DAAAM International Week – 2023

The 34th DAAAM International Symposium Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation, 26-27th October 2023
17th European DAAAM International Young Researchers´ and Scientists´ Conference, 26-27th October 2023
12th DAAAM International Doctoral School, 23-25th October 2023
10th Synergy Network Annual Workshop
Activities of International Academy of Engineering, Central European Branch

Virtual Online Edition, hosted from Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, EU

Final Program Overview

(to be continuously updated)


Monday, October 23rd - 12th DAAAM International Doctoral School

Monday, October 23rd – 12th DAAAM International Doctoral School:

11:00 – 12: 00

Welcome Address Branko Katalinic | Opening of the 12th DAAAM International Doctoral School

12:00 – 14:00 (open end)

Special Topics & Advanced Lectures & Q/A & Discussion | (DS1 – Doctoral School 01)

12:00 – 13:00 | Damir Godec: “Plastic is fantastic”

13:00 – 14:00 | Ismail Bogrekci: “Sensor Development and Artificial Intelligence Applications”

Tuesday, October 24th - 12th DAAAM International Doctoral School

Tuesday, October 24th – 12th DAAAM International Doctoral School:

11:00 – 15:00
(Open end)

Special Topics & Advanced Lectures & Q/A & Discussion | (DS2 – Doctoral School 02 )

11:00 – 12:00 | Ahmet Çagdas Seckin: “Wearable Technologies and Artificial Intelligence”

12:00 – 13:00 | Mohamed Aburaia: “Robot Kinematics”

13:00 – 14:00 | Kemajl Stuja: “Simulation of industrial Robots”

14:00 – 15:00 | Aslı Günay Bulutsuz: “Metallic Biodegradable Stent Materials, Design and Analysis”

Invited Section

“Young Researchers’ Mechatronics” 

Wednesday, October 25th - 12th DAAAM International Doctoral School

Wednesday, October 25th – 12th DAAAM International Doctoral School:

11:00 – 15:00
(Open end)

Special Topics & Advanced Lectures & Q/A & Discussion | (DS3 – Doctoral School 03 )

11:00 – 12:00 | Anil Akdogan: “Industrial revolution 4.0 adapted smart die casting foundries and technology centres”

12:00 – 13:00 | Pinar Demircioglu: “Transforming Surface Defect Inspection: AI-Powered Deep Learning Approaches”

13:00 – 14:00 | Roberta Cvetkovska: “Navigating the Academic Odyssey: Challenges Faced by PhD Students”

14:00 – 15:00 | Zeljko Tekic: “Technology, IP and Your PhD”

14:00 – Open End

Invited Section

“Young Researchers’ Robotics” 

Thursday, October 26th - 34th DAAAM Virtual Conference (1st Day)

Thursday, October 26th – 34th DAAAM Virtual Conference (1st Day):

11:00 – 11:15

Welcome Opening  | (wait until all participants join the meeting)

11:15 – 13:00

Section 01 – Invited Lecture: Peter Panfilov | “Distributed Computing Continuum for Industry 4.0 and Beyond”

Paper Q/A (Chairperson: Pinar Demircioglu) | Papers without a video presentation will be removed!

Expand the list of papers for Q/A
dpn17030_a_1_Celar: Productivity Factors in Agile Software Development Projects
dpn18527_a_1_Saravanja: Modeling of the Periodic Lattice Structure for Experimental, Numeric and Vibration Analysis
dpn27022_a_1_Seremet: Inferencing – Next Step Observation
dpn32271_b_1_Sremcev: Technical and Technological Culture – Engineers Point of View
dpn35420_a_1_Ipatov: Application of Mobile Technologies to Increase the Efficiency of Language Communicative Skills of Engineering Students
dpn67033_a_1_Mitin: Construction of The Mathematical Model of The Structure of The Actuator and Design of Control System
dpn71005_a_1_Gheorghita: Design of an Experimental Model of a System for Product Sorting Through Image Processing
dpn76016_a_1_Nikolov: Using the Quality Function Deployment Method in the Design of Die Casting Cells
dpn76088_a_1_Soloveva: Analysis and Modernization of the Dual Manipulator of Service Robots
dpn76091_b_1_Elchinsky: Investigation of the Moment on the Control Body of a Synchronised Adjustable Swash Plates Double Axial Piston Hydraulic Machine
dpn76178_b_1_Nikolic: Challenges in Integrating Static Code Analysis into Domain-Specific Language
dpn78053_b_1_Syrovatka: Enhancing Hydrophobic Properties Through Laser-Induced Surface Structuring
dpn79507_b_1_Mueller: Automatic Transformation of OPC UA Skills Models into Knowledge Graphs
dpn79513_a_1_Radoyska: A Conceptual Model for Open U-Learning Platform
dpn79515_b_1_Ali: Improving the Print Quality of an Additive-Capable Robotic Cell by Optimizing the Cooling Unit
dpn79518_a_1_Metovic: Calculation of the Effectiveness of a Dehumidifier and Integration of a New Model of a Desiccant Wheel into TRNSYS
dpn79520_b_1_Smirnov: Errors Evaluation of Weighing Platforms with Arrangements of 2, 3 and 4 Force Sensors
dpn79521_b_1_Moeltner: Creation of a Framework for an Empathy-Based Improvement of a Hybrid Working System
dpn79525_a_1_Sulovsky: Numerical Model for Identification of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Parameters from the Crack-Mouth Opening Displacement
13:00 – 14:00
Lunch Break

