Proceedings of the 21st International DAAAM Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation''

20-23rd October 2010, Zadar, Croatia

Volume 21, No.1, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-901509-73-5,
Ed. B. Katalinic / Published by DAAAM International, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2010

*** Katalinic, B.: Annals & DAAAM (Hi)story 1990-now
001 Katalinic, B.: Engineers for Knowledge Based Society
002 Celar, S.; Turic, M. & Vickovic, L.: 4DSA: 4-Dimensional Presentation of Stakeholder Analysis in Large Software Project
003 Popescu, D.; Buzatu, S. & Gavrila, R.: Study of Surface Roughness at Finishing of Recovered Silicone Rubber
004 Balc, N.; Berce, P. & Pacurar, R.: Comparison between SLM and SLS in Producing Complex Metal Parts
005 Vacarescu, C. F. & Vacarescu, V.: The Taguchi’s Quality Loss Function in Development and Design for Bulk Goods in the Automotive Field
006 Vacarescu, V.; Vacarescu, C. – F.; Argesanu, V.; Draghici, A. & Crastiu, I.: The Differential Modeling of End-Effector’s Pose Errors Applied to Robots Calibration
007 Vazan, P. & Krizanova, G.: The Evaluation of the Method of Lot Size Determination in Manufacturing System
008 Andreev, V. P.; Pryanichnikov, V. E. & Prysev, E. A.: Multi-Access Control of Distributed Mobile Robotic Systems Based on Networking Technologies
009 Andreev, V. P.: Video Signal Correction for Scanning Photocell Array in the IR-Computer Vision Systems
010 Mazilescu, C. A.; Popescu Mitroi, M. M.; Draghici, A.; Mihartescu, A. A. & Pop, M. C.: Representation of Teaching Competency to Students and Teachers
011 Lapusan, C.; Balan, R. & Hancu, O.: Online System Identification in Thermal Response of Real Buildings
012 Filipescu, H.; Negru, R.; Marsavina, L. & Caplescu, C.: Assessment of Two Fracture Criteria for Components with Circular Holes
013 Jirkova, H.; Kucerova, L.; Malina, J.; Hauserova, D.; Aisman, D. & Masek, B.: Influence of Low Temperature Thermomechanical Treatment on Carbide Morphology of RSt37-2 Steel
014 Rogic, K.; Bajor, I. & Rozic, T.: Consumer as a Part of Reverse Logistics Chain
015 Markovic, M.; Pogledic, I. & Komsic, I.: Sharing the Technology: The Case of Neuroscience and Marketing
016 Zaharia, S. M. & Martinescu, I.: Statistical Analysis of Data Resulting from Accelerated Life Tests Simulation
017 Dragoi, G.; Rosu, S. M.; Radovici, A.; Cotet, C. E. & Rosu, L.: Virtual Enterprise Network Solution in the PREMINV E-Platform
018 Taucean, I. M.; Tamasila, M.; Cociu, N. & Hendel, E. N.: Analysis of Productivity Based on Production Line Balancing
019 Park, H. S. & Dang, X. – P.: Development of a Film-Insert Moulding Process for an Automotive Part
020 Horja, I. M.; Vancea, S. & Ignat, A. B.: The Reorganization Plan as a Strategy for Entities in Difficulty
021 Buchmeister, B.; Polajnar, A.; Palcic, I.; Brezocnik, M. & Acko, B.: Adaptive Control Systems for Responsive Factories
022 Kostic, A.; Velic, M. & Hadziabdic, V.: New Secular Equation of RSPDT Matrix and Its Rational Approximation
024 Randic, M.; Jednakovic, H. & Blaskovic, B.: Dynamic Thread Assigment in a Tandem of Threadpools Inspired by the Adaptation Mechanism in Honeybee Foraging
