Welcome to the 33rd DAAAM International Symposium - Virtual Online Edition, hosted by Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, EU

which will take place between 27th-28th October 2022, organized under auspices of Danube Rectors´ Conference

Organised by
DAAAM International Vienna & Vienna University of Technology 

University of Mostar, Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects – ÖIAV 1848, International Academy of Engineering – Central European Branch (IAE -CEB), University of Applied Sciences –Technikum Wien

Final Call for Papers Deadline: 2022-10-19

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The 33rd DAAAM International Symposium Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation: Digitalisation as a new development wave

The 16th European DAAAM International Young Researchers´ and Scientists´ Conference

The main objective of the Symposium is to provide a World forum which annually takes place in Central Europe to exchange knowledge, experience, results and information related to various aspects of advanced manufacturing and modern automation.

DAAAM International Symposium covers all aspects of design, production, manufacturing, exploiting and maintenance of technical products, and all aspects of development and use of industrial and service automation.

The scope of the Symposium covers scientific, technological and practical concepts concerning research, development and realization of advanced manufacturing automation and networking concepts, offering a unique opportunity for experts to meet and exchange ideas.

Young researchers and scientists are the future of science and technology and the only hope of our technology based civilization. Globalization accelerates all kinds of processes in modern world. Efficient education, preparation and introduction of young people in these processes is crucial for survival and success on the global market of goods, knowledge and ideas.

Introduction of young people to science and research includes following personal development processes: from learning to doing, from theory to practice, from university to industry, from analysis to synthesis, from local acting to international research and scientific scene. DAAAM International recognized the need and decided to found a permanent platform in form of international conference for support and international promotion of young researchers, scientists, and their supervisors from academia and industry to present and discuss about their research projects and results.

  • Encouraging young researchers and scientists in their carrier
  • Supporting and accelerating their personal development to become high quality recognized researchers
  • Introducing them to the international scientific network
  • Breaking local isolation and opening the door to the international scene
  • Learning from older colleagues outside of the team, and to meet same age colleagues from other institutions and other fields
  • Open first possibilities to start building own international network
  • Supporting supervisors and project leaders and give them possibilities to exchange experiences with international colleagues
  • Giving possibilities to Universities to present their projects and final thesiss
  • Giving possibilities to companies to present new products, developments and projects
FESTO Young Researchers and Scientists Support Scholarship

Since 2007, concern Festo, by the courtesy of Dr. Wilfried Stoll awards support scholarships to excellent young researchers and scientists to present their own research results at DAAAM International Symposiums “Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation”.

This scholarship covers conference fee, accommodation and (partly) travel expenses. Conditions for wining this scholarship are: candidate must come to the conference / must present own research results / must have high quality research and presentation / candidates have to come from different countries.

The winners are getting a special “Festo Prize” certificate. The awards are made at the closing award ceremony, and are given by a high representative of concern Festo, Mr Jörg Naumburger, General Director TCI Member of FESTO Austria – at the Closing Ceremony of the Symposium.