Proceedings of the 31st International DAAAM Virtual Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

21-24th October 2020, Hosted in Mostar, BiH

Volume 31, No.1, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-902734-29-7
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2020

*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now
000 Katalinic, B.: Preface
001 Andrlic, B.; Sostar, M. & Banozic, M.: Application of E-Processes in Tourism Marketing
002 Perutka, K. & Pavlusek, D.: New Teaching Aid for Teaching Multimedia Subject at Secondary Schools in Czech Republic
003 Saravanja, D. & Grbesic, M.: Vibration Testing for Assessing the Hydro Unit Condition in Different Operating Modes
004 Saravanja, D. & Bogdan, S.: Formation of a Dynamic Construction Model for Vibroacoustic Diagnostics
005 Kralikova, R.; Pinosova, M.; Koblasa, F.; Wessely, E. & Rusko, M.: Environmental and Health Impact of Paint Products
006 Kralikova, R.; Koblasa, F.; Wessely, E.; Pinosova, M. & Dzunova, L.: Opportunities of Energy Saving Lighting for Sustainable Development
007 Majstorovic, V. & Majstorovic, A.: Strategic and Cultural Dimension of the Management by Projects
008 Bulgakov, V.; Kuvachоv, V. & Olt, J.: Theory of Smoothness of Movement of Multiple-Axle Agricultural Combined Tractor-Implement Units
009 Cekic, A.; Muhamedagic, K.; Begic-Hajdarevic, D. & Djuzo, N.: Effect of Process Parameters on Dimensional Accuracy and Tensile Strength of FDM Printed Parts
010 Votrubec, R.: Communication Layer between Control Units within the Internet of Things
011 Crnokic, B.: Use of Artifical Neural Networks for Fusion of Infrared and Vision Sensors in a Mobile Robot Navigation System
012 Crnokic, B.; Pehar, F.; Spajic, J. & Bagaric, I.: STEM Classroom; Creating a Phyton Application for an EV3 Brick Robotic System Used to Transport 3D Printed Boxes
013 Shilin, D.; Shestov, D.; Ganin, P.; Grebenshchikov, N.; Novikov, A. & Moskvin, V.: Development of an Experimental Model of a Flow Meter-Batcher of Various Intensities
014 Dinu, G. & Dinu, L.: Using Internet as a Solution for sales in pandemic crisis: E-commerce
015 Bestvinova, V. & Markova, P.: Impact of Working Environment Factors on Employees in Selected Small Engineering Enterprises
016 Breido, I. & Saifulin, R.: Analysis of Starting Modes in Frequency Controlled Asynchronous Electric Drive for Mining Production Using Buffer Power
017 Iskakov, U.; Breido, J. & Sundet, G.: PLC-Based Adaptive Relay Protection System Implementation
018 Hajdarevic, S.; Obucina, M.; Busuladzic, I. & Ibrisevic, A.: Strength of Corner Tenon Joints Made from Thermo-Treated Wood
019 Mostarac, K.; Kavran, Z. & Piskovic, J. L.: Dropshipping Distribution Model in Supply Chain Management
020 Seremet, Z. & Mudnic, E.: Defining a Complex Workflow in a Resource Allocation Simulation for Mass Data Processing
021 Zaharinov, V.; Malakov, I.; Nikolov, S.; Dimitrova, R. & Stambolov, G.: Choosing an Optimal Size Range of Pneumatically Actuated Linear Modules for Sprayer Robots
022 Hodzic, D.; Pandzic, A.; Hajro, I. & Tasic, P.: Strain Rate Influence on Mechanical Characteristics of FDM 3D Printed Materials
023 Sobotova, L.; Badida, M. & Wessely, E.: Research of Laser Cleaning of Materials and Environmental Requirements
024 Matvej, E.; Moric, Z. & Papic, S.: Croatian Bank Security Analysis by Publicly Available Data
025 Dakic, V. & Ribaric, S.: Judicial and Technical Improvement of General Data Protection Regulation
