Proceedings of the 33rd International DAAAM Virtual Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

27-28th October 2022, Hosted from Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, EU

Volume 33, No.1, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-902734-36-5
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2022

*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now (To be updated)
001 Kostic, A.; Horman, I.; Timotic, V. & Kustura, M.: Application of Linear Programming to Increase the Efficiency of Constructional Veneer Production
002 Kostic, A.; Horman, I.; Kustura, M. & Timotic, V.: Site Selection for Industrial Wood Processing
003 Budic, H.; Horvat, D. & Ruzic, I.: ICT in Education Development
004 Diek, D.; Stuja, K. & Aburaia, M.: Design and Development of a Flexible, Cable-Controlled and Hyperredundant Robot with Strength-Adjustable Ball Joints
005 Pryanichnikov, V.; Ksenzenko, A. & Plotnikov, A.: Development of the Intelligent Robotic Systems
006 Peterka, J.; Martinovic, J.; Wallyson, T. d. & Kolesnyk, V.: Analysis of Physical Causes of Machined Surfaces in Selected Machining Methods
007 Topalova, I. & Staeva, Y.: Classification of Two-dimensional Mechanical Parts Using a Convolutional Neural Network
008 Hadziahmetovic, H.; Blazevic, R.; Alispahic, M.; Sunulahpasic, R. & Midzic Kurtagic, S.: Analysis of Parameters Influencing the Indoor Air Quality
009 Blazevic, R.; Hadziahmetovic, H.; Midzic Kurtagic, S. & Alispahic, M.: Assessment and Analysis of Wind Energy Potential in the Mountain Area Around Sarajevo
010 Alispahic, M.; Hadziahmetovic, H.; Midzic Kurtagic, S.; Blazevic, R.; Husika, A. & Druskic, K.: Perception of Indoor and Outdoor Noise at Urban Settlements
011 Angerer, B.; Stopper, M. & Katalinic, B.: Workflow Automation Patterns in Next Generation Microservices Environments
012 Shilin, D.; Ganin, P.; Shestov, D.; Novikov, A.; Grebenshchikov, N.; Pavkin, D.; Ruzin, S. & Yurochka, S.: Identification of the Cow’s Nipples Using a 3D Camera with ToF Technology
013 Kadric, D.; Midzic Kurtagic, S.; Kurtovic, E.; Sabic, A. & Delalic, N.: Replacement of Refrigerant in Vapour-Compression Cooling System: Case Study of Data Center
014 Obucina, M.; Hajdarevic, S.; Ibrisevic, A. & Smajic, S.: Effect of Radial and Tangential Cut on the Strength Width-Joint Bonded Solid Wood
015 Maric, P. & Budimir, V.: The Impact of the Utility Scale Photovoltaic Power Plant on the Transmission Grid in Terms of Voltage and Reactive Power
016 Malakov, I.; Zaharinov, V.; Nikolov, S.; Dimitrova, R. & Stambolov, G.: Determining the Influence of Model Parameters on the Choosing of an Optimal Size Range of Pneumatically Actuated Linear Modules for Sprayer Robots
017 Zaharinov, V.; Hasansabri, H. & Malakov, I.: Classification of Automatic Doors
018 Midzic Kurtagic, S.; Trozic Borovac, S.; Bijelic, B. & Hadziahmetovic, H.: Sustainability Assessment of Small Hydropower Plants
019 Midzic Kurtagic, S. & Kadric, D.: Improvement of Airports Energy Efficiency, Case Study of Airport Sarajevo
020 Midzic Kurtagic, S.; Kadric, D.; Alispahic, M.; Blazevic, R. & Hadziahmetovic, H.: Inventory of Refrigerants in Use for Comercial Purposes in BiH
021 Dakic, V.; Jakobovic, K. & Zgrablic, L.: Linux Security in Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Environments
022 Dakic, V.; Redzepagic, J. & Basic, M.: CI/CD Toolset Security
