Proceedings of the 27th International DAAAM Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

26-29th October 2016, Mostar, BiH

Volume 27, No.1, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-902734-08-2
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2016

*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now
000 Katalinic, B.: Preface
001 Andreev, V. & Poduraev, Y.: Network–Based Design of Heterogeneous Modular Mobile Robotic Systems
002 Kostic, A.; Aljicevic, Z.; Sikalo, S. & Kustura, M.: Effective Algorithm for Determination of the Initial Vector for the Definite Quadratic Pencil
003 Palcic, I. & Buchmeister, B.: Energy and Material Saving Technologies in Slovenian Manufacturing Firms
004 Perutka, K.: New Electronic Didactic Tool for Nonlinear Systems Laboratory
005 Kramar, V.: Development of the Particular Vessel Mathematical Models
006 Gujon, P. & Kubinger, W.: Analysis of Image Enhancement Methods for Outdoor-Applications
007 Saravanja, D.; Grbesic, M. & Dragicevic, M.: Optimization of Impact Vibration Isolation
008 Rados, B. & Rados, A.: Risk Evaluation of Production and Implementation of the Project
009 Kralikova, R. & Wessely, E.: Lighting Quality, Productivity and Human Health
010 Kralikova, R. & Wessely, E.: Methodical Procedure for Designing of Efficient Lighting Systems
012 Likaj, R.; Bruqi, M.; Shala, A. & Bajrami, X.: Optimal Design and Analysis of Quarter Vehicle Suspension System by Using Matlab
013 Majstorovic, V.; Medic, M. & Bandic Glavas, M.: Key Elements Analysis of Projects’ Environmental Impact Assessment
014 Damic, V.; Cohodar, M. & Tvrtkovic, M.: Inverse Dynamic Analysis of Hobby Robot uArm by Matlab/Simulink
015 Stuja, K.; Bruqi, M.; Markl, E. & Aburaia, M.: Lightweight Educational Scara Robot for Palletizing of USB Sticks
016 Pryanichnikov, V. E.; Davydov, D.; Kirsanov, K. & Eprikov, S.: Programming of Robot Synergism in Multi-Agent Simulators
017 Rahimic, S. & Visekruna, V.: Expert System of Genarative Capp System in Function Cutting Speed
018 Duda, J.; Kolosowski, M. & Tomasiak, J.: Methods for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions in the Cement Industry
019 Obucina, M.; Hajdarevic, S. & Akvic, A.: Effect of Processing of Wood Planning on Static and Dynamic Wetting Angle Adhesives
020 Moravcikova, J.: The Possibilities of Exploitation of E-Learning in Technology-Oriented Courses
021 Matusu, R.: Investigation of Robust Stability for Discrete-Time Polynomials With Nonlinear Uncertainty Structure
022 Matusu, R.: Robust Stabilization of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Model
023 Krasnyy, V.; Maksarov, V. & Olt, J.: Increase of Wear and Fretting Resistance of Mining Machinery Parts With Regular Roughness Patterns
024 Begic-Hajdarevic, D.; Pasic, M.; Cekic, A. & Mehmedovic, M.: Optimization of Process Parameters for Cut Quality in CO2 Laser Cutting Using Taguchi Method
025 Prodan, D.; Dobrescu, T.; Bucuresteanu, A. M. & Motomancea, A.: Hydraulic Balancing Systems With Low Power Consumption and Constant Flow Pumps
026 Topalova, I.: Automated Visual Inspection System in Praline Industry
027 Popescu, C. -.; Popa, C. L.; Cotet, C. E. & Enciu, G.: Using Virtual Modelling for AS/RS Material Flow Management
028 Qehaja, N.; Doci, I.; Bruqi, M.; Abdullahu, F.; Jakupi, K. & Zhujani, F.: Mathematical Modelling of Surface Roughness Through Machining Parameters and Machining Time During the Dry Milling Process
029 Zhujani, F.; Qehaja, N.; Abdullahu, F. & Bruqi, M.: Mathematical Modelling of Surface Roughness for Evaluating the Effects of Cutting Parameters in Drilling Process
030 Hadziahmetovic, H.: Calculation Cooling Compressors
031 Pospisilik, M.; Korytak, Z.; Janku, P.; Silva, R. M. & Neumann, P.: RFID Reader’s Construction in Terms of Electromagnetic Susceptibility
032 Jenicek, S.; Kotesovec, V.; Kalina, T. & Masek, B.: Use of Waterjet in Manufacturing Test Bars of High-Strength Steels
