Proceedings of the 25th International DAAAM Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

26-29th November 2014, Vienna, Austria

Volume 100-2015, ISSN 1877-7058
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by Elsevier Ltd. / Peer-review under responsibility of DAAAM International Vienna, 2014

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*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now
000 Katalinic. B.: Preface
001 Filaretov. V.; Zuev. A.; Yukhimets. D.; Gubankov. A.; Mursalimov. E.:The Automatization Method of Processing of Flexible Parts without their Rigid Fixation
002 Mok. H. S.; Song. H.; Kim. D. J.; Hong. J. E.; Lee. S.; Ahn. J.:Determination of Failure Cause in Remanufacturing
003 Ha. J. S.:A Soft Control Model for Human Reliability Analysis in Apr-1400 Advanced Control Rooms (Acrs)
004 Andreev. V.; Kirsanov. K.; Pletenev. P.; Poduraev. Y. V.; Pryanichnikov. V.; Prysev. E. A.:Technology Supervisory Control for Mechatronic Devices Via the Internet
005 Gusel. L.; Rudolf. R.:Shear Stress Distribution Analysis in Cold Formed Material.
006 Banyai. T.; Veres. P.; Illes. B.:Heuristic Supply Chain Optimisation of Networked Maintenance Companies
007 Kostic. A.; Sikalo. S.:Definite Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems
008 Dlapa. M.:Temperature Control in Air-Heating Set Via Direct Search Method and Structured Singular Value
009 García-Domínguez. A.; Claver. J.; Camacho. A. M.; Sebastian. M. A.:Comparative Analysis of Extrusion Processes by Finite Element Analysis
010 Brnic. J.; Brcic. M.:Comparison of Mechanical Properties and Resistance to Creep of 20Mncr5 Steel and X10Cralsi25 Steel
011 Karaulova. T.; Shevtshenko. E.:Work-Cells Concept Development for High Mix Low Volume Market Conditions
012 Skocik. P.; Neumann. P.:Measurement of Complex Permittivity in Free Space
013 Sikalo. S.; Berberovic. E.:Analysis of Droplet Deposition in a Vertical Air-Water Dispersed Flow
014 Berberovic. E.; Sikalo. S.:Computational Modeling and Simulation of Nonisothermal Free-Surface Flow of a Liquid Jet Impinging on a Heated Surface
015 Piska. M.; Sliwkova. P.:Surface Parameters, Tribological Tests and Cutting Performance of Coated Hss Taps
016 Qehaja. N.; Jakupi. K.; Bunjaku. A.; Bruqi. M.; Osmani. H.:Effect of Machining Parameters and Machining Time on Surface Roughness in Dry Turning Process
017 Palcic. I.; Rolando. K.; Buchmeister. B.:Technical Innovation Concepts in Slovenian Manufacturing Companies
018 Perutka. K.; Zaoral. T.:Multimedia Teaching Aid for Students of Basics of Control Theory in Matlab and Simulink
019 Shevtshenko. E.; Polyanchikov. I.; Mahmood. K.; Kangilaski. T.; Norta. A.:Collaborative Project Management Framework for Partner Network Initiation
020 Adamek. M.; Matysek. M.; Neumann. P.:Security of Biometric Systems
021 Bolanca Mirkovic. I.; Majnaric. I.; Bolanca. Z.:Ecological Sustainability and Waste Paper Recycling
022 Kralikova. R.; Andrejiova. M.; Wessely. E.:Energy Saving Techniques and Strategies for Illumination in Industry
023 Davidovic. V.; Ilijevic. D.; Luk. V.; Pogarcic. I.:Private Cloud Computing and Delegation of Control
024 Shala. A.; Likaj. R.; Bruqi. M.; Bajrami. X.:Propulsion Effect Analysis of 3Dof Robot under Gravity
