DAAAM International Scientific Book 2008

Vol. 7, ISSN 1726-9687, ISBN: 978-3-901509-66-7
Editor: B. Katalinic, hard cover, Publisher DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna, 2008

001 Agic, A. & Filipan, V.: Multiscale Modelling in Materials Science
002 Avellis, M.; Cimolin, V.; Piccinini, L.; Cazzaniga, A.; Turconi, A.C.; Crivellini, M. & Galli, M.: Dynamic VS Rigid Seat System in Cerebral Palsy: Quantitative Comparison
003 Berger, D.; Bleicher, F.; Dorn, C. & Puschitz, F.: Optimised Machining of Fibre Reinforced Material
004 Bilek, O. & Lukovics, I.: Experimental Simulation of Heat and Stress Formation for Surface Grinding
005 Blaga, V.; Beles, H.; Dragomir, G.; Vlad, I.; Vlad, M. & Timar, A.: The Theoretycal Contribution Modelling Gasoline Injection at Engines with Spark Lighting
006 Blaga, V.; Vlad, I.; Vlad, M.; Sotoc, H.; Timar, A. & Naghiu, O.: The Utilization of Electromagnetic Induction for Heating the Thermal Agent in Closed Circuit Heating Installation
007 Blaha, P. & Vaclavek, P.: The Implementation of Parameters Identification of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in MC56F8346
008 Boieriu, C.; Curtu, I. & Lica, D.: Composite Mixed Wood Panels. Structures. Characteristics
009 Bolanca Mirkovic, I.: Nanotechnology and Prints Recycling
010 Bolanca Mirkovic, I. & Bolanca, Z.: Paper Kinds and the Effectiveness of the Phases of the Prints Recycling Process
011 Botezatu, C.P.; Carutasu, G. & Botezatu, C.: Building Integrated Management Systems
012 Bozic, D.; Tomasic, D. & Babic, D.: Forecast Error of Vehicle Visits to a Repair Shop in Quantifying the Inventories
013 Brabie, G.; Nanu, N. & Radu, M.: Optimum Design of Deep Drawing Tools and Process Parameters by Applying Nonconventional Methods
014 Brus, M.; Janzekovic, M.; Vindis, P.; Mursec, B. & Stajnko, D.: New Approach to Live Body Mass Estimation
015 Buchmeister, B.; Palcic, I.; Pavlinjek, J. & Polajnar, A.: Advanced Methods for Job Shop Scheduling
016 Calefariu, G.; Popescu, R.; Toma, V. & Sarbu, F.: Statistic Researching Methods Applied to the Implementation of TPM in the Automotive Industry of Romania
017 Celar, S.; Gotovac, S. & Vickovic, L.: The Role of PMO Concept in Project Outcome Increasing
018 Celaya, A.; Pujana, J.; Lopez De Lacalle, L.N.; Rivero, A. & Campa, F.J.: Improvement of Turning and Drilling by Ultrasonic Assistance
019 Chelu, G.; Ghiban, N.; Saban, R.; Ghiban, B. & Serban, N.: Strain Rate and Material State Influence on the Deformation Resistance of Some Tool Steels
020 Cigula, T.; Mahovic Poljacek, S. & Gojo, M.: The Significance of Exposition and Developing Oscilations in CTP and Conventional Plate Making Processes
021 Cotet, C.E.; Draghici, G. & Brindasu, P.D.; Carutasu, G.: On-Line Integrated System for Human Resource Selection and Monitoring in Virtual Research Networks
022 Curkovic, L. & Lalic, M.: Indentation Size Effect of Al2O3 Ceramics Made by Cold Isostatic Pressing and Slip Casting
023 Dominguez Ramirez, O.A.; Parra Vega, V.; Diaz Montiel, M.G.; Pozas Cardenas, M.J. & Hernandez Gomez, R.A.: Cartesian Sliding PD Control of Robot Manipulators for Tracking in Finite Time: Theory and Experiments
024 First Rogale, S.;Rogale, D.;Dragcevic, Z.;Nikolic, G. & Bartos, M.: Intelligent Clothing whit Programmabile Insulation