025 Cristea, L.; Manescu, M. E.; Repanovici, A. & Baritz, M.: Contributions to Dosing Systems Optimization
026 Jurko, J.: Study of Changes in a Machined Stainless Steels Surface during Drilling
027 Rosca, I. C.; Braun, B. C. & Marosy, Z. I.: Computer Aided Optimization of Quality Inspection Methods for Complex Models used in Biomechanics
028 Neumann, P.; Adamek, M. & Matysek, M.: Information System for Manufacturing Equipment Diagnostics
029 Nicolescu, A. F.; Enciu, G.; Ghinea, M. & Dobrescu, T.: Virtual Prototyping Small, Medium and Large Scale Robotic Arc Welding Cells
030 Nicolescu, A. F.; Ivan, A. – M.; Petre, M. & Dobre, M.: Virtual Prototyping Robotic Cell for Mushroom Cultivation in Controlled Atmosphere
031 Nicolescu, A. F.; Marinescu, D. A.; Dobre, M. & Petre, M.: Virtual Prototyping Robotic Cell for Mushroom Crops Automated Harvesting
032 Ivan, A. – M.; Avram, G. – C.; Nicolescu, A. F. & Strajescu, E. R.: Offline Programming and Simulation of Arc Welding Robotic Cell Using RobotStudio Software
033 Mandrea, L.; Baran, G.; Babutanu, C. A.; Militaru, G.; Oprina, G. & Bunea, F.: The Efficiency of Biogas Technology: A Case Study
034 Militaru, G.; Rosu, M. M.; Ionescu, S.; Alexe, C. M. & Alexe, C. G.: The Power Plants Are Realizing the Added Value of Being Socially Responsible by Using the Combined Heat and Power Technology
035 Circiumaru, A.; Andrei, G.; Dima, D.; Birsan, I. G. & Bria, V.: Thermal Properties of Some Particulate Composites
036 Andrei, G.; Circiumaru, A.; Dima, D.; Birsan, I. G. & Bria, V.: Some Physical Properties of Fabric Laminae
037 Dima, D.; Murarescu, M.; Andrei, G. & Circiumaru, A.: MWCNT Dispersion Method with Iron(III) Oxide in Unsaturated Polyester Matrix
038 Dlapa, M.: Robust Controllers for Anisochronic Delayed Systems
039 Vitalariu, A. M.: Effect of Surface Polishing and Glazing on the Roughness of the Dental Acrylic Resins
040 Andrlic, B. & Budic, H.: Possibilities of Tourism Market Research via the Internet
041 Lungu, M. A.; Lungu, R.; Calbureanu Popescu, M. X. & Sepcu, L. C.: Static System for the Automatic Control of the Aircraft’s Yaw Angle with Proportional – Derivative Control Law
042 Lungu, M. A.; Lungu, R.; Sepcu, L. C. & Calbureanu Popescu, M. X.: Automatic Control System of the Aircraft’s Yaw Angle Using a Proportional – Integrator – Derivative Control Law
043 Brnic, J.: Properties Comparison of Two Constructural Steels: ASTM A709 and ASTM A505
044 Bal, C.; Iuhos, I. C. & Bal, N.: The Important Elements of the Sonic Friction Circuit
045 Bal, N.; Iuhos, I. C. & Bal, C.: The Calculus of the Weight to the Sonic Resonance
046 Bal, C.; Iuhos, I. C.; Bal, N. & Bal, I. N.: The Art of Teaching Use the ITC
047 Funar, S. P.; Gheorghiu, H.; Rosu, N.; Popa, C. L.; Patrascu, G. & Ignatov, M. S.: The Dynamic Concept of Resistance Structures
048 Barreiro, J.; Martinez Pellitero, S.; Cuesta, E. & Alvarez, B. J.: Comparative Synthesis between STEP and MOKA Methodologies and New Proposal for the Scope of Manufacturing and Inspection Processes
049 Gheorghe, I. G.: Nanometrics: Advanced Nanotechnology in Metrological and Industrial High-Tech Measuring Processes
