DAAAM International Week – 2020

The 31st DAAAM International Symposium Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation, 22-23rd October 2020
14th European DAAAM International Young Researchers´ and Scientists´ Conference, 22-23rd October 2020
9th DAAAM International Doctoral School, 19-21st October 2020
Synergy Network Annual Workshop
Activities of International Academy of Engineering, Central European Branch

Virtual Online Edition, hosted from University of Mostar, BiH

Final Program Overview


Monday, October 19th - 9th DAAAM International Doctoral School

Monday, October 19th – 9th DAAAM International Doctoral School:

11:00 – 11:15

Welcome Address Branko Katalinic | Opening of the 9th DAAAM International Doctoral School in Covid-19 circumstances

11:15 – 15:00 (open end)

Special Topics & Advanced Lectures & Q/A & Discussion | (DS1 – Doctoral School 01)

Katalinic Branko | “Philosophy and Organization of DAAAM International Doctoral School”

Bielic Toni | “Sociotechnical Aspects of a Modern Technology Applied in Maritime Transportation”

Takakuwa Soemon | “Production Control in Conjunction with Real-time Simulation Using IoT”

Godec Damir | “Future trends in Additive Manufacturing (AM)”

Tuesday, October 20th - 9th DAAAM International Doctoral School

Tuesday, October 20th – 9th DAAAM International Doctoral School:

11:00 – 15:00
(Open end)

Special Topics & Advanced Lectures & Q/A & Discussion | (DS2 – Doctoral School 02 )

Lolic Teodora | “The information systems success measurement models and their application in the learning process“

Rikalovic Aleksandar | “Smart Manufacturing & Edge Computing“

Suleykin Alexander | “Digital Transformation through Open-Source Big Data technologies”

Sakulski Dusan | “Examples of the Applications of Satellite Images for Disaster Risk Reduction”

Synergy Network Section

Prof Stazhov | (in Russian) 

Wednesday, October 21st - 9th DAAAM International Doctoral School

Wednesday, October 21st – 9th DAAAM International Doctoral School:

11:00 – 15:00
(Open end)

Special Topics & Advanced Lectures & Q/A & Discussion | (DS3 – Doctoral School 03 )

Park Hong Seok | “Implementation and Application of Digital Twin System in the 4th Industrial revolution age“

Levin Alexander | “Robotic System for Hydrogel 3D Printing on Complex Surface”

Colak Ivo | “Old Bridge”

Staroveški Tomislav | “Applications of LinuxCNC/OpenCV in Industry 4.0”

Stankovski Stevan | “Influence of Industrial Internet of Things on the Automation”

Intelligent Robotronics Section

Prof Pryanichnikov | Special Invite for all DAAAM 2020 Authors

Thursday, October 22nd - 31st DAAAM Virtual Conference (1st Day)

Thursday, October 22nd – 31st DAAAM Virtual Conference (1st Day):

09:30 – 10:00

Warm-up & Gathering | DAAAM Family

10:00 – 10:30

Welcome Address | Branko Katalinic
Welcome, Greetings and Opening

10:30 – 13:00

Plenary Lectures

Branko Katalinic | “Covid-19 pandemic as Big Lecture for Engineers”
Park Hong Seok | “Implementation and Application of Digital Twin System in the 4th Industrial revolution age“
Godec Damir | “Future trends in Additive Manufacturing (AM)”

13:00 – 14:00
Lunch break – Coffee Break

14:00 – 15:45

Section 01 – Invited Lecture: Takakuwa Soemon | “Production Control in Conjunction with Real-time Simulation Using IoT”

Paper Q/A (Chairperson: Godec Damir) | Papers without a video presentation will be removed!