025 Brcic. M.; Canadija. M.; Brnic. J.:Influence of Waviness and Vacancy Defects on Carbon Nanotubes Properties
026 Nizetic. J.; Obrovac. K.; Udiljak. T.; Vukovic Obrovac. J.:Contribution to the Current Trends in Digital Foot Surgery Planning
027 Damic. V.; Cohodar. M.:Dynamic Analysis of Stewart Platform by Bond Graphs
028 Filaretov. V.; Zhirabok. A. N.; Shumsky. A.; Zuev. A.:Fault Accommodation in Technical Systems Based on Logic-Dynamic Approach
029 Zhirabok. A.; Pavlov. S.:Data-Driven Method of Fault Detection in Technical Systems
030 Chalupa. P.; Prikryl. J.; Novak. J.:Modelling of Twin Rotor Mimo System
031 Pryanichnikov. V.; Katalinic. B.; Kirilchenko. A.; Khelemendik. R.; Kuvshinov. S.; Vican. D.; Uglesic. A.:New Creative Educational Technologies for Inter-University Network
032 Filaretov. V.; Pryanichnikov. V.:Autonomous Mobile University Robots Amur: Technology and Applications to Extreme Robotics
033 Kirsanov. K.:Software Architecture of Control System for Heterogeneous Group of Mobile Robots
034 Zebala. W.; Kowalczyk. R.; Matras. A.:Analysis and Optimization of Sintered Carbides Turning With Pcd Tools
035 Dulina. L.; Bartanusova. M.:Cave Design Using in Digital Factory
036 Livinti. P.; Ghandour. M.:Pwm Control of a Dc Motor Used to Drive a Conveyor Belt
037 Kadric. E.; Bajric. H.; Pasic. M.:Demand Modeling With Overlapping Time Periods
038 Bliedtner. J.; Barz. A.; Hecht. K.; Schwager. A.:Investigations on Laser Forming of Flat Glasses
039 Obucina. M.; Gondzic. E.; Manso. E.:The Influence of Adhesion Temperature to the Shear Strength of Width Glued Wooden Elements
040 Moravcikova. J.:Cutting Material Influence on the Quality of the Machined Surface
041 Popa. C. L.; Cotet. C. E.; Ionita. V.; Gavrila. S.:Modelling Processing Cell Architecture by Material Flow Simulation
042 Matusu. R.; Prokop. R.:Control of Interval Systems Using 2Dof Configuration
043 Matusu. R.; Prokop. R.:Control of Airflow Speed in Laboratory Model of Hot-Air Tunnel
044 Olt. J.; Mikita. V.; Roots. J.; Jasinskas. A.:Cylinder Pressure Characteristics of Turbocharged and Naturally Aspirated Diesel Engines
045 Macku. L.; Novosad. D.:Enhancement of a Semi-Batch Chemical Reactor Efficiency through its Dimensions Optimization
046 Korbel. J.; Prokop. R.:Accuracy of Relay Identification Depending on Relay Parameters
047 Acko. B.; Klobucar. R.; Matic. A.:Traceability of In-Process Measurement of Workpiece Geometry
048 Begic-Hajdarevic. D.; Bijelonja. I.:Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Temperature Distribution and Hole Geometry during Laser Drilling Process
049 Begic-Hajdarevic. D.; Cekic. A.; Mehmedovic. M.; Djelmic. A.:Experimental Study on Surface Roughness in Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
050 Tekic. Z.; Tekic. A.; Todorovic. V.:Modelling a Laboratory for Ideas as a New Tool for Fostering Engineering Creativity
051 Navratil. M.; Zdrazil. J.:Automatic Contactless Measurement of Tyre Circumference in Industrial Conditions
052 Jiga. G.; Stamin. S.; Dinu. G.; Dobrescu. T.; Popovici. D.:Comparative Studies on the Impact Behaviour of Two Sandwich Structures
053 Dobrescu. T.; Pascu. N.; Jiga. G.; Opran. C.:Optimization Criteria of Plane Lapping Machines
