DAAAM International Scientific Book 2014

Vol. 13, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-901509-98-8
Editor: B. Katalinic hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2014
DAAAM International Scientific Book (ISSN 1726-9687) is included in EBSCO and Gale Cengage bibliographic databases

000 Front Cover, Foreword and Contents
001 Gheorghe, G.; Voicu, A. C.; Ilie, I.; Gornoava, V. & Anghel, C.: Intelligent Adaptronics for Mems and Nems
002 Palcic, I.; Koren, R. & Buchmeister, B.: Technical and Organisational Innovation in Slovenian Manufacturing Companies
003 Jadlovska, A.; Katalinic, B.; Hrubina, K. & Wessely, E.: The Theory of Processes Optimal Control and Operator Equations
004 Salopek Cubric, I. & Skenderi, Z.: Design of Yarn Properties for Improved Fabric Performance
005 Rados, B.: Development of a New Tourist Destination by Building a New Railway Infrastructure
006 Kremljak, Z. & Hocevar, M.: Restructuring a Production Company Into a Production Logistics Centre
007 Likaj, R.; Shala, A.; Bruqi, M. & Bajrami, X.: Optimal Design and Analysis of Vehicle Suspension System
008 Vujica Herzog, N. & Buchmeister, B.: Ergonomic Workplace Design in the Clothing Shop
009 Vindis, P.; Stajnko, D. & Lakota, M.: Options for Reduction of Maize Silage in Biogas Plant Drazenci
010 Pardanjac, M.; Eleven, E. & Kaurovic, D.: Increase of User Motivation in Teaching Realized Through Distance Learning
011 Letunic, S. & Dragicevic, M.: Importance of Non-Economic Factors for Economics
012 Janzekovic, M.; Rozman, C.; Pazek, K. & Pevec, P.: Mathematical Model for Balancing Feed Rations in Dairy Cows
013 Opran, C. G.; Pricop, M. & Teodoru, C.: Embedded Engineering for Low Noise Gear Pumps
014 Stajnko, D.; Berk, P.; Vindis, P. & Lakota, M.: Determination of the Gas Composition in the Pre-Fattening Facility for Piglets
015 Kurtuhuz, A. M.; Salisteanu, C.; Udroiu, I.; Petrescu, M.; Salisteanu, A. M. & Udroiu, F.: Managerial Communication- the Main Approach of Managerial Behaviour
016 Kurtuhuz, A. M.; Salisteanu, C.; Udroiu, I.; Petrescu, M.; Issa, C. & Udroiu, F.: The New Organisation Based on Knowledge and Communication
017 Berk, P.; Rakun, J.; Vindis, P.; Lakota, M. & Stajnko, D.: System for Continuous Control of the Plant Protection Product
018 Plazibat, I.; Peronja, I. & Veza, I.: Connection Between Strategic Alliance Value and the Controlling Potential of the Management of All the Alliance Members
019 Pathak, S.; Jain, N. & Palani, I. A.: Improving Surface Quality of Bevel Gears by Pulsed-Ech Process
020 Jhavar, S. & Jain, N.: Development of Micro-Plasma Wire Deposition Process for Layered Manufacturing
021 Bendekovic, J.; Simonic, T. & Naletina, D.: Importance of Marketing Strategy for Achievement of Competitive Advantage of Croatian Road Transporters
022 Bendekovic, J.; Rogozar, Z. & Naletina, D.: The Role and Importance of Intermodal Transport in Croatia for EU Countries
023 Kafol, C.: Multi-Layer Project Cycle Management Model for Complex Projects
024 Hasan, F.; Jain, P. K. & Dinesh, K.: Performance Issues in Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
025 Polzer, A.; Piska, M. & Dufkova, K.: On the Modern Cnc Milling With a Compensation of Cutting Tools Deflections
026 Pavelin, G. & Mlinac, F.: Creating a Public Image of Croatian Public Libraries in Web 2.0 Environment
027 Park, H. & Tuladhar, U. M.: Development of a Quality Inspection System Using Laser Based Scanner
028 Micieta, B. & Binasova, V.: Methodology of Implementation Energy Efficiency in Mamufacturing
029 Singh, H. & Jain, P. K.: The Current Issues and Challenges of Product Recovery of Mating Surfaces
030 Mittal, K. K. & Jain, P. K.: Responsiveness Measurement of Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
031 Comanescu, A.; Comanescu, D.; Dugaesescu, I. & Ungureanu, L.: Optimal Solutions for Inverse Structural Models of Bimobile Systems
032 Lukasik, P. & Sysel, M.: Distribution of Tasks in the Grid, Tool to Optimize Load
033 Kolakovic, M.; Sisek, B. & Turuk, M.: Business Dynamics and Firm Survival in European Post-Transition Economies
034 Mihai, D.; Mudura, R.; Teodorescu, R. & Ilinca, L.: Modern Technologies Used in Data Updating for a School Farm Modernization
035 Betakova, J.; Hrazdilova Bockova, K. & Skoda, M.: Fair Value Usefulness in Financial Statements
036 Betakova, J.; Lorko, M. & Skoda, M.: The Progressive Approaches and Risks in Evaluating the Development Potential of the Area
037 Konecki, M.: Problems in Programming Education and Means of Their Improvement
038 Delic, M. & Knezevic, B.: Development of Shopping Centers in Central and Southeastern Europe
039 Guban, A.; Mezei, Z. & Sandor, A.: Service Processes as Logistic Workflows
040 Rebrin, O. & Sholina, I.: Features of the Modern Educational Environment for Engineers
041 Micieta, B.; Jancusova, M.; Macek, P. & Durica, J.: Designing Measuring Equipment and Camera Systems in Manufacturing
042 Cisar, P.; Maravic Cisar, S. & Bosnjak, S.: Cybercrime and Digital Forensics – Technologies and Approaches
043 Niine, T. & Koppel, O.: Competence in Logistics – Designing a Meta-Model of Logistics Knowledge Areas
044 Maheshwari, S. & Jain, P. K.: Supply Chain Management – Review on Risk Management From Supplier’S Perspective
045 Rathore, N. & Jain, P. K.: Reverse Engineering Applications in Manufacturing Industries: an Overview
046 Azarov, V. & Chekmarev, A.: Conflict Analysis for Project and Maturity Management
047 Azarov, V.; Grachev, N. & Tikhonov, A.: The Role of the Electronic Journal in Raising the Effectivenees and Quality of the Education and Scientific Research Process
048 Gudkov, Y.: Fiber-Optic Sensor for Monitoring Synchronicity of Actuators
049 Korolev, D.: Object-Oriented Approach to Video Editing and Broadcasting to the Internet
050 Semjon, J.; Varga, J. & Tuleja, P.: Comparing the Parameters of Positioning Actuators Used for Robots
051 Uvaysov, S.; Ivanov, I.; Tikhonov, A. & Abrameshin, A.: Definition of a Set of Diagnostic Features at a Given Depth and Completeness of Testing Electronic
052 Steigmann, R. & Savin, A.: Advanced Sensor for Enhancement of Electromagnetic Imaging of Impacted Carbon Fibers-Pps Composites