Proceedings of the 22nd International DAAAM Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

23-26th November 2011, Vienna, Austria

Volume 22, No.1, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-901509-83-4,
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2011

*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now
001 Celar, S.; Seremet, Z. & Turic, M.: Cloud Computing: Definition, Characteristics, Services and Models
004 Maric, I.: Excellence of Nonprofit Organization
006 Blecha, P. & Prostrednik, D.: Influence on the Failure Probability
007 Trnka, P.; Pihera, J.; Polansky, R.; Prosr, P. & Mentlik, V.: Transformer Insulation – Modifications in Liquid Part
008 Matulja, D. & Dejhalla, R.: Genetic Algorithm Optimization of a Ship’s Bulbous Bow
009 Vazan, P.; Kebisek, M.; Tanuska, P. & Jurovata, D.: The Data Warehouse Suggestion for Production System
011 Andreev, V. P. & Pryanichnikov, V. E.: Operation Environment of Mobile Robots with Supervision Control
014 Markovic, M.; Knego, N. & Vouk, M.: Impact of Technology on Development of Retail Services
016 Prosr, P.; Polansky, R. & Mentlik, V.: Infrared Spectroscopy of the Regenerated Mineral Insulating Oil
017 Park, H. S. & Park, J. W.: Application Method of Augmented Reality Including FEM to Manufacturing System
018 Park, H. S. & Le, N. T.: A 3D Simulation System for Mobile Harbourcrane Based on Virtual Prototyping Technology
019 Ravas, R. & Syrova, L.: Use of Improved Iterative Correction of Radial Distortion
020 Gusel, L.: Analysis of Elastic Recovery Phenomena in Bending Process
021 Kumicakova, D.: Approach to the Welding Cable Bundle 3D Modelling for Off-Line Programs Application
023 Macura, D.: Image of the Roughness Surface by the Integrals Curves
024 Kostic, A. & Velic, M.: A (2,3)-Pade Approximation of Secular Function of Toeplitz Matrix
025 Kostic, A.: Numerical Analysis of Secular Functions of a Real Symmetric Positive Definite Toeplitz Matrix
026 Kostic, A.: A Critical Review of Mises Method Applied to the Toeplitz Matrix
027 Kostic, A.: A New Strategy for Toeplitz Matrix
029 Neumann, P.; Adamek, M. & Skocik, P.: How Can V-I Characteristics Help in Counterfeit Component Detection
032 Cubonova, N.: Utilization of Genetic Alghoritms by the Tool Path Programming
033 Bal, C. & Bal, N.: Transmission of the Caloric Effects by the Oscilanting Waves
034 Popovici, D.; Jiga, G. – G. & Dinu, G.: Finite Element Analysis using Piezoelectric Transducers Modeling
038 Gheorghe, I. G.; Cirstoiu, C. A.; Istriteanu, S. – E. & Despa, V.: Intelligent Integrative Micro-Nano-Robotics
040 Pihera, J.; Mentlik, V. & Trnka, P.: Inductive Rotary Probe for Partial Discharge Diagnostics
044 Kostanjevec, T.: Development of New Product in the Fuzzy Front End Stage with Multi-Criteria Approach
045 Blaskovic, B.; Randic, M. & Dembitz, S.: Scenarios and Model Based Design
047 Runje, B. & Medic, S.: Measurement Uncertainty in Process of Line Scales Calibrating
048 Ruzarovsky, R.; Sebenova, S. & Velisek, K.: Design of the Sensory System In the Intelligent Assembly Cell
050 Albers, A.; Yu, X. & Sommer, H.: Effects of Initial Knowledge on Reinforcement Learning Based Control
051 Skocik, P.; Gona, S. & Kresalek, V.: Fullwave Modelling of Shielding Effectiveness of Metalized Textiles