023 Moric, Z.; Branstett, L. & Petrunic, R.: Rust and Webassembly for Fast, Secure and Reliable Software
024 Moric, Z.; Branstett, L. & Petrunic, R.: Static-Analysis Techniques of Malware Reverse Engineering
025 Vopat, T.; Straka, R.; Kuruc, M. & Peterka, J.: The Effect of Cutting Edge Radius Sizes on Tool Life in Machining Nickel Alloy Inconel 718
026 Straka, R. & Vopat, T.: Cutting Edge Preparation Methods Comparison in Terms of Tool Life
027 Dobreva, A. & Dobrev, V.: Inclusive Design in Engineering Education
028 Pletenev, P. & Andreev, V.: Problems of Application of Methods of Dynamic Reprogramming of Control Systems of Mobile Robot Modules
029 Potekhin, V. & Unal, O.: Analysis of Acute Myocardial Infarction using ECG Signals and Machine Learning Algorithms
030 Ipatov, O.; Barinova, D.; Ni, O.; Saramaha, S. & Odinokaya, M.: New Teaching Approaches in Conditions of Globalisation in Digitized Higher Engineering Education
031 Pandzic, A. & Hodzic, D.: Tensile Mechanical Properties Comparation of PETG, ASA and PLA-Strongman FDM Printed Materials With and Without Infill Structure
032 Hodzic, D. & Pandzic, A.: Influence of Printhead Nozzle Diameter on Mechanical Properties of FDM Printed PLA Material and Printing Time
033 Ilko, J.; Rusko, M. & Demko, J.: Non-Invasive Steam Flow Measurement as an Energy Medium by Clamp-on Ultrasonic Method in Context of Energy Management Concept Implementation, Optimization and Safety
034 Mitin, F. & Krivushov, A.: Optimal Control of the DC Motor in the Tuning of the Space-Based Reflector of the Radar-Reflecting Netting
035 Buligins, L.; Bucenieks, I.; Lacic, A.; Kravalis, K. & Mikanovskis, O.: Electromagnetic Induction Pump With Rotating Permanent Magnets Cavitation Process Influence on Pressure – Flow-Rate Curves
036 Muhamedagic, K. & Cekic, A.: Optimization FDM Process Parameters for Flexural Strength Improvement of Carbon Fibers Reinforcered Polyamide Parts
037 Peshko, M.; Batrakov, P.; Lasitsa, A. & Khomchenko, V.: Technological Wear Influence Analysis on the Decrease in the Efficiency of a Closed Loop Control of Heat Exchange Equipment
038 Aryskin, A. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Creation of Technology for Building Automated Production With Remote Control (Industry 4.0 Concept)
039 Turopoljac, S.; Trzun, Z. & Vrdoljak, M.: Analysis of the Pistol Bullet Penetration Through a Wooden Barrier
040 Skrivanova, N.; Melichar, M. & Kasova, K.: Analysis of Clamping Effect in HMF Connector Measurement
041 Skrivanova, N.; Melichar, M. & Kasova, K.: Analysis of Clamping Optimization for HFM Connector During Measurement
042 Zatloukal, T.; Marsalek, O. & Syrovatka, S.: Machinability of Thermal Spray Stellite 6 with Chemical and Mechanical Analysis
043 Zatloukal, T.: Application of Linear Cutting Edge Technology for Machining NiCrBSi Thermal Spray
044 Povolny, M.; Kroft, L. & Sykora, J.: Vibration Measurement During Milling by Acoustic Emission
045 Babic, M.; Stanojevic, M.; Ostojic, G.; Tegeltija, S. & Stankovski, S.: Industrial Cyber Security Aspects in ICS Applications
046 Sousedikova, L. & Adamek, M.: Security Clearance and Polygraph Examination
047 Sykora, J. & Syrovatka, S.: Influence of Tool Geometry on the Process of Turning Ti-6Al-4V
048 Dzermansky, M.; Cajkova, N. & Sanderova, T.: Analysis and Comparision of Emergencies in the Zlin Region
049 Cajkova, N. & Dzermansky, M.: Risk Analysis of the Post Office