026 Bicova, K.; Kroft, L. & Milsimerova, A.: A Contribution to the Capability of the Measuring Device Used in the Automotive
027 Melichar, M. & Skrivanova, N.: Foreign Object Damage Issued by Industry 4.0
028 Trstenjak, B. & Hrncic, M.: Mobile Application for Skin Cancer Risk Prediction Based on Embedded Convolution Neural Network Model
029 Chernus, P.; Sharovatov, V. & Chernus, P.: Mathematical Model of Proportional Spool Valve with Improved Temperature Dependence
030 Masic, A.; Pikula, B.; Haziabdic, V.; Mehuljic, M. & Bektesevic, J.: Evaluation of Face Mask Filtering Efficiency Using High-End Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer
031 Masic, A.; Bibic, D.; Kamenica, I.; Bektesevic, J.; Haziabdic, V. & Mehuljic, M.: Mobile Measurements of Black Carbon for Source Apportionment Studies
032 Masic, A.; Kepnik, G.; Bektesevic, J.; Mehuljic, M.; Saric, I. & Haziabdic, V.: The Network of Smart Sensors for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
033 Kubatova, D.: Problems of Defining and Subsequently Measuring Surface Roughness in Aperiodic Surfaces
034 Andreev, V.; Pletenev, P. & Eprikov, S.: Development of a Communication Protocol Specification for The Modrob-1 Modular Mobile Robot
035 Alekseev, A.; Efremov, V.; Lyadskiy, D. & Potekhin, V.: Technical Implementation of Individual Elements of the Digital Twin Concept
036 Potekhin, V. & Unal, O.: Development of Machine Learning Models to Determine Hand Gestures using EMG Signals
037 Ipatov, O.; Barinova, D.; Odinokaya, M.; Rubtsova, A. & Pyatnitsky, A.: The Impact of Digital Transformation Process of the Russian University
038 Khelemendik, R. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Contradictory Reasoning Connecting with the Problems of Intelligent Robotronics
039 Prskalo, H.; Trstenjak, J. & Brkic, D.: Smart Greenhouse Based on the Arduino Platform
040 Myasoedova, V.: Non-Chlorinated Materials Based on Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber Modified with Thermoplastic Elastomers
041 Stojkic, Z. & Bosnjak, I.: Application of xRM Framework for Digitalization of Workplace
042 Razic, F.; Ademovic, Z.; Burek, M. & Terzic, J.: Influence of Controlled and Uncontrolled Casting Conditions on TH-5 Explosive Density
043 Polak, R.; Lasova, V.; Bernardin, P.; Janda, P. & Svagr, M.: Development of Machine Monitoring System
044 Pandzic, A.; Hodzic, D.; Hajro, I. & Tasic, P.: Strength Properties of PLA Material Obtained by Different Models of FDM 3D Printer
045 Kroft, L.; Bicova, K. & Milsimerova, A.: Use of 3D Printing Technology in Teaching the Basics of Milling Technology
046 Ibrulj, J.; Obucina, M. & Dzaferovic, E.: Modeling of Viscoelastic Behavior of 3D Printed Polimeric Materials
047 Stepanova, D. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Optical Communication Terminal For Mobile Robots
048 Ilko, J.; Rusko, M.; Halper, C.; Majernik, M. & Majerník, S.: Flow Measurement on Hot Water Lines at Geothermal Power Plant Using Ultrasonic Method
049 Majernik, M.; Majerník, S.; Rusko, M.; Ilko, J.; Kollar, V. & Kralikova, R.: Management with Application of Financial Analysis in the Food Industry in Slovakia
050 Prochazka, J.; Prochazkova, D.; Rusko, M.; Majernik, M.; Kollar, V. & Ilko, J.: Impacts of Drinking Water Infrastructures Risks
051 Prochazkova, D.; Prochazka, J.; Rusko, M.; Kollar, V.; Majernik, M. & Ilko, J.: Safety Management of Complex Facilities
052 Prochazka, J.; Novobilsky, P.; Prochazkova, D.; Rusko, M.; Kollar, V. & Ferencz, V.: Urban Guided Transport Management Cyber Security