14:00 – 15:45

Section 02 – Invited Lecture: Victor Goman | “Application of energy efficient electric motors”

Paper Q/A (Chairperson: Toma Udiljak) | Papers without a video presentation will be removed!

Expand the list of papers for Q/A
dpn17668_b_1_Andrlic: Artificial Intelligence as an Essential Factor of Support to Corporate Communication in Business Decision Process
dpn21992_a_1_Topalova: A Model of an Intelligent Automation System for Monitoring of Sensor Signals with a Neural Network Implementation
dpn34029_a_1_Dakic: Analysis Of Password Security Policies And Their Implications On Real-Life Security
dpn34056_a_1_Moric: Prevention of DNS Amplification Attacks
dpn34056_a_2_Moric: Denial of Service Attacks Using the Example of Croatian Hosters
dpn34056_a_3_Moric: Comparative Analysis of IBM Qradar and Wazuh for Security Information and Event Management
dpn34056_a_4_Moric: Detecting Security Vulnerabilities on Internet-connected Devices
dpn34306_a_1_Shardyko: Robotization of In-Orbit Large-scale Structure Assembly
dpn35051_a_1_Dobreva: Smart Design of Core Components in Engineering Education
dpn35418_a_1_Potekhin: Detectıon of Parkınson’s Dısease Usıng Keystroke Data and Machıne Learnıng Algorıthms
dpn60162_a_1_Pandzic: Investigating the Influence of Printing Orientation and Filament Drying on Tensile and Flexural Strength of FDM-Printed Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polyamide Composites
dpn74043_a_1_Tokhmetova: Automated Robotic Complexes in Engineering, Adjustment, Production and Education Processes
dpn74135_a_1_Koleva-Stoynova: Methods and Algorithms for Analysing and Predicting Errors in Server Systems
dpn78056_b_1_Tomsu: Information Warfare, Media and Civilians
dpn78056_b_2_Tomsu: Spear-phishing and Its Specifics Within Social Engineering
dpn78056_b_3_Tomsu: Information Ecology, Information Hygiene, and Assessment of Information Vulnerabilities in Organization
dpn78163_b_1_Holzgethan: Implementation of Trajectory Planning for the Miniaturised Industrial Robots of the Morobot Platform
dpn79522_b_1_Albrecht: Benefits of Knowledge Management in Cybersecurity – Initial Study
dpn79541_b_1_Bauer: Assessing Unity’s Applicability for Creating Digital Twins by Creating a Multi-Robot Digital Twin

Friday, October 27th - 34th DAAAM Virtual Conference (2nd Day)

Friday, October 27th – 34th DAAAM Virtual Conference (2nd Day):

11:00 – 11:15

Welcome Opening  | (wait until all participants join the meeting)

11:15 – 13:00

Section 03 – Invited Lecture: Zeljko Tekic | “More open, more risky and more beneficial: managing innovation in the era of AI”

Paper Q/A (Chairperson: Numan Durakbasa ) | Papers without a video presentation will be removed!