050 Gheorghe, I. G. & Vaduva, V.: Integrating Field “Micromechatronics & Nanomechatronics”: Integrated Part in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies
051 Mentlik, V.; Pihera, J.; Sirucek, M.; Trnka, P. & Paslavsky, B.: Corona Discharge in Different Insulating Fluids
052 Grigorescu, C. – M.; Moraru, S. – A. & Badea, M.: Smart Data Acquisition Software Used in Industrial Monitoring Systems
053 Jakovic, B.; Herceg, T. & Vlahov, R. D.: Analysis of Croatian Five Star Hotel Websites as a Tool for Managing Hotels
054 Kostanjevec, T. & Kostanjevec, M.: Multi-Criteria Product Development as Effective Manufacturing Tool
055 Bilinovac, D. & Rezic, S.: Free Solutions for VPN and Computer Remote Control
056 Blaskovic, B. & Randic, M.: Interpreting Petri Nets with CLIPS for Software Model Checking
057 Caganova, D.; Sujanova, J. & Lenhardtova, Z.: The Multicultural Environment Influence on Innovation and Knowledge Management in the Slovak Republic
058 Stirbu, C.; Hanganu, L. C. & Grigoras, S.: A Method for Spherical Rolling Bearings Quick Tests
059 Mahovic, S.; Runje, B. & Barsic, G.: Gauge and Process Capability Metrics
060 Enciu, G.; Nicolescu, A. F.; Dobrescu, T. G. & Ghinea, M.: Virtual Prototyping, Programming and Functioning Simulation of Modular Designed Flexible Manufacturing Cell
061 Sinyavskiy, O. Y.: Autoassociative Spatial-Temporal Pattern Memory Based on Stochastic Spiking Neurons
062 Ruzarovsky, R.; Zvolensky, R. & Velisek, K.: Design of Automated Disassembly Process as an Element of Intelligent Assembly Cell
063 Nikolic, G.; Rogale, D. & Cubric, G.: Testing of the Air Chamber for Intelligent Clothing on Hotplate
064 Boiangiu, C. – A.; Petrescu, S. B.; Moldoveanu, A. D. B.; Asavei, V. & Bucur, I.: Systematic Printing Space Recognition
065 Boiangiu, C. – A.; Rosner, D.; Olteanu, A.; Stefanescu, A. V. & Moldoveanu, A. D. B.: Confidence Measure for Skew Detection in Photographed Documents
066 Boiangiu, C. – A.; Stefanescu, A. V.; Rosner, D.; Olteanu, A. & Morar, A. – A.: Automatic Slanted Edge Target Validation in Large Scale Digitization Projects
067 Boiangiu, C. – A.; Olteanu, A.; Stefanescu, A. V.; Rosner, D. & Egner, A. I.: Local Thresholding Image Binarization using Variable-Window Standard Deviation Response
068 Skocik, P.: Embedded System for Measurement of Small Electric Input Power
069 Mironeasa, S.; Gutt, G.; Gutt, S. & Mironeasa, C.: Effect of Chemical Composition on the Elongation Proprieties
070 Dvorackova, M.; Hruska, F. & Sedlacik, R.: Measurement the Content of Suspended Solids on LF20 Fermenter
071 Bejan, M.: Structural Efficiency
072 Ali, B. & Bejan, M.: The New Stern Design: A Solution of Drag Reduction of Ships
073 Marin, D.; Hadar, A.; Ionita, S.; Grigoras, S. & Szabo, A.: A New Principle for Differential Gearboxes
074 Janacova, D.; Vasek, V.; Mokrejs, P. & Kolomaznik, K.: Mathematical Model of Asymmetric Heat Field in a Plane Plate
075 Comaneci, R. & Comanici, A.: Damaging of Al-Mg Alloys Severely Plastic Deformed by Equal Channel Angular Pressing
076 Vacarescu, C. F.: Applications of Iterative Learning Control Tehniques on an Inverted Pendulum System
077 Boicea, A.; Petcu, R.; Radulescu, F. & Trifan, I.: Using MySQL Query Cache to Speed Up Query Performance