053 Elchinsky, V.; Kuzmin, A.; Popov, V. & Stazhkov, S.: Influence of the Design Parameters of the Piston Mechanism on the Dead Band of the Axial-Piston Hydraulic Machine
054 Andreev, V.; Kim, V. & Eprikov, S.: ModRob: the Hardware-Software Framework for Modular Mobile Robots Prototyping
055 Sunjic, D.; Buljan, S. & Gomes, E.: Technologies of High-Velocity Forming
056 Topic, A. & Knezovic, N.: Influence of Shielding Gas Mixture Type on Ultimate Tensile Strength of Laser-Welded Joints in Duplex Stainless Steel 2205
057 Knezovic, N.; Primorac, T. & Topic, A.: Adaption of the Pit Furnace for the New and the Shorter Nitrocarburizing Method in NH3+CO2 Mixture
058 Knezovic, N. & Topic, A.: Influence of Welding Parameters on Geometry and Microstructure of Laser-Welded Steels with Increased Carbon Content
059 Goluza, B. & Obad, M.: Numerical Modelling of Aluminium Extrusion and Comparison with Actual Profile Extrusion
060 Mach, V.; Adamek, M.; Drofova, I.; Blahova, M. & Valouch, J.: False Alarms of the Contact Glass-break Detectors Caused by the Multi-chamber Window
061 Ojstersek, R.; Palcic, I. & Buchmeister, B.: Simulation Modelling of Environmental and Economic Aspects in Manufacturing Systems
062 Tasic, P.; Hajro, I.; Hodzic, D. & Pandzic, A.: Prediction of Geometry of Pulsed GMAW Fillet Welded Joints of Structural Steels
063 Tasic, P.; Hajro, I.; Hodzic, D. & Pandzic, A.: Selection Charts for Structural Steels Regarding Design Criteria and Trending Properties
064 Akdogan, A.; Vanli, A. S. & Durakbasa, N.: Effect of Gating System Improvements on Product Quality in High Pressure Die Casting
065 Farsky, J.; Dana, M. & Zetkova, I.: Optimizing the Design of a Holder in Metal Additive Manufacturing
066 Bricin, D.; Votava, F.; Kubatova, D. & Kriz, A.: Influence of the Quality of Models Made by Additive Technologies on the Quality of Castings Cast by Investment Casting
067 Bricin, D.; Spirit, Z. & Kriz, A.: Influence of Boridation on Microstructure and Properties of Aluminium Alloy EN AW-2024
068 Musalek, M. & Adamek, M.: The Use of Virtual Reality Games as a Tool to Overcome Acrophobia
069 Muhamedagic, K.; Cekic, A. & Begic-Hajdarevic, D.: Experimental Investigation and Modelling of FDM Process Parameters for Tensile Strength Improvement Using RSM Method
070 Suleykin, A. & Panfilov, P.: On Big Data-Driven Digital Ecosystem Framework for Railway Reporting
071 Teskeredzic, A.; Blazevic, R. & Dzino, S.: Application of Air-Water Heat Pump in Refurbished Building with Existing Radiator System
072 Fernando J., N. C.; Gutierrez Rubert, S. C.; Lazaro, M. & Rossi, D.: Modal Analysis Applied to Electric Guitar Design Influence on Manufacturing Parameters
073 Sevcik, J.; Adamek, M. & Valouch, J.: Forensic Imaging of Glass Goblet Using Chalk and Sublimation Spray
074 Vichova, K.; Hromada, M.; Valasek, J. & Paulus, F.: Comparison Analysis the Use of Modern Technologies by Fire Rescue Service
075 Sahic, E.; Husika, A.; Zecevic, N. & Dzaferovic, E.: Techno-Economic Analysis Solar Energy Use for Sanitary Water Heating in Institute “Drin Fojnica”
076 Kovar, I.: Use of Virtual Reality for the Therapy of Children with Social Anxiety Disorder
077 Stefanovic, D.; Spasojevic, I.; Havzi, S.; Lolic, T. & Ristic, S.: Information Systems Success Models in the E-Learning Context : A Systematic Literature Review
078 Stefanovic, D.; Nikolic, D.; Dakic, D.; Spasojevic, I. & Ristic, S.: Static Code Analysis Tools: A Systematic Literature Review
079 Trzun, Z. & Vrdoljak, M.: Monte Carlo Simulation of Missile Trajectories Dispersion due to Imperfectly Manufactured Warhead