052 Skocik, P. & Neumann, P.: Circuit Design for Measurement of Force in Biaxial Area
059 Piska, M. & Slany, M.: On the Reaming of Austenitic Steels with Coated Cermets
060 Boicea, A.; Capitanescu, I.; Radoi, C. D. & Petre, M. – R.: Video Metadata in Web Based Applications
062 Malina, J.; Masek, B. & Behulova, M.: Influence of the Surface Quality on the Stress State During Rotary Bending Test
063 Gordan, C. E.; Gordan, I. M. & Pop, P. A.: The Method Used for Building of Drill Cutter for Deep Hole Drilling
068 Perutka, K.: Multiple Model Feedback Control of Systems with Nonsmooth Nonlinearities
069 Perutka, K.: Distance Learning of MATLAB Programming
070 Mihailidis, A. K. & Pupaza, C.: Multicriteria Optimization of Planetary Systems
072 Pitel, J.; Neydorf, R. & Borzikova, J.: Arm Position Simulation of Pam Based Actuator
073 Kefer, M. & Kubinger, W.: Evaluation of Kinect Depth Sensor for Use in Mobile Robotics
074 Kolibal, Z. & Smetanova, A.: Contribution to Ergonomic Operating of Spring-Actuated Mechanism
075 Dragomirescu, C. G. & Iliescu, V.: Aspects of the Dynamics of Pneumatic Switches
077 Stanek, M.; Manas, M.; Manas, D.; Kyas, K.; Navratil, J. & Senkerik, V.: Injection Molding Process and its Optimization
079 Stanek, M.; Manas, D.; Manas, M.; Ovsik, M.; Skrobak, A. & Krumal, M.: Thermal Effects on Metals at Plasma Cutting
080 Zavec Pavlinic, D.; Balic, J. & Mekjavic, I.: Thermal Manikins as Effective Tools for Assessment of Thermal Comfort
081 Georgescu, L. E.; Dobrescu, T. G. & Iliescu, M.: The Training Optimization of Engineers for Manufacturing Systems
082 Hricova, B.; Nakatova, H. & Badida, M.: Principles of Design for the Life-Cycle
085 Vesely, L. & Pohl, L.: Possibility of Sensorless Control for IPMSM in Low Speed Range
086 Noskievicova, D.; Pauchova, A. & Kelblerova, M.: Analysis of Effective Implementation of SPC
088 Dolinay, V.; Vasek, V. & Pivnickova, L.: The Evaluation of Audiometric Result
090 Duris, R. & Labasova, E.: Determination of the Stress Concentration Factor Using FEM
091 Bolanca Mirkovic, I.; Majnaric, I. & Bolanca, Z.: Recycling of the Waste Paper and the Handsheets Forming
092 Bolanca Mirkovic, I.; Majnaric, I. & Bolanca, S.: Enviromental Sustainability and Graphic Production
094 David, O.; Osiceanu, S. & David, M. F.: How the Economic Crisis Affects the Companies Management
095 Kremljak, Z.: Qualitative Analysis of Project Risk
096 Monkova, K. & Monka, P.: Relationship of Surface Roughness and Machining Productivity
098 Buchman, I. & Ignaton, E.: The Chemical Resistance of an Ultra-High Performance Concrete
099 Tittel, V.; Zelenay, M. & Sobota, R.: Dies Geometry Influence in Wires Treatment in Ropery
100 Martinkovic, M.; Kapustova, M. & Kravarik, L.: Optimization and Verification of Warm Forging Temperature of Steel
102 Bucki, R. & Chramcov, B.: Conceptual Modeling of the Serial Logistic System
103 Pupavac, D.: The Analysis of Entrepreneurial Activity of Students of Professional Studies
104 Prodan, D.; Bucuresteanu, A. M. & Balan, E.: Heavy Machine-Tools: Modularized Hydraulic Installations
105 Skuflic, L.; Galetic, F. & Herceg, T.: The Role of Social Networks in Teaching of Economic Theory
106 Dusek, D.: Research of Mems Sensor Based on Mechanical Filter Bank