033 Pryanichnikov, V. E.; Ksenzenko, A.; Kuvshinov, S.; Poduraev, Y. V.; Prysev, E. & Khelemendik, R.: Intelligent Robotronics: Hardware-Software Complexes of Robotariums
034 Votrubec, R.: Stiffness Control of Orthopaedic Mattress
035 Crnokic, B.; Rezic, S. & Pehar, S.: Comparision of Edge Detection Methods for Obstacles Detection in a Mobile Robot Environment
036 Kozulic, V. & Gotovac, B.: Numerical Solution of Poisson’s Equation in an Arbitrary Domain by Using Meshless R-Function Method
037 Kadric, D.; Alispahic, M. & Delalic, B.: Mass Transfer Coefficient in the Case of Brake-Up of a Continuous Falling Film
038 Kadric, D.; Delalic, B. & Alispahic, M.: Influence of Temperature on a Falling Film Instability
039 Svaco, M.; Jerbic, B.; Stiperski, I.; Dlaka, D.; Vidakovic, J. & Sekoranja, B.: T-Phantom: a New Phantom Design for Neurosurgical Robotics
040 Vaskova, H. & Vasek, V.: Mathematical Model of Hydrolysis Reaction for the Collagen Hydrolyzate Production From Leather Shavings
041 Fulemova, J. & Rehor, J.: Reaming of Very Precise and Deep Holes With Cermet Reamer
042 Rusko, M.; Kralikova, R. & Mikulova, M.: The Management Tools and Methods Application of the Organization to Environmental Protection
043 Malega, P. & Kovac, J.: Design of Assembly System – Mixed Reality Modelling
044 Celar, S.; Mudnic, E. & Seremet, Z.: State-Of-The-Art of Messaging for Distributed Computing Systems
045 Hodzic, D. & Hajro, I.: Impact Crack Initiation and Propagation Energy of Prolonged Exploited Heat Resistant Steel
046 Filaretov, V.; Zhirabok, A.; Zuev, A. & Protsenko, A.: Method of Fault Identification in Mechatronic Systems
047 Suman, S. & Pogarcic, I.: Development of ERP and Other Large Business Systems in the Context of New Trends and Technologies
048 Rasovic, N. & Obad, M.: A Framework for Optimal Quality of Parts in Reverse Engineering
049 Kharin, K.; Kuvshinov, S. & Pryanichnikov, V.: The Use of Three-Dimensional Visualization on the Basis of the Motionparallax3D Technology in the Development of Complex Technical Devices and Training of Engineers
050 Chval, Z. & Raz, K.: Effect of Heat Load on a Mechanical Forging Press
051 Bicova, K. & Melichar, M.: Using Fisher’s Exact Test in the Engineering Industry
052 Bicova, K.; Kutlwaser, J. & Sklenicka, J.: Issue of High Precision Manufacturing Analysis in Automotive Industry
053 Raz, K.; Zahalka, M. & Chval, Z.: Reduction of Pantograph Influence on Energy Consumption
054 Novakova, T.; Bittera, M.; Smiesko, V. & Kralikova, E.: Modelling of Emc Broadband Antennas With Complex Geometry Above 1 GHz
055 Melichar, M.; Kubatova, D. & Kutlwaser, J.: CMM Measuring Cycle and Human Factor
056 Skopljanac-Macina, F.; Blaskovic, B. & Pintar, D.: Automated Generation of Questions for Basic Electrical Engineering Education
057 Poor, P.; Kocisko, M. & Krehel, R.: World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Model as a Tool for Company Management
058 Panfilov, P.; Salibekyan, S. & Leokhin, Y.: Simulation Modeling Environment for Complex Data Driven Distributed Systems Design
059 Hallon, J.; Bittera, M.; Hartansky, R. & Kovac, K.: Electromagnetic Emission Measurement of Devices With GSM Interface
060 Ilyukhin, Y. & Tatarintseva, A.: Control Mobile Robot With Hybrid Drive
061 Sholar, S.; Ivanova, O.; Dushko, V.; Kramar, V. & Rodkina, A.: Experimental Researches in the Wave Basin Using National Instruments Technology
062 Masic, A.; Musemic, R. & Dzaferovic-Masic, E.: Temperature Inversion Measurements in Sarajevo Valley Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
063 Kubatova, D.; Melichar, M. & Pereira, A.: Tribological Testing of Polymeric Material
064 Vasilyev, I.; Kashourina, A.; Krasheninnikov, M. & Smirnova, E.: Simulation of Robot for Use in Rescue Operation Groups
065 Baksa, T.; Schornik, V.; Adamek, P. & Zetek, M.: Machining of Inconel 718 Using Uncoated Cutting Tools With Different Cutting Edge Quality
066 Polcar, J.; Martirosov, S. & Kopecek, P.: Active Camera Positional Tracking for Augmented Reality Applications