078 Boicea, A.; Badalau, C. B.; Radulescu, F. & Nicula, A. I.: Improving Application Performance Through Database Caching at Application Tier Level
079 Boicea, A.; Crivat, A.; Radulescu, F. & Popa, G.: Performance Evaluation and Tuning in an Oracle DBMS
080 Boicea, A.; Bentu, A. S.; Radulescu, F. & Stoean, N. G.: Import/Export of GIS Data in Oracle Spatial
081 Boicea, A.; Grigore, E. M.; Ghita, V.; Bentu, S. A.; Trifan, I. & Popa, G. D.: Database Encryption Algorithm: New Scytale
082 Boicea, A.; Nicula, A. – I.; Serban, A. & Grigore, E. M.: Multi-Master Replication in Oracle Database
083 Boicea, A.; Ghita, V.; Radulescu, F. & Sarbu, A. D.: Encryption Strategies in Databases
084 Boicea, A.; Serban, A.; Nicula, A. – I. & Radulescu, F.: Distributed Databases Replication Methods for MySQL
085 Masek, B.; Jirkova, H.; Malina, J. & Klauberova, D.: The Material-Technological Modelling of the Real Dynamic Process
086 Robu, R.; Hora, C. & Stoicu – Tivadar, V.: Improving the Classify User Interface in WEKA Explorer
087 Terziqi, A. K.; Haxhiaj, A. B.; Kamberaj, N. S. & Bajraktari, B. V.: Thermal Load Impact on Steam Parameters for Cooling the Shaft Furnace
088 Terziqi, A. K.; Mulliqi, I.; Kamberaj, N. & Bajraktari, B.: The Analysis of Influencing Factors on Combustion Time of the Lignite in TC “Kosova A”
089 Minciu, C.; Chiscop, F.; Olteanu, E. L. & Lita, A. E.: Cutting Tools Durability as a Simulation Parameter in Discrete Material Flow Management
090 Horvath, S.; Danisova, N. & Velisek, K.: PPS System as a Management Tool for Modern Manufacturing Plant
091 Curseu, D.; Popa, M. & Sirbu, D. M.: Approach on Environmental Health Indicators for Monitoring the Health Impact of Climate Change
092 Seiciu, P. L.; Laurian, T. & Filipoiu, I. D.: Mechatronic Aided Walk: A Comparative Study
093 Salihu, A.; Zeqiri, H. M.; Bunjaku, A.; Qehaja, N. E. & Zeqiri, F.: Research of Surface Roughness Average of Steel C45 during Turning
094 Ghiban, B.; Bordeasu, I.; Ghiban, N.; Miculescu, F.; Marin, M. & Manzana, M. – E.: Structural Aspects of Cavitation for Different Copper Alloys
095 Ghiban, B.; Dumitru, F. – D.; Ghiban, N.; Saban, R.; Semenescu, A. & Marin, M.: Consideration Regarding Die Design for Equal Channel Angular Extrusion
096 Perutka, K.: Turbo Codes – Introduction and Applications
097 Parausanu, I.; Petre, C.; Gheorghiu, H. & Vlasceanu, D.: The Oil Pressure Law in Journal Bearings Due to of the Shaft Conical Motion
098 Tudor, D. I.; Vlasceanu, D.; Dinu, G. & Petrescu, H. A.: Analysis and Optimization of Junction Structures Made from Layered Composites Using FEA
099 Dragomirescu, C. G. & Iliescu, V.: About the Stability of the Motion of a Dynamic System in a Particular Case
100 Olah, B.: Sensitivity Analysis of a Genetic Algorithm for the Flow-Shop Scheduling Problems
101 Kiss, I.; Sloboda, A. & Wessely, E.: Possibilities of Information Logistics Utilization in Practice
102 Sysel, M. & Vitasek, S.: Hardware Detection Tool
103 Sysel, M.: Remote Control and Monitoring in the Simulink
104 Vojtesek, J.: Adaptive Control of Conductivity Inside CSTR
105 Selimaj, R. A.; Osmanaj, S. & Sahiti, N.: Modeling of Temperature and Non-Stationary Heat Flux Through a Flat Wall