107 Novakovic, B.; Majetic, D.; Kasac, J. & Brezak, D.: Some Problems and Solutions in Nanorobot Control
108 Stamin, D.; Stamin, C.; Marinescu, M. & Buciu, C.: Object Correlation Based on Relation Density
112 Volkova, N. & Prokop, R.: Matrix Equation Approach for Mimo Control Design
113 Macura, A.; Missoni, E. & Makovic, B.: Quality of Service in Multimedia Computer Networks
114 Covo, P.; Grzan, M. & Covo, A.: Intelligent Robotic Systems in Surgery
119 Kapustova, M. & Martinkovic, M.: Plasticity and Workability of Aluminium Alloy at Warm Temperatures
120 Buransky, I.; Vaclav, S.; Pokorny, P. & Benovic, M.: Fundamental Facts About Manual Assembly Systems
121 Zuperl, U.; Cus, F. & Balic, J.: Real Time Control of Clamping in an Intelligent Fixturing System
124 Karic, E.; Sunje, A.; Pasic, M. & Bijelonja, I.: Corporation Financial Performances and Supervisory Board
125 Karic, E.; Vucijak, B.; Pasic, M. & Bijelonja, I.: Multicriteria Evaluation of Supervisory Boards Effectiveness
127 Filaretov, V. F.; Zhirabok, A. N.; Shumsky, A. Y. & Suvorov, A.: Robust Fault Diagnosis in Linear Systems
129 Vojtko, I. & Mikita, J.: Monitoring of Rheological Properties of Polypropylene
130 Vojtko, I. & Mikita, J.: Method of Projecting Modular Structures for Manufacturing Technology
134 Markova, P.; Prajova, V. & Salgovicova, J.: The Internet and Integrated Marketing Communications
135 Sysala, T. & Neumann, P.: The Real Equipment Models Laboratory and their Control Possibilities
136 Butala, P. & Oosthuizen, G.: A Sustainable Manufacturing Network Model for Socio-Economic Development
138 Catas, A. & Dubau, C.: On an Application of Neighborhood for a Class of Harmonic Univalent Functions
141 Birsan, I. G.; Roman, I.; Bria, V.; Ungureanu, V. & Circiumaru, A.: Starch – Epoxy Composites
142 Misak, S.; Prokop, L. & Kacor, P.: Small Smart House
143 Popa, D. M. & Nica Cotet, G. B.: Trust and Social Capital in the Virtual Organization
147 Cociu, N.; Taroata, A. & Taucean, I. M.: Possibilities to Optimise Scheduling Production
148 Topliceanu, L.; Bibire, L. & Ghenadi, A. S.: Research on the Power Loss in the Hydrostatic Valves
150 Micieta, B.; Dulina, L. & Smutna, M.: New Approach of Ergonomics Workplace Design
151 Kondratenko, Y. P. & Gordienko, E.: Neural Networks for Adaptive Control System of Caterpillar Turn
152 Palka, J.: Visualization of Overlapping of Scanned Areas at Mean Radiant Temperature Measurement
153 Perakovic, D.; Kuljanic, T. – M. & Musa, M.: XaaS Services as Modern Infrastructure of ITS
155 Kolosowski, M. & Chwastyk, P.: Cost of Activities in the Quality Cost Account
157 Livinti, P. T. & Stoleru, A.: Computerized Control and Monitoring of an Electric Driving System
159 Bijelonja, I.: A Numerical Method for Almost Incompressible Body Problem
160 Bijelonja, I.: A Finite Volume Method for a Geomechanics Problem
162 Hilma, E.; Mierlita, D. & Teusdea, A. C.: Fourier Correlation Analysis of GC-Spectra of Sheep Milk and Dairy
163 Bozek, P.; Ondriga, M. & Hrdlickova, Z.: Automation of Workplace Ergonomics Setting Based on Image Processing
164 Bozek, P. & Chmelikova, G.: Implementation of Robot Offline Programming
165 Bozek, P. & Suriansky, J.: Research Into the Utilization of an Inertial Navigation System in Robotics