Expand the list of papers for Q/A
dpn17668_a_1_Andrlic: Application of E-Processes in Tourism Marketing
dpn18344_a_1_Perutka: New Teaching Aid for Teaching Multimedia Subject at Secondary Schools in Czech Republic
dpn18527_a_1_Saravanja: Vibration Testing for Assessing the Hydro Unit Condition in Different Operating Modes
dpn18527_a_2_Saravanja: Formation of a Dynamic Construction Model for Vibroacoustic Diagnostics
dpn19074_a_1_Kralikova: Environmental and Health Impact of Paint Products
dpn19074_a_2_Kralikova: Opportunities of Energy Saving Lighting for Sustainable Development
dpn19390_a_1_Majstorovic: Strategic and Cultural Dimension of the Management by Projects
dpn21287_a_1_Olt: Theory of Smoothness of Movement of Multiple-Axle Agricultural Combined Tractor-Implement Units
dpn21932_a_1_Cekic: Effect of Process Parameters on Dimensional Accuracy and Tensile Strength of FDM Printed Parts
dpn23255_a_1_Votrubec: Communication Layer between Control Units within the Internet of Things
dpn23427_a_1_Crnokic: Use of Artifical Neural Networks for Fusion of Infrared and Vision Sensors in a Mobile Robot Navigation System
dpn23427_a_2_Crnokic: STEM Classroom; Creating a Phyton Application for an EV3 Brick Robotic System Used to Transport 3D Printed Boxes
dpn24222_a_1_Shilin: Development of an Experimental Model of a Flow Meter-Batcher of Various Intensities
dpn24293_a_1_Dinu: Using Internet as a Solution for sales in pandemic crisis: E-commerce
dpn24392_a_1_Markova: Impact of Working Environment Factors on Employees in Selected Small Engineering Enterprises
dpn24475_a_1_Breido: Analysis of Starting Modes in Frequency Controlled Asynchronous Electric Drive for Mining Production Using Buffer Power
dpn26004_a_1_Iskakov: PLC-Based Adaptive Relay Protection System Implementation
dpn26707_a_1_Hajdarevic: Strength of Corner Tenon Joints Made from Thermo-Treated Wood
dpn26758_a_1_Mostarac: Dropshipping Distribution Model in Supply Chain Management
dpn27022_a_1_Seremet: Defining a Complex Workflow in a Resource Allocation Simulation for Mass Data Processing
dpn32036_a_1_Zaharinov: Choosing an Optimal Size Range of Pneumatically Actuated Linear Modules for Sprayer Robots
dpn32112_a_1_Hodzic: Strain Rate Influence on Mechanical Characteristics of FDM 3D Printed Materials
dpn32274_a_1_Sobotova: Research of Laser Cleaning of Materials and Environmental Requirements
dpn34023_a_1_Papic: Croatian Bank Security Analysis by Publicly Available Data
dpn34029_a_1_Dakic: Judicial and Technical Improvement of General Data Protection Regulation
dpn34084_a_1_Bicova: A Contribution to the Capability of the Measuring Device Used in the Automotive
dpn34103_a_1_Melichar: Foreign Object Damage Issued by Industry 4.0
15:45 – 16:15
Coffee Break

16:15 – 18:00

Section 02 – Invited Lecture: Colak Ivo | “Old Bridge” ”

Paper Q/A (Chairperson: Toma Udiljak) | Papers without a video presentation will be removed!

