DAAAM International Scientific Book 2012

Vol. 11, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-901509-86-5
Editor: B. Katalinic, hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2012
DAAAM International Scientific Book (ISSN 1726-9687) is included in EBSCO and Gale Cengage bibliographic databases

000 Front Cover, Foreword and Contents
001 Komma, V. R.; Jain, P. K. & Mehta, N. K.: Simulation of AGV System – A Multi Agent Approach
002 Wessely, E.; Evin, E. & Tomas, M.: Prediction of Deformation Properties of Steel Sheets by Numerical Simulation
003 Stepien, K.; Janecki, D. & Adamczak, S.: On the Cylindricity Measurement by the V-Block Method
004 Lestan, Z.; Brezocnik, M.; Milfelner, M. & Balic, J.: Laser Cladding in the Tooling Industry
005 Palcic, I. & Buchmeister, B.: Project Success in Slovenian Companies
006 Sulovska, K.: Face Recognition Systems – Reliability and Credibility
007 Kremljak, Z. & Kafol, C.: Options, Uncertainty and Capability Development
008 Pistun, Y.; Zagraj, V.; Nykolyn, H. & Fedoryshyn, R.: Automation and Optimization of Coal Grinding by Means of Ball Mills
009 Hasan, F.; Jain, P. K. & Dinesh, K.: Throughput Model for Coupled Reconfigurable Product Line
010 Ocepek, M.; Berk, P.; Rakun, J.; Janzekovic, M. & Skorjanc, D.: Diurnal Variation of Ammonia Emission in Pig Fattening Facilitties
011 Vujica Herzog, N. & Buchmeister, B.: Lean Manufacturing in Slovenian Companies
012 Kafol, C.: Positioning of EU-15 Member States in Accordance with the Development Stage of Information Society and Allocated Funds from Structural Fund
013 Goyal, K. K.; Jain, P. K. & Jain, M.: Optimal Design of Reconfigurable Flow Lines
014 Vindis, P.; Lakota, M.; Berk, P. & Stajnko, D.: Energy Efficiency of Two Types of Greenhouses Heated by Biomass
015 Jadlovska, A.; Katalinic, B.; Hrubina, K.; Macurova, A. & Wessely, E.: Solution to the Problem Control of a Distributed Parameter Process
016 Godina, A. & Acko, B.: Calibration of Tape Measures with Small Measurement Uncertainty
017 Misra, J. P.; Jain, P. K. & Sevak, R.: Ech of Spur Gears – A Step Towards Commercialization
018 Madissoo, M.; Maksarov, V.; Arak, M. & Olt, J.: Dynamic Modeling of Metal Turning Elements of Mechanical Processing
019 Calleja, A.; Fernandez, A.; Rodriguez, A. & Lopez de Lacalle, L.N.: Virtual Simulation of Turn-Milling Operations in Multitasking Machines
020 Colak, A. & Prskalo, M.: Finite Element Method on the Example Analysis of the Construction Pit Safety
021 Gupta, A.; Jain, P. K. & Kumar, D.: Availability Modelling of Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
022 Dubovska, R.; Majerik, J. & Baska, I.: Experimental Measurement of Cutting Forces in the  Turning Technology
023 Holm, T.; Horn, S.; Lehmann, O. & Seidel, H.: Reference Model Based Design of Tool Landscapes for Rail Infrastructure Engineering
024 Jambor, J.: Quality of Production Process with CAD/CAM System Support
025 Burinskiene, A.: The Theoretical Link Between Trade and Productivity
026 Roessler, F.; Teich, T. & Franke, S.: Neural Networks for Smart Homes and Energy Efficiency
027 Berk, P.; Lakota, M.; Stajnko, D.; Vindis, P.; Ocepek, M. & Rakun, J.: Teleoperation of Servodrive Speed Control Using a Matlab/Simulink
028 Comanescu, A.; Comanescu, D. & Dugaesescu, I.: About the Bi-Mobile Planar Mechanisms Structural Design
029 Nunez Vega, A.-M.; Hugenschmidt, S. & Hofacker, W. C.: Numerical Simulation of the Convective Drying Process of Apple Slices
030 Stajnko, D.; Vindis, P. & Berk, P.:The Impact of Alternative Soil Tillage on Soil Resistance and CO2 Emissions
031 Rusko, M. & Kralikova, R.: Implementation of Environmental Management Systems in the Slovak Enterprises
032 Janzekovic, M.; Janzekovic, I.; Brus, M. & Mursec, B.: Quality of Raw Milk in Different Series of Milk Deliveries at Milk – Dispensers
033 Tasic, I.; Karuovic, D. & Glusac, D.: School Work Quality – School ETOS
034 Park, H. S. & Le, N. T.: A 3D Virtual Simulation System for Mobile Harbour Crane
035 Cep, R.; Janasek, A. & Petru, J.: Tungaloy Ceramic Cutting Tools at Interrupted Machining
036 Haramina, H.; Brabec, D. & Grgic, D.: Influence of Train Control System on Railway Track Capacity
037 Gheorghe, I. G.; Istriteanu, S.; Despa, V. & Constantinescu, A.: Scientific Strategies of Adaptronics
038 Kumar, A.; Jain, P. K. & Pathak, P.M.: Industrial Application of Point Cloud / STL Data for Reverse Engineering
039 Upadhyay, V.; Jain, P. K. & Mehta, N. K.: Minimum Quantity Lubrication Assisted Turning – An Overview
040 Letunov, A.; Barladian, B.; Galaktionov,V.; Ershov, S.; Voloboy, A. & Zueva, E.: Device for Measuring BDF – Spatial – Spectral Light – Scattering Properties of Surfaces
041 Kokla, M.: Designing an Intelligent Manufacturing System Based on the Concept of MES
042 Andrejiova, M.; Kralikova, R.; Wessely, E. & Sokolova, H.: Assessment of the Microclimate in the Work Environment
043 Rakun, J.; Berk, P.; Stajnko, D.; Ocepek, M. & Lakota, M.: Digital Image Processing Approach to Fingerprint Authentication
044 Park, H. S. & Park, J. W.: Development of a Software Based Calibration System for Automobile Assembly System Oriented AR
045 Kralikova, R.; Rusko, M. & Wessely, E.: Framework for Applying Six Sigma Methods within Environmental Management
046 Gastermann, B. C.; Stopper, M. & Katalinic, B.: Adapting CONWIP Characteristics for Conventional Production Planning
047 Duranik, T.; Ruzbarsky, J. & Stopper, M.: Using VSM Method to Increase Value Creation in Manual Production System
048 Kopecek, P.: Heuristic Approach to Job Shop Scheduling
049 Fenollera, M.; Lorenzo, J.; Goicoeceha, I. & Badoui, A.: Interdisciplinary Team Teaching
050 Jevsnik, S.; Pilar, T.; Stjepanovic, Z. & Rudolf, A.: Virtual Prototyping of Garments and Their Fit to the Body
051 Goicoechea, I. & Fenollera, M.: Quality Management in the Automotive Industry
052 Kapustova, M. & Martinkovic, M.: Plasticity and Workability of Aluminium Alloy at Warm
053 Pinzon, R.; Lascano, S. & Maury-Ramirez, H.: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly and CAE Tools – The Case of a Rice Husker
054 Pavelin, G.: Website Analysis of Croatian Archives – Possibilities and Limits in Archive Use