054 Cekic. A.; Begic-Hajdarevic. D.:Definition of Mathematical Models of High-Alloyed Steel 1.4828 in CO2 Laser Cutting
055 Veza. I.; Celar. S.; Peronja. I.:Competences-Based Comparison and Ranking of Industrial Enterprises Using Promethee Method
056 Majerik. J.; Jambor. J.:Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Evaluation of Milling Cutter When High Speed Machining of Hardened Steels
057 Baran. D.; Apostolescu. N.:A Virtual Dimensionality Method for Hyperspectral Imagery
058 Bures. M.; Pivodova. P.:Comparison of Time Standardization Methods on the Basis of Real Experiment
059 Opran. C.; Pricop. M.; Teodoru. C.:Researches on Design and Manufacturing of Innovative Double Gear Pumps
060 Rusu-Casandra. A. L.; Baciu. F.; Iliescu. N.; Atanasiu. C.:Stresses in a Bogie Frame of a Rail Carriage
061 Barz. A.; Bliedtner. J.:A New Substance to Substance Joining Technology for Glasses
062 Amza. C. G.; Cicic. D. T.:Industrial Image Processing Using Fuzzy-Logic
063 Avrigean. E.; Pascu. A.; Oleksik. V.:Study of the Cardan Cross Using the Experimental and Analytical Method
064 Jamradloedluk. J.; Lertsathittanakorn. C.:Properties of Densified-Refuse Derived Fuel Using Glycerin as a Binder
065 Sahno. J.; Shevtshenko. E.; Zahharov. R.:Framework for Continuous Improvement of Production Processes and Product Throughput
066 Rohac. T.; Januska. M.:Value Stream Mapping Demonstration on Real Case Study
067 Polyakov. A.; Pakhaliuk. V.; Kalinin. M.; Kramar. V.; Kolesova. M.; Kovalenko. O.:System Analysis and Synthesis of Total Hip Joint Endoprosthesis
068 Pakhaliuk. V.; Polyakov. A.; Kalinin. M.; Kramar. V.:Improving the Finite Element Simulation of Wear of Total Hip Prosthesis’ Spherical Joint With a Polymeric Component
069 Apostol. V. G.; Pop. H.; Dobrovicescu. A.; Prisecaru. T.; Alexandru. A. M.; Prisecaru. M.:Thermodynamic Analysis of Orc Configurations Used for Whr From a Turbocharged Diesel Engine
070 Torims. T.; Pikurs. G.; Ratkus. A.; Logins. A.; Vilcans. J.:Development of Technological Equipment for the Laboratory Tests of Marine Diesel Engine Crankshaft Renovation With In-Situ Laser Cladding Device
071 Avisane. A.; Avisans. D.:Contact Deformations Under the Influence of Measurement Force
072 Gastermann. B. C.; Stopper. M.; Kossik. A.; Katalinic. B.:Secure Implementation of an On-Premises Cloud Storage Service for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
073 Suarez Castrillon. S. A.; Suarez Castrillon. A. M.; Tafur Preciado. W.:Arc Welding Procedures on Steels for Molds and Dies
074 Gorner. T.; Simon. M.:Using the Theory of Technical Systems to Describe the Interaction between Human and Technical Systems within the Ergonomic System
075 Popa. C.:Four – Lump Kinetic Model Vs. Three – Lump Kinetic Model for the Fluid Catalytic Cracking Riser Reactor
076 Sekulova. K.; Bures. M.; Kurkin. O.; Simon. M.:Ergonomic Analysis of a Firearm According to the Anthropometric Dimension
077 Markvardt. R.; Breido. J.; Drijd. N.:Development of Position System of a Roadheader on a Base of Active Ir-Sensor
078 Achsan. H. T.; Barcah. Q. K.:Indonesia Coal Trade System: a Knowledge Based Application Software
079 Vaskova. H.; Buckova. M.:Thermal Degradation of Vegetable Oils: Spectroscopic Measurement and Analysis
