DAAAM International Scientific Book 2019

Vol. 18, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-902734-24-2
Editor: B. Katalinic hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2019
DAAAM International Scientific Book (ISSN 1726-9687) is included in EBSCO and Gale Cengage bibliographic databases

000 Front Cover, Foreword and Contents
001 Ljubojev, N.; Glusac, D. & Radosav, D.: Preconditions of Digital Violence at Primary Schools
002 Stajnko, D.; Rakun, J.; Lakota, M.; Vindis, P. & Berk, P.: Development of Intelligent Automated System for Plant Protection Product Control in Orchards Based on Fuzzy Logic
003 Gusel, L.: Experimental Research of Influential Parameters on Springback in Bending of Stainless Steel
004 Benito, P.; Gonzalez Gaya, C. & Sebastian, M. A.: Thermal Industrial Comfort Analysis According to Different Regulations
005 Serdarevic-Kadic, S. & Terzic, J.: Preliminary Design Method for Base Bleed Unit
006 Serdarevic-Kadic, S. & Terzic, J.: Effects of Base Shape to Drag at Transonic and Supersonic Speeds by CFD
007 Buchmeister, B.; Palcic, I. & Ojstersek, R.: Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Companies and Broader: An Overview
008 Pracek, S.: Inertial Forces in Yarn
009 Mergedus, A.; Vrzel, M.; Bunevski, G.; Brus, M. & Janzekovic, M.: Introduction of Automatic Milking and its Effect on Milk Production
010 Rouniyar, A. K. & Shandilya, P.: Study on Powder Mixed Elecrtical Discharge Machining Process: A Review
011 Panayotova, T. & Dimitrova, K.: A Strategic Vision for Development of Flexible Industrial Enterprise
012 Vujica Herzog, N.; Buchmeister, B. & Harih, G.: Ergonomic Workplace Design for Workers with Disabilities
013 Belsak, A. & Hirz, M.: Torsional Vibration of Multi-Plate Clutches Analaysed with Hybrid Method
014 Lapkova, D. & Jenckova, K.: Comparison of Modus Operandi of Terrorist’s Attacks – Vehicle-Ramming Attack and Firearm Attack
015 Lapkova, D. & Kralik, L.: Change of Soft Target’s Resilience in Time – Case Study
016 Lapkova, D. & Jenckova, K.: Determining of Soft Target’s Vulnerability
017 Clinciu, M. & Ciunel, S.: The Biofidelic Behaviour of a Cranio-Cervical Spine System in Side Impact Collisions
018 Mach, V.; Kotkova, B. & Hromada, M.: Detection and Recognition of People by Camera – Reliability and Use
019 Dimitrov, Y. & Kamenov, K.: Specific Opportunities Through CAD Systems for Profiling a Real Involute Curves of a Spur Gear
020 Vozar, M.; Patoprsty, B.; Vopat, T. & Peterka, J.: Overview of Methods of Cutting Edge Preparation
021 Sallauka, A. & Likaj, R.: Performance of Dijkstra, Floyd and Astar Algorithms for Urban Transport Lines
022 Hristova, V.: Use of Visual Control Methods to Improve the Quality of Production Output in a Metalworking Enterprice
023 Curuia, N.; Stoian, M. & Chiscop, F.: Replacing Human Resources with Artificial Intelligence – Acceptance or Denial?
024 Blahova, M. & Zimek, O.: Protection of Places with High Concentration of People: Metro
025 Blahova, M. & Pavlik, L.: Trends in Terrorism and Crisis Management
026 Blahova, M. & Kotkova, B.: Safety Assessment of Persons and Property at the Bus Station
027 Svoboda, J. & Lukas, L.: Sources of Threats and Threats in the Cyber Security
028 Stepanova, D. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Requirements Optimization for Small Satellite Optical Communications
029 Pryanichnikov, V.; Davydov, O.; Khelemendik, R.; Kharin, K. & Kuvshinov, S.: Intelligent Robotronics – Solving Logical Problems in Robotics
030 Shipovalov, E. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Automated Mission Planning for Mobile Robots Using Embedded Gpu
031 Chernyshev, V.; Ksenzenko, A.; Nechaev, A.; Petrakov, M. & Pryanichnikov, V.: The Development of Service and Underwater Robots, Using Network and 3D-Vision Technologies
032 Pryanichnikov, V.; Prysev, E.; Eprikov, S. & Punenkov, O.: Service Robot Control and Wireless Network Construction
033 Aryskin, A. A.; Bogdanovich, A.; Davydov, O.; Khelemendik, R.; Petrakov, M. & Pryanichnikov, V.: Control and Interaction Algorithms for Industrial and Service Robots
034 Golubev, Y. & Melkumova, E. V.: Manipulator Operating with the Two-finger Grip for Fragile Cylinders
035 Golubev, Y. & Melkumova, E. V.: Manipulator Operating with the Tree-finger Grip for Fragile Cylinders