Proceedings of the 32nd International DAAAM Virtual Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

28-29th October 2021, Hosted from Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, EU

Volume 32, No.1, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-902734-33-4
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2021

*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now (To be updated)
001 Kostic, A.; Maric, B.; Kustura, M. & Timotic, V.: Mathematical Model for Human Resources Planning in the Production Process
002 Andrlic, B.; Lackovic, K. & Stimac, M.: Introduction and Maintaining Public Relations of Small Enterprises in Virtual Environment
003 Piska, M. & Kolomy, S.: On the Effective Substitution of Turning by Perifheral Milling
004 Perutka, K. & Vymazal, M.: Application of Game-based Learning in MATLAB using Object-oriented Programming
005 Stuja, K.; Katalinic, B.; Aburaia, M. & Pajaziti, A.: Design of a Robot Application with Regard to Energy Efficiency
006 Hadziahmetovic, H.; Zecevic, N. & Neimarlija, A.: Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality in Classroom
007 Rakic, K. & Seremet, Z.: The Concept of Cloud of Things for Overcoming the Shortcomings of Existing Technologies
008 Votrubec, R.: Smart Temporary Traffic Lights
009 Votrubec, R.; Cirkl, D. & Sivcak, M.: Control Unit for Seat with Variable Stiffness
010 Badida, M.; Sobotova, L.; Pastor, K.; Novakova, A.; Badidova, M. & Gumanova, V.: Diagnosis of Acoustic Properties of Recycled Materials from Vehicles
011 Dakic, V.; Kovac, M. & Redzepagic, J.: Optimizing Kubernetes Performance, Efficiency and Energy Footprint In Heterogenous HPC Environments
012 Dakic, V.; Baksa, D. & Redzepagic, J.: Distributed Storage Performance Measurement in a Virtualized Environment
013 Moric, Z.; Pinjuh, J. & Kurelic, S.: Securing Communication in Chatter Application
014 Moric, Z.; Redzepagic, J. & Gatti, F.: Enterprise Tools for Data Forensics
015 Melichar, M.; Kutlwaser, J. & Skrivanova, N.: Issue of Critical Parts Marking in the Field of Precise Metrology
016 Dobreva, A. & Pavlov, P.: Energy Efficiency of Worm Gear Drives
017 Masic, A.; Pikula, B.; Bibic, D. & Razic, F.: Open Source Low-cost Approach to Terrain Mapping Using Drone with LiDAR
018 Masic, A.; Pikula, B.; Bibic, D.; Hadziabdic, V. & Blazevic, A.: Drone Measurements of Temperature Inversion Characteristics and Particulate Matter Vertical Profiles in Urban Environments
019 Masic, A.; Hanic, E.; Bibic, E.; Bibic, D. & Pikula, B.: Reference Measurements of PM10 and PM2.5 Particulate Matter Concentrations
020 Masic, A.; Kepnik, G.; Bibic, D.; Mesic, E. & Pikula, B.: Long-term Measurement of Black Carbon Concentration and Source Apportionment Analysis
021 Masic, A.; Bektesevic, J.; Bibic, D.; Mehuljic, M. & Pikula, B.: Mass Spectrometry of Nanoparticles
022 Kubatova, D. & Kaufnerova, A.: 3D Scanning – Accuracy of a Volume Model Transformed from Scanned Data
023 Kubatova, D.: The Real Application of the Software Filter Selection Methodology on Practical Examples
024 Andreev, V. & Pletenev, P.: Problems of Choosing an Intermodule Information Interaction Protocol for Mobile Robots with Modular Control System Architecture
025 Potekhin, V. & Unal, O.: Analysis of Emotions using EEG Data and Machine Learning
026 Ipatov, O.; Saramaha, S.; Barinova, D.; Rubtsova, A. & Odinokaya, M.: English as Medium of Instruction: Language and Content Combination in Digitized Higher Engineering Education