067 Gebel, E.: Direct Displacement Problem of the 6-DOFGough-Stewart Platform
068 Kudriashov, N.; Protasov, I.; Markov, S.; Potekhin, V.; Yadgarova, Y. & Taratukhin, V.: Implementation of Cloud Services for Advance Management of Steel Transport for Continuous Casting Production
069 Ipatov, O.; Vasilevsky, A.; Rudskoy, A. & Yamschikov, Y.: Conditional Constructions in Non-Procedural Languages of Robotic Systems
070 Rubesova, K.; Jenicek, S.; Kana, J. & Zetkova, I.: Microstructure of MS1 Maraging Steel in 3D-Printed Products After Semi-Solid Processing
071 Bleicher, F.; Finkeldei, D. & Siller, A.: Machining of Difficult-To-Cut Materials
072 Vorotnikov, A.; Romash, E.; Isaev, A.; Bashevskaya, O.; Bianchi, G. & Poduraev, Y.: Uncertainty Estimation of Axes Direction Determination of Industrial Robot Using an Ellipsoid Concentration Model
073 Banduka, N.; Macuzic, I.; Stojkic, Z.; Bosnjak, I. & Peronja, I.: Using 80/20 Principle to Improve Decision Making at PFMEA
074 Sedlacek, F.; Bernardin, P. & Lasova, V.: Design of a Composite Leaf Spring for Railway Vehicles
075 Raz, K.; Zahalka, M. & Polak, R.: Injection Molding Simulations of Hardly Producible Parts From PBT
076 Malael, I.; Gherman, G. B. & Porumbel, I.: Increase the Smart Cities Development by Using an Innovative Design for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
077 Janku, P.; Pospisilik, M. & Dulik, T.: Compact Step Down Voltage Converter Constructed in Terms of EMC
078 Kroft, L.: The Influence of the Finishing Strategy on the Quality of the Surface
079 Medojevic, M.; Cosic, I.; Sremcev, N. & Lazarevic, M.: Conceptual Theoretical Model for Life Cycle Energy Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules
080 Pryanichnikov, V. & Stepanova, D.: Laser Communications Prototyping for the Group of Mobile Robots
081 Khodr, I.; Vorel, I.; Jenicek, S.; Kana, J.; Rubesova, K. & Opatova, K.: A Study of Material-Technological Modelling for Choosing the Ideal Cooling Rate for Designing Production of Closed Die Forgings Using 30MnVS6 Steel
082 Kuzmin, A.; Popov, V. & Stazhkov, S.: Advanced Axial Piston Swash Plate Pump Parameters Recommendations
083 Vidakovic, J.; Jerbic, B.; Suligoj, F.; Svaco, M. & Sekoranja, B.: Simulation for Robotic Stereotactic Neurosurgery
084 Orosnjak, M.; Jocanovic, M. & Karanovic, V.: Quality Analysis of Hydraulic Systems in Function of Reliability Theory
085 Marek, V.: Basic Research of Thermal Transfer Simulations
086 Andreev, V. & Kim, V.: Control System and Design of the Motion Module of a Heterogeneous Modular Mobile Robot
087 Parshina, G.; Feshin, B. & Breido, J.: Developing Principles of Building the Simulator for Energy Worker and Technology for Coal Mine Electrical Service Staff Training
088 Breido, J.; Kalinin, A. & Kuchin, V.: Determining Heating Capacity and Coefficient of Energy Transformation of Hydrodynamic Set
089 Stekleins, A.; Gerins, E. & Kromanis, A.: Vacuum Gauge Performance Verification System
090 Horvatic, A.; Runje, B. & Butkovic, D.: Influence of Geometrical Magnification on Computed Tomography Dimensional Measurements
091 Domazet, E.; Gusev, M. & Ristov, S.: Optimizing High-Performance CUDA DSP Filter for ECG Signals
092 Park, H. S.; Dang, D. V.; Lee, G. B. & Veza, I.: Design and Simulation of a Flexible Cutting Machine for Roll Forming Product
093 Lavic, Z.; Dukic, N.; Pasic, M. & Vucijak, B.: Research on Similarity Values Relevant for Fuzzy Matrix Consistency Check
094 Lavic, Z.; Pasic, M.; Vucijak, B. & Dukic, N.: Fuzzy Logistics Multicriteria Decision Making Model for Facilities Layout
095 Pinjuh, A.; Vickovic, L. & Cavar, D.: Mapreduce-Based Face Detection in Images
096 Steiner, F.; Bleicher, F. & Klingenbrunner, M.: Emissivity Factor of Thermoplastic Materials for a Robot Bending Process
097 Mlakic, D.; Nikolovski, S. & Vucinic, D.: Standalone Application Using JAVA and ANFIS for Predicting Electric Energy Consumption Based on Forecasted Temperature
