lithium Parts Machined by Milling
020 Damic, V.; Cohodar, M. & Kobilica, N.: Development of Dynamic Model of Robot with Parallel Structure Based on 3D CAD Model
021 Matusu, R.; Senol, B. & Vasek, V.: Robust Stability of Fractional-Order LTI Systems with Independent Structure of Ellipsoidal Parametric Uncertainty
022 Bulgakov, V.; Kuvachоv, V. & Olt, J.: Theoretical Study on Power Performance of Agricultural Gantry Systems
023 Begic-Hajdarevic, D.; Ficko, M.; Cekic, A.; Simon, K. & Cohodar, M.: Multi-response Optimization of Laser Cutting Parameters Using Grey Relational Analysis
024 Cekic, A.; Muhamedagic, K.; Cohodar, M.; Begic-Hajdarevic, D. & Biogradlija, S.: Experimental Investigation of Effect of Overhang Tool Length on Tool Vibration and Surface Roughness
025 Tekic, Z.; Cosic, I. & Katalinic, B.: Manufacturing and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Innovation Challenges
026 Chiscop, F.; Enache, I. -.; Popa, C. L.; Dobrescu, T. & Cotet, C. E.: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of a Chest Freezer Manufacturing Architecture
027 Topalova, I. & Koleva, P.: Dynamic QoS Parameter Adaptation in Routers Using a Multilayer Neural Network
028 Majerik, J.; Barenyi, I. & Sedlak, J.: Investigation of Flank Wear when Finish Turning of High Strength Steel with CBN Cutting Insert
029 Hadziahmetovic, H.; Ahmovic, I. & Blazevic, R.: Analysis of Wind Velocity Data in the Area of Bjelasnica in Period from 2000-2010
030 Djikic, B.; Hadziahmetovic, H.; Cerimovic, H.; Ahmovic, I. & Blazevic, R.: Analysis of Solar Energy Potential and Optimal Panel Tilt Angle in the Area of the City of Sarajevo
031 Hadziahmetovic, H.; Ahmovic, I. & Blazevic, R.: Analysis of Wind Velocity Data in the Area of the City of Sarajevo in Period from 1980-1990
032 Pospisilik, M.; Dulik, T.; Navratil, M. & Mach, V.: Implementation of Low Pass Filters with Real OpAmps: Where is the Limit?
033 Jenicek, S.; Kotesovec, V.; Pekovic, M. & Zetkova, I.: Investigation of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Options for Making Thermomechanical Test Samples
034 Votrubec, R. & Koblasa, F.: Control System of Vehicle for Smart Factory Model with Principles of Industry 4.0
035 Votrubec, R. & Buchta, J.: Air Flow Control of Centrifugal Fans for Personal Protection Equipment
036 Kadric, D.; Delalic, N.; Delalic, B. & Lulic, H.: Solar-Based System for Hot Water Preparation in School Building
037 Markova, P.; Prajova, V.; Homokyova, M. & Horvathova, M.: Human Factor in Industry 4.0 in Point of View Ergonomics in Slovak Republic
038 Breido, I. & Ussova, Y.: Research of Influence of Pulse Width Converter Frequency on Characteristics of the DC Electric Drive
039 Breido, I.; Sichkarenko, A. & Kotov, Y.: Communication Channels in Systems for Remote Monitoring of Mining Electrical Equipment Operating Modes
040 Mihaljevic, M. & Cajner, H.: Statistical Analysis of Influencing Factors on Eddy Current Measurement System
041 Krajner, M. & Pracek, S.: Cradle to Cradle® Design Innovations
042 Hajdarevic, S.; Obucina, M.; Delic, M.; Ibrisevic, A. & Cisija, M.: Dimensional and Shape Stability of Plywood Seat
043 Zaharinov, V. & Malakov, I.: Determining the Influence of Model Parameters on the Choosing of an Optimal Size Range of the Product “Pipe Clamp”
044 Hodzic, D. & Pandzic, A.: Influence of Carbon Fibers on Mechanical Properties of Materials in FDM Technology
045 Kucak, D.; Juricic, V. & Dambic, G.: Application of Genetic Algorithms in Higher Education Area
046 Pervaz, J.; Cosic, I.; Sormaz, D.; Lazarevic, M.; Simeunovic, N. & Sremcev, N.: Application of Group Technology in a Production of Cardboard Packaging and Printed Papers
047 Waschik, K.; Kharin, K. & Kibardina, S.: Thirdspace, Intelligent Learning Analytics and Language Learning
048 Chval, Z.; Raz, K. & Cechura, M.: Temperature Monitoring During Forging Process