027 Myasoedova, V.; Zakharova, E. & Vasiljev, I.: Hybrid- and Nanocomposites Based on Thermoelastoplastics Filled in Basalt Scales and nano Metals and Its Oxides
028 Razic, F.; Ademovic, Z.; Terzic, J.; Serdarevic-Kadic, S. & Burek, M.: Air Gun Pressure Influence on the Projectile Penetration of a 2mm Mild Steel Plate
029 Hodzic, D. & Pandzic, A.: Influence of Infill Design on Compressive and Flexural Mechanical Properties of FDM Printed PLA Material
030 Pandzic, A.: Influence of Layer Height, Build Orientation and Post Curing on Tensile Mechanical Properties of SLA 3D Printed Material
031 Kroft, L. & Sykora, J.: Design and Optimization of Production Technology of Thin-Walled Vanadium Parts
032 Andreev, V. & Kim, V.: Formal Specification of a Mobile Robot with Modular Architecture for Navigation in Dynamic Environment
033 Ojstersek, R.; Palcic, I. & Buchmeister, B.: Production Scheduling Using TWK and SLK Methods
034 Milde, J.; Peterka, J.; Jurina, F.; Dobrovszky, P.; Hrbal, J.; Pitek, P. & Martinovic, J.: Influence of Selected Photopolymers on the Resulting Accuracy and Surface Roughness of the Component in Digital Light Processing Technology
035 Teskeredzic, A. & Blazevic, R.: Differential Pressure Controller Model and its Application in Different Heating Systems
036 Karamanos, X.; Bechtsis, D.; Vlachos, D. & Mastos, T.: Safety Lines Detection as a Means of Navigation in Industrial Facilities
037 Tesic, S.; Bajic, B.; Cosic, I. & Rikalovic, A.: Frugal innovations in Industry 4.0: The Identification of Key Indicatiors
038 Ibrisevic, A.; Obucina, M.; Hajdarevic, S. & Mihulja, G.: Influence of Moisture Content on the Strength of Finger Joints Bonded Beech Wood
039 Sotirov, B.; Tonev, D.; Parvanov, S. & Kokalarov, M.: Determining the Geometrical Elements in the Photogrammetric Method for Measuring Linear Dimensions
040 Zimmermann, M.; Madissoo, M. & Leemet, T.: Evaluation of Cutting Stability and Electronic Accuracy of CNC Milling Machines
041 Skrivanova, N. & Melichar, M.: Evaluation of Effect of Attributive Measurements in a Clime Compartment on the Value of Dimensional Measurement Uncertainty in an Accreted Test Laboratory
042 Zatloukal, T.; Pokorna, V.; Marsalek, O. & Syrovatka, S.: Analysis of Air Valve Assembly Technology
043 Povolny, M.; Zatloukal, T. & Rehor, J.: Construction of Tool for Machining Hard Materials
044 Kotkova, B. & Hromada, M.: Benefits and Risks of Multimodal Transport with a Main Focus on the EU
045 Pryanichnikov, V.; Kolesov, Y.; Tarasov, R. & Plotnikov, A.: Integration Software for a Distributed Group of Mobile Service Robots
046 Stankovski, S.; Tegeltija, S.; Ostojic, G.; Baranovski, I.; Stanojevic, M. & Babic, M.: One Approach for Determining Availability of Parking Lots in Shared Parking For Disabled Person
047 Dzunova, L.; Kralikova, R. & Gumanova, V.: Analysis of the Indoor Air Quality Inside Motor Vehicles
048 Georgieva, T.; Ivanova-Vasileva, A. & Daskalov, P.: Determination of the Viscosity Class of Motor Oils using Color Characteristics and Statistical Analysis
049 Raspudic, V. & Marusic, M.: Redesign of Impression Trays using Reverse Engineering and Finite Element Analysis
050 Krasic, I.; Celar, S. & Seremet, Z.: Big Data and Business Intelligence: Research and Challenges in Telecom Industry
051 Reithner, I.; Papa, M.; Aburaia, M.; Woeber, W. & Ambros, C.: Analysis of the Interaction Between Safety and Security Demonstrated on a Mobile Robot and a Production Network
