DAAAM International Scientific Book 2009

Vol. 8, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-901509-69-8
Editor: B. Katalinic, hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2009
DAAAM International Scientific Book (ISSN 1726-9687) since 2009 is included in EBSCO bibliographic database.

001 Agic, D.; Strgar Kurecic, M.; Mandic, L. & Pap, K.: Black Separation Strategies in Colour Reproduction
002 Charvatova, H.; Janacova, D.; Fialka, M. & Kolomaznik, K.: The Software Application for Mathematic Description of Extraction Process Course
003 Cus, F. & Zuperl, U.: PSO Assisted Adaptive Force Control in Milling
004 Dragan, D.J. & Ivetic, D.V.: An Approach to DICOM Extension for Medical Image Streaming
005 Grecu, L.; Demian, G.; Demian, M. & Grecu, V.: The Influence of Welding Parameters on Temperature Distribution in Case of EBW
006 Hennersdorf, S. & Dombrowski, U.: Algorithm for Choosing Factory Planning Methods and  Tools
007 Jedlicka, M.; Moravcik, O.; Schreiber, P. & Tanuska, P.: Reliability Assessment Using UML Models
008 Karuovic, D. & Radosav, D.: User Interface Design in Distance Learning System
009 Kostic, A.: Approximation of Characteristic Polynomial of SPDTM
010 Majnaric, I.; Modric, D.; Golubovic, K. & Bolanca, S.: The 4-Beam Laser Diode Array Influence on the Colour Imaging
011 Matsi, B.; Otto, T.; Loun, K. & Roosimolder, L.: Data Mining in Production Management and  Manufacturing
012 Mihelic-Bogdanic, A. & Budin, R.: Impact of Heat Recovery and  Resource Diversification in Industrial Process
013 Mihic, S.B. & Ivetic, D.V.: Data Structures for Road Condition AVI File Video Augmentation
014 Milcic, D.; Donevski, D. & Josip, B.: Quality Assessment of JPEG Compressed Images
015 Nagyova, A. & Pacaiova, H.: How to Build Manual for Key Performance Indicators – KPI
016 Ostoia, D.; Negoitescu, A. & Tokar, A.: The Wearing out Compesation of Diesel Engines Combustion Chambers
017 Palluck, M.; Dombrowski, U. & Hennersdorf, S.: Goal-Oriented Factory Planning Considering a Lean Production System
018 Rakic-Skokovic, M.; Ostojic, G.; Lazarevic, M. & Stankovski, S.: Improving Business Processes with RFID Technology
019 Schreiber, P.; Vazan, P.; Tanuska, P. & Moravcik, O.: Production Optimization by Using of Genetic Algorithms and  Simulation Model
020 Skunca, M.; Keran, Z. & Math, M.: Digitalization and  Simulation in Coining
021 Tatar, M.O.; Alutei, A.; Mandru, D. & Lungu, I.: Minirobots with Adaptable Structure
022 Vidacek-Hains, V.; Divjak, B. & Ostroski, M.: Motivation for Studying and  Gender Issue
023 Lim, M. & Wong, H.K.: The Evaluation of the Use of Coordinate Measuring Machine
024 Zgodavova, K.: Overcoming Resistance to Change Via Managerial Role-Play Simulation
025 Zuperl, U. & Cus, F.: Improving of Turning Process Efficiency by Using Hybrid ANFIS-Ants System
026 Vukmirovic, S.; Erdeljan, A.; Lendak, I. & Capko, D.: Exstension of IEC’S Generic Data Access with a Locking Mechanism
027 Vindis, P.; Mursec, B. & Stajnko, D.: The Comparison of Mesophilic and  Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion
028 Chioreanu, N. & Catas, A.: A New Approach in Workspaces Analysis for Rotary Engines Case
029 Dusek, D.: A Mathematical Model of an Artificial Cochlea Based on an Array of Resonators
