DAAAM Symposium Topics

The Symposium includes all topics from the fields of advanced manufacturing, automation, networking, and knowledge. It covers Theory, Practice, and Education of engineers. Focus is on all aspects of design, production, manufacturing, exploiting of all kind of complex technical products made out of more parts, and all aspects of development and use of industrial and service automation. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Abrasive Machining Materials
Actoric Measurement Techniques and Analysis
Adaptive Control Measuring
Advanced Manufacturing Mechatronics
Advanced Modeling Techniques MEMs
Advances in Machining Metal Active Gas (MAG)
After-Sales Services Metal Inert Gas (MIG)
Agile Manufacturing Metallurgical Manufacturing Processes
Agility Methods
AGV Micro and Nano Fabrications
AI Techniques Microrobotics
Algorithms Microstructures and Mechanical Properties
Analysis and Control of Machine Tools Milling
Analytical Methods of Machining Mobile Robots
Applications Modeling
Artificial Intelligence Modeling of Casting
Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Modern Production: Theory & Praxis
ASRS Monitoring
Assembly Motion Planning
Automated Assembly Multidisciplinary Product Development
Automated Control Multi-Modal Transport
Automatic ID Multirobot Systems
Automation in Manufacturing NDT
Automotive Industry NEMS
Automotive Supply Industry Networking
Autonomous Systems Neural Networks
Bonding by Casting Neuro-fuzzy Control
Boring New Manufacturing Paradigms
Brazing and Soldering of Dissimilar Materials Non-Conventional Machining
Bulk Forming Processes Non-Traditional Machining Methods
Business Models for Services Numerical Control of Manufacturing Processes
Business Process Reengineering Open Innovation in Practice
Business Strategies Operational Excellence
Business-to-Business Industry Operations Industrial Engineering
Business-to-Consumer Industry Optimal Design
CAD Optimization
CAE Perception and Recognition
CAM Performance Monitoring
Case Studies Plasma etching
Casting Pneumatics and Hydraulics Systems
CAx-Technologies Polymer Processing Technologies
Ceramic Processing Technologies Powder Metallurgy
CIM Precision Engineering
Closed Loop Design and Closed Loop Economy Process Control
Coating Process Control Methods
Collaborative Engineering Process Planning
Company Specific Production Systems Product Modeling
Computational Intelligence Product Service Systems
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Product Traceability
Computer Aided Design and Modeling Production Engineering
Computer Aided Engineering Analysis Production Planning and Scheduling
Computer Aided Manufacturing Production Quality and Standards
Computer Control Systems Production Systems: Design, Control, Exploitation
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Production Technology, Systems and Management
Computer Numerical Control Productivity
Computer-Aided Green Manufacturing Product-Service System Simulation
Concurrent Engineering Professional Services
Continuous Casting Programmable Logic Controller PLC
Control Programming
Control Strategies Projection Welding
Corporate Social Responsibility Quality Management
Cost optimization Quantitative Sustainability Assessment
Creativity of Engineers Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Cutting Rapid Manufacturing
Decision Making Rapid Product Development
Deep Drawing Rapid Prototyping
Design Rapid Tooling
Design Automation Reasoning
Design for Local and Global Consumers Reasoning Systems
Design for Service Reliability
Design Management Renewable Energy
Diagnosis Renewable Energy Technologies
Die casting Resource Efficiency and Sustainability
Digital Factories Reuse, Remanufacture, Disassembly and Recycling Approaches
Digital Manufacturing Reuse, Remanufacturing, Disassembly and Recycling Techniques
Digital Production Reverse Logistics and Product Recovery
Disassembly Reverse Logistics and Remanufacturing
Eco-design Risk Management
Eco-innovation Robot Applications – all areas
Education in Engineering Robot Control
Electro Discharge Robot Dynamics
Electrochemical Machining Robot Kinematics
e-Manufacturing Robot Mechanisms
Emergent Synthesis Robot Safety
End-of-Life Equipment Issues Robotic Systems
End-of-Life Management Robotics
End-of-Life Strategies Robust Control
Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Roll Forming