169 Sugar, P.; Sugarova, J. & Kolnik, M.: A New Sheet Metal Parts Classification and Coding System
170 Obucina, M.; Smajic, S. & Skaljic, N.: Effect of Adhesive Strength of Bonded Area Surface
171 Ciupitu, L.; Brotac, S. & Ivanescu, N. A.: On the Controlling of the Coilers from a Metal Extrusion Press
172 Moroianu, C. & Iurea, N.: Numerical Determination Method of Crankshaft Neck Stresses of Marine Engines
174 Konieczny, R.: Robot Programming for Surface Scanning Based on Data from Photogrammetry
175 Poppeova, V.; Bulej, V. & Uricek, J.: Parallel Kinematic Structures and Their Innovative Applications
176 Hruska, F.: Aspects of Enlargement of the Photovoltaic System- DE10
180 Matusu, R. & Prokop, R.: Control of Temperature in Laboratory Model of Hot-Air Tunnel
181 Matusu, R.: Matlab Toolboxes for Fractional Order Control: An Overview
182 Matusu, R.: Regions of Stability for PID Controllers
183 Bujdei, C. & Moraru, S. – A.: A Design for a Network End Node, Based on Arduino and XBee
184 Pasalodos, D. & Domingo, R.: A Maturity Model for Quality Management to Increase the Organizational Knowledge
185 Pasalodos, D. & Domingo, R.: A Maturity Model for Quality Management to Improve the Manufacturing Results
188 Dragcevic, Z.; Kirin, S. & Saravanja, B.: A Method of Workplace Design for Sewing Operations
189 Harangus, D. & Duda – Daianu, D. C.: The Teamwork Abilities Versus Leadership
190 Pop, P. A.; Gordan, I. M. & Gordan, C. E.: Certain Applications of Frontal Gear Couplings
192 Macku, L.: Arrhenius Equation Parameters Identification from Temperature Profiles
193 Pasic, M.; Catovic, A.; Bijelonja, I. & Crnovrsanin, S.: Linear Programming Local Cost Nutrition Optimization Model
194 Mekjavic, I.: Structural Analysis of Concrete Spherical Shells
196 Dolinay, J.; Dostalek, P. & Vasek, V.: Graphical User Interface Simulators for Lessons of Real-Time Programming
198 Korbel, J. & Prokop, R.: Aperiodic Principle for Automatic Controller Tuning
199 Korbel, J.: Smith Predictor in Relay Autotuning
200 Popescu, D. & Parpala, R. C.: FEM Analysis of Pedicle Screw-Bone Interface for Different Insertion Directions
201 Simicevic, V.: Internet Sales Diffusion Determinants: Empirical Evidence From EU Countries
202 Grzan, M.; Covo, P. & Belak, B.: Radar Jamming Protection – Technical Solutions
204 Iltschev, V. I.: Parsing Table Structure and Algorithm for the LR(K) Parsing Method
205 Manas, D.; Stanek, M.; Manas, M.; Ovsik, M.; Pata, V. & Cerny, J.: Thermal Effects on Steels at Laser Cutting
207 Begic, D.; Bijelonja, I.; Kulenovic, M. & Cekic, A.: Numerical Simulation of the Laser Beam Drilling Process
208 Tekic, Z.; Cosic, I. & Katalinic, B.: Innovation and Knowledge Creation Mechanisms
209 Fedoryshyn, R.; Zagraj, V. & Pistun, Y.: Automation and Optimization of Coal Grinding by Means of Ball Mills
211 Macura, D.: Graphical Interpretations Functions of Several Variables for Using in the Technological Experiments
212 Navratil, M. & Kresalek, V.: Measurement of Very Small Electrical Capacity Changes Using Bridge Method
213 Kozina, M.: Applying the CMMI Model in Software Process Improvement
215 Hofreiter, M.: Estimating Soil Heat Flux at Surface Soil Layer
216 Rotaru, V. H.; Voicu, A. R. & Kalapis, F.: The Implications of Managerial Accounting in Strategic Management