049 Dakic, V.: Influence of NUMA and Memory Locality on Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Performance
050 Dakic, V.: Influence of Virtual Storage Controller Type on Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Performance
051 Kuruc, M.; Vozar, M.; Simna, V.; Vopat, T.; Moravcikova, J. & Peterka, J.: Comparison of High Feed Machining with Conventional Milling in Terms of Surface Quality and Productivity
052 Zahalka, M. & Raz, K.: Completing and Refining of the Material Library for Forming Simulations
053 Melichar, M. & Kubatova, D.: Reverse Application of MSA Tool for CMM Stylus Evaluation
054 Suleykin, A. & Panfilov, P.: Implementing Big Data Processing Workflows Using Open Source Technologies
055 Iliev, S.; Gunev, D. & Mitev, E.: Design and Development of a Steering Wheel for an Energy Efficient Vehicle
056 Iliev, S. & Mitev, E.: Modelling and Investigation of a Diesel Engine with Ethanol and Methanol Additives
057 Iliev, S. & Mitev, E.: Influence of Biodiesel on Compression Ignition Engine Performance
058 Mitev, E.; Iliev, S. & Gunev, D.: A Study of Electric Vehicle Prototype for Shell Eco-marathon
059 Ivanova, O.; Moreva, I.; Blagovidova, I. & Rodkina, A.: Ship Resistance Modelling in a Small Model Basin
060 Masic, A.; Bibic, D. & Pikula, B.: On the Applicability of Low-cost Sensors for Measurements of Aerosol Concentrations
061 Masic, A.; Bibic, D.; Pikula, B. & Klaric, S.: Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Sensors for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
062 Kubatova, D. & Melichar, M.: Impact Analysis of Roughness Evaluation Methods
063 Kubatova, D. & Melichar, M.: Roughness Evaluation Using Abbott-Firestone Curve Parameters
064 Kubatova, D. & Melichar, M.: Influence of the Number of Points on the Evaluated Element when Measuring on CMM
065 Andreev, V. & Pletenev, P.: Organizing Network Interaction in Modular Robot with Multilevel Control System
066 Kudriashov, N.; Markov, S. & Potekhin, V.: Adaptive Control System Synthesis Methods for Complex Manufacturing Objects
067 Khokhlovskiy, V.; Oleynikov, V.; Kostenko, D.; Onufriev, V. & Potekhin, V.: Modernisation of a Production Process Using Multicriteria Optimisation Logic and Augmented Reality
068 Barinova, D.; Ipatov, O.; Odinokaya, M. & Zhigadlo, V.: Pedagogical Assessment of General Professional Competencies of Technical Engineers Training
069 Ganin, P.; Kobrin, A.; Shilin, D.; Moskvin, V. & Shestov, D.: Synthesis of Real-Time Control Systems for Multilink Industrial Robots Based on Hybrid Neural Network Approach of Solution Inverse Kinematics Problem
070 Stojkic, Z. & Bosnjak, I.: An Overview of Performance Measurement Methods in SMEs
071 Sedlacek, F.; Lasova, V.; Bernardin, P.; Janda, P. & Svagr, M.: Optimization of Main Parts of Heavy Duty CNC Machine Centre Using Topological Optimization
072 Janda, P.; Hajicek, Z. & Bernardin, P.: Implementation of The Digital Twin Methodology
073 Polak, R.; Raz, K. & Vanek, V.: Determination of the Measurement Deviation
074 Pandzic, A.; Hodzic, D. & Milovanovic, A.: Effect of Infill Type and Density on Tensile Properties of PLA Material for FDM Process
075 Pandzic, A.; Hodzic, D. & Milovanovic, A.: Influence of Material Colour on Mechanical Properties of PLA Material in FDM Technology
076 Kroft, L.; Hnatík, J. & Bicova, K.: Influence of Tool Diameter on Quality of Completed Radio Area
077 Medojevic, M.; Medojevic, M.; Medic, N. & Cosic, I.: Simulation-Based Analysis of Different PV Module Selection During PV System Design
078 Stazhkov, S.; Korobova, I.; Korolev, V. & Kuzmin, A.: Hydrodynamic Processes Research of the Positive Displacement Hydraulic Machines Piston Interface
079 Marek, V.: Topology Optimization of Horizontal Crossbeam of Portal Milling Machine