106 Godec, D.; Sercer, M. & Pilipovic, A.: Application of Rapid Prototyping in Polymer Product Development: Case Studies
107 Vesely, L. & Zbranek, P.: Sensorless Control of PMSM with Low Change of Inductance
108 Prostean, G.; Tamasila, M. & Taucean, I. M.: Improvement of Windmill Assembly Process with FMEA
109 Prostean, G.; Taucean, I. M. & Tamasila, M.: Windmill Farm Assembly Process Using a MRP Model
110 Wessely, E.; Kralikova, R. & Krupa, M.: Evaluation of Work Environment Factors in Mechanical Engineering Plants
111 Hruskova, E. & Matusova, M.: Flexibility Approach to Effectiveness Increasing of Assembly Cell
112 Coman, D.; Neagu, I. I.; Vlad, D. & Matran, C.: Researches Regarding the using New Textile Parts in the Automotive Industry
113 Vasek, L. & Dolinay, V.: Municipal Heating Network Simulation and Modeling
114 Dolinay, V.; Vasek, L. & Kral, E.: Heat Supplies Prediction Based on Similar Days
115 Nanasi, T.: Reliability and Effectiveness of Systems of Independent Automats
116 Nasui, D. V.; Rancea, I. & Sgarciu, V.: Safe Driving Using Wireless Monitoring Units
117 Adamek, M.; Neumann, P. & Matysek, M.: Control of Solar Power Systems
118 Risteiu, M.; Todoran, R. M. & Todor, N.: Designing Adaptive Control Management System for Small Wind Generators to Low Power Grid
119 Risteiu, M.; Ileana, I.; Cabulea, L. & Ungureanu, N.: Implementing IEEE 1451-Based Sensor for Natural Disaster Monitoring
120 Grigoras, S.; Stirbu, C.; Hanganu, L. C. & Dumitru, M.: Testing Rig for Reliability Control of Rolling Bearings
121 Marholt, J. & Gazdos, F.: Robust Control of the Inverted Pendulum
122 Ignat, A. B.; Horja, I. M. & Vancea, S.: Direct Debit: An Alternative to Simplify Recurring Payments
123 Chomat, L.; Lorenc, V. & Pivonka, P.: Design of a Supervisor for the Self-Tuning Controller
124 Mudrikova, A.; Delgado Sobrino, D. R. & Kostal, P.: Planning of Material Flow in Flexible Production Systems
125 Ziljak Vujic, J.; Ziljak Stanimirovic, I. & Pogarcic, I.: Hidden Information with Infraredesign
126 David, O.; Osiceanu, S. & David, M. F.: Marketing for Food Production and Trading in Romania in the Perspective of the European Legislation
127 Kremljak, Z.: Risk Management
128 Amberg, M.; Bulecza, G.; Dencovski, K.; Holm, T. & Vollmar, J.: Analysis and Comparison of Systems Engineering Approaches
129 Holm, T.; Wiener, P. & Horn, S.: Using Service Challenge Based Evaluations for the Systematic Innovation of Proactive Remote Services: A Case Study
130 Buchman, I. & Ignaton, E.: High Performance Concretes from Romania
131 Buchman, I. & Ignaton, E.: Reactive Powders Concrete
132 Majerik, M.; Hartansky, R. & Zgodavova, K.: Mechatronic Product Interchangeability Management: Electronic Components
133 Mihai, M. V. & David, O.: Financing Romanian State Academic Institutions
134 Chramcov, B.: Evaluation of Heat Demand Forecast for Specific Localities
135 Berger, F.; Sulzbachner, C. & Kogler, J.: A Validation Approach for a Silicon Retina Stereo Sensor
136 Pupavac, D.: Macroeconomic Model of Demand Estimate for Railway Freight Transport in Croatia
137 Prodan, D.; Bucuresteanu, A. M. & Balan, E.: Heavy Machine Tools: Feed-Positioning Systems for Crossrails
