Presentation Submission Deadline: 2020-02-17 (Monday, 23:59)

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Section for TU Vienna Students: Instructions & Grading Procedure

Welcome to Professor retd Dr.mult.h.c.Prof.h.c. Branko Katalinic’s courses held at TU Vienna, WS 2019. Download and CAREFULLY read all the instructions regarding registration, topic proposal, presentation submission, grading system, exam structure, presentation elements, capital mistakes etc… If you still have questions, make sure to read the F.A.Q. section below.

1. Registration & Topic Proposal
Use English alphabet only!

2. Presentation Upload
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is lecture presence obligatory?
YES – you are expected to attend the lectures. Any missed lectures need to be justified.

Why did I not receive my final grade in TISS?
It is possible you did not satisfy the minimum required: Final grade consists from 50% passed final exam + 50% satisfactory exam presentation (not committed capital mistakes).
Another possibility is that the final grades have just not been entered into TISS yet.

When will the final grades be entered into TISS?
All final grades are entered into TISS by our institute’s secretary. As soon as the specified presentation submission deadline is over, the grades should be entered within the next week.

Can I get a deadline extension?
If there is a valid reason, we can extend the deadline for presentation submission. Student vacation is NOT a valid reason! In any case, it is very important to ask us for a deadline extension BEFORE the deadline, NOT after. (Do not wait for the last day before the deadline!)

I am an Erasmus / Can I get my final grade earlier than specified above?
If you have completed all you duties (course attendance, positive test and submitted presentation without capital mistakes), we can send you our official institute’s transcript of grade. You will however, need to wait for the grade to be entered into TISS as specified.

What are combined lectures / how to receive a final grade for specific course(s)?
Open the “Instructions” provided via the link above and analyse slide 13 which explains the grading within the combined lectures system. Combined lectures simply means you attend the two courses simultaneously (parallel).311.007 Flexibel Systems
311.086 Flexible Systems Seminar

are combined into one combined lecture and

311.084 Selforganizing Production systems
311.745 Intelligent Manufacturing systems

are combined into a second combined lecture.

This means if you wish to receive a grade for all the lectures you would write two tests and make 4 individual presentations. If you, for example, want only a grade for Flexible Systems, you attend the combined course, write the single test for that combined lecture and only submit one presentation for Flexible Systems.

Presentations are not oral.
Exam is written during the last hour on the last day of each of the joint lectures.

Do I need any extra materials to complete this course?
Attend all the courses, open your ears and mind. Everything what the Professor is saying during the lectures is enough.

What if I cannot take the final test?
If you have a valid reason (scheduling or similar…) – let us know on time. It is possible to take the test during the final test of the other combined lectures.

I am from BOKU - What is the procedure / How will I receive my grade / What course should I register for?
Students from BOKU need to complete the course: “Werkzeug- und Maschinensysteme”.
According to the agreement with TU Wien, the equivalent course is Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 311.745. As soon as we form all the final grades, our secretary will enter them into TISS.
You will need to ask your coordinator at BOKU regarding this matter – he/she will need to send a list of all the BOKU students that will attended Prof. Katalinics lectures (Name, Surname, Student ID Number) to our secretary (TU Wien – IFT) which will return a complete list with all the grades.