DAAAM International Scientific Book 2017

Vol. 16, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-902734-12-9
Editor: B. Katalinic hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2017
DAAAM International Scientific Book (ISSN 1726-9687) is included in EBSCO and Gale Cengage bibliographic databases

000 Front Cover, Foreword and Contents
001 Gotlih, J.; Klancnik, S.; Begic-Hajdarevic, D.; Ficko, M.; Cekic, A.; Balic, J. & Cohodar, M.: Statistical Approach to the Analysis of the Cut Quality in Laser Cutting Process
002 Kharuzin, S. & Shmakov, O.: Main Trends and Perspective Solutions in Haptics
003 Pardanjac, M.; Jokic, S.; Stanisavljev, S.; Zubanov, V.; Tasic, I. & Milanov, D.: Preconditions for Setting up E-training for SME Textile Companies in Serbia
004 Buchmeister, B. & Palcic, I.: Product Development Using an Intelligent Supporting System
005 Janzekovic, M. & Prisenk, J.: Assessment of Stress on Horses through the Salivary Cortisol Concentration
006 Petkovics, I.; Petkovic, D. & Petkovics, A.: IoT Devices vs. Drones for Data Collection in Agriculture
007 Kafol, C. & Bregar, A.: Cyber Security – Building a Sustainable Protection
008 Sen, K. O.; Durakbasa, N.; Erdol, H.; Berber, T.; Bas, G. & Sevik, U.: Implementation of Digitalization In Food Industry
009 Ljubojev, N.; Glusac, D. & Radosav, D.: Children in the Internet: Protection and Parents’ Perception
010 Breido, I. & Shpakova, L.: Analysis of the Application of Fuzzy Logic Methods for the Robot-Manipulator Control system
011 Bobryakov, A.; Klimenko, A.; Borisov, V. & Tikhonova, E.: Models of Improving the Efficiency of the Functioning of State Institutions
012 Rudskoy, A.; Ipatov, O. & Sergeev, S.: Paradigms of Polytechnic Education in the Evolving Technogenic World
013 Yurci, C.; Akdogan, A. & Durakbasa, N.: A Case Study – Resistance Spot Welding Distortions According to Several Welding Sequences
014 Erbul, A.; Vanli, A. S.; Akdogan, A. & Durakbasa, N.: Gating System Design and Optımızatıon in Sand Mold Casting of Cast Irons
015 Duishenaliev, T.; Duishenaliev, C. & Mekenbaev, B.: The Equation of Load Deformation Diagrams
016 Pistol, L.; Bucea Manea Tonis, R. & Bucea Manea Tonis, R.: Modern Development of E-business Application with AngularJS
017 Sedlar, M.: Comparison of GNSS Systems
018 Yang, W.; Tan, Y.; Yoshida, K. & Takakuwa, S.: Digital Twin-Driven Simulation for a Cyber-Physical System in Industry 4.0 Era
019 Kumar, S.: Review on Optimization Techniques used for Determining Machining Conditions to get Effective Tool Life and Surface Finish
020 Abd, K.; Abhary, K. & Marian, R.: Development of Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS Approach for Multi-objective Scheduling Problems in Robotic Flexible Assembly Cells
021 Abd, K.; Abhary, K. & Marian, R.: Application of Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS Approach for Multi-objective Scheduling Problems in Robotic Flexible Assembly Cells
022 Achsan, H. T.; Suhartanto, H. S. & Wibowo, W. C.: The Quality and Research Trend on Subject Area Automation & Manufacturing Published by DAAAM
023 Salem, N. & Grebenisan, G.: Experiments and Parameterized Finite Element Analysis of a Hemispherical Part Using Ansys®
024 Salem, N.: Parameterized Finite Element Analysis With Optimization of a Superplastic Forming Process Using ANSYS®
025 Janno, J. & Koppel, O.: Managing Dangerous Goods Risks on Roads during Transportation under Normal Conditions