025 Geiger, G.; Puschitz, F. & Bleicher, F.: New Approach of Determining Cutting Forces
026 Giannoccaro, N.I. & Sakamoto, T.: Development of a New Experimental Web Tension Control System
027 Goicoechea Castano, I. & Pelaez Lourido, G.: Design of an Expert Information System for Decision-Making in the Textile Industry
028 Grimberg, R.; Savin, A.; Steigmann, R.; Barsanescu, P.; Curtu, I. & Leitoiu, B.: Monitoring the Structures from Carbon Epoxy Composite Using Fiber Bragg Gratings
029 Hrubina, K.; Wessely, E.; Macurova, A. & Balcak, S.: Classification of the Models and the Mathematical Models
030 Hursa, A.; Rolich, T.; Somodi, Z. & Rogale, D.: An Investigation of Mesh Influence on Results of Numerical Modelling Applied in Textile
031 Kavran, Z.; Tomasic, D. & Safran, M.: Expert Systems in the Function of Optimizing Spare Parts Inventories in Automotive Industry
032 Kirinic, V.; Lovrencic, S. & Vidacek Hains, V.: Cilmo Children’s Information Literacy Model Ontology
033 Konecki, M.; Orehovacki, T. & Stapic, Z.: It Users Awareness about the Need of Strong Passwords Creation
034 Kozulic, V.; Gotovac, B. & Sesartic, R.: Mesh Free Modeling of the Curved Beam Structures
035 Kremljak, Z. & Meza, P.: Real Options
036 Lukovics, I. & Bilek, O.: FEM Simulation for Improved Grinding Wheels
037 Manas, D.; Manas, M. & Stanek, M.: Properties of Irradiated Polypropylene
038 Markus, M.; Bertic, I. & Zjakic, I.: Application of Web Offset Coldset Black with Variable Content of Vegetable Oils
039 Mikota, M.; Pavlovic, I. & Brozovic, M.: Influence of the Lighting on the Portrait Photographs Shot with the Digital Photography System
040 Militzer, J.; Teich, T.; Unger, K. & Trautmann, J.: Automation and Integration of Offer-Processing
041 Milkovic, M.; Mrvac, N. & Bolanca, S.: Evaluation of the Chromatic Induction Intensity on Munker-White Samples
042 Misak, S. & Snuparek, P.: Determination of Dielectric Stress of Medium Voltage Cables by Mathematical Models in Emtp-Atp and Ansys
043 Mlinaric, T.J.; Plesa, T. & Baric, D.: Optimizing The Technological Process Of Ro-La Transport
044 Monka, P. & Monkova, K.: Increasing of Competitiveness in East European Countries by Computer Aided Process Planning
045 Monkova, K. & Monka, P.: The Digitizing of Complex-Shaped Real Part
046 Motoc Luca, D. & Oltean, D.I.: Aspects Concerning the Electrical Behaviour of Metalic Particle Reinforced Polymeric Composite Materials
047 Nastac, S.: Performances Evaluation at Damaged Vibration Isolation Devices
048 Otto, T.; Riives, J. & Loun, K.: Productivity Improvement through Monitoring of Human Resources Competence Level
049 Palcic, I.; Buchmeister, B. & Herzog, N.V.: Organisational Innovation in Slovenian Manufacturing Companies
050 Park, H. & Pham, N.: A New Approach to Conformal Cooling Channels in Injection Molding Process
051 Popa, C.L.; Parpala, L.F. & Aurite, T.: Problem Solving Algortihm for the Manufactruring Department Using Agent Technology
052 Popa, H.L.; Mocan, M.L.; Izvercianu, M. & Pater, L.R.: Competitiveness Strategies and Tactics for the International Scientific – Academic Associations and Clusters
053 Popescu, L.; Popescu, V. & Iancu, A.: The Impact of Globalization on Human Resources
054 Popescu, R.; Calefariu, G. & Toma, V.: Results of Statistic Researches of TPM Applying Stage Within the Romanian Automotive Industry