080 Sunjic, D. & Buljan, S.: Determining the Amount of Explosives in Metal Forming
081 Knezovic, N.; Topic, A.; Garasic, I. & Juric, I.: Application of Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing for Fabrication of Duplex Stainless Steel Product
082 Mach, V.; Adamek, M.; Valouch, J.; Zimek, O. & Blahova, M.: Peripheral Component Interconnect Express Card for the Closed-Circuit Television Application
083 Kotkova, B.; Hromada, M.; Mach, V. & Blahova, M.: Detection and Face Recognition of People by Camera for Security Applications
084 Kalina, T.; Kemka, V. & Chval, Z.: Parameterized Sub-systems of HVAC Piping System
085 Necpal, M. & Martinkovic, M.: Finite Element Modelling of Cold Drawing Inner Finned Tube
086 Afloare, A.; Apostolescu, N.; Chira, A. & Munteanu, C. E.: Inverse Kinematic Solution of a 6 DoF Serial Manipulator
087 Kobzev, A.; Lekareva, A. & Sidorova, O.: The Use of Neural Networks in Systems with Complementary Correction of the Control Action
088 Farsky, J.; Baksa, T. & Zetek, M.: Grinding of Maraging Steel Vaco 180 with SiC Grinding Wheels – Grinding Force and Wheel Wear
089 Bricin, D.; Pomahac, J. & Kriz, A.: Degradation of Sintered Carbides in Different Corrosive Environments
090 Nozar, M.; Pokorna, V. & Zetkova, I.: Potential Health Hazards of Additive Manufacturing
091 Ficek, M.; Malanik, Z.; Mikulicova, M. & Gracla, M.: Influence of the Shooting Distance on the Depth of Penetration of the Bullet into the Replacement Material for Air Gun Weapons
092 Beltran-Prieto, J. C. & Kolomaznik, K.: Estimation of Boundary Layer Thickness and Drag Coefficients in a Fluid System
093 Cekic, A.; Begic-Hajdarevic, D.; Cohodar, M.; Muhamedagic, K. & Osmanlic, M.: Optimization of Stereolithography and Fused Deposition Modeling Process Parameters
094 Zharova, A.; Elin, V. & Panfilov, P.: Introducing Artificial Intelligence into Law Enforcement Practice: The Case of Russia
095 Hrusecky, R.; Molnar, I.; Gorog, A. & Michal, D.: Influence of Computed Tomography Detector Resolution on Measured Values of Shape and Dimensional Accuracy
096 Blazevic, R.; Teskeredzic, A. & Ehlimana, J.: Optimal Heat Flux in Intermittently Heated Buildings
097 Teskeredzic, A. & Blazevic, R.: Plate Heat Exchanger Model as Part of Indirect Heating Substation
098 Ronkova, V. & Dimitrov, Y.: Education in Engineering – Challenges and Contributions
099 Andreev, V. & Tarasova, V.: The Mobile Robot Control for Obstacle Avoidance with an Artificial Neural Network Application
100 Kohlert, H.: Innovations with Incubation: Recommendations for Corporate Incubators and Corporate Accelerators – Based on an Empirical Study
101 Vavra, J. & Hromada, M.: Evaluation of Data Preprocessing Techniques for Anomaly Detection Systems in Industrial Control System
102 Mikulicova, M.; Zimek, O. & Kresalek, V.: Fluorescence of Selected Polymer Banknotes
103 Jurina, F.; Vopat, T.; Kuruc, M. & Simna, V.: The Tool Wear Observation of Milling Tools in High Feed Machining of Hardened Steels
104 Jurina, F.; Peterka, J.; Vopat, T.; Simna, V. & Kuruc, M.: System for Real Time Monitoring Metalworking Fluids
105 Simna, V.; Jurina, F.; Vopat, T. & Kuruc, M.: Edge Preparation of Cutting Tools and it Impact on Cutting Forces During Milling
106 Dujka, J. & Hlisnikovsky, P.: A Database for Comparing the Operational Concepts of High-speed Railways in Europe
107 Hlavac, J.; Dekastello, J. & Cirek, M.: Welded Bracket Assembly
108 Vozar, M.; Patoprsty, B.; Simna, V. & Peterka, J.: Influence of Tool Clamping on Tool Wear
109 Kozior, T.; Adamczak, S.; Skrzyniarz, M.; Zmarzly, P. & Gogolewski, D.: Dimensional Accuracy of Models Manufactured by Selective Laser Sintering Technology
110 Trzun, Z.; Andric, M. & Vrdoljak, M.: Using a 3D Model to Asses Projectile’s Impact Points Deviation Due to Manufacturing Errors