080 Zemann. R.; Sacherl. J.; Wolfgang. H.; Bleicher. F.:New Measurement Processes to Define the Quality of Machined Fibre Reinforced Polymers
081 Krall. S.; Zemann. R.:Investigation of the Dynamic Behaviour of Cfrp Leaf Springs
082 Vucijak. B.; Pasic. M.; Zorlak. A.:Use of Multi-Criteria Decision Aid Methods for Selection of the Best Alternative for the Highway Tunnel Doors
083 Iskakov. U.; Breido. J.:Development of Control Algorithm for Adaptive Leakage Current Protection Devices’ Using Fuzzy Logic
084 Olaru. S.; Filipescu. E.; Avadanei. M.; Mocenco. A.; Popescu. G.; Salistean. A.:Applied 3D Virtual Try-On for Bodies With Atypical Characteristics
085 Fulemova. J.; Rehor. J.:Influence of Form Factor of the Cutting Edge on Tool Life during Finishing Milling
086 Aan. A.; Heinloo. M.:Dynamics of a Frozen Sea Buckhorn Berry in a Separator
087 Horejsi. P.:Augmented Reality System for Virtual Training of Parts Assembly
088 Muminovic. A.; Saric. I.; Repcic. N.:Numerical Analysis of Stress Concentration Factors
089 Vorel. I.; Vancura. F.; Pilecek. V.; Jirkova. H.; Masek. B.:Material-Technological Modelling of C45 Steel Die Forgings
090 Masek. B.; Vancura. F.; Aisman. D.; Jirkova. H.; Wagner. M. F.:Effect of Input Structure of Blank on Development of Final Structure when Processing at Temperatures Between Solidus and Liquidus
091 Dubovska. R.; Majerik. J.:The Research Analysis of Surface Finish and Wear on the Special Tribological Device
092 Filaretov. V.; Yukhimets. D.; Mursalimov. E.:The Universal Onboard Information-Control System for Mobile Robots
093 Hajdarevic. S.; Busuladzic. I.:Stiffness Analysis of Wood Chair Frame
094 Plsek. S.; Matusu. R.:Application of Adaptive Dead-Beat Controller in Drying Process
095 Filaretov. V.; Katsurin. A.:Development of the System of Telecontrol by the Multilink Manipulator Installed on the Mobile Robot
096 Stohl. R.; Stibor. K.:Common Industrial Protocol in Machine Safety
097 Celar. S.; Stojkic. Z.; Seremet. Z.; Marusic. Z.; Zelenika. D.:Classification of Test Documents Based on Handwritten Student Id’S Characteristics
098 Malakov. I.; Zaharinov. V.; Velislav. T.:Size Ranges Optimization
099 Wongkasem. S.; Aksonpim. P.:The Development of a Carding Machine and a Twisting Silk Machine for Eri Silk
100 Raska. P.; Ulrych. Z.:Comparison of Modified Downhill Simplex and Differential Evolution With Other Selected Optimization Methods Used for Discrete Event Simulation Models
101 Husnjak. S.; Perakovic. D.; Forenbacher. I.; Mumdziev. M.:Telematics System in Usage Based Motor Insurance
102 Korbe. K.; Otto. T.:Smart Health Care Monitoring Technologies to Improve Employee Performance in Manufacturing
103 Sroba. L.; Ravas. R.; Grman. J.:The Influence of Subpixel Corner Detection to Determine the Camera Displacement
104 Chval. Z.; Cechura. M.:Monitoring Extremely Stressed Points on Stands of Forging Presses
105 Jerbic. B.; Suligoj. F.; Svaco. M.; Sekoranja. B.:Robot Assisted 3D Point Cloud Object Registration
106 Kyncl. J.; Molotovnik. A.:The Research of the Surface Profile After Profiling of Superalloys
107 Kana. J.; Masek. B.; Rubesova. K.:Measuring Material Properties of Metal Foils Using Bulge Test Method
108 Vopat. T.; Peterka. J.; Simna. V.; Kuruc. M.:The Influence of Different Types of Copy Milling on the Surface Roughness and Tool Life of End Mills