138 Herceg, T.; Vlahov, R. D. & Jakovic, B.: E-Learning Application in Teaching of the Bertrand Price Management Oligopoly
139 Sirbu, D. M.; Curseu, D.; Popa, M. & Popa, M. S.: Tools for Vulnerability Measurement in Adaptative Management Strategies to Climate Change
140 Dusek, D.: Design of a MEMS Artificial Cochlea Like an Array of Resonators
141 Grecu, V. & Grecu, L.: Design of a Training and Rehabilitation Upper Limb Orthesis with Actuators
142 Javorova, A. & Velisek, K.: Ca Systems Implementation in to the Design Process of Assembly Cells
143 Pilipovic, A.; Valentan, B.; Brajlih, T.; Haramina, T.; Balic, J.; Kodvanj, J.; Sercer, M. & Drstvensek, I.: Influence of Laser Sintering Parameters on Mechanical Properties of Polymer Products
144 Macura, A. & Grgic, Z.: Quality of the Service for the Transmission of Video Signals Over IP/MPLS Network
145 Armeanu, D.; Vintila, G.; Barbu, T. & Nedelescu, D. M.: Using the Value at Risk (VAR) Method to Analyse and Assess Risk
146 Barbu, T.; Vintila, G.; Armeanu, D. & Nedelescu, D. M.: Aspects of Bank Recapitalization, and its Impact on Capital Markets
147 Despa, R.; Folcut, O. & Nedelescu, D. M.: Model Analysis of Marketing Management in the Context of Romanian Energy Contracts
148 Pechacek, F. & Charbulova, M.: Ultrasound Influence in Hole Grinding Process to Al203 Material
149 Mulc, T.; Udiljak, T.; Ciglar, D.; Brezak, D. & Staroveski, T.: Application of Non-Parametric Methods for Monitoring of Tool Chipping
150 Mikhaylov, M.; Kopychev, V.; Larchikov, I.; Kopaev, S.; Cvetkov, V. & Stazhkov, S.: Application of Hydromechanical Constant Speed Drives in a Wind Power Generation System
151 Matysek, M.; Adamek, M.; Neumann, P. & Karafiat, T.: The Remote Monitoring and Controlling Real Systems via the GSM Network GPRS/EDGE Data Transfer
152 Kapustova, M.; Martinkovic, M. & Bilik, J.: Plasticity and Workability of Aluminium Alloy at Recovery Temperatures
153 Zuperl, U.; Cus, F. & Balic, J.: Neural Network Based Control Algorithm in Robotised Unmanned Flexible Manufacturing System
154 Simionescu, G.: Moulding Technology for Small Artistic Cast Pieces in Ceramic Forms with Boundary Separation
155 Simionescu, G.: The Technology for Restoration of Used Fusible Materials
156 Pascu, N.; Dobrescu, T.; Simion, I. & Dobre, D.: Optimize the Process of Slicing of Silicon Wafer with Neural Networks and Determination of Cutting Force
157 Cernecky, J. & Brodnianska, Z.: Optimization of Cutting Wedge Geometry for a Plastic Disintegrator Tool
158 Cernecky, J. & Koniar, J.: Research of Local Values of Heat Transfer Coefficients in the Area of Heated Curved Wall
159 Savu, L. D.: Convergences and Divergences in the System of Valuation Methods
160 Yadroitsev, I. & Bertrand, P.: Selective Laser Melting in Micro Manufacturing
161 Parausanu, I.; Gheorghiu, H.; Tudose, V. & Visan, D. C.: The Oil Pressure Distribution Modifications Due to the Effect of Unaligned Shaft
162 Damic, V.; Cohodar, M. & Kulenovic, M.: An Object Oriented Approach to Modelling of Flexible Multibody System: Focus on Joint Constrains
163 Robu, A.; Stoicu – Tivadar, L. & Neagu, A.: Considerations About a 3D Matrix Based Model for a Porous Scaffold and a Cell Suspension
