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Working Paper Keywords Video Program
dpn17552_a_1_Kostic: Mathematical Model for Human Resources Planning in the Production Process management, planning, human potential, mathematical model Link Section 01
dpn17668_b_1_Andrlic: Introduction and Maintaining Public Relations of Small Enterprises in Virtual Environment public relations, small business, internet, information technology Link Section 01
dpn18166_a_1_Piska: On the Effective Substitution of Turning by Perifheral Milling turning, milling, chip, loading Link Section 01
dpn18344_a_1_Perutka: Application of Game-based Learning in MATLAB using Object-oriented Programming game-based learning, computer game, education, object-oriented programming, MatLab Link Section 01
dpn20482_a_1_Stuja: Design of a Robot Application with Regard to Energy Efficiency energy efficiency, robot simulation, robot applications, palletizing, design methods Link Section 01
dpn22391_a_1_Hadziahmetovic: Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality in Classroom building, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, measurements, CO2 concentration Link Section 01
dpn23255_a_1_Votrubec: Smart Temporary Traffic Lights traffic lights, microprocessor, WiFi, arduino, Internet of Things Link Section 01
dpn23255_a_2_Votrubec: Control Unit for Seat with Variable Stiffness vibroisolation, car seat, arduino, pneumatic system, active damping Link Section 01
dpn32274_a_1_Sobotova: Diagnosis of Acoustic Properties of Recycled Materials From Vehicles impedance tube, sound absorption coefficient, transmission attenuation, recycled materials Link Section 01
dpn34029_a_1_Dakic: Optimizing Kubernetes Performance, Efficiency and Energy Footprint In Heterogenous HPC Environments high performance computing, Kubernetes, containers, virtual machines, automation Link Section 01
dpn34029_a_2_Dakic: Distributed Storage Performance Measurement in a Virtualized Environment hypervisor, virtual machine, storage performance, open-source, multipathing Link Section 01
dpn34056_a_1_Moric: Securing Communication in Chatter Application secure message exchange, substitution cipher, asymmetric algorithm, hash, man-in-the-middle attack Link Section 01
dpn34056_a_2_Moric: Enterprise Tools for Data Forensics digital forensic, computer forensics tool, RAM forensics, disk forensics, network forensics Link Section 01
dpn34103_a_1_Melichar: Issue of Critical Parts Marking in the Field of Precise Metrology metrology, traceability, identification, marking Link Section 01
dpn35051_a_1_Dobreva: Energy Efficiency of Worm Gear Drives energy efficiency, worm gear drives, gearing efficiency coefficients, tribology approach, optimisation research Link Section 01
dpn35095_a_1_Masic: Open Source Low-cost Approach to Terrain Mapping Using Drone with LiDAR LiDAR, drone, terrain mapping, inertial measurement unit, global navigation satellite system Link Section 01
dpn35095_a_2_Masic: Drone Measurements of Temperature Inversion Characteristics and Particulate Matter Vertical Profiles in Urban Environments temperature inversion, particulate matter, drone, boundary layer Link Section 01
dpn35095_a_3_Masic: Reference Measurements of PM10 and PM2.5 Particulate Matter Concentrations PM10, PM25, gravimetric measurement, Sahara dust Link Section 01
dpn35095_a_4_Masic: Long-term Measurement of Black Carbon Concentration and Source Apportionment Analysis black carbon, source apportionment, fossil fuels, biomass burning Link Section 01
dpn35095_a_5_Masic: Mass Spectrometry of Nanoparticles SMPS, nanoparticles, air pollution, mass spectrometry Link Section 01
dpn35197_a_1_Kubatova: 3D Scanning – Accuracy of a Volume Model Transformed from Scanned Data scanning, geomegic control X, CMM, volume model Link Section 02
dpn35197_a_2_Kubatova: The Real Application of the Software Filter Selection Methodology on Practical Examples roughness, methodology of selection of software filter, aperiodic and periodic surface, contact and non-contact measuring Link Section 02