109 Kuruc. M.; Vopat. T.; Peterka. J.:Surface Roughness of Poly-Crystalline Cubic Boron Nitride after Rotary Ultrasonic Machining
110 Raz. K.; Kubec. V.; Cechura. M.:Dynamic Behavior of the Hydraulic Press for Free Forging
111 Zahalka. M.; Stanek. J.:Options of Advanced Simulations of Crank Presses Loading
112 Melichar. M.; Kubatova. D.:Processing Data From Automatic Measurement Device
113 Singh. H.; Jain. P. K.:Role of the Power Supply and Inter-Electrode Gap in Electrochemical Honing Process
114 Zetek. M.; Zetkova. I.:Increasing of the Cutting Tool Efficiency from Tool Steel by Using Fluidization Method
115 Comanescu. A. M.; Comanescu. D. M.; Dugaesescu. I.; Ungureanu. L. M.; Alionte. C. G.:Passive Modular Groups for Inverse Structural Modelling of Bimobile Systems
116 Ziljak Vujic. J.; Matas. M.; Pogarcic. M.; Ziljak Stanimirovic. I.:Topographic Maps with Infrared Colors
117 Rao. S.; Jain. P. K.; Dwivedi. D. K.:Electro Chemical Honing (Ech) of External Cylindrical Surfaces of Titanium Alloys
118 Sortino. M.; Belfio. S.; Totis. G.; Kuljanic. E.; Fadelli. G.:Innovative Tool Coatings for Increasing Tool Life in Milling Nickel-Coated Nickel-Silver Alloy
119 Spicar. R.; Januska. M.:Use of Monte Carlo Modified Markov Chains in Capacity Planning
120 Oumer. A.; Jack Kie. C.; Mat Tahar. R.; Ramaraju Ramgopal. V.:A Hybrid Simulation Model for Green Logistics Assessment in Automotive Industry
121 Mustata. S. C.; Dracea. D.; Tronac. A. S.; Sarbu. N.; Constantin. E.:Diagnosis and Vibration Diminishing in Pump Operation
122 Salibekyan. S.; Panfilov. P.:A New Approach for Distributed Computing in Embedded Systems
123 Fritsche. A.; Bleicher. F.:Experimental Investigation of the Heat Flux Distribution in Grinding of Titanium Alloy
124 Ilyukhin. Y.; Poduraev. Y. V.; Tatarintseva. A. V.:Nonlinear Adaptive Correction of Continuous Path Speed of the Tool for High Efficiency Robotic Machining
125 Ilyukhin. Y.; Poduraev. Y. V.; Arfikyan. S. A.:Computer Simulation of Electro-Pneumatic Drives for Vertical Motion Mobile Robots
126 Simeon. I.:A Comparison of Ethanol and Methanol Blending with Gasoline Using a 1-D Engine Model
127 Rahmani. M.; Krall. S.; Bleicher. F.:Experimental Investigations on Stick-Slip Phenomenon and Friction Characteristics of Linear Guides
128 Sivri. S.; Krallmann. H.:Process-Oriented Knowledge Management within the Product Change Systems of the Automotive Industry
129 Chernus. P.; Sharovatov. V.:Dynamic Mathematical Model of Two-Way Bellow Actuator
130 Chernus. P.; Sharovatov. V.:Consideration of Influence of Peculiarities of Compressed Gas on Mathematical Model Parameters of Spool Valve
131 Rauker Koch. M.; Pavlic. M.; Asenbrener Katic. M.:Homonyms and Synonyms in NOK Method
132 Kim. J. K.; Ahn. W.; Park. M. W.:An Implementation of Web-Based Machining Operation Planning
133 Kramar. V.; Dushko. V.; Rodkina. A.; Zaiets. A.:Influence of Stress-Corrosion Fractures on Potential of Ship-Building Metals in the Sea Water
134 Asenbrener Katic. M.; Pavlic. M.; Candrlic. S.:The Representation of Database Content and Structure Using the NOK Method
135 Nesin. D.; Dushko. V.:Numerical Model of the Large Carrying Capacity Crane Ship with the Fully Revolving Topside