052 Stojkic, Z.; Bosnjak, I.; Saravanja, L. & Culjak, E.: Predictive Maintenance Supported by IIoT Technologies
053 Levin, A.; Vorotnikov, A. & Poduraev, Y.: Development of Low Cost Small 3D Scanner for Robotic Applications
054 Colak, S. & Varevac, D.: Testing of a Wooden High-wall Girder Loaded over a Steel Plate on the Top
055 Drofova, I.; Adamek, M.; Sousedikova, L.; Malatinsky, A. & Valasek, P.: Comparison of the Lighting Condition of the Interior to Create a 3D Background in Virtual Reality
056 Sousedikova, L.; Malatinsky, A.; Drofova, I. & Adamek, M.: The Role of Lie Detection Based System in Controlling Borders
057 Sykora, J. & Kroft, L.: Additive Manufacturing of Indexable Inserts: New Possibilities for more Effective Cooling
058 Sykora, J.; Povolny, M.; Zatloukal, T.; Kroft, L. & Syrovatka, S.: Study of The Influence of Cutting Tool Geometry During Turning of Submillimetre Nickel Parts
059 Milicevic, J.; Sremcev, N.; Cosic, I.; Lazarevic, M. & Tasic, N.: The New Role of Teachers After the Covid19 Pandemic and the Application of the Lean Concept in Education
060 Dzermansky, M.; Snopek, L.; Vichova, K.; Ficek, M. & Rak, J.: Use of Augmented Reality Technology in Population Protection and Crisis Management
061 Dzermansky, M.; Kostka, O. & Habrova, M.: Design of a Designation for Emergency Medical Services at Department Stores
062 Coruzzolo, A. M.; Lolli, F.; Gennari, F.; Marinello, S. & Gamberini, R.: Drivers for Selecting the Type of Transport in the Modal Shift: Cost, Transit Time and Environmental Impact Analysis
063 Marsalek, O.; Fulemova, J.; Zatloukal, T. & Syrovátka, S.: Machinability of Spring Steel 42SiCr
064 Busic, B.; Stavlic, K. & Lackovic, K.: E-Integrated Marketing Communication of Micro Enterprises
065 Plotnikov, A. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Kinetostatic Analysis of the Service Mobile Robot with Manipulator
066 Elchinsky, V.; Katalinic, B.; Kuzmin, A. & Stazhkov, S.: Investigation of the Operation of the Developed Piston Mechanism of the Axial-Piston Hydraulic Swash Plate Machine in the Straining and Creeping Speeds Modes
067 Butturi, M. A.; De Rosa, G.; Balugani, E. & Gamberini, R.: Understanding the Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning Scope of Application: a Critical Literature Review
068 Novikov, A.; Grebenshchikov, N.; Shilin, D.; Shestov, D.; Ganin, P. & Moskvin, V.: Research of the Effect of Microwave Radiation on the Speed of the Water-Ice Phase Transition
069 Nikolic, D.; Havzi, S.; Dakic, D.; Lolic, T. & Stefanovic, D.: Evaluation of Strategies over Static Code Analysis Tools
070 Radman-Funaric, M.; Pisker, B. & Potnik Galic, K.: Measuring Interrelations of Prosperity Pillars Leading Towards Sustainable Success
071 Ibrayeva, G.; Breido, I. & Bulatbayeva, J.: Application of Box-Jenkins Methodology in Electric Consumption Forecasting of a Metallurgical Enterprise
072 Nommela, K. & Korbe Kaare, K.: Strategic Development of Maritime Related Industries: The Role of Maritime Cluster Researches
073 Buyuk, U.; Akdogan, A.; Vanli, A. S. & Durakbasa, N.: Minimizing Coating Process Sourced Hydrogen Embrittlement of Fasteners
074 Kruuser, K.; Riives, J. & Kiolein, I.: Knowledge Based Decision Making in Mechanical Workshops
075 Softic, A.; Zaimovic Uzunovic, N. & Lemes, S.: Blockchain-based Metrological Traceability
076 Vanko, B.; Sejc, P. & Schrek, A.: Joining Galvanized Steel Sheets with Plastics by the Resistance Soldering of Bimetallic Elements