Enhanced Equipment Quality Assurance Rolling
Environment and Green Manufacturing Safety
Environmental and Safety Issues Scheduling
Environmental and Social Certifications Segmental Approaches to Sustainability Reporting
Environmental and Social Issues Self-Organization
Evolution Strategy Self-Organizing Systems
Expert Systems Semisolid Forming
Explosive Forming Sensing
Explosive Welding Sensor Data Fusion
Extrusion Sensors
Factory Data Analysis Service and Product-Service Systems Engineering
Factory Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Service Chain
Factory Productivity and Automation Service Engineering
Flash Welding Service Innovation
Flexible Automation Service Lifecycle Management
Flexible Manufacturing Systems Service Management
Flux Core Arc Welding Service Operations Management
Forging Service Robots
FSW (Friction Stir Welding) Service Strategy
Fuzzy Control Sheet Forming Processes
Fuzzy Systems Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
Gas Shielded Metal Arc Welding (GWAW) Simulation
Gear Forming Simulation of Machining
Genetic Algorithms Smart and Sustainable Materials
Global Production Networks Smart Design for Sustainability
Globalization and Technology Smart Manufacturing
Green Accounting Smart Systems & Cards
Green Manufacturing Social Enterprises
Green Supply Chain Management Social LCA, Methods And Tools
Green Transportation Software
Grinding Solid State Welding
Hard Turning Spot Welding
Hardware Spray Forming
Healthcare Service Squeeze Casting
Heat Treatment Stability
High Density Energy Beam Welding State of Art
High Rate Forming Stir Friction Welding
High Speed Machining Strategy for Sustainability
Holonic Systems Stretch Forming
Honing Substrate Fabrication
Human Computer Interaction Supply Chain Management
Human Factors Supply Chains
Human Machine Interface Surface Engineering
Hybrid Machining Methods Sustainability
Hybrid Manufacturing Sustainability and Accountability
Hybrid Manufacturing Sustainability and Corporate Governance
Hybrid Manufacturing Systems Sustainability Proactive Strategies
Hybrid Products Sustainability Reporting
ICT for Manufacturing and Logistics Sustainability Scorecards
Impact of ICT on Service Design, Service Processes and Management Sustainable Business Models
Inclusive Design Sustainable Construction for the Built Environment
Industrial Applications of NTM and Hybrid manufacturing Sustainable Factory Planning and Scheduling
Industrial Automation Sustainable Manufacturing
Industrial Projects Sustainable Packaging Solutions
Industrial Robots Sustainable Power Engineering
Information and Communication Technology Sustainable Product
Innovation Clusters Sustainable Services
Innovation for Sustainable World Sustainable Technology Innovation
Inspection and Testing in Manufacturing Engineering System Simulation
Integrated Product/Service Policy Systems
Intelligent Inspection Technologies Systems Analysis
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Systems Engineering
Intelligent Systems Systems Integration
International Academic Cooperation Systems Methodology
International Production Networks Technology and Innovation Management
International Scientific Cooperation Teleoperation
International Technical Cooperation Temperature Processing
Internet Solutions Texturing
IT infrastructure Tool and Sensor Data Analysis
Joining Tool Optimization
Knowledge Management for Service Tools
Knowledge-Based Systems TQM
Knowledge-Based Technology Trade-Off Management
Lapping Trends in Manufacturing & Automation
Large Scale Systems Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)
Laser Assisted Processing Turning
Lay-Out Design Ultrasonic Assisted Machining
Lean Production Ultrasonic Machining
Learning Systems Ultrasonic Welding
Life-cycle engineering and assessment Unit Process & Equipment Productivity
Lithography Unit Process Control Methods
LLL for Engineers Upset Welding
Logistics Vacuum Technology
Machine Learning Virtual Engineering
Machine Tools Virtual Engineering Technologies
Machining Virtual Manufacturing
Machining Technology Virtual Metrology
Maintenance Virtual Organizations
Management Virtual Reality
Man-Machine Systems Vision Systems
Manual Metal Arc Welding Water Jet Machining
Manufacturing Welding
Manufacturing Process Control Welding Technology
Manufacturing Process Planning Yield Management
Material Forming Processes Zero-Waste Production