136 Nitoi. D. F.; Milicescu. S.; Apostolescu. Z.; Dimitrescu. A.; Chivu. O. R.; Teodorescu. M. C.:FEM of an Implant Behaviour in a Healthy Bone
137 Simjanoska. M.; Gusev. M.; Ristov. S.:Platform’s Architecture for Colorectal Cancer Research in the Cloud
138 Boenzi. F.; Mossa. G.; Mummolo. G.; Romano. V. A.:Workforce Aging in Production Systems: Modeling and Performance Evaluation
139 Siller. A.; Steininger. A.; Bleicher. F.:Heat Dissipation in Turning Operations by Means of Internal Cooling
140 Steininger. A.; Siller. A.; Bleicher. F.:Investigations Regarding Process Stability Aspects in Thread Tapping Al-Si Alloys
141 Majic Renjo. M.; Curkovic. L.; Grilec. K.:Erosion Resistance of Slip Cast Composite Al2O3-Zro2 Ceramics
142 Mitulet. L.; Oprina. G.; Chihaia. R.; Nicolaie. S.; Nedelcu. A.; Popescu. M.:Wind Tunnel Testing for a New Experimental Model of Counter-Rotating Wind Turbine
143 Brocal. F.; Sebastian. M. A.:Analysis and Modeling of New and Emerging Occupational Risks in the Context of Advanced Manufacturing Processes
144 Dobrota. D.:Vulcanization of Rubber Conveyor Belts with Metallic Insertion Using Ultrasounds
145 Spulak. D.; Otrebski. R.; Kubinger. W.:Evaluation of PCA, LDA and Fisherfaces in Appearance-Based Object Detection in Thermal Infra-Red Images With Incomplete Data
146 Park. H. S.; Shah. C.:Development of High Speed and High Accuracy 3D Dental Intra Oral Scanner
147 Ravlic. S.; Marusic. A.:Simulation Models for Various Neutral Earthing Methods in Medium Voltage Systems
148 Jirgl. M.; Havlikova. M.; Bradac. Z.:The Dynamic Pilot Behavioral Models
149 Vagovsky. J.; Buransky. I.; Gorog. A.:Evaluation of Measuring Capability of the Optical 3D Scanner
150 Havlikova. M.; Jirgl. M.; Bradac. Z.:Human Reliability in Man-Machine Systems
151 Efremov. S.; Pilipenko. N.; Voskov. L.:An Integrated Approach to Common Problems in the Internet of Things
152 Svatos. V.; Pekarek. J.; Dusek. D.; Zak. J.; Hadas. Z.; Prasek. J.:Design and Fabrication of Fully Implantable MEMS Cochlea
153 Sedlak. J.; Rican. D.; Piska. M.; Rozkosny. L.:Study of Materials Produced by Powder Metallurgy Using Classical and Modern Additive Laser Technology
154 Vasilyev. I.; Kashourina. A.; Krasheninnikov. M.; Smirnova. E.:Use of Mobile Robots Groups for Rescue Missions in Extreme Climatic Conditions
155 Zhilenkov. A.; Golikov. S.; Chernyi. S.:Investigation Performance of Marine Equipment with Specialized Information Technology
156 Logins. A.; Torims. T.:The Influence of High-Speed Milling Strategies on 3D Surface Roughness Parameters
157 Schornik. V.; Zetek. M.; Dana. M.:The Influence of Working Environment and Cutting Conditions on Milling Nickel – Based Super Alloys with Carbide Tools
158 Schorník. V.; Dana. M.; Zetkova. I.:The Influence of the Cutting Conditions on the Machined Surface Quality When the CFRP is Machined
159 Polasek. P.; Bures. M.; Simon. M.:Comparison of Digital Tools for Ergonomics in Practice
160 Sumic. D.; Perakovic. D.; Jurcevic. M.:Optimizing Data Traffic Route for Maritime Vessels Communications
161 Rusu. A.; Lohan. S.:Comparison of Detection Techniques for Multipath Propagation of Pseudolite Signals used in Dense Industrial Environments