077 Abdank, M.; Aburaia, M. & Wöber, W.: Using Colour-based Object Detection for Pick and Place Applications
078 Muster, L.; Woeber, W. & Aburaia, M.: Uniform Manufacturer-Independent Mobile Robot Programming
079 Grajzova, L.; Janik, S. & Mlkva, M.: Analysis of the Current Application of AR in the Context of TPM in Slovakia Organizations
080 Gutakovskis, V.; Buddaraju, A. V.; Steklejns, A.; Avisane, A. & Muiznieks, G.: Study and Analysis of Machine and Tool Parameters of Stainless-steel Turning Using Multi Coated Tools
081 Mitrovic, K.; Novakovic, N.; Spajic, J. & Cosic, I.: Augmented Reality in Marketing – State of Art
082 Bulgakov, V.; Olt, J.; Ivanovs, S.; Kuvachоv, V. & Lillerand, T.: Research into Dynamics of Motion Performed by Modular Power Unit as Part of Ploughing Tractor-Implement Unit
083 Malatinsky, A.; Drofova, I.; Sousedikova, L. & Hromada, M.: Fire Safety Threat Risk Analysis for Soft Target
084 Breido, I.; Kaverin, V. & Yezhebayeva, S.: Research and Modelling Induced Energy Distribution Processes in the Ground Wire Cable
085 Viertel, J. & Aburaia, M.: Quantum Computing for Designing Behavioural Model and Quantum Machine Learning on a Humanoid Robot
086 Corradini, F. & Silvestri, M.: A Digital Twin Based Self-Calibration Tool for Fault Prediction of FDM Additive Manufacturing Systems
087 Sidiropoulos, A.; Sidiropoulos, V.; Bechtsis, D. & Vlachos, D.: An Industry 4.0 Tool to Enhance Human-Robot Collaboration
088 Tomaskova, T. & Bicova, K.: Impact of Machining on the Environment
089 Cerveny, J.; Povolny, M. & Kroft, L.: Optimization of Aluminum Optical Table Production
090 Schwaiger, S.; Aburaia, M.; Aburaia, A. & Woeber, W.: Explainable Artificial Intelligence For Robot Arm Control
091 Ramic, M.; Dzaferovic, E. & Hasecic, A.: CFD Investigation of Textile Drying Temperature and Density in a Industrial Stenter Frame Section
092 Polivka, M. & Dvorakova, L.: The Current State of the Use of Selected Industry 4.0 Technologies in Manufacturing Companies
093 Aryskin, A.; Grigoriev, A.; Petrakov, M.; Pryanichnikov, V.; Travushkina, A. & Travushkin, A.: Industry 4 0 – Automation in the Conditions of Reconfiguration of Production Lines
094 Kasova, K. & Melichar, M.: The Application of Knowledge Management Elements in Dynamically Changing Organisations
095 Bortsova, P. & Panfilov, P.: Smart Maintenance Framework Based on Spatio-Visual Computing: The Case of Aircraft MRO
096 Syrovatka, S.; Cermak, A.; Kozmin, P.; Marsalek, O. & Zatloukal, T.: Tangential Laser Machining Using Fs-pulsed Laser
097 Gutai, A.; Havzi, S.; Stefanovic, D.; Anderla, A. & Sladojevic, S.: Optical Character Recognition Methods For Number Plate Recognition: A Systematic Literature Review
098 Tomsu, M. & Pekaj, R.: Information Support for Crisis Management in the Zlin Region with a Focus on Meteorological Information
099 Ereiz, S.; Duvnjak, I. & Jimenez-Alonso, J. F.: Finite Element Model Updating Methods for Structural Application
100 Maljkovic, B. & Cvitanic, D.: Analysis of Vehicle Path Radii on Horizontal Curves for Two-Lane Rural Roads
101 Suleykin, A.; Bobkova, A.; Panfilov, P. & Chumakov, I.: Comparing HDFS – Greenplum Data Loading Options
102 Djevojic, C.; Brajak, M. & Mihajlovic, I.: Digital Transformation, Sharing Economy and Effects on Society
103 Trajber, D.; Penava, D.; Rinaudo, F.; Sarhosis, V. & Abrahamczyk, L.: A Review of Existing Masonry Arch Bridges in Croatia