dpn35281_b_1_Pletenev: Problems of Choosing an Intermodule Information Interaction Protocol for Mobile Robots with Modular Control System Architecture modular robot, communication interface, protocols, internet of things Link Section 02
dpn35418_a_1_Potekhin: Analysis of Emotions using EEG Data and Machine Learning machine learning, emotion analysis, electroencephalography, brain computer interface, generative adversarial networks Link Section 02
dpn35420_a_1_Ipatov: English as Medium of Instruction: Language and Content Combination in Digitized Higher Engineering Education english as medium of instruction (EMI), master program, engineering, foreign language, digitized contents Link Section 02
dpn60072_a_1_Myasoedova: Hybrid- and Nanocomposites Based on Thermoelastoplastics Filled in Basalt Scales and nano Metals and Its Oxides nanо metals, polymer, nanocomposites, elastic properties Link Section 02
dpn60136_a_1_Razic: Air Gun Pressure Influence on the Projectile Penetration of a 2 MM Mild Steel Plate velocity, air gun, pressure, energy, target Link Section 02
dpn60162_a_1_Pandzic: Influence of Infill Design on Compressive and Flexural Mechanical Properties of FDM Printed PLA Material PLA material, FDM, infill design, material properties, 3D printing Link Section 02
dpn60162_b_2_Pandzic: Influence of Layer Height, Build Orientation and Post Curing on Tensile Mechanical Properties of SLA 3D Printed Material SLA, layer thickness, build orientation, curing, tensile testing Link Section 02
dpn60208_a_1_Kroft: Design and Optimization of Production Technology of Thin-Walled Vanadium Parts machining, vanadium, thin-walled part, manufacturing technology, high precision Link Section 02
dpn64019_b_1_Kim: Formal Specification of a Mobile Robot with Modular Architecture for Navigation in Dynamic Environment modular robot, finite-state machine, multi-agent system, collision avoidance, computer networks Link Section 02
dpn67019_a_1_Ojstersek: Production Scheduling Using TWK and SLK Methods SLK method, TWK method, due date, production scheduling, evolutionary computation Link Section 02
dpn67045_a_1_Milde: Influence of Selected Photopolymers on the Resulting Accuracy and Surface Roughness of the Component in Digital Light Processing Technology DLP, 3D scanning, photopolymer, surface roughness Link Section 02
dpn71020_a_1_Blazevic: Differential Pressure Controller Model and its Application in Different Heating Systems variable flow, differential pressure controllers, bivalent temperature, seasonal coefficient of performance Link Section 02
dpn74013_b_1_Karamanos: Safety Lines Detection as a Means of Navigation in Industrial Facilities ROS, MASK-RCNN, navigation, intralogistics, lane detection Link Section 02
dpn74031_b_1_Bajic: Frugal innovations in Industry 4.0: The Identification of Key Indicatiors frugal innovation, industry 4.0, indicators, Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Link Section 02
dpn74070_a_1_Ibrisevic: Influence of Moisture Content on the Strength of Finger Joints Bonded Beech Wood bending strength, modulus of elasticity, moisture, adhesive Link Section 02
dpn74076_a_1_Kokalarov: Determining the Geometrical Elements in the Photogrammetric Method for Measuring Linear Dimensions photogrammetry, photogrammetric measurement method, the direct global associated size, direct global size Link Section 02
dpn78022_b_1_Grajzova: Analysis of the Current Application of AR in the Context of TPM in Slovakia Organizations augmented reality, digital technologies, Industry 4.0, total productive management, 5S Link Section 02
dpn74091_b_1_Zimmermann: Evaluation of Cutting Stability and Electronic Accuracy of CNC Milling Machines CNC milling, workpiece geometry, electronic rigidity, cutting forces, circularity Link Section 03
dpn74102_b_1_Skrivanova: Evaluation of Effect of Attributive Measurements in a Clime Compartment on the Value of Dimensional Measurement Uncertainty in an Accreted Test Laboratory metrology, uncertainty, measurement, attributive, clime compartment Link Section 03