162 Rodriguez Prieto. A.; Camacho. A. M.; Sebastian. M. A.:Prediction of the Mechanical Behaviour of Cladding Materials for Nuclear Reactor Pressure–Vessels Based on the Analysis of Technological Requirements
163 Brezovnik. S.; Gotlih. J.; Balic. J.; Gotlih. K.; Brezocnik. M.:Optimization of an Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems by Swarm Intelligence
164 Kostolny. I.; Kolenak. R.:Research of Interactions Between Al Substrate and Zn-Al Solders
165 Dana. M.; Zetkova. I.; Schornik. V.:Production Technology and a Design of Transfer Ports in a Cylinder of a Small-Volume Motorcycle
166 Klimov. D.; Poduraev. Y. V.:Design and Experimental Testing of a Robotic System for High Speed Recording
167 Kril. S.; Fedoryshyn. R.; Kril. O.; Pistun. Y.:Investigation of Functional Diagrams of Step PID Controllers for Electric Actuators
168 Kuhi. K.; Korbe. K.; Koppel. O.:Using Probabilistic Models for Missing Data Prediction in Network Industries Performance Measurement Systems
169 Barvír. Z.; Zetkova. I.:Production Technology of the Motor Head Jawa 50
170 Aburaia. M.; Markl. E.; Stuja. K.:New Concept for Design and Control of 4 Axis Robot Using the Additive Manufacturing Technology
171 Prach. M.; Kolenak. R.:Soldering of Copper with High-Temperature Zn-Based Solders
172 Gryaznov. N.; Lopota. A.:Computer Vision for Mobile On-Ground Robotics
173 Franek. L.; Stastny. L.; Bradac. Z.:Modelling Transmision Lines for the Purpose of Data Transmission Over Power Lines
174 Stastny. L.; Franek. L.; Bradac. Z.:Time Synchronized Low-Voltage Measurements for Smart Grids
175 Zupanovic. D.:Implementation Model for Near Field Communication in Croatian Ferry Ticketing System
176 Hanzl. P.; Zetek. M.; Baksa. T.; Kroupa. T.:The Influence of Processing Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of SLM Parts
177 Baksa. T.; Kroupa. T.; Hanzl. P.; Zetek. M.:Durability of Cutting Tools during Machining of Very Hard and Solid Materials
178 Sykora. R.; Zetek. M.:Increasing Cutting Tool Efficiency When Machining Regulatory Spindles Made from Ion Nitrided Nimonic 901 for Steam Turbine Valves
179 Filaretov. V.; Konoplin. A.; Konoplin. N.:Method of Synthesis of Automatic Correction Systems of Underwater Vehicles Linear Displacements
180 Filaretov. V.; Konoplin. A.:System of Automatically Correction of Program Trajectory of Motion of Multilink Manipulator Installed on Underwater Vehicle
181 Tsvetkov. V.; Vorotyntsev. B.; Osipov. V.; Stazhkov. S.:Rotation Sealed Lead-In Unit of Submersible Mechanism
182 Osipov. V.; Vorotyntsev. B.; Stazhkov. S.; Tsvetkov. V.; Kiev. A.; Lavrov. V.:Axial Piston Hydraulic Motor with Heightened Control Range
183 Karpov. V.; Karpova. I.:Formation of Control Structures in Static Swarms
184 Khassanov. A.; Krupenkin. A.; Borgul. A.:Control Approaches for Audio Signal Quality Improvement in the Developed Conference System Based on the Personal User Devices
185 Khassanov. A.; Krupenkin. A.; Borgul. A.:Control of the Mobile Robots with ROS in Robotics Courses
186 Madan. R. L.; Badescu. L. A.:Comparative Researches on the Roughness of Sanded Wooden Surfaces with Wide Belt and Abrasive Brushes
187 Madan. R. L.; Badescu. L. A.:Research on Power Consumption for Sanding Process with Abrasive Brushes to Solid Spruce and MDF Panels