111 Barenyi, I.; Krbat’a, M. & Majerik, J.: Structure Evolution of 33NiCrMoV15 Steel in Relation to Tempering Temperature
112 Almazova, N.; Rubtsova, A.; Krylova, E. & Almazova-Ilyna, A.: Blended Learning as the Basis for Software Design
113 Almazova, N.; Rubtsova, A.; Krylova, E.; Barinova, D.; Eremin, Y. & Smolskaia, N.: Blended Learning Model in the Innovative Electronic Basis of Technical Engineers Training
114 Spirit, Z.; Kaufman, J.; Strejcius, J.; Chocolousek, M. & Kott, J.: Increase of the Fatigue Life of Stainless Steel by Laser Shock Peening
115 Karamanos, X.; Mallioris, P.; Poulimenos, D.; Bechtsis, D. & Vlachos, D.: A ROS Tool for Optimal Routing in Intralogistics
116 Grujic, J.: Concept of Resilience Implementation in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
117 Seung Geun, K.; Young Ho, C. & Seong, P. H.: Signal Fault Identification in Nuclear Power Plants based on Deep Neural Networks
118 Han, S. M. & Seong, P. H.: Suggestion of Initiating Threats and Bounding Groups for Nuclear Power Plant Cyber-Risk Assessment
119 Skrzyniarz, M.; Adamczak, S.; Nowakowski, L.; Kozior, T. & Miko, E.: Finishing of the Surface of Holes by Flex-Hone Tool
120 Bajic, B.; Cosic, I.; Katalinic, B.; Moraca, S.; Lazarevic, M. & Rikalovic, A.: Edge Computing vs. Cloud Computing: Challenges and Opportunities in Industry 4.0
121 Akbarova, M.; Bitnyi-Shliakhto, M.; Smirnova, E. & Popov, A.: Integrated System of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection
122 Jelacic, Z. & Dedic, R.: Multimodal Optimal Trajectory Planning of a Prosthetic Leg
123 Botunac, I.; Panjkota, A. & Matetic, M.: The Importance of Time Series Data Filtering for Predicting the Direction of Stock Market Movement Using Neural Networks
124 Ibrisevic, A.; Obucina, M. & Hajdarevic, S.: Effect of Particleboard Coating on Flexual Strength and Modulus of Elasticity
125 Veselov, O.; Veselov, A. & Svetushenko, S.: The Use of Fuzzy Logic in Automatic Control Systems
126 Abdelmomen, M.; Dengiz, O.; Hoda, S. & Tamre, M.: Research on Upper-Body Exoskeletons for Performance Augmentation of Production Workers
127 Kokalarov, M.: Predetermination of the Uncertainty Budget and Error Analysis of the Photogrammetric Method in Heavy Machinery
128 Limanovskaya, O.; Vsevolod, S.; Smirnov, M.; Lemekh, A. & Kolos, E.: The Way for Detecting Defects of Ground Wires of Power Lines by the Method of Magnetic Scanning
129 Svagr, M.; Sedlacek, F. & Sika, J.: Determining the Dynamic Properties of a Cutting Machine Tool Ram
130 Bobryakov, A.; Kurilyov, V.; Mokhov, A. & Stefantsov, A.: Approaches to Automation Processing of User Requests in a Multi-Level Support Service Using Featured Models
131 Novotny, G.; Emsenhuber, S.; Klammer, P.; Poschko, C.; Voglsinger, F. & Kubinger, W.: A Mobile Robot Platform for Search and Rescue Applications
132 Sambergerova, S. & Bicova, K.: Analysis of Time Fluctuation on Selected Workplace in Terms of Automotive Industry
133 Dudackova, S. & Bicova, K.: Verification of Process and Machine Capability for Precision Automotive Production
134 Pistun, Y.; Fedoryshyn, R.; Zagraj, V.; Nykolyn, H. & Kokoshko, R.: Experimental Study and Mathematical Modelling of Nonlinear Control Plant
135 Stoian, M.; Curuia, N. & Chiscop, F.: Building Successful Strategic Alliance
136 Kaufnerova, A. & Kutlwaser, J.: Measuring Stability of the Cutting Process when Turning Using TXF Metalmax Software
137 Kaufnerova, A. & Kutlwaser, J.: The Course ‘Practice of Experimental Methods in Machining’
138 Skrivanova, N. & Melichar, M.: The Comparison of Destructive and Non-Destructive Forms of Measurement in the Automotive Industry
139 Skrivanova, N. & Melichar, M.: Comparing the Time-Consumption of Destructive and Non-Destructive Forms of Measurement in the Automotive Industry
140 Patoprsty, B.; Pokorny, P.; Vozar, M.; Vopat, T. & Buransky, I.: The Influence of Grinding Process and Drag Finishing on the Milling Tools Macro Geometry