dpn74106_b_1_Zatloukal: Analysis of Air Valve Assembly Technology assembly technology, training curve, productivity, air valve, Bosch Link Section 03
dpn74110_b_1_Povolny: Construction of Tool for Machining Hard Materials tool design, construction of tool, machining, thermal spraying Link Section 03
dpn74115_a_1_Kotkova: Benefits and Risks of Multimodal Transport with a Main Focus on the EU environment, risk, safety, transport Link Section 03
dpn74126_a_1_Tarasov: Integration Software for a Distributed Group of Mobile Service Robots integration software, service mobile robots, emulation and esting of hardware and software Link Section 03
dpn74133_b_1_Stanojevic: One Approach for Determining Availability of Parking Lots in Shared Parking For Disabled Person parking lot, parking sensor, RFID tag, Bluetooth tag license plate recognition Link Section 03
dpn74187_b_1_Dzunova: Analysis of the Indoor Air Quality Inside Motor Vehicles indoor air quality, motor vehicle, VOCs, CO2, particulate matter Link Section 03
dpn74214_a_1_Georgieva: Determination of the Viscosity Class of Motor Oils using Color Characteristics and Statistical Analysis motor oils, image analysis, Matlab, statistical analysis Link Section 03
dpn76014_a_1_Raspudic: Redesign of Impression Trays using Reverse Engineering and Finite Element Analysis dental impression tray, reverse engineering, FEA, rapid prototyping Link Section 03
dpn76026_b_1_Reithner: Analysis of the Interaction Between Safety and Security Demonstrated on a Mobile Robot and a Production Network mobile robotics, safety & security, penetration test, production network Link Section 03
dpn76037_b_1_Levin: Development of Low Cost Small 3D Scanner for Robotic Applications 3D scanner, stereo vision, 3D measurement, robot application Link Section 03
dpn76041_b_1_Drofova: Comparison of the Lighting Condition of the Interior to Create a 3D Background in Virtual Reality 3D camera, digital image, lighting condition, virtual reality, art gallery Link Section 03
dpn76042_b_1_Sousedikova: The Role of Lie Detection Based System in Controlling Borders border control, deception detection, lie detection, analysis Link Section 03
dpn76043_b_1_Sykora: Additive Manufacturing of Indexable Inserts: New Possibilities for more Effective Cooling indexable insert, cutting tool, additive manufacturing, Inconel 718 Link Section 03
dpn76043_b_2_Sykora: Study of The Influence of Cutting Tool Geometry During Turning of Submillimetre Nickel Parts cutting forces, nickel, turning, cutting tool geometry Link Section 03
dpn76045_b_1_Milicevic: The New Role of Teachers After the Covid19 Pandemic and the Application of the Lean Concept in Education education technologies, Covid19 pandemic, costs reduction, “smart” and “green” university, lean concept Link Section 03
dpn76048_b_1_Dzermansky: Use of Augmented Reality Technology in Population Protection and Crisis Management augmented reality, crisis management, Hololens, population protection, technology Link Section 03
dpn76048_b_2_Dzermansky: Design of a Designation for Emergency Medical Services at Department Stores emergencies, emergency medical service, model, signs Link Section 03
dpn78030_b_1_Viertel: Quantum Computing for Designing Behavioural Model and Quantum Machine Learning on a Humanoid Robot quantum robotics, human-robot-interaction, quantum-machine-learning, grover-algorithm, quantum-support-vector-machine Link Section 03
dpn76070_a_1_Marinello: Drivers for Selecting the Type of Transport in the Modal Shift: Cost, Transit Time and Environmental Impact Analysis distribution logistics, logit model, multi-criteria, optimisation, sustainability Link Section 04
dpn76071_b_1_Marsalek: Machinability of Spring Steel 42SiCr steel 42SiCr, machinability, tool-life, flank wear Link Section 04
dpn76074_b_1_Stavlic: E-Integrated Marketing Communication of Micro Enterprises technology, marketing communication, information and communication process, micro-enterprise Link Section 04