217 Samek, D.: Rotation Speed Control of Milling Machine
218 Dobrescu, T. G.; Opran, C.; Jiga, G. – G. & Georgescu, L. E.: Polishing of Silicon Wafers
219 Dobrescu, T. G.; Nicolescu, A. F.; Pascu, N. & Dobre, D.: Flattening of Silicon Wafers
220 Vosniakos, G. C. & Karyotis, M.: Structural Improvement of Hydraulic Shearing Machine
221 Vosniakos, G. C.; Vassiliou, A. & Tsekouras, S.: Numerical Simulation of Sand Casting of an Aluminium Part
222 Cekic, A.; Kulenovic, M. & Begic, D.: Quality of Machined Surface During CO2 Laser Cutting of Alloy Steels
223 Cetin, L.; Baser, O.; Keskin, O. & Uyar, E.: Vision Based Control Algorithm for a Mobile Manipulator
226 Nikolic, G.; Cubric, G.; Gmaz, S. & Krajnovic, M.: Coordinate Multi-Valve
227 Pokorny, P. & Mahdalicek, P.: The Calculation Insolation of Houses
228 Danisova, N.; Sebenova, S. & Velisek, K.: Application of Sequence Diagram within Tool Change During Machining
229 Meciarova, J.: Expert System for Assessing Health Hazards of Metalworking Fluids
230 Matusova, M.; Hruskova, E. & Javorova, A.: Usage of Assembly and Intelligence in Flexible Assembly Cell
231 Jambor, J. & Majerik, J.: Improving the Processes of Auditing the Quality Management System
233 Dosedla, M. & Bradac, F.: Effective Machine Tool Costs Reduction Method
234 Momete, D. C.: Assessment of Sustainable Potential of Biomass
235 Cosoi, C. M.: Exploring the Role Played by Children and Tweens in Advertising Using Content Analysis
238 Kravarikova, H.: Simulation Models and Applications
239 Opran, C. & Dobrescu, T. G.: Temperature Behaviour at Drilling Biocomposite Polymeric
240 Pekar, L. & Kureckova, E.: Comparison of Transfer Function Rational Approximations for LTI-TDS
241 Pekar, L.: Nyquist Criterion for Systems with Distributed Delays
242 Stremy, M. & Bezak, T.: Power Spectrum of the Combined Dynamic Systems
243 Hadziahmetovic, H. & Dzaferovic, E.: Mixing Technology in Hydraulic Transport
244 Kucerova, M. & Lestyanszka Skurkova, K.: Factual Approach to Decision Making in Companies Slovak Republik
245 Luca, R.; Simion, C.; Troester, F. & Gall, R. M.: Image Processing for Autonomous Parking Procedures
246 Mlkva, M.; Paulova, I. & Ruskova, D.: The Level of Leadership in the Application of Quality Management
250 Saramet, O.; Toma Bianov, A. & Gabor, D. O.: Flexicurity – a Solution for Romanian Labour Crisis
251 Botezatu, N. A. & Stan, A.: Denial of Service Resistant MAC for Wireless Mesh Networks
252 Chwastyk, P. & Kolosowski, M.: Choice of Variant of Manufacturing Process with Estimation of Cost Production
253 Dumitru, N.; Baila, A.; Craciunoiu, N. & Malciu, R.: Dynamic Analysis of the Oil Rod Pumping System Mechanism
254 Katic, D.; Majstorovic, V. & Colak, I.: Performance Measurement Review
256 Suciu, M. – C. & Neagu, A. – M.: Policies Regarding Equal Opportunities in Education
258 Zovak, G.; Saric, Z. & Cop, A.: Conceptual Model for Structuring Traffic Accident Data
259 Srajer, V. & Kleinova, J.: Effective Manufacturing Layout as a Condition of Economy of Production
260 Cotoi, E.: The Conclusion of Electronic Contract
263 Hauserova, D.; Dlouhy, J.; Novy, Z. & Zrnik, J.: Accelerated Carbide Spheroidisation in 100Cr6 Steel
