Abstract Template

All authors have to submit an abstract for suitability check. Based on the abstract suitability results, download the appropriate official DAAAM 2022 template.

DAAAM Symposium Paper

Symposium papers (Type “a” and “b” ). These papers have to be presented at the 33rd DAAAM Online Conference hosted in Vienna. This format accepts only specialized topics (See “Topics“). 

Chapter in DAAAM SC Book

DAAAM Scientific Book chapters (Type “e”). Book chapters are NOT presented at the 33rd DAAAM Conference. This format accepts a broader scope of topics.

More information about types of publication at DAAAM

DAAAM Symposium Papers
Proceedings of DAAAM Symposiums on Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation provides an international forum for engineers, scientists and industrial managers to present and discuss the current status and impact of advanced manufacturing and automation. Proceedings are a result of DAAAM Symposiums, where authors have to present their papers. Paper structure is strict and writing style needs to be precise and within the selected topic.

All accepted Symposium papers will be cross-referenced and over CrossRef they will be permanently accessible on the Internet, for free of charge download.
Curran Proceedings – New York http://www.proceedings.com/ will publish book form of the proceedings. Proceedings will be sent to the evaluation for indexing in all relevant databases (Scopus, Compendex).

Chapter in DAAAM Scientific Book
DAAAM Scientific Book allows to present own actual (international) research projects, recent results, and technical solutions. It is a open series for publishing of the most resent research results and international projects from all technical fields and scientific disciplines which are in the field of interest of DAAAM International. Scientific Book chapters are not presented at DAAAM Symposiums. This format allows a broader scope of topics and authors are not restricted with page numbers per chapter (max 18. pages but we can allocate more if needed).

Since 2006, DAAAM International is a member of CrossRef. DOI Suffix of DAAAM International is: 10.2507

Abstracts of all contributions published in DAAAM International Scientific Book since 2006 are crossreferenced and permanently available on the Internet!

Since 2009, DAAAM International Scientific Book (ISSN 1726-9687) is included in the EBSCO bibliographic database.