055 Risteiu, M.; Ileana, I.; Tulbure, A. & Croitoru, B.: Evaluation Methods for Smart Sensors Performances Integrated in TCP/IP Infrastructure
056 Rosillo, N.; Valera, A.; Benimeli, F.; Mata, V. & Valero, F.: Modeling and Identification of Robot Dynamic Parameters. Resolutions of the Inverse Dynamic Problem in Real-Time
057 Rosu, S.M.; Dragoi, G.; Draghici, A. & Guran, M.: Transfer & Capitalization Knowledge Management Support for Knowledge Applications Development in the Enterprise Business Intelligence
058 Rosu, S.M.; Dragoi, G.; Guran, M. & Rosu, L.: Relational Database Systems Support for Products Development Process at the Enterprise Level Using Open Source Software
059 Rugescu, D.R.; Silivestru, V. & Ionescu, M.D.: Technology of Thermal Receivers and Heat Transfer for Seattler Towers
060 Sepulveda Cervantes, G.; Dominguez Ramirez, O.A. & Parra Vega, V.: A New Paradigm for Haptic Rendering Based on Orthogonal Decomposition
061 Shevtshenko, E.; Zahharov, R.; Karaulova, T. & Wang, Y.: Advanced Concepts Integration for the Compression of Construction Project Schedule
062 Simicevic, V. & Racic, I.: The Content Analysis of TV Commercials: Statistical Approach
063 Skala, T.; Mrvac, N.; Mikota, M. & Pavlovic, I.: Multimedia Image Rendering on a Distributed Computer System
064 Skala, T.; Todorovac, M. & Mrvac, N.: Technical Analysis of Analogies of Stereo Displaying Techniques with 3D Generated Scenes in Visualization
065 Soica, A.; Motoc Luca, D.; Lache, S. & Tarulescu, S.: Aspects Concerning of the Vehicle-Pedestrian Impact at Low Velocities
066 Spanu, A. & Stoenescu, A.: Three-Dimensional Analyses of Mechanical Suspension for Autovehicles
067 Stajnko, D.; Vindis, P.; Mursec, B.; Brus, M. & Janzekovic, M.: Apple Yield Mapping by Application of Thermal Image Analysis
068 Stanek, M.; Manas, M. & Manas, D.: Injection Molding Process Optimization
069 Stopper, M. & Katalinic, B.: OPC Unified Architecture Design Aspects and Services Implementation
070 Strgar Kurecic, M.; Agic, D. & Mandic, L.: The Effect of Input Device Profile on Colour Image Reproduction
071 Sykorova, L. & Samek, D.: Measurement Evaluation of Pmma Laser Micro – Machining by Ann
072 Thierheimer, W.W.; Tane, N. & Thierheimer, D.C.: The Optimisation of the Correlation Between the Suspension and Steering Systems
073 Ungur, P.; Pop, P.A.; Gordan, M.; Gordan, C. & Pop, M.T.: Mathematical Models for Study and Assessing of Adhesive Mechanical Attrition Process of Coupling Elements in Sliding Friction
074 Vaclavek, P. & Blaha, P.: Observability Theory Application to AC Induction Machine Sensorless Control
075 Vazan, P. & Moravcík, O.: The Proposal of Procedure of Lot Size Determination in Production System
076 Viducic, V.: Impacts of the Globalisation on Freights in Shipping
077 Viducic, V.: Dependence of Insular Tourism on Road and Liner Maritime Passenger Traffic
078 Vindis, P.; Mursec, B.; Stajnko, D.; Brus, M. & Janzekovic, M.: Measuring Biogas Production with Fermenters
079 Vlase, S.; Munteanu, M.V. & Scutaru, M.L.: Kinematical Analysis of the Multibody Systems Using Topological Description
080 Vujica Herzog, N.; Palcic, I. & Polajnar, A.: The State of the Art in Lean Manufacturing
081 Zjakic, I.; Bertic, I. & Novakovic, M.: Metamerism Influence on the Printing Quality of Different Digital Offset Printing Techniques