DAAAM International Scientific Book 2016

Vol. 15, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-902734-09-9
Editor: B. Katalinic hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2016
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000 Front Cover, Foreword and Contents
001 Eliseev, A.: If it Is Not Too Late: Let’S Preserve Our Planet for the Next Generations
002 Palcic, I. & Buchmeister, B.: Energy Efficiency in Slovenian Manufacturing Industry
003 Kremljak, Z. & Hocevar, M.: Stochastic Planning – Forecasting Sales and Profits in the Production System
004 Janzekovic, M. & Mergedus, A.: From Conceptual Idea to Construction of New Free Stall for Dairy Cows Using Autodesk Autocad Program
005 Stajnko, D.; Berk, P.; Vindis, P. & Lakota, M.: Decreasing Impact of Tomato Production by Introducing Renewable Energy
006 Berk, P.; Stajnko, D.; Lakota, M. & Belsak, A.: Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Tree Canopy for Assessment of Leafs
007 Lepej, P.; Lakota, M. & Rakun, J.: Simultanious Localization, Maping and Scene Reconstruction
008 Akhavei, F. & Kreuzer, P.: An Approach to Increase the Agility in Single-Item Production Systems
009 Kafol, C. & Hocevar, M.: Consolidation on Small Telecommunication Market
010 Teich, T.; Junghans, S.; Kretz, D. & Trommer, M.: Non-Hierarchical Services Networks, Steered by Competence Cells
011 Konecki, M. & Sunnes, M.: Representation of Graphical Images for the Visually Impaired
012 Rogobete, M. & Dumitrascu, M.: Artificial Intelligence in Optimal Repartition of the Reactive Power
013 Verma, S.; Gupta, M. & Misra, J. P.: Friction Stir Welding of Aerospace Materials: a State of Art Review
014 Colak, I.: The Reconstruction of the Old Bridge in Mostar
015 Zanic Mikulicic, J.: Effective Learning of Language Functions in M.E.
016 Omelchak, A.; Fecak, S. & Idrisova, U.: Dynamic Processes in a Мachine-Tool at High-Speed Machining
017 Omazic, M. A.: Csr as a Prerequisite of Consumer Behavior in a Transitional Economy
018 C. Lipus, L.; Budzyn, G.; Rzepka, J. & Acko, B.: Calibration Capability With Laser Frequency Standard
019 Kelc, D.; Lakota, M. & Vindis, P.: Mesurments of Sugars in Leaves on Apple Trees
020 Vindis, P.; Stajnko, D.; Lakota, M. & Kelc, D.: Ecological Footprint of the Production of Rapeseed
021 Georgiev, K.; Panayotova, T. & Georgieva, P.: Cross- Model for Creativity Strategic Management
022 Kuzmin, A.; Popov, V. & Stazhkov, S.: Rotation Transmission Device in High Ambient Hydrostatic Pressure Conditions.
023 Singh, B. & Misra, J. P.: A Critical Review of Wire Electric Discharge Machining
024 Herzog, N. V. & Buchmeister, B.: The Influence of Protective Equipment on Human Movements and Overloading
025 Kumar Mittal, K. & Rao, P. S.: Lean Philosophy:Implementation in Automobile Company
026 Rao, P. S.; Jain, P. K. & Dwivedi, D. K.: Electro Chemical Honing (Ech) – a New Paradigm in Hybrid Machining Process
027 Szuhanek, C. & Grigore, A.: Vacuumformed Thermoplastic Aligners in Orthodontics
028 Szuhanek, C. & Popa, A.: Mini-Implants in Orthodontics
029 Horja, I. M. & Vancea, S.: Companies Merger – an Important Fact of Reorganization
030 Cavusoglu, I.; Walcher, E. M.; Ugur Tuncer, G. & Durakbasa, N.: Effects of the Fiber Percentage Rate of the Gfpr Composits
031 Vancea, S. & Horja, I. M.: Aspects Regarding Option Trading and the Role of the Clearing House in This Process
032 Alashkevich, M.; Bobryakov, A.; Klimenko, A.; Stefantsov, A. & Shcherbakov, D.: Information Support for the Financial Activity of Public Institutions
033 Borocki, J.; Djakovic, V.; Buncic, S. & Buncic, S.: Analysis of Innovation Factors at Joint Stock Companies on Emerging Markets Applying Strategic Planning Model
034 Breido, I.; Sivyakova, G. & Gurushkin, A.: The Modernization of the Multimotor Electric Drives
035 Perakovic, D.; Matulic, I. & Musa, M.: Its Solution in Railway Signalization, Control and Traffic Management
036 Pavelin, G.: Croatian Archives, Libraries and Museums in Online Edition of Daily Newspapers
037 Rusko, M.; Kralikova, R.; Mikulova, M. & Ilko, J.: Labeling of Products From the Context of Environment, Quality and Safety
038 Paulova, I.; Vanova, J. & Doza, P.: Standard of Fulfilment of Requirements in the Application of Tqm in Slovak Republic