dpn76089_b_1_Plotnikov: Kinetostatic Analysis of the Service Mobile Robot with Manipulator robotics, mobile service robot, movement synergy algorithms for heavy object manipulation, kinetostatic dynamics analysis Link Section 04
dpn76091_b_1_Elchinsky: Investigation of the Operation of the Developed Piston Mechanism of the Axial-Piston Hydraulic Swash Plate Machine in the Straining and Creeping Speeds Modes axial-piston hydraulic, swash plate machine, dead band, force analysis, friction force in the “slipper – swash plate” pair Link Section 04
dpn76156_a_1_Butturi: Understanding the Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning Scope of Application: a Critical Literature Review production control systems, demand and lead time uncertainties, demand driven material requirements planning, inventory level, supply chain complexity Link Section 04
dpn76159_a_1_Novikov: Research of the Effect of Microwave Radiation on the Speed of the Water-Ice Phase Transition water-ice phase transition, heat pump, experimental stand, thermal energy Link Section 04
dpn76178_b_1_Nikolic: Evaluation of Strategies over Static Code Analysis Tools static code analysis, tools, strategies, evaluation Link Section 04
dpn78007_a_1_Pisker: Measuring Interrelations of Prosperity Pillars Leading Towards Sustainable Success prosperity index, enterprise conditions, social capital, sustainability, wellbeing Link Section 04
dpn78010_b_1_Ibrayeva: Application of Box-Jenkins Methodology in Electric Consumption Forecasting of a Metallurgical Enterprise short-term forecasting, time series analysis, autocorrelation function, ARIMA model, power consumption of the metallurgical plant Link Section 04
dpn78011_a_1_Nommela: Strategic Development of Maritime Related Industries: The Role of Maritime Cluster Researches maritime industries, cluster performance, policymaking, Baltic Sea Region Link Section 04
dpn78012_a_1_Buyuk: Minimizing Coating Process Sourced Hydrogen Embrittlement of Fasteners fasteners, coating, hydrogen embrittlement, mechanical properties Link Section 04
dpn78016_b_1_Kruuser: Knowledge Based Decision Making in Mechanical Workshops artificial intelligence, feature based machining, machine learning, knowledge based manufacturing Link Section 04
dpn78017_a_1_Lemes: Blockchain-based Metrological Traceability metrological traceability, blockchain, Industry 4.0, digital calibration certificate Link Section 04
dpn78018_a_1_Vanko: Joining Galvanized Steel Sheets with Plastics by the Resistance Soldering of Bimetallic Elements metal-to-plastic joining, resistance element welding, soldering, bimetallic elements Link Section 04
dpn78019_b_1_Abdank: Using Colour-based Object Detection for Pick and Place Applications computer vision, linear regression, object detection, HSV, ROS Link Section 04
dpn78020_b_1_Muster: Uniform Manufacturer-Independent Mobile Robot Programming mobile robot, programming library, robot skills, abstract programming Link Section 04
dpn78023_a_1_Gutakovskis: Study and Analysis of Machine and Tool Parameters of Stainless-steel Turning Using Multi Coated Tools metal cutting, turning, lathe, stainless steel, AISI316L Link Section 04
dpn78032_a_1_Corradini: A Digital Twin Based Self-Calibration Tool for Fault Prediction of FDM Additive Manufacturing Systems self-calibration, digital twin, additive manufacturing, fault prediction Link Section 04
dpn23186_a_1_Rakic: The Concept of Cloud of Things for Overcoming the Shortcomings of Existing Technologies information society, Internet of Things, cloud computing, Cloud of Things Link Section 05
dpn76022_b_1_Krasic: Big Data and Business Intelligence: Research and Challenges in Telecom Industry big data, business inteligence, telecom, churn, literature review Link Section 05
dpn76033_a_1_Saravanja: Predictive Maintenance Supported by IIoT Technologies predictive maintanance, Internet of Things, industrial internet of things, machine learning Link Section 05
dpn76038_b_1_Colak: Testing of a Wooden High-wall Girder Loaded over a Steel Plate on the Top wooden high-wall girder, steel plate, normal stress, Ansys Link Section 05
