DAAAM International Scientific Book 2006

Vol. 5, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 3-901509-47-X
Editor: B. Katalinic, hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2006

001 Babic, D.; Jurecic, D. & Tomas, A.: Influence of the Plastificated Digital Printed Sheets on the Graphic Products Quality
002 Badida, M.; Vargova, J.; Hricova, B. & Wessely, E.: Method of Ecodesign and a New Way of Product Development
003 Bhattacharya, M.: Meta Modelling for EA Based Design Optimization
004 Blaskovic, B. & Randic, M.: Model Based Scheduling Scenario Generation
005 Bliedtner, J.; Buerger, W.; Rosenkranz, R.; Mueller, W. & Froehlich, M.: Precision Processing and Microtopographical Characterisation of Tooling Inserts for injection Moulds
006 Bolanca Mirkovic, I. & Dragojevic, M.: The Influence of Prints Ageing on Number and Size of Ink Particles in the Paper Recycling Process
007 Bolle, J.; Bliedtner, J.; Buerger, W.; Faber, W. & Zweinert, K.: A New Type of Online Measurement System for Resistance Welding
008 Buchmeister, B.; Polajnar, A.; Pandza, K. & Kremljak, Z.: Fuzzy AHP Method, Uncertainty and Decision-Making
009 Budin, R. & Mihelic-Bogdanic, A. : Energy Effective Polyester Production
010 Bumerl-Lexa, R. & Kubinger, W.: Blackbox for Passive Measurement of Measurement Data in Vehicles
011 Camacho, A.M.; Marin, M.; Rubio, E.M. & Sebastian, M.A.: Analysis of Upsetting Processes by the Finite Element Method
012 Chen, H.X.; Chua, P.S.K. & Lim, G.H.: Fault Detection of Piston Conditions in Water Hydraulic Motor by Vibration Signal with Wavelet Analysis
013 Chiang, L.; Fantozzi, C.; Granchi, M. & Vettori, E.: Use of Neuro-Fuzzy Logic in Tool Selection and Cost Estimation in CNC Manufacturing of Prototypes
014 Chin, C.S.; Munro, N. & Tung-Lau, J.H.: A Systematic Analysis and Controllers Comparison of the ALSTOM Gasifier Benchmark Problem
015 Chladil, J.: Processing of forming Cutting Tools in CAD/CAM
016 Cimolin, V.; Galli, M.; Crivellini, M. & Albertini, G.: Three-Dimensional Kinematics of Upper Limb in Children With Cerebral Palsy: A Clinical Experience
017 Dominguez-Ramirez, O.A. & Parra-Vega, V.: Active Haptic Exploration of Deformable Objects
018 Filipowicz, K. & Krolikowski, M.: Influence of Feed Direction and Ratio on Elliptic Curvature Representation Accuracy During Profile Milling
019 Gherghel, N.: Model of the Scientific and Technical Creation Processes
020 Gonzalez, J.; Galindo, C.; Blanco, J.L.; Munoz A.J.; Arevalo, V. & Fernandez-Madrigal, J.A.: The Sena Robotic Wheelchair Project
021 Grochala, D.; Kwaczynski, W. & Filipowicz, K.: Attempts of Burnishing Free Form Spatial Surfaces Using CNC Milling Tools
022 Hloch, S.; Fabian, S.; Gombar, M.; Valicek, J. & Radvanska, A.: Modelling and Evaluation Factors to Macrogeometrical Quality at Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
023 Jaehn, H.; Kaeschel, J. & Teich, T.: Automating of Controlling Processes in Production Networks
024 Jurecic, D.; Babic, D. & Kropar-Vancina, V.: Packaging Like at information Carrying Media
025 Kalafatic, I.; Radic, J. & Medak, M.: Preliminary Design Procedure for One Span Post-Tensioned Stress-Ribbon Bridge
026 Karaulova, T. & Otto, T.: Improvement of Business Process for SME on the Basis of Quality System
027 Kiatpanichagij, K. & Afzulpurkar, N.V.: Automated Visual Inspection for Contamination Detection in Electronic Industry
028 Kozina, M.: IT Balanced Scorecard as IT Governance Framework
029 Kozulic, V.; Gotovac, B. & Colak, I.: Multilevel Mesh Free Method for the Torsion Problem
030 Kralikova, R. & Wessely, E.: Sustenable Energy Sources Utilisation
031 Laessig, J.; Heinrich, S. & Duerr, H.: Supply Chain Executive Monitor for Controlling and Failure Management in Supply Chains
032 Mahovic Poljacek, S.; Gojo, M. & Mahovic, S.: New Approach to the Printing Forms Microsurface Characterisation
033 Miwa, K.: Modeling and Analysis of Delivery Planning in Supply Chain
034 Mursec, B.; Janzekovic, M. & Banaj, D.: Investigation of Rolling as a Secondary Soil Cultivation Process
035 Nekrassov, G. & Portjanski, L.: Applying CBR for Design: Retrieval Phase
036 Olah, B.; Banyai, T. & Cselenyi, J.: Logistics Integrated Planning Methods of Distributing Tours in a Cooperative Assembly System
037 Palcic, I.; Semolic, B.; Polajnar, A. & Buchmeister, B.: Value Management and New Product Development
038 Park, H.S.: Development of Laser Welding System for Side Panels by Using Digital Manufacturing Technology
039 Radosevic, D.; Klicek, B. & Dobsa, J.: Generative Application Development Using  Scripting Model of Application Generators
040 Radosevic, D.; Kozina, M. & Klicek, B.: Conceptual Similarities and Differences Between Object Model and Generator Application Scripting Model
041 Rahimic, S. & Visekruna, V.: Proposes a Methodology and Architecture Suitable for Generating the Process Plan of Machining Parts
042 Rugescu, R.D.; Tache, F.; Chiciudean, T.G.; Toma, A.C.; Slavu, B. & Galan, V.: Project SEATTLER for Renewable Electricity
043 Samek, D. & Dostal, P.: Model Predictive Control Using Adaline
044 Seda, M.: A Contribution To Time Complexity of CPM-Based Problems
045 Sindic, I.; Dobric, E.; Bolanca Mirkovic, I. & Bolanca, Z.: Study of Inkjet Prints Properties
046 Skoczynski, W.; Krzyzanowski, J. & Bien, J.: New Solution of Shaker’s Supporting Structure intended to Railway Bridges Testing
047 Takakuwa, S; Ichikawa, H. & Miwa, K.: Functional Analysis and Advantages of the Cell Production System
048 Tarca, R.; Tarca, I.; Tripe-Vidican, A.; Tocut, P.D. & Tripe-Vidican, C.: The Functional Model of a Servovisual Robot System
049 Teich, T. & Oestreich, E.: Optimizing Configuration and Procurement Processes for Individual Parts
050 Vaupotic, B.; Brezocnik, M.; Ficko, M. & Balic, J.: Optimization of Path of Mobile Robot by Genetic Algorithms
051 Viducic, V.; Viducic, Lj. & Tomasevic, M.: Impact of Tourism on Liner Maritime Passenger Traffic
052 Vujovic, I.; Kulenovic, Z.; Kuzmanic, I. & Kezic, D.: Stress Intensity Factor, Energy Distribution and Forces Acting on Crack in Piezoelectric Robots’ Sensors
053 Zivko, I.: Barriers in Using E-Banking in Payment System of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Other Transitional Countries
054 Zjakic, I.; Milcic, D. & Bolanca, S.: The influence of Dot Gain Mid Tone Spread on Print Quality