141 Blahova, M.; Mach, V.; Zimek, O. & Adamek, M.: Method of Device Diagnostics, Operating Status Logging and Configuration Changes
142 Blahova, M.; Mach, V.; Pavlik, L.; Hromada, M. & Ficek, M.: The Information Security to Software of Crisis Management
143 Zatloukal, T.; Gombar, M.; Fulemova, J.; Rehor, J. & Povolny, M.: Optimization of the Thermal Spraying Process Depending on the Surface Roughness
144 Weis, O. & Kroft, L.: Improved Performance of Crankshaft for Vehicle Tatra 12
145 Povolny, M.; Fulemova, J.; Rehor, J. & Zatloukal, T.: Study of Clamping System Plasticity for Reaming Tools
146 Vaher, K.; Kangru, T.; Otto, T. & Riives, J.: The Mobility of Robotised Work Cells in Manufacturing
147 Habrman, M.: Influence of the Infill on the Tensile Strength and the Economic Factors of 3D Printing
148 Varno, K.; Mahmood, K.; Otto, T. & Kuts, V.: Development of a Smart Workstation by Using AR Technology
149 Kaba, M.; Kacerova, I. & Simon, M.: Comparison of Biomechanical Systems for Evaluation of Local Muscular Load
150 Babic, M.; Vekic, A.; Stanojevic, M.; Ostojic, G.; Borocki, J. & Stankovski, S.: Modern Parking Solutions for Smart Cities
151 Stanojevic, M.; Babic, M.; Vekic, A.; Laslo, T. & Tegeltija, S.: Improvement of Smart Parking Barrier Autonomy Using Battery Supply
152 Remzi, S.; Georgieva, T.; Paskova, N. & Daskalov, P. I.: Performance of Web Based Microprocessor System for Measurement of Soil Quality Parameters
153 Georgieva, T.; Remzi, S.; Paskova, N.; Stefanov, E.; Sigrimis, N. & Daskalov, P. I.: Reasearch of the Influence of External Factors on the Measurement of a Basic Soil Quality Parameter
154 Georgieva, T.; Stefanov, E.; Alikhanov, J.; Shynybay, Z.; Kulmakhambetova, A. & Daskalov, P. I.: Approach for Egg Defects Assessment Using Image Analysis
155 Jokic, M.; Gracanin, D. & Lalic, B.: Sustainable Low Cost and High-Quality Supply Chain Assurance-A Systematic Literature Review
156 Tiainen, T.; Miettinen, J.; Viitala, R.; Hiekkanen, K. & Kuosmanen, P.: Digital Twin and Virtual Sensor for a Rotor System
157 Johanesova, V.; Stupavska, L.; Vanova, J. & Cambal, M.: Linking Industry 4.0 and Slovak Republic
158 Pryanichnikov, V.; Chernyshev, V.; Davydov, O.; Katalinic, B.; Khelemendik, R.; Kharin, K.; Kuvshinov, S.; Roganov, A. & Travushkin, A.: Intelligent Robotronics – Methodology for Solving Logical Problems of Service Robots
159 Stepanova, D. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Requirements Optimization for Small Satellite Optical Communications
160 Shipovalov, E. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Automated Mission Planning for Mobile Robots Using Ebedded GPU
161 Chernyshev, V.; Nechaev, A.; Petrakov, M.; Pryanichnikov, V. & Prysev, E.: Principals of Developing the Underwater Walking Robots
162 Andreev, V.; Kim, V. & Pryanichnikov, V.: A Hierarchical Modular Architecture for Reconfigurable Mobile Robots
163 Eprikov, S.; Kim, V.; Pryanichnikov, V.; Prysev, E. & Punenkov, O.: Cloud Platform for Robotariums with Wireless Coverage Networks, Ensuring Service Robots with Parallel Simulation
164 Aryskin, A. A.; Bogdanovich, A.; Davydov, O.; Grigoriev, A.; Khelemendik, R.; Kharin, K.; Kuvshinov, S.; Petrakov, M.; Plotnikov, A.; Pryanichnikov, V. & Tarasov, R.: Control Algorithms for Service and Industrial Transport Robots
165 Golubev, Y. & Melkumova, E. V.: Two-legged Walking Robot on a Fragile cylinder
166 Golubev, Y. & Melkumova, E. V.: Three-legged Walking Robot on a Fragile cylinder
167 Vulanovic, S.; Zizakov, M.; Vasic, S.; Delic, M. & Sremcev, N.: The Impact of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management Systems on Risk Management Practices
168 De Alwis, A. C.; Andrlic, B. & Sostar, M.: Internal Environmental Factors and the Level of Adoption of HRIS