164 Duda Daianu, D. C. & Harangus, D.: Intra-EU Trade Versus Extra-EU Trade: The Integration Degree of Goods and Services on Romanian Market
165 Pribytkova, M.; Polyantchikov, I. & Karaulova, T.: Influence of Variability on a Reliable Production Process
166 Filaretov, V.; Zhirabok, A.; Shumsky, A. & Bobko, Y.: Fault Accommodation in Bilinear Dynamic Systems
167 Filaretov, V.; Zhirabok, A. & Yakshin, A.: Robust Methods for Diagnosis in Systems with Nonlinear Links
168 Ghionea, A. L.; Constantin, G. & Predincea, N.: Possibilities of Processing Polygonal Surfaces on CNC Lathes
169 Constantin, C.; Bisu, C. – F.; Croitoru, S. M. & Constantin, G.: Milling Analysis by 3D FEM and Experimental Tests
170 Petrescu, V.; Nemes, T.; Bibu, M.; Gligor, A. & Ciudin, R.: The Parameters’ Influence on the Characteristics of the EDM Process Applied to G-Type Hard Alloys
171 Dragicevic, M.; Letunic, S. & Brautovic, H.: Implementation of ISO Managing System Standards in the Croatian Hotels
172 Avram, E. L.; Savu, L. D. & Avram, C.: Investment Decision Making with Economic and Mathematic Model
173 Bliznak, M. & Dulik, T.: Virtual Laboratory of Microprocessor Technology Application
174 Ghinea, M.; Dobrescu, T.; Nicolescu, A. F. & Enciu, G.: The Importance of a Postprocessor in Data Transfer from Apt Format (CAD) in ISO Format Used by Heidenhain iTNC 530
175 Sysala, T.: Real Equipments Laboratory and an Elevator Model Controlled Through Programmable Controller
176 Deaky, B. – A.: Cost-Aware Solution (Hardware and Software) for Monitoring Applications
177 Popescu, L.; Popescu, V. & Iancu, A.: The Influence of Social Dialogue on the Organization’s Performance
178 Dubau, C. & Catas, A.: Geometrical Outline of the Aerodynamic Profile of Wind Turbine Blades
179 Catas, A.; Dubau, C. & Galea, L.: Mathematical Simulation of Pollution Index
180 Catas, A. & Galea, L.: Statistical Model for Environmental Impact Assessment
181 Kostal, P.; Mudrikova, A. & Kerak, P.: Clamping Fixture for New Paradigms of Manufacturing
182 Pervan, M.: Market Structure and Insurers Performance in the Croatian and B&H Insurance Market
183 Zgodavova, K.: Complexity of Entities and its Metrological Implications
184 Stuparu, A.; Hila, L. D. & Anton, L. E.: Numerical Study of the Hydraulic Losses in a Pipe Enlargement
185 Saceanu, D.: Studies Regarding Attitude of Mill Hammers in Exploitation
186 Pintilie, G. & Albut, A.: The Durability Calculation for Aerial Transportation Pipelines Subjected to Complex Loads
187 Coculescu, C.; Despa, R. & Folcut, O.: Utility Function in Alternative Investments
188 Zalesak, M.: Active Elements of Heat Accummulation in Laboratory of Intelligent Building: Thermal Accumulative Panels
189 Benga, G. C.; Gingu, O. & Ciupitu, I.: Assessment of Wear and Tribological Behavior of Spark Plasma Sintered Ti
190 Birsan, I. – G.; Circiumaru, A.; Bria, V.; Roman, I. & Ungureanu, V.: Some Mechanical Properties of Reinforced Filled Epoxy Composites
191 Popescu, M.: Welding Ergonomics – Elements
192 Dumitrescu Popa, D. M. & Nica, G. B.: Cultural Values and Organizational Practices in the context on the Virtual Organization