080 Gandreddi, J. P.; Gerins, E.; Kromanis, A. & Lungevics, J.: Technological Assurance of Surface Roughness in Pocket Milling
081 Botunac, I.; Panjkota, A. & Matetic, M.: The Effect of Feature Selection on the Performance of Long Short-Therm Memory Neural Network in Stock Market Predictions
082 Ibrisevic, A.; Obucina, M. & Hajdarevic, S.: Dimensional Stability and Shape Stability of Massive Board
083 Aneta, K.: Stability Measurement – Comparison of Measured Values with the Regenerative Theory of Self-Excitation Oscillations
084 Skrivanova, N. & Melichar, M.: Validation of Process Stability in the Aviation Industry
085 Blahova, M.; Mikulicova, M. & Hromada, M.: Utilization of Fractal Geometry Possibilities for Information Systems Security
086 Blahova, M.; Mach, V. & Valouch, J.: Predictive Control of Processes with Utilization of Artificial Intelligence Elements
087 Zatloukal, T.; Rehor, J.; Fulemova, J. & Povolny, M.: Optimization of the Machining Process of NiCrBSi Thermal Spraying
088 Barbora, K. & Hromada, M.: The use of RFID Technology in Hospital
089 Aryskin, A.; Grigorev, A.; Khelemendik, R.; Petrakov, M.; Pryanichnikov, V. & Tarasov, R.: System for Monitoring and Control in Industrial Technological Processes
090 Tegeltija, S.; Radovanovic, M.; Babic, M.; Stanojevic, M.; Ostojic, G. & Stankovski, S.: One Approach to the Detection of Illegal Occupation of Parking Spaces Reserved for Persons with Disabilities
091 Georgieva, T.; Pencheva, V.; Asenov, A.; Remzi, S. & Daskalov, P. I.: Graphical Tool for Hybrid Fuel Cell Modelling and Simulation
092 Denk, A. & Nikolic, H.: Gender Discrimination in Purchase and Sale in Croatian Construction
093 Kocijan, M.; Curkovic, L.; Radosevic, T. & Podlogar, M.: Preparation, Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite
094 Stoyanova-Marinova, M.: Expert Crisis Centre as a Mechanism of Support to the Enterprise Crisis Management
095 Raspudic, V.: Optimal Design of Laterally Unrestrained I-Beams Using Genetic Algorithm
096 Valjan, V. & Raspudic, V.: Stress and Fatigue Analysis of a Single Cylinder Engine Crankshaft
097 Leonhartsberger, M.; Lamprecht, M. & Bleicher, F.: Influence Parameters on Tool Deflections in Roll Forming
098 Softic, A.; Basic, H.; Lulic, H. & Nakic, A.: Application of the Lean Concept for Analysis and Optimization of the Automobile Filter Production Company
099 Ljubobratovic, D.; Guoxiang, Z.; Brkic Bakaric, M.; Jemric, T. & Matetic, M.: Predicting Peach Fruit Ripeness Using Explainable Machine Learning
100 Dvorak, V. & Elbarghthi, A. F.: Influence of Number and Thickness of Blades on the Performance of Centrifugal Fans
101 Korsakov, A.; Lopota, A. & Smirnova, E.: Object-Oriented Reconstruction of a Scene Using a Point Cloud
102 Reithner, I.; Papa, M.; Lueger, B.; Cato, M.; Hollerer, S. & Seemann, R.: Development and Implementation of a Secure Production Network
103 Barton Klufova, P. & Kriz, A.: Effects of Basalt on Corrosion Resistance of Composite Basalt-Copper Laser Cladding
104 Filaretov, V. F.; Konoplin, A.; Zuev, A. & Krasavin, N.: System of High-precision Movements Control of Underwater Manipulator
105 Budimir, V. & Maric, P.: Electric Load Modelling of the Power Transmission Lines and Comaprison with SCADA Measurements
106 Tinz, J. & Fiedler, U.: NC-Programming for Rolling Rotationally Asymmetrical Workpieces
107 Stojkic, Z.; Saravanja, L. & Bosnjak, I.: The Enchanting of Information Systems with Digital Technologies
