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My DAAAM Profile

Log in to your DAAAM Profile by going to the bottom of the web page and enter your login data. ATTENTION: All files will be automatically removed from your DAAAM Profile with the last day of each publication year (31st December, 2020). Make sure you save the necessary files to your local drive, before the deadline. If you made a mistake during the upload procedure (wrong option selected or file), do not worry. Repeat the upload procedure - we will only use you last submission. Likewise, if we notice any duplicate or incorrectly named files, we will correct it.

1. My Data

Family name:
Email Address:

2. Papers

Paper type:

Paper Number:
(What is that?) Your first paper number with TITLE A is 1. (It is first in the current publishing year). Your next paper, with TITLE B, is 2 and so on… Paper number has to be associated with the TITLE of the paper. See F.A.Q. for more info.

Status of Paper:

3. Payments

I paid for:


Scan your payment confirmation (& if student, attach document about student status & age) in a single .pdf file.

4. Presentations

Presentation type (same as paper):

Presentation number (same as paper):
Move Presentation to:

(What to select?) Move - if you have a preference for a specific section / day to make your presentation. Send - If you or any of your colleagues will not be attending the conference, submit your presentation here.

5. My Files

Uploaded Papers:

Review Results:




Official DAAAM Files (Letter of Acceptance, Invitations, etc...):

6. Conference Check-in

Complete the check-in for you and / or your team. This way all individual files, certificates & diplomas will be ready when you come to Mostar. To remove member(s), first select then click the "Remove Member" button. You can add max. 8 members. If you wish to update or change your entries, simply repeat the submission.

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