193 Rugescu, D. R. D.; Simion, I.; Dobre, D. & Lorincz, I.: Imaging Experiment on Board the Nerva-1 Rocket Vehicle
194 Bogoi, A. T.; Tache, F.; Rugescu, D. R. D. & Aldea, S.: Steering Mechanism and Efforts on the Nerva Space Launcher
195 Angelastro, A.; Campanelli, S. L.; Casalino, G. & Ludovico, A. D.: Process Parameters Optimisation of the Direct Laser Metal Deposition Technique
196 Fabian, M.; Spisak, E.; Seminsky, J.; Senderska, K.; Mares, A. & Izol, P.: CAM Parameters Settings and NC Milled Surface Quality
197 Maxim, M.; Seminsky, J. & Wessely, E.: Synchronous Technology Tool for Rapid Product Development
198 Abram Zver, M.; Stjepanovic, Z. & Kapel, J.: Comparing the Appearance of Virtual and Real Woman’s Dress
199 Vertan, G.; Dobanda, E.; Manea, A. S.; Kovacs, A. & Popov, D.: On the Geometry of the Penstock Lower Bend for Large Flow Francis Turbines
200 Nica, G. B.; Dumitrescu Popa, D. M. & Aurite, T.: Jungian World in the Hofstede’s Cultural Model
201 Balcu, I. & Rosca, I. C.: Basics of the Vibrating Transporter Design
202 Altameem, T. A.; Al Zubi, E. Y. M. & Kondratenko, Y. P.: Computer Decision Making System for Increasing Efficiency of Ships’ Bunkering Processes
203 Kittl, B.; Weiler, T. & Pfadenhauer, K.: Plant Connectivity: Integration of Machine Tool Control with Manufacturing Operations Management
204 Palka, J.; Palka, J. & Motyl, I.: Use of Active Directory in Securing the Client Applications
205 Tanuska, P.; Spendla, L. & Vlkovic, O.: Accelerated Stress Testing of Control Systems
206 Cananau, S.: Contact Analysis for Spur Gears
207 Milos, T.; Alexandrescu, A. & Dobanda, E.: Optimal Routes of Pipeline Supply from Pumping Station to Consumers Using Graph Theory
208 Izvercianu, M.; Negru Strauti, G. & Pugna, A. P.: Study Regarding the Possibilities of Transition Towards an Sustainable Entrepreneurial University
209 Negru Strauti, G.; Pugna, A. P.; Mocan, M. L. & Cismariu, L.: Model for Regional Competitiveness Evaluation for Romania
210 Dobre, D.; Simion, I.; Adir, V. G.; Adir, G. M. & Dobrescu, T.: Failure Modes of Flexible Metallic Membrane Couplings
211 Dobre, D.; Simion, I.; Adir, V. G.; Adir, G. M. & Pascu, N.: Finite Element Analysis of the Flexible Coupling with Metallic Membranes
212 Popa, H. L. & Cristea, S. L.: The Progress of Europe: An Integrative Model
213 Ramaj, V.; Dhori, A.; Ramaj, V.; Dhoska, K.; Koleci, A. & Konjusha, E.: CFD Code Turbulence Models Validation for Turbulent Flows Over a Wavy Surface
214 Teusdea, A. C.; Bals, C. A.; Mintas, O. S. & Negrau, V. S.: Automatic Content Assesment of Fresh Pork Meat Using Colour Image Analysis
215 Modog, T.; Teusdea, A. C.; Negrau, V. S. & Gombos, D.: Sparse Time Series Interpolation of Dam Displacements
216 Teusdea, A. C.; Mintas, O. S. & Bals, C. A.: Colour Image Analysis as a Non-Invasive Method in Assessing Fresh Fish Meat Content
217 Dumitrescu, C. D.; Tent, I. D. & Dumitrescu, E. C. I.: Lean Six Sigma Principles
218 Dumitrescu, C. D.: Tax Fraud- Specific Forms of Manifestation in the Underground Economy
219 Costescu, I. D.; Duran, D. C. & Artene, A. E.: Fiscal Optimization by Outsourcing Processes and Services Within an Enterprise
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