dpn78024_b_1_Mitrovic: Augmented Reality in Marketing – State of Art augmented reality, marketing, systematic literature review, digitalization Link Section 05
dpn78025_b_1_Lillerand: Research into Dynamics of Motion Performed by Modular Power Unit as Part of Ploughing Tractor-Implement Unit dynamic system, modelling, modular power unit, smoothness of movement, vertical oscillation Link Section 05
dpn78027_b_1_Malatinsky: Fire Safety Threat Risk Analysis for Soft Target soft target, threat risk analysis, fire safety, safety Link Section 05
dpn78028_a_1_Yezhebayeva: Research and Modelling Induced Energy Distribution Processes in the Ground Wire Cable ground wire, high-voltage overhead power line, induced energy, power supply of diagnostic and monitoring system Link Section 05
dpn78033_b_1_Sidiropoulos: An Industry 4.0 Tool to Enhance Human-Robot Collaboration ReactJS, web-based ROS tool, human-robot collaboration, robot operating system, visualization Link Section 05
dpn78034_a_1_Tomaskova: Impact of Machining on the Environment environment, environmental aspects, sustainable development, metalworking industry, machining Link Section 05
dpn78040_b_1_Cerveny: Optimization of Aluminum Optical Table Production optical table, aluminium alloy, drilling, threading Link Section 05
dpn78041_b_1_Schwaiger: Explainable Artificial Intelligence For Robot Arm Control explainable artificial intelligence, XAI, reinforcement learning, movement control, parameter extraction Link Section 05
dpn78042_b_1_Ramic: CFD Investigation of Textile Drying Temperature and Density in a Industrial Stenter Frame Section temperature, stenter, CFD, drying, energy efficiency Link Section 05
dpn78043_a_1_Polivka: The Current State of the Use of Selected Industry 4.0 Technologies in Manufacturing Companies ERP systems, industry 4.0, industry 4.0 technologies, information systems Link Section 05
dpn78046_a_1_Travushkina: Industry 4 0 – Automation in the Conditions of Reconfiguration of Production Lines innovative material smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, digitalization and cyberphysical systems, automation with digital twins, robotization Link Section 05
dpn78047_b_1_Kasova: The Application of Knowledge Management Elements in Dynamically Changing Organisations knowledge, information, management, knowledgeable workers Link Section 05
dpn78052_b_1_Bortsova: Smart Maintenance Framework Based on Spatio-Visual Computing: The Case of Aircraft MRO aircraft MRO, spatial computing, visual computing, augmented reality Link Section 05
dpn78053_b_1_Syrovatka: Tangential Laser Machining Using Fs-pulsed Laser laser, laser turning, tangential machining, surface roughness Link Section 05
dpn78055_b_1_Gutai: Optical Character Recognition Methods For Number Plate Recognition: A Systematic Literature Review optical character recognition, methods, automated number plate recognition, systematic literature review Link Section 05
dpn78056_b_1_Tomsu: Information Support for Crisis Management in the Zlin Region with a Focus on Meteorological Information information, information support, crisis management, meteorogical information Link Section 05
dpn78059_a_1_Ereiz: Finite Element Model Updating Methods for Structural Application finite element model updating, structural health monitoring, dynamic analysis of structures, experimental investigation Link Section 05
dpn78060_b_1_Maljkovic: Analysis of Vehicle Path Radii on Horizontal Curves for Two-Lane Rural Roads vehicle path radius, horizontal curve, design consistency, global positioning system (GPS), vehicle stability Link Section 05
dpn78062_b_1_Bobkova: Comparing HDFS – Greenplum Data Loading Options big data, Hadoop distributed file system, Greenplum, massively parallel processing Link Section 05
dpn78071_a_1_Djevojic: Digital Transformation, Sharing Economy and Effects on Society digital transformation, sharing economy, tourism, communication, society Link Section 05
dpn78074_b_1_Trajber: A Review of Existing Masonry Arch Bridges in Croatia masonry arch bridges, construction material, typology, geometry, damage Link Section 05