030 Cosic, I.; Radakovic, N.; Lalic, B. & Simeunovic, N.: The General Work Procedure Model for the Service Product
031 Boiangiu, C. & Cananau, D.: Combined Approaches in Automatic Page Clustering for Content Conversion
032 Boiangiu, C.; Cananau, D.; Dvornic, A. & Spataru, A.: White-Space Detection Techniques Based on Neighborhood Distance Measurements
033 Cruz, F.: Manufacturing Solutions for Small and  Micro Components
034 Meciarova, J.; Dado, M.; Sugar, P. & Sugarova, J.: Computer Application for Decision-Making Support in Metal Spinning
035 Plazonic, I.; Barbaric-Mikocevic, Z. & Dzimbeg-Malcic, V.: Office Papers Stability During Accelerated Ageing
036 Lai, K.T.; Luong, L.H. & Marian, R.M.: Single Source Facility Location Problem Using Genetic Algorithm
037 Curtu, I. & Luca Motoc, D.I.: Theoretical and Experimental Approach of Multi-Phase Composite Materials
038 Chira, F.; Banica, M. & Lobontiu, M.: Optimising Involutes Asymmetrical Teeth Gears Software
039 Cosoi, A.C.; Vlad, M.S. & Sgarciu, V.: Heuristic Image Recognition
040 Oanta, E.: An Applied Elasticity Common Sense Perspective and  the Optimal Design
041 Micieta, B. & Stollmann, V.: Design and Improvement of Production Processes
042 Visekruna, A.; Pilic, Z.; Martinovic, A. & Miskovic, I.: Cathodic Behaviour of Al-Ga Alloy in Aqueus Solutions
043 Kalova, I. & Horak, K.: Automatic Counting of Jewellery Stones
044 Marta, C.; Doroftei, I.; Prisacaru, G.; Hamat, C.; Suciu, L. & Zgardea, E.: Balls Casting Simulation and  Practice for Hadfield Stell
045 Coculescu, C.C.: About Balancing Problem in Determinist Case
046 Thierheimer, W.W.; Tane, N.; Thierheimer, D.C. & Ardeleanu, D.: Possibilities the Rolling Reduction by Referencing Direction with Suspension Correlation
047 Balate, J.; Navratil, P. & Chramcov, B.: Computer Aided Education in Area of Automatic Control: CAAC Information System
048 Pop, N. & Cioban, H.: Frictional Contact Problems Solved by Numerical Methods
049 Karaulova, T. & Pribytkova, M.: Reliability Prediction for Man-Machine Production Lines
050 Sturm, B. & Hofacker, W.: Optical Monitoring and  Control of Drying Processes
051 Teich, T.; Militzer, J.; Kretz, D.; Jahn, F. & Unger, K.: Analyzing Step Implementations for Automated Process Planning
052 Anisic, Z.; Fuerstner, I. & Cosic, I.: Mass Customization: Some Trends and  Research
053 Tache, F.; Dobre, T. & Tache, A.A.: Optimized CFRAl Composite for Advanced Aerospace Applications
054 Zmak, I. & Curkovic, L.: Alumina Ceramics Corrosion Behaviour Estimated by Artificial Neural Networks
055 Bates, I.; Miletic, M. & Zjakic, I.: Research on the Mechanical and Chemical Resistance of Prints
056 Stajnko, D.; Vindis, P. & Mursec, B.: Reduction of CO2 Emissions in Production of Corn in Slovenia
057 Park, H.; Choi, H. & Park, J.: Implementation of Automobile Assembly System Using AR Technology
058 Bolanca Mirkovic, I. & Mozina, K.: Paper Recycling Efficiency in Function of the Typeface
059 Vrinceanu, N.; Coman, D.; Ion, S. & Aurelia, G.: Surface Microstructuring of PES Fabrics by UV Laser Irradiation
060 Deac, C. & Tera, M.: Computer-Aided Assessment of the Quality of Small-Sized Cast Parts
061 Denkena, B. & Schuermeyer, J. : Integrating Geometry Information in the Bid Generation of Die Casting Moulds
062 Stefanuta, I. & Vlad, D.: Studies Concerning the Adherence Strength of Some Thermoglued Textile Ensembles
