Proceedings of the 23rd International DAAAM Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

24-27th October 2012, Zadar, Croatia

Volume 23, No.1, ISSN 2304-1382, ISBN 978-3-901509-91-9
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2012

*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now
000 Katalinic B.: Preface
001 Park, H. S.; Dahal, P. & Lee, G. B.: Development of Moulding Machine for Producing Sulfur Concrete Pipes
002 Filaretov, V. F.; Zhirabok, A. N. & Tkachev, D.: Non-Parametric Method for Fault Diagnosis in Electrical Circuits
004 Stipancic, T.; Jerbic, B.; Bucevic, A. & Curkovic, P.: Programming an Industrial Robot by Demonstration
006 Zivic Djurovic, M.; Milacic, A. & Krsulja, M.: A Simplified Model of Quadratic Cost Function for Thermal Generators
008 Zeqiri, H. M.; Qehaja, N. E.; Zeqiri, F.; Salihu, A. H. & Osmani, H.: Research of Flank Wear in Turning of Steel Ck60
009 Palcic, I.; Buchmeister, B. & Brezocnik, M.: Project Success in Slovenian Companies
010 Kremljak, Z. & Hocevar, M.: Real Options Theory and Strategic Capabilities Development
011 Paulic, M.; Balic, J. & Irgolic, T.: Usage of Machine Vision for Determinatin of Workpiece Origin
012 Lee, G. B. & Ko, M.: Assessment of Environmental Impacts of the Post-Drill Cleaning Process for PCB using LCA
018 Mateias, C. & Nicolescu, A. F.: Data Reporting on Internet from Sensors that Measure Environmental Parameters
020 Peschl, M.; Roening, J. & Link, N.: Human Integration in Task-Driven Flexible Manufacturing Systems
021 Stulec, I.; Bakovic, T. & Hruska, D.: Weather Risk Management in Energy Sector
023 Ciubotariu, V. A.: Crashworthiness Improvement of Hexagonal Tubular Structures by using Tailor Welded Blanks
024 Bogza, A. – M.; Simion, I. & Enache, I. – C.: Quality in Industrial Design
028 Dobrescu, T. G.; Pascu, N. – E.; Opran, C. & Bucuresteanu, A. M.: Subsurface Damage in Grinding Silicon Ceramics
030 Drazic Lutilsky, I. & Zmuk, B.: Service Price Determination at Croatian Faculties
031 Neukart, F.; Moraru, S. – A. & Szakacs Simon, P.: Artificial Immune System-Inspired Neuroevolution
032 Pesina, Z.; Sopousek, J. & Bursik, J.: Mechanical Properties of Joints Created by Silver Nanoparticles
033 Lekscha, T. & Durackova, D.: The Development of a New Device-system for Visual Inspections of Infusion Pumps
034 Brnic, J.; Turkalj, G. & Vukelic, G.: Importance of Experimental Research in the Design of Structures
035 Macura, A.; Missoni, E. & Kordic, Z.: Comparison of Westwood, New Reno and Vegas TCP Congestion Control
038 Mihailescu, M. I. & Pirloaga, M. D.: A New Framework for Biometric Face Recognition using Visual Cryptograpy
039 Clipa, R. I.; Pohoata, I.; Filipeanu, D. & Tudose, M. B.: Clusters and Regional Competitiveness in Romania
040 Peschl, M.; Roening, J. & Link, N.: Distributed Simulation for Task-Driven Flexible Manufacturing Systems
041 Muminovic, A. & Repcic, N.: Calculation of Parameters in the Engagement Field of Worm Gears
042 Marin, D.; Raicu, L. & Petrescu, L. C. M.: Cylindric Shape – a Design Creative Resource
045 Donat, M.: Computational Modeling of the Dynamic Behavior of the Induction Motor Rotor
051 Raska, P. & Ulrych, Z.: Simulation Optimization in Manufacturing Systems
052 Susterova, M.; Lavin, J. & Riives, J.: Risk Management in Product Development Process
053 Tekic, Z.; Cosic, I. & Katalinic, B.: The Missing Link – Knowledge Creation and Innovation
054 Buzadjija, N. & Tiro, D.: An Approach in Studying the Efficiency of Blended Learning System
055 Vu, T. M.: Vehicle Steering Dynamic Calculation and Simulation
056 Pasic, M.; Catovic, A.; Bijelonja, I. & Bahtanovic, A.: Goal Programming Nutrition Optimization Model
057 Cekic, A.; Begic, D. & Kulenovic, M.: Optimization of Process Parameters of Alloyed Steels using CO2 Lasers
058 Jozic, S.; Bajic, D. & Topic, S.: Flank Wear in Down and Up Milling
060 Dragcevic, K. & Lovrecek, M.: Influence of Fountain Solution to the Corrosion of Machine Parts in Offset Printing