188 Perlova. E.; Platonova. M.; Gorshkov. A.; Rakova. X.:Concept Project of Zero Energy Building
189 Voytkevich. S.; Breido. I.; Kaverin. V.:Universal Mathematical Model of Leakage Currents and Currents Spread on Elements of High-Voltage Pillar
190 Saini. N.; Dwivedi. D. K.; Jain. P. K.; Singh. H.:Surface Modification of Cast Al-17%Si Alloys using Friction Stir Processing
191 Galic. E.; Ljevak. I.; Zjakic. I.:The Influence of UV Varnish on Colorimetric Properties of Spot Colors
192 Opalka. J.; Hubka. L.:Nonlinear State and Unmeasured Disturbance Estimation for Use in Power Plant Superheaters Control
193 Nahlovsky. T.:Optimization of Fuzzy Controller Parameters for the Temperature Control of Superheated Steam
194 Vobroucek. J.:The Influence of Milling Tool Geometry on the Quality of the Machined Surface
195 Gebel. E.:Mathematical Modeling of Dynamics of Multi-Lever Linkages
196 Fedorov. A.; Goloshchapov. E.; Ipatov. O.; Potekhin. V.; Shkodyrev. V.; Zobnin. S.:Aspects of Smart Manufacturing Via Agent-Based Approach
197 Suchanek. L.; Zetkova. I.:Evaluation of the Surface Small Holes Drilled by Unconventional Methods
198 Moehwald. M.; Barz. A.; Bliedtner. J.; Schilling. M.; Schilling. C.:Activation of the Electrical Conductivity on Non-Conductive MWCNT-Filled Plastic Moldings by Laser Processing
199 Mesic. E.; Avdic. V.; Pervan. N.; Repcic. N.:Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Testing of Stiffness of the Sarafix External Fixator
200 Hlavac. J.; Cechura. M.:Direct Drive of 25 MN Mechanical Forging Press
201 Bas. G.; Stoev. L.; Durakbasa. M. N.:Assessment of the Production Quality in Machining by Integrating a System of High Precision Measurement
202 Kuznetsova. I.; Kuznetsova. D.; Rakova. X.:The Use of Surface Laser Scanning for Creation of a Three-Dimensional Digital Model of Monument
203 Janes. G.; Car. Z.:Usage of Partial Genome Fitness Evaluation Mechanism to Get Faster Results in Genetic Algorithms
204 Lukas. H.; Dunovsky. J.; Kovanda. K.; Kolarik. L.:SAW – Narrow Gap Welding CrMoV Heat-Resistant Steels Focusing to the Mechanical Properties Testing
205 Novak. J.; Chalupa. P.:Implementation of Mixed-Integer Programming on Embedded System
206 Malnar. D.; Sucic. V.; Car. Z.:Optimizing the Reference Signal in the Cross Wigner-Ville Distribution Based Instantaneous Frequency Estimation Method
207 Spacek. F.; Sohlich. R.; Dulik. T.:Docker as Platform for Assignments Evaluation
208 Kolek. J.; Jasek. R.:A Time Performance Evaluation of the Soma Asynchronous Parallel Distribution in Java and C#
209 Kolarik. L.; Janovec. J.; Kolarikova. M.; Nachtnebl. P.:Influence of Diffusion Welding Time on Homogenous Steel Joints
210 Faktorova. D.; Papezova. M.; Savin. A.; Steigmann. R.; Frantisek. N.; Bokuvka. O.:Microwave Resonant Methods for Bone Replacement Biomaterials Testing
211 Leokhin. Y.; Panfilov. P.:A Study of Cloud/IX Operating System for the ARM-based Data Center Server Platform
212 Haskovic. D.; Katalinic. B.; Kukushkin. I.:Role of the Adviser Module in the Hybrid Assembly Subordinating Control Structure
213 Shiler. A.:Analysis and Simulation of New Wheel Pair Construction
214 Galiev. I.; Shiler. A.; Kildibekov. A.; Kukushkin. I.:High Speed Flexible Transport System