266 Karaulova, T.; Pribytkova, M.; Sahno, J. & Shevtshenko, E.: Design of Reliable Production Route System
268 Bulearca, M.; Serban, C. E.; Muscalu, M. – S.; Vasile, C. M. & Popescu, C.: Models for Market Structure
269 Kvas, M.; Valach, S. & Cervinka, L.: External Sdram Memory in FPGA Based Design
270 Simionescu, M.: National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation by 2013
274 Palka, J. & Palka, J.: OCR Systems Based on Neural Network
275 Skula, D.: A Simulator of the Human Head Rotation
276 Miller, A.; Bures, M. & Simon, M.: Proactive Approach During Desing and Optimization of Production System
277 Miller, A.; Kudrna, J. & Simon, M.: Proposal for a Joint Production Planning in Network Organizations
279 Aryassov, G.; Barashkova, T.; Gornostajev, D. & Petritshenko, A.: Development of the Improved Method of Grids
280 Cristescu, S. – A.: High Level Design of a Semantic Search Engine
281 Balic, J.; Ficko, M.; Salihu, A. H. & Gjelaj, A.: Optimization of Cutting Tool Path Generation Using Genetic Algorithm
282 Januska, M.: Communication in Virtual Enterprise Paradigm
288 Svrcek, D.: Determination of Input Parameters for the Design of a Rotor of Wind-Mill Motor
291 Popescu, C.; Varsami, A. E.; Hanzu – Pazara, R. & Acomi, N.: Port State Control as an Ideal System
295 Golemac, Z. & Loncar, I.: Main Structural Features of Croatian Banking
297 Tirian, G. O.: Fuzzy System for Control of a CNC Cutting Machine
298 Horalek, R. & Hlava, J.: Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Benchmark Drum Boiler
301 Seiler, S.; Ptasik, D. & Sell, R.: Remote and Virtual Labs in a Distance Learning Environment
302 Vilcans, J.; Torims, T.; Zarins, M. & Ratkus, A.: Experimental Analysis of the Rubber Pad Forming
303 Palka, P. & Pastuszkova, E.: Justification of Amts Using the Approach of Real Options
304 Votrubec, R.: Control of Active Sanitary Coach
305 Prskalo, M. & Colak, A.: Application of Finite Element Method in Pile Wall Modeling
309 Bortun, C. M. & Cernescu, A.: Multidisciplinary Evaluation of Complete Dentures Durability
311 Masek, B.; Hronek, P. & Stadler, C.: Analyses of Testing Stand for Radial Hydraulic Forging Machine
313 Valova, M. & Scuhanek, J.: Evaluation of Tribilogical Characteristics of Duplex Coated 31CrMoV9 Steel
314 Badea, M.; Moraru, S. – A. & Grigorescu, C. – M.: Automated Reserve Arming Control System for Power Supply
316 Kukushkin, I. K.; Katalinic, B.; Cesarec, P. & Kettler, R.: Reconfiguration in Self-Organizing Systems
317 Zima, D.: The Use of Modern Teaching Aids in Biology Classes in Primary Schools of Pozega-Slavonia County
318 Negru Strauti, G.; Maistor, S. – I.; Mocan, M. L. & Pugna, A. P.: Regional Competitiveness Evaluation in Romania
319 Macris, M.; Man, M.; Boca Rakos, I. S. & Gadau, L.: The Process of Forming Human Capital Owing to Education
321 Cep, R.; Janasek, A. & Petru, J.: Tungaloy Ceramic Cutting Tools at Interrupted Machining
322 Boca, G. D.: Taguchi Method for Robust Design in Quality Management
324 Mitu, D. – E. & Memet, F. S.: Considerations on Adopting R 404A Instead of R22 on Reefers
325 Babik, Z. & Dostal, P.: Hammerstein and Wiener Models in Modeling of Nonlinear Process
326 Babik, Z. & Dostal, P.: The Hammerstein and Wiener Models in Nonlinear Process Control