061 Varsami, A. E.; Chircor, M.; Popescu, C. & Hanzu – Pazara, R.: Refloating a Ship using her Own Means
063 Reibenschuh, M.; Zuperl, U. & Cus, F.: Developing and Implementing a New Visual Monitoring System for Machining
065 Goyal, K. K.; Jain, P. K. & Jain, M.: Operation Sequence based Similarity Coefficient for RMS
066 Baila, D.: Biomaterials Processing by RP Technologies (Rapid Prototyping) used in the Implants Manufacturing
067 Gruescu, C. A.; Vela, I. & Caramidaru, V. D.: Determination of Diesel Engines Regulating Characteristics
068 Sebenova, S. & Velisek, K.: The Automation Equipment in the Palletizing Workplace in the Intelligent Assembly Cell
073 Ahmed, H. & Chacko, S.: Computational Optimization of Vehicle Aerodynamics
074 Zelenika, S.; Markovic, K. & Rubesa, J.: Optimised Kinematic Mount Configuration for High-Precision Applications
076 Obucina, M. & Hasanic, S.: Integrated Process Model for Wood Massive Panels Production
078 Marinovic, M. & Andrlic, B.: Social Geolocation in Tourism – Interrelationship of Web 2.0 and Geography
082 Guica, R. I.; Trifan, L. & Micu, A. C.: A Comparative Analysis of Orthopedic Measuring Methods
084 Suriansky, J. & Cmarada, M.: Analysis of Methods for Camera Calibration in 3D Scanning Systems
086 Suriansky, J. & Adamik, M.: Identification of Pendulum Oscillation Parameters using MEMS accelerometer
087 Suriansky, J. & Petras, R.: The Simulation of Magnetic Force that acts on the Micro-robot
088 Pirloaga, M. D. & Mihailescu, M. I.: Contributions to the Modeling of a Communication Channel by RBF
090 Kondratenko, Y. P. & Gordienko, E.: Implementation of the Neural Networks for Adaptive Control System on FPGA
092 Chwastyk, P. & Kolosowski, M.: Integration CAD/CAPP/CAM Systems in Design Process of Innovative Products
094 Reinhardt, T. & Witt, G.: Experimental Analysis of the Laser-Sintering Process from an Energetic Point of View
095 Park, H. S. & Dahal, P.: Development of Topology Optimized Cable Joint System for Oil Storage Tanks
096 Kolosowski, M. & Chwastyk, P.: The Conception of a Process Cost Calculation
100 Tomasiak, J.: Rapidtechnology in Industrial Fitting
101 Rusu – Casandra, A. L.; Baciu, F.; Iliescu, N. & Atanasiu, C.: Stresses and Strains in a Torpedo Pot for Cast Iron
104 Mikhaylov, M.; Stazhkov, S. & Cvetkov, V.: Analysis of the Perturbing Actions on the Constant Speed Drive Input Link
105 Demian, M.; Demian, G. & Saceanu, C.: Study of Technological Options to Load Hammer Mill for Grinding Coal
106 Covic, D. & Covic, D.: CD-Based Organization of Business Systems
107 Gordan, I. M.; Gordan, C. E. & Pop, P. A.: Modern Method used for Measuring the Intensity of Solar Radiations
108 Cubric, G.; Nikolic, G. & Signjar, S.: Catching the Woven Fabric with Vacuum Gripper
110 Filaretov, V. F. & Gubankov, A. S.: Adaptive System Forming Extremely High Speed of Multilink Manipulator Gripper
117 Gepp, M.; Khomut, M. & Vollmar, J.: Success Factors of Standardization – an Empirical Study
121 Egri, A. & Sirb, V. – C.: Smart Control Software for Industrial Process
122 Filipovic, D.; Kandzija, T. & Pavlovic, A.: Overview on Consultants’ Activity in M&A Processes
123 Simicevic, V.; Zoroja, J. & Pejic Bach, M.: Cluster Analysis of Internet Usage in European Countries
124 Jalba, L. & Anicai, O.: Innovation in Managing the IT Risks of Entrepreneurship Risk Management
125 Makraiova, J.; Caganova, D. & Cambal, M.: Improving Culturally Diverse Environment in Organisations
127 Nagy, O. V.: The Legal Frame Work of Recicling Electric and Electronic Equipment in Romania
128 Perakovic, D.; Husnjak, S. & Remenar, V.: Research of Security Threats in the Use of Modern Terminal Devices
130 Radic Lakos, T. & Radacic, M.: Irrigation in the Sibenik-Knin County
131 Pasinetti, S.: Near-Markerless Position Measurement using Genetics and Point-Tracing Algorithms
134 Krpal, O.; Sirucek, M. & Mraz, P.: Influence of Renewable Energy on Power Transformer Insulating System