Expand the list of papers for Q/A
dpn18166_a_1_Piska: On The Effect of Advanced PVD Coating on Performance of Cutting Dies in Austenitic Steel
dpn20548_a_1_Pryanichnikov: Approaches to Implementation of the 3D Laser Scanning to Ensure the Search and Docking of Autonomous Underwater Robots with a Walking Base
dpn21604_a_1_Pajaziti: Design and Optimization of the Welding Robot System for Aluminium Frames using simulation Software
dpn32036_a_1_Zaharinov: Choosing an Optimal Structural Variant of a Basic Size for a Size Range of Modules
dpn60208_a_1_Kroft: Effect of Feed and Depth of Cut on Chip Shape
dpn67048_a_1_Chira: Enhancing Realism in Robotic Flight Simulators: A Case Study on the Implementation Analysis of a Washout Filter
dpn74076_a_1_Kokalarov: A New Method for Contactless Measurement of Small Module Gears with Asymmetric Profile
dpn74126_a_1_Tarasov: Hardware and Software Protection of the Power Supply and Control of the Service Robots
dpn76043_b_1_Sykora: Additive Manufacturing of Thin-Walled Inconel 718 Brackets for Extreme Conditions
dpn78047_b_1_Kasova: Analytic Calculation and Experimental Measurement Comparison of Bolted Join with Insert for Composite Sandwich Panel
dpn79011_b_1_Jelke: Assessment on Flexible Fixture Solution and a Novel Pin Array Solution for an Industrial Application
dpn79012_b_1_Hofbauer: Automatic Print Bed Leveling for Industrial Robot Systems
dpn79503_b_1_Grozdanic: Influence of Direct Metal Laser Sintering on the Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements
dpn79506_a_1_Tenk: The Influence of Drag Finishing on Carbide End Mills Manufactured in Different Diameters
dpn79509_b_1_Morvayova: Investigation of Irregular Thermal Behaviour of AlSi10Mg Components Manufactured by LPBF
dpn79523_b_1_Sobora: Jig for Clamping the Chuck During Milling
dpn79524_b_1_Mezulianik: Development of a High-Performance Tool for Superalloy Machining (HRSA)

13:00 – 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 – 15:45

Section 04 – Invited Lecture: Ismail Bogrekci | “Industry-Agriculture 5.0: Usage of Unmanned Ground and Aerial Vehicles in Sustainable Precision Agriculture”

Paper Q/A (Chairperson: Peter Panfilov) | Papers without a video presentation will be removed!

Expand the list of papers for Q/A
dpn60291_a_1_Ilko: Methodological Procedure to Ensure the Safety of Technical Installations
dpn60291_a_2_Ilko: Methodology for Selecting a Source of Electrical Energy Suitable for the Site
dpn71020_a_1_Blazevic: Analysis of Existing Design Temperature for Heating in Sarajevo in Light of Climate Changes
dpn71020_a_2_Blazevic: Applying the Design of Experiments to Model the Energy Consumption of Typical Single-Family House in Bosnia and Herzegovina
dpn71020_a_3_Blazevic: Statistical Analysis of Hydrological Parameters in the Bosna River Basin
dpn71020_a_4_Blazevic: Wind Farm Energy Production in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Levelized Cost of Energy
dpn71020_a_5_Blazevic: Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow Through the Valve
dpn74076_a_2_Kokalarov: Metrological Aspects in Maintenance of Energy-Saving Automated Systems for Control of Pump Units in Pumping Stations
dpn74102_b_1_Skrivanova: Methodology for Testing: Laboratory Comparison of Climate Chambers in the Automotive Industry
dpn74214_a_1_Georgieva: Hyperspectral Images as a Tool for Soil Field Recognition
dpn74214_a_2_Georgieva: Modeling of the Relationship of the Color Features and Agrochemical Soil Indicators Using Digital Images
dpn74214_a_3_Georgieva: Spectral Analysis for Prediction of Soil Agrochemical Indicators
dpn78027_b_1_Malatinsky: Effectiveness of the Use of Passenger Rail Transport in the Territory of the Czech Republic
dpn78027_b_2_Malatinsky: Proposal of the Application of Selected Risk Analyses for Fire Protection
dpn78050_b_1_Hdaib: Aerodynamic Collection Efficiency: Numerical Simulation and Analysis
dpn79004_a_1_Rosales Molina: Energy Consumption in Injection Moulding: A Case of Study
dpn79510_a_1_Zhao: Optimization Of The Logistic “Fill Rate” Key Performance Indicator Through The Application Of The DMAIC Approach
dpn79511_a_1_Rijkure: Cargo Diversification Opportunities and Methods in Ports under the Influence of Economic Change

15:45 – 16:15
Coffee Break

16:15 – Open End

Closing Ceremony and Awards Announcement
Best Paper – Best Presentation Awards / Virtual Group Photo of Winners / Participants
Birthday & Authors´ Club Certificates Announcement 
Announcement of DAAAM 2024!
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