328 Palikova, K.: Creation Process of the Innovative Virtual Enterprise
329 Kurkin, O. & Bures, M.: Evaluation of Operational Times by MTM Methods in the Digital Factory Enviroment
330 Voicu, M. C.; Lammen, B. & Schmidt, R.: Active Vibrations Damping of Bending for Printing Roller
333 Gerlich, V. & Zalesak, M.: Elementary Benchmark of Comsol Multiphysics: Analytical Model Verification
335 Tiro, D. & Junuz, E.: Selection of the Best Software from Several Offered for a Particular Purpose
336 Dragolea, L. – L.; Achim, M. I. & Fleser, M.: Implementing of Quality Management in Banking Sector from Romania
338 Gutt, G.; Gutt, S.; Poroch – Seritan, M. & Gutt, A.: Complex Device for Water Analytic
342 Gutt, S.; Gutt, G.; Severin, T. – L.; Poroch – Seritan, M.; Mironeasa, S. & Oroianu, M. A.: Portable Hardness Tester
346 Majer, Z.: Numerical Modeling of Micro-Crack Propagation in Composites
347 Novosad, D. & Macku, L.: Two-Degree-Of-Freedom Control of a Semi-Batch Reactor Process
350 Nestorovic, T. & Struhar, V.: Designing a Personal Assistance Application Using Wizard of Oz Methodology
351 Pavlas, L.: Remote Controlling Electronic Devices by Internet
352 Sostar, M. & Devcic, A.: Macroeconomic Effects of EU Funding on Regional Development
354 Kacor, P.; Misak, S. & Prokop, L.: Modification of Construction Design of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
355 Cechova, L. & Simon, M.: Risk Management in View of the Product Lifecycle
356 Drimus, A. M. & Bilberg, A.: High Resolution Flexible Tactile Sensors
357 Marinescu, D. A. & Nicolescu, A. F.: Calculus Applications for Determining the Total Elastic Displacements of P-Joints
358 Svaco, M.; Sekoranja, B. & Jerbic, B.: Multiagent Robotic Collaborative Framework
360 Kyas, K.; Stanek, M.; Manas, M.; Manas, D.; Cerny, J. & Skrobak, A.: Non-Contact Method of Part Surface Scanning
363 Piscan, I.; Janssens, T. & Predincea, N.: Experimental Validation of FEM for Frictional Contacts
366 Rieciciarova, E. & Nanasi, T.: Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Asynchronous Motor
367 Rieciciarova, E. & Oravcova, J.: Experimental Assessment of Dynamic Efficiency of Spiroid Gears
368 Oravcova, J.; Javorova, A. & Rieciciarova, E.: Design of Active Parts in Clamping Mechanism
369 Gorner, T. & Simon, M.: Ergonomic Rationalization
370 Broum, T.; Kopecky, M. & Kleinova, J.: Enhancement of Stage-Gate Process by Value Analysis
371 Broum, T.; Dvorak, J. & Kleinova, J.: Value Optimization and Risks Elimination of Product
375 Hajdu, S.: Optimization of Suction Grippers Placement for Manipulation with Thin Square Sheet Metal
376 Bjorklund, K.: Crisis Management and HR Management: Overview of Important Studies and Researches
377 Vicikova, J. & Markova, P.: Comparison of the Using of Crm in Enterprises in Slovakia and Hungary
379 Babescu, M.; Bota, C. & Caruntu, B.: Maximization of the Energy of a Wind System with a Synchronous Generator
381 Sekulova, K. & Simon, M.: Risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Occupational Diseases
384 Duchek, M.; Tikal, F. & Bozik, M.: Optimization of Heat Treatment of Castings
385 Hernaus, T. & Kolar, N.: Differences in Job Characteristics Between Line and Staff Po-sitions
386 Urbanek, M.; Hronek, P. & Masek, B.: Nail Element as a Joining Feature Between High-Strength Tube and Sleeve