136 Ravas, R. & Syrova, L.: The Improvement of Brightness Correction of Polymeric Foils Images
138 Ionescu, G. & Boiangiu, C. A.: Mobile Platform for Environment Analysis
139 Damic, V.; Cohodar, M. & Kulenovic, M.: Modeling and Simulation of Hydraulic Systems by Bond Graphs
142 Boiangiu, M. & Boiangiu, A.: On the Vibrations of a Centrifuge with the Basket in Console
143 Livinti, P. T.: Control of a Two Axes Positioning System Equipped with Two Step-by-Step Electric Motors
146 Jambor, J.: Improving the Quality of the Machining Process through New Technologies
150 Hadziahmetovic, H.; Dzaferovic, E. & Hodzic, N.: System of Compressed Air for Electrofilter in Thermal Power Plant
151 Pospisilik, M. & Adamek, M.: RFID Reader Testing Kit for Autonomous Airship
152 Pospisilik, M. & Adamek, M.: LED based Universal Lighting System
153 Markotic, D.; Pucekovic, N. & Bates, I.: Examination of the Quality of Barcode Reproduction
154 Zarins, M.; Torims, T.; Maris, B. & Andris, C.: Support and Diagnostic System for Drum Type Cheeper Machines
155 Aruvaeli, T.; Serg, R.; Kaare, K. & Otto, T.: Monitoring System Framework and Architecture over Supply Chain
156 Vaskova, H.: Microraman Analyses of Epoxy Cross-Linking Reaction
158 Ratkus, A. & Torims, T.: Research on the Bucket Bore Renewal Technologies
162 Koric, A.; Zenzerovic, P. & Vrankic, M.: UV Exposure Unit for PCB Prototyping
167 Enciu, G.; Nicolescu, A. F.; Dobrescu, T. G. & Popescu, C. – A.: Industrial Sensors Testing
169 Fulanovic, B.; Kucak, D. & Djambic, G.: Structuring Documents with New HTML5 Semantic Elements
170 Delak, D.; Zenzerovic, P. & Sucic, V.: Home Automation System – an Educational Prototype
172 Gligora Markovic, M.; Pogarcic, I. & Suman, S.: Managements’ Role in Development of Information System
173 Sroba, L. & Ravas, R.: Sensitivity of Subpixel Corner Detection
174 Malciu, R. & Calbureanu Popescu, M. X.: Advanced Machining Technologies for Parts with Complex Walls
176 Mateia, N. A. & Cechin – Crista, P.: Aspects of Multidimensional Optimization
179 Dulcic, Z.: Strategic Managers’ Social Responsibility – the Croatian Case
182 Trifan, L.; Guica, R. I. & Micu, C.: Entrepreneurial Creativity and Innovation Management in Engineering
185 Hajdu, S.: Optimization of Suction Grippers Placement for Manipulation with Thin Circular Sheet Metal
187 Badida, M.; Dzoganova, Z. & Selecka, L.: The Software Prediction of Psychoacoustics Parameters
188 Badida, M.; Bartko, L.; Dzoganova, Z.; Kralikova, R. & Hricova, B.: Sandwich Absorbers and their Acoustic Properties
189 Badida, M.; Gombar, M.; Kmec, J. & Sobotova, L.: Statistical Eloxal Coating Microhardness Analysis
190 Svaco, M.; Basic, D.; Sekoranja, B. & Jerbic, B.: A Capacitive Sensor for Human-Robot Interaction
192 Buzoianu, D. – A. & Coloja, M. P.: Romanian National Action Plan for Environmental Protection – NAPEP
193 Piska, M. & Polzer, A.: On the Advanced PVD Coatings for Threading in Austenitic Steel
196 Sirb, V. – C. & Egri, A.: Modeling, Simulation and Control of the Slaughter Complex
198 Stojkic, Z. & Majstorovic, I.: Improving Business Organization through the Implementation of Integrated IS
199 Pospisilik, M. & Adamek, M.: Intercom for a Fire Brigade Truck
200 Bostina, A.; Bostina, A.; Acomi, N. & Doinea, G. R.: Inspection Procedure of Tanks and Void Spaces
208 Sorlescu, M.; Ivanescu, I. M. & Ivanescu, M. M.: World Economy Trends in the Present Post Crisis Enviroment
209 Jirincova, M. & Leicherova, V.: The Awareness of Diversity among the Czech Students and Graduates
212 Ljutic, S.; Zenzerovic, P. & Vrankic, M.: Device for Wireless Light Intensity Regulation with IR Protocol
213 Dragomirescu, C. G. & Iliescu, V.: Aspects of the Dynamics of the Manufacturing using Electro-Erosion Processes
215 Simionescu, M.: Alternative Assessment of the Entity’s Ability to Continue the Activity
216 Vartolomei, F. & Benea, I.: Simplified Algorithm for the Use of Mh-2 Current-Meter