050 Cajkova, N. & Dzermansky, M.: Risk Analysis of a Gas Station
051 Marsalek, O.; Horak, L.; Syrovatka, S. & Zatloukal, T.: Innovation in the Problematics of Turning with a Linear Cutting Edge
052 Plotnikov, A. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Programming of Object Capture Synergies for Mobile Service Robots
053 Elchinsky, V.; Kuzmin, A. & Stazhkov, S.: Kinematics of Relative Displacements of Contact Surfaces of the Port Plate Unit of an Axial Piston Hydraulic Machine
054 Bulgakov, V.; Olt, J.; Pascuzzi, S.; Adamchuk, V.; Gadzalo, J.; Kuvachоv, V.; Kaletnik, H.; Kaminskiy, V. & Lillerand, T.: Theoretical Research of Gantry Tractor Turning
055 Virro, I.; Lillerand, T. & Olt, J.: Mobile Robot Cobot Manipulator Mounting Direction Adjustment Dependant on Gravity Vector
056 Malatinsky, A. & Hromada, M.: Preventive and Repressive Measures for Fire Safety
057 Tomaskova, T. & Bicova, K.: Effect of Cutting Liquids and Oils in Machining Process on Environmental
058 Polívka, M. & Dvorakova, L.: Marketing 4.0 – A Systematic Review
059 Kasova, K. & Skrivanova, N.: Risk Management During a Process of Designing a Technical Product
060 Tomsu, M.: Principles of Crisis Communication and Information Vulnerabilities in Crisis Management
061 Tomsu, M.: Reliable Information Sources in the Age of Propaganda
062 Valasek, P.; Milanek, A. & Drofova, I.: The Current Technical Conception of Virtual and Augmented Reality
063 Carlos Mario, F. L.; Rosales Molina, E. I.; Vazquez Martinez, J. M. & del Sol Illana, I.: Energy Consumption in Milling Aluminum with Different Toolpaths
064 Fellner, R.; Felix Rauh, S.; Orsolits, H. & Garcia, J.: Identifying the Potential of Virtual Commissioning as a Practice for Undergraduate Programs
065 Aydin, S. M.; Keklik, E.; Genes, E.; Akdogan, A. & Vanli, A. S.: Development of Pneumatic Tester for Life Testing of Industrial Electronic Rotary Latches
066 Bozic, D. & Runje, B.: Selection of an Appropriate Prior Distribution in Risk Assessment
067 Ivanovski, T.; Zhang, X.; Jemric, T.; Gulic, M. & Matetic, M.: Peach Firmness Prediction Using Optimized Regression Trees Models
068 Bagaric, D.; Staroveski, T.; Klaic, M. & Ciglar, D.: Online Multi – Sensor Process Monitoring during Robotic Sanding of Thin-Walled Structures
069 Ezenwankwo, J.; Zak, J. & Petrikova, I.: Comparative Analysis of Polymeric Composite Reinforcedwith Glass Fibre and Viscose Rayon
070 Tokic, S.; Panjkota, A. & Matecic, M.: Machine Learning on Spatiotemporal Data in Football: A Survey of Methods and Problems
071 Lukas, A. & Sykora, J.: Comparison of Optimized and Conventional Cooling When Turning Stainless Steel
072 Bevrnja, M.; Imamovic, Z. & Bisic, M.: Additive Manufacturing Application for the Inclusion of the Vision Impaired Population in Public Transport
073 Dostalova, P. & Kralickova, G.: Ensuring Health and Safety at Universities
074 Johara, A.; Klimov, D.; Pismennaya, E. & Poduraev, Y.: An Approach to Automating the Movement Mode Change of a Rehabilitation Exoskeleton, Depending on External Conditions
075 Burnac, K. & Haladin, I.: Analysis of Rail Roughness on Tramway Track
076 Jerinic, B.; Sremcev, N.; Ralevic, N.; Tasic, N.; Mandic, J. & Cosic, I.: Demonstrating the A3 Technique Using a Lean Production Model
077 Siaterlis, G.; Nikolakis, N.; Alexopoulos, K. & Makris, S.: Adoption of AI in EU Manufacturing. Gaps and Challenges