388 Malanik, D. & Jasek, R.: Multidimensional User Authentication
390 Dvorak, J. & Krotak, S.: Determination of Key Drivers Regarding to Costs of Technical Products
391 Halas, O.; Benes, L. & Minar, L.: Sawdust as a Filler to Alkali-Activated Fly-Ash:
392 Podrug, N.: A Critique of Anti-Management Theories’ Dominance
393 Brazdil, M.: Nonlinear Plant Identification Using Hammerstein Model
394 Fialka, J. & Uher, M.: Effect of Temperature Increasing to Curie Point on the Material Coefficients of PZT Ceramics
395 Katic, M.; Simunovic, V. & Barsic, G.: Modification of a Zeiss Gauge Block Interferometer
396 Filipovic, D.; Sapunar, I. & Sapunar, G.: Overview of Crucial Variables for M&A Success
397 Otahal, J. & Hruska, F.: Dynamic Identification of Circuit with Linear Optocoupler IL300
399 Otahal, J. & Hruska, F.: Possible Protections of Embeded Systems Inputs
400 Otahal, J. & Hruska, F.: The Reasons for Use and Description of the Circuit with Linear Optocoupler IL300
401 Hlavaty, I.: Solderabilty of High-Purity Aluminium with the Lead-Free Solders
402 Boudna, H. & Jasek, R.: Visual Aid to DE configuration for Kakuro Puzzle Solving
403 Achsan, H. T. Y.: Web Mining Based on User Profile and Preferences
406 Sivriu Doinea, G.; Bejan, R.; Mitu, D. & Bocanete, P.: Specific Facilities Plans for Ships Tanker
407 Popa, G. D.: Heterogeneous Database Integration Using Hibernate Mapping Files
408 Trifan, I.: Plagiarism Detection in a Multilingual Environment
409 Turna, M.; Sahul, M.; Ondruska, J. & Lokaj, J.: Electron Beam Welding of Copper to Stainless Steel
410 Turna, M.; Ondruska, J.; Sahul, M. & Turnova, Z.: Proposal of Welding Technology for Trimetal Production
412 Barsic, G.; Simunovic, V. & Katic, M.: Ensuring Measurement Unity in the Field of Dimensional Nanometrology
413 Necesal, L.; Lukas, L. & Jasek, R.: Measures for Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Czech Republik
414 Necesal, L. & Lukas, L.: Critical in frastructure Warning Information Network
415 Vesely, I.; Sir, M. & Zamecnik, D.: Quadrature Inductance Identification Using the Improve Frequency Analysis
416 Cip, P. & Horak, K.: Concept for Optical Mark Processing
419 Andrs, O. & Kovar, J.: Design of Scan Machine for Image Cataloging
421 Dobias, M. & Pivonka, P.: Algorithms for Practical Laboratory Models
422 Dokoupil, J.; Burlak, V. & Pivonka, P.: A Levenberg-Marquardt Method for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Design
424 Trifan, A. L.: Financial Time Series Forecasting Using Neuro Fuzzy Approach for the Bucharest Stock Exchange
425 Vesely, I. & Zamecnik, D.: Influence of Horizon Length of Model Predictive Control with Quadratic Criterium
429 Nastase, A. R.: Romanian Insurance Market Supervision
430 Cervinka, L. & Kvas, M.: Device for Calculate of Swabs
431 Florian, T.; Burian, F. & Zalud, L.: Control Unit for Humanoid Robot
435 Seckar, J. & Pokorny, P.: Application of Cellular Automata in 3D Environment Using MAXscript
436 Lut, D. M.: Vocational Training for Managers in Companies from Romanian Western Region
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820 Herman, V. & Petricevic, A.: Motivation of Workers as a Factor of Improving the Quality of Business