217 Vilcans, J.; Torims, T. & Avisane, A.: Design of the Experimental Equipment to improve Stamping with Elastic Media
218 Cus, F.; Veza, I.; Paulic, M. & Irgolic, T.: Optimality Search and Advanced Regulation Method of NC Milling
219 Bolanca Mirkovic, I.; Majnaric, I. & Bolanca, S.: Ecological Sustainability of the Sheetfed Offset Printing
220 Herceg, T.; Skuflic, L. & Rkman, P.: Microeconomic Analysis of the Croatian Information and Communication Sector
221 Herceg, T.; Jakovic, B. & Rkman, P.: Total Factor Productivity in Croatian Computer Industry
223 Pintilie, G. & Albut, A.: Assessments Concerning the Durability of Thick-Walled Pipes obtained by Shrinkage
225 Besnea, D. & Spanu, A. R.: Mechatronic System used for Measuring the Wearing Milling Surface Out
227 Sremcev, N.; Cosic, I.; Suzic, N. & Stevanov, B.: Application of PLM Systems in Group Technology Approach
228 Parik, E. & Otto, T.: Monitoring of Energy Efficiency in Industrial Pneumatic Machines
230 Horman, I.; Sapcanin, A.; Azemovic, E. & Pazalja, M.: Nanomaterials in Surface Treatment of the Wood
232 Perutka, K.: Mathematical model of room occupancy
233 Kolarikova, M.; Kolarik, L. & Vondrous, P.: Welding of thin molybdenum sheets by EBW and GTAW
234 Judele, A. & Savin, C.: Studies and Researches about Formation of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Non-Newtonian Mixtures
236 Barhalescu, M. L.; Sabau, A. & Oanta, E.: Increasing Wear Resistance of the Superficial Microalloying Layers
237 Sabau, A.; Barhalescu, M. L. & Oanta, E.: Modeling of High-Pressure Fuel Injection Systems
238 Petrovici, M. C.: Message construction – a Prerequisite to Effective Didactic Communication
239 Kolarik, L.; Kolarikova, M.; Vondrous, P. & Hrabina, R.: The Choice of Parameters for Welding of Steel S355NL
242 Vondrous, P.; Kolarik, L. & Kolarikova, M.: Plasma Arc Welding of NiTi and 304 Steel
243 Tilich, D. S.: Energy consumption of Romanias’ development regions
244 Dinu, G. & Dinu, L.: The Impact of Advertising on Consumer Behavior in the Resita City Population
245 Egorova, O.: Environmental Management in the Engineering Enterprises
246 Nicolov, M. & Dolca, I.: Open Innovation in Practice – Case of Romania
248 Serban, R. & Calin, O. A.: Developing Production Strategies using Simulation Model Analysis
250 Nicolov, M. & Badulescu, A. D.: Different Types of Innovations Modeling
251 Chereches, C.; Toader, R.; Radulescu, C. M.; Zima, L. A. & Sabou, S.: Model Performance Appraisal in Forestry Units
252 Durkacova, M.; Lavin, J. & Karjust, K.: KPI Optimization for Product Development Process
253 Danciulescu, A. I.: Business Risks between Emerging and Mature Economies
254 Orcik, A.; Anisic, Z. & Cosic, I.: Collaboration and New Product Development in PLM Environment
255 Rasovic, N.; Kaljun, J. & Obad, M.: Intelligent Decision Support System for Adaptive Slicing in RPT Process
256 Achim, M. I. & Dragolea, L. – L.: The Importance of Quality Control in Firms’ Activity
257 Costescu, I. D.; Dumitrescu, C. D. & Duran, V.: The Influence of Outsourcing on Company Taxation
259 Chrebet, T.; Martinka, J.; Hrusovsky, I. & Balog, K.: Monitoring of Thermal Degradation of Fireproof Coating
260 Acomi, N. & Ghita, S.: Using Heat Treatment of Ballast Water for Killing Marine Microorganisms
264 Funaru, M.; Mihaila, L.; Pascu, M. & Andrioaia, D.: Rotary Index Table used on Multi-Axis Machining Centers
267 Cechurova, L.: Corruption in the Czech Republic in the View of Future Managers
268 Karabegovic, I. & Pasagic Skrinjar, J.: Service Robot Applications for Logistics
270 Stanciu, V. – V.; Barbu, C. & Barbu, N.: On-Line Audit
271 Bandic Glavas, M. & Majstorovic, V.: Future Virtual Project Management Development Trends
272 Vintila, G. & Nedelescu, D. M.: Analysis of the Prevailing Factors of the Enterprise Financing Structure
276 Zenzerovic, P.; Macuka, D. & Mijajlovic, D.: Remote Laboratories in Electronics Engineering Education