098 Skovajsa, M. & Sedlacek, F.: Numerical Simulation of Delamination in Laminated Composite Plates Using Cohesive Elements
099 Maric, B. & Grozdic, V.: Monte Carlo Simulation in Valuation of Investment Projects
100 Doci, I.; Bruqi, M. & Qehaja, N.: Dynamic Analysis and Motion Control of Hydraulic Crane for Men Lifting Using Modeling and Simulations
101 Vican, B.; Galic, V. & Coric, J.: Vacuum Increase in the Electrolytic Cell With the Aim of Reducing Emissions Into the Work Environment
102 Dukic, H.; Nozic, M. & Sunjic, D.: Temperature Influence on the Drawing Process Stability With the Reduction of the Wall Thickness
103 Filaretov, V. F.; Konoplin, A.; Konoplin, N. & Gorbachev, G.: Control System for Underwater Vehicle With Multilink Manipulator for Automatic Manipulation Operations
104 Lalic, B.; Tasic, N.; Marjanovic, U.; Delic, M. & Cvetkovic, N.: Inter-Organizational Collaboration for Innovation in Manufacturing Firms
105 Hartansky, R.; Mierka, M. & Vimpel, M.: Yagi-Ude Antenna as WiFi Electromagnetic Source
106 Topic, A.; Bauer, B.; Kozuh, Z. & Knezovic, N.: Gas Composition Influence on the Microstructure and Geometry of Laser-Welded Joints in Duplex Stainless Steel
107 Aljicevic, Z.; Kostic, A.; Dautbasic, N. & Karli, G.: Model of Fuzzy Logic for Selection Infrastructural Investment Project of Wind Farm Locations
108 Zatopek, J.: Simulation and Visualisation of a Laboratory Model by Support Software Tools Connection
109 Juric, P.; Brkic Bakaric, M.; Wang, X.; Zhang, X. & Matetic, M.: Mining Data Streams for the Analysis of Parameter Fluctuations in IoT-Aided Fruit Cold-Chain
110 Kropotin, A.; Grigoryev V., A.; Bidulya V., Y.; Ivashko G., A. & Durynin S., N.: Realization of the Ontologically Based Method for Checking Structural Inconsistences of Relational Databases
111 Grubisic, M. & Crnokic, B.: Development of Algorithm Model for Exhaust Gases System of Diesel Engine With Electronic Control Diagnostics
112 Krehel, R.; Kocisko, M. & Poor, P.: Technical Diagnostics in the Paper Industry
113 Kozul, J.: Design of Construction for Composites and Polymers Testing
114 Leitner, F.; Wilhelmi, H.; Ehrenfried, K. & Trenker, M.: Controlling and Testing a Flap System for Generating Gusty Crosswinds in Wind Tunnel Experiments
115 Sulz, C.; Eberle, W. & Trenker, M.: Development of a Fully Automated Tuning System for Organ Pipes
116 Goluza, B. & Matijevic, I.: Research of Renewable Energy Sources Based on Wind in Area of Herzegovina
117 Zubac, I.; Rezic, S. & Bandic Glavas, M.: Application of Graph Theory in Automation
118 Jemelka, M.; Chramcov, B. & Kriz, P.: Redistribution of Stock Sections According to the Materials Turnover and the ABC Method
119 Todic, R. & Bartulovic, A.: Vibration Assisted Deep Hole Micro-Drilling: a Preliminary Experimental Study
120 Spataru, I.; Nicolescu, A. F.; Coman, C.; Cristoiu, C. & Andrei, I.: Simulating the Magnetron Sputtering Process for Industrial Applications
121 Tomasek, P.: Attenuation of Wireless Communication Under IEEE 802.11ah
122 Hulaj, A.; Shehu, A. & Bajrami, X.: Application of Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks for Green Borderline Surveillance
123 Prskalo, M. & Vrdoljak, A.: Analysis of Settlement of Foundation Plates by Finite Difference Method
124 Lukic, T.; Herceg, N. & Stanic-Kostroman, S.: Pollution Management Through Environmental Permit – Case Study
125 Haskovic, D.; Katalinic, B.; Zec, I.; Kukushkin, I. & Zavrazhina, A.: Structure and Working Modes of the Intelligent Adviser Module
126 Kukushkin, I.; Zavrazhina, A.; Grabenweger, J.; Katalinic, B. & Haskovic, D.: Simulation Approach for Analysis of the Inventory Capacity for Filling and Packaging Plants
127 Ovcharenko, S. & Chetvergov, V.: Study of the Transient Processes Impact on the Diesel Fuel Consumption While in Service
128 Shiler, V.; Shiler, A. & Lyubchenko, A.: Tread Profile of Wheel Pair Support Unit
129 Shiler, V.; Shiler, A. & Galiev, I.: New Wheelset Design for Rail Transport