063 Neagoe, M.; Diaconescu, D.; Jaliu, C. & Saulescu, R.: A Conceptual Design Application Based on a New Generalized Algorithm
064 Grabenweger, J. & Nitka, F.: Design of Production Systems for the Machine and  Plant Engineering Industry
065 Musemic, R.; Korajcevic, S.; Omerovic, M. & Bilac, B.: Modeling of Bosnia-Herzegovina Growth Population
066 Bal, C. & Bal, N.: The Friction Effect in the Serial Sonic Circuit
067 Bolanca Mirkovic, I. & Bolanca, Z.: Chromatic Characteristics of the Recycled Fibers
068 Dobric, E.; Bolanca, Z. & Sindic, I.: Gamut of Ink Jet Prints in Function of the Environment
069 Zbranek, P. & Vesely, L.: The Application of Interval Computation on Non-Linear State Estimation
070 Fucak, S.; Carija, Z. & Mrsa, Z.: Improving Channel Flow with Deflectors Optimized Using a Genetic Algorithm
071 Gheorghe, G.I. & Pau, V.: Intelligent Microengineering
072 Glibic, M. & Colak, I. : Characteristics of the Church in Gorica Near Livno
073 Pap, K.; Vujic Ziljak, J.; Ziljak, I. & Agic, D.: Screen Element Shape “R73” Mutation
074 Pupavac, D.; Marsanic, R. & Babic, M.: Corporate Image Management in Municipal Utility Companies
075 Rancea, I.; Sgarciu, V. & Stamatescu, G.: Remote Monitoring of Parameters for a Pressure Transducer through HART Protocol and  LabView Environment
076 Wessely, E.; Kralikova, R.; Krupa, M. & Beneova, A.: Computer Aided Design of Light-Technical Projects
077 Boiangiu, M. & Alecu, A.: A Transfer Matrix Method for Study of Vibrations of Plane Bars Systems
078 Domingo, R.; Alvarez, R. & Sebastian, M.A.: Prediction of Cutting Forces in the Dry Machining of Lights Alloys
079 Koenig, S. & Seminsky, J.: Real-time Data Transmission Protocols for Industrial Networks
080 Olah, B.: Genetic Algorithm vs. Reinforcement Learning
081 Rygallo, A.; Zloto, T. & Wolny, R.: A Grammatical Model of the Multi-Agent System
082 Sticlaru, C.; Davidescu, A.; Crainic, N. & Faur, C.: Studies on Stress and  Strain State of a Hip Joint Endoprosthesis
083 Wolny, R.; Zloto, T. & Rygallo, A.: New Solution of the Technological Process of Pressure Casting Die
084 Zloto, T.; Wolny, R. & Rygallo, A.: Temperature Measurements in a Pump Cylinder Block
085 Monkova, K. & Monka, P.: Connection of NC/CNC Manufacturing and  Reverse Engineering
086 Monka, P.; Monkova, K. & Zajac, J.: Multi Variant Process Plans
087 Cigula, T.; Mahovic Poljacek, S. & Gojo, M.: Influence of the Printing Process on the Quality of AGX Printing Plates
088 Popescu, L.; Popescu, V. & Iancu, A.: Evaluation Criteria of the Human Resources’ Performances in the S.M.E.-s
089 Bojan, I.: Of Flexibile Manufacturing Systems
090 De Agustina, B.; Marin, M. & Rubio, E.: Surface Roughness Study of UNS A97050-T7 Bars Obtained by Dry Turning
091 Benga, G.C. & Ciupitu, I.: Influence of Coating and  Tool Geometry on the Tool Life
092 Romanescu, M.C.; Pruna, L.; Antonescu, I. & Anghel, A.: Knowledge Representation Database for the Development of Tolerances and  Fits in Design
093 Pejic Bach, M.; Simicevic, V. & Leskovic, D.: Microsegmentation in Telecom Market: Data Mining Approach
094 Goicoechea Castano, I. & Martinez, S.: Water Treatment Plant for a Rolling – Mill Train
095 Plehati, S.; Pavlovic, T.; Bogovic, T.; Pap, K. & Ziljak Vujic, J.: FMEA Analysis of Xeikon Electrophotographics