108 Stojkic, Z.; Culjak, E. & Saravanja, L.: 3D Measurement – Comparison of CMM and 3D Scanner
109 Mandic, M. & Kraljevic, G.: Two-Layer Architecture of Telco Churn Auto-ML
110 Levin, A.; Vorotnikov, A.; Parfenov, V.; Hesuani, U.; Mironov, V. & Poduraev, Y.: A Robotic System for Hydrogel 3D Printing on Complex Surfaces
111 Colak, S.; Varevac, D. & Milicevic, I.: Materials that Improve the Shielding Efficiency from EM Radiation
112 Skobic, D.; Kraljevic, G. & Mandic, M.: Machine Learning Algorithms in the Profitability Analysis of Casco Insurance
113 Blazevic, A.; Bibic, D.; Trobradovic, M.; Filipovic, I. & Gebert, K.: Effective Reduction of NOx Emissions of Modern Medium Speed Diesel Engines
114 Trobradovic, M.; Blazevic, A.; Pikula, B. & Bibic, D.: Development of Simulation Model for Dry Clutch Engagement Analysis
115 Drofova, I.; Adamek, M. & Mach, V.: The 3D Scanning Image Quality of the Interior with the Mirror Surface
116 Sousedikova, L. & Adamek, M.: Formal Concept Analysis – The Popular Method of Data Analysis in Engineering
117 Sykora, J.: Additive Manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
118 Ramljak, I. & Bago, D.: Impact of PV Plant on Voltage Variations in Point of Common Coupling
119 Majstorovic, A. & Majstorovic, V.: Practical Application of Contemporary Project Management Software
120 Dzermansky, M. & Rak, J.: Software Support for the Integrated Rescue System
121 Bakula, M. & Kulusic, N.: Performance Analysis of a 50 Kw PV Plant in Tomislavgrad
122 Theiss, S.; Breuer, C. & Ullrich, J.: Potential of a Two-Stroke Direct Injection Engine
123 Pralas, A.: Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Distribution Network Transition to 20 kV Operating Voltage
124 Medjugorac, M.; Susac, S.; Maric, P. & Filipovic, T.: Importance of Energy Management in Buildings
125 Susac, S.; Medjugorac, M.; Maric, P.; Bevanda, I. & Bago, D.: Energy Management of Load with Several Energy Sources
126 Pavlovic, A.: Reduction of Electrical Energy Technical Losses by Switching from 10 kV zo 20 kV Operating Voltage in Distribution Networks
127 Corluka, N.; Glavina, J.; Arapovic, Z. & Marijanovic, M.: Power Flows and Short Circuit Calculations for 10 kV and 20 kV Operating Voltage of the Distribution Network
128 Glavina, J.; Corluka, N.; Arapovic, Z. & Marijanovic, M.: Comparison of Network Losses at 10 kV and 20 kV Operating Voltage of the Distribution Grid
129 Samuele, M.; Berte, S.; Lolli, F. & Butturi, M. A.: Application of the Quality Function Deployment Approach to the Optimization of an Enterprise Resource Planning software
130 Stavlic, K.: Comparative Analysis of the Presence of the New and Modern Technologies in Micro Enterprises
131 Kostic, A.; Timotic, V.; Sikalo, S. & Radovic, J.: Fitting the Spreading Diameter of a Glycerine Droplet Impact onto Horizontal Surfaces
132 Potnik Galic, K.: Strategic Cost Management Models
133 Fedoryshyn, R.; Matiko, F.; Pistun, O.; Brylynskyi, R. & Masniak, O.: Impulse Mode of Natural Gas Flow and Its Effect on Metering System Accuracy
134 Bodur, O.; Stepanek, V.; Walcher, E. M. & Durakbasa, N.: Precision in Additive Manufacturing, Optimization and Evaluation of the Accuracy of 3D Printer based on GPS System
135 Aryskin, A.; Davydov, O.; Eprikov, S.; Ksenzenko, A.; Pryanichnikov, V. & Punenkov, O.: Robotariums implementations witn the Elements of Artificial Intelligence Control
136 Plotnikov, A. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Mapping Algorithm, Simulating Lidar and Sonars on Mobile Robots