Expand the list of papers for Q/A
dpn34232_a_1_Trstenjak: Mobile Application for Skin Cancer Risk Prediction Based on Embedded Convolution Neural Network Model
dpn35021_a_1_Chernus: Mathematical Model of Proportional Spool Valve With Improved Temperature Dependence
dpn35095_a_1_Masic: Evaluation of Face Mask Filtering Efficiency Using High-End Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer
dpn35095_a_2_Masic: Mobile Measurements of Black Carbon for Source Apportionment Studies
dpn35095_a_3_Masic: The Network of Smart Sensors for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
dpn35197_a_1_Kubatova: Problems of Defining and Subsequently Measuring Surface Roughness in Aperiodic Surfaces
dpn35281_b_1_Pletenev: Development of a Communication Protocol Specification for The Modrob-1 Modular Mobile Robot
dpn35418_a_2_Potekhin: Technical Implementation of Individual Elements of the Digital Twin Concept
dpn35418_b_1_Potekhin: Development of Machine Learning Models to Determine Hand Gestures using EMG Signals
dpn35420_a_1_Ipatov: The Impact of Digital Transformation Process of the Russian University
dpn35475_a_1_Khelemendik: Contradictory Reasoning Connecting with the Problems of Intelligent Robotronics
dpn35547_a_1_Trstenjak: Smart Greenhouse Based on the Arduino Platform
dpn60072_a_1_Myasoedova: Non-Chlorinated Materials Based on Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber Modified With Thermoplastic Elastomers
dpn60095_b_1_Bosnjak: Application of XRM Framework for Digitalization of Workplace
dpn60136_a_1_Razic: Influence of Controlled and Uncontrolled Casting Conditions on TH-5 Explosive Density
dpn60161_a_1_Polak: Development of Machine Monitoring System
dpn60162_a_1_Pandzic: Strength Properties of PLA Material Obtained by Different Models of FDM 3D Printer
dpn60208_a_1_Kroft: Use of 3d Printing Technology in Teaching the Basics of Milling Technology
dpn60234_a_1_Ibrulj: Modeling of Viscoelastic Behavior of 3D Printed Polimeric Materials
dpn60277_b_1_Stepanova: Optical Communication Terminal For Mobile Robots
dpn60291_a_1_Ilko: Flow Measurement on Hot Water Lines at Geothermal Power Plant Using Ultrasonic Method
dpn60291_a_2_Ilko: Management with Application of Financial Analysis in the Food Industry in Slovakia
dpn60291_a_3_Ilko: Impacts of Drinking Water Infrastructures Risks
dpn60291_a_4_Ilko: Safety Management of Complex Facilities
dpn60291_a_5_Ilko: Urban Guided Transport Management Cyber Security
dpn64009_b_1_Kuzmin: Influence of the Design Parameters of the Piston Mechanism on the Dead Band of the Axial-Piston Hydraulic Machine
dpn64019_b_1_Kim: Modrob: the Hardware-Software Framework for Modular Mobile Robots Prototyping

Friday, October 23rd - 31st DAAAM Virtual Conference (2nd Day)

Friday, October 23rd – 31st DAAAM Virtual Conference (2nd Day):

09:00 – 10:45

Section 03 – Invited Lecture: Tinz Jan | “NC-Programming for Rolling Rotationally Asymmetrical Workpieces”

Paper Q/A (Chairperson: Durakbasa Numan) | Papers without a video presentation will be removed!

Expand the list of papers for Q/A
dpn64081_b_1_Sunjic: Technologies of High-Velocity Forming
dpn64093_a_1_Knezovic: Influence of Shielding Gas Mixture Type on Ultimate Tensile Strength of Laser-Welded Joints in Duplex Stainless Steel 2205
dpn64093_a_2_Knezovic: Adaption of the Pit Furnace for the New and the Shorter Nitrocarburizing Method in NH3+CO2 Mixture
dpn64093_a_3_Knezovic: Influence of Welding Parameters on Geometry and Microstructure of Laser-Welded Steels with Increased Carbon Content
dpn64109_b_1_Goluza: Numerical Modelling of Aluminium Extrusion and Comparison With Actual Profile Extrusion
dpn64133_b_1_Mach: False Alarms of the Contact Glass-break Detectors Caused by the Multi-chamber Window
dpn67019_a_1_Ojstersek: Simulation Modelling of Environmental and Economic Aspects in Manufacturing Systems
dpn67059_a_1_Tasic: Prediction of Geometry of Pulsed GMAW Fillet Welded Joints of Structural Steels
dpn67059_a_2_Tasic: Selection Charts for Structural Steels Regarding Design Criteria and Trending Properties
dpn67065_a_1_Akdogan: Effect of Gating System Improvements on Product Quality in High Pressure Die Casting
dpn67094_b_1_Farsky: Optimizing the Design of a Holder in Metal Additive Manufacturing
dpn67095_a_1_Bricin: Influence of the Quality of Models Made by Additive Technologies on the Quality of Castings Cast by Investment Casting
dpn67095_a_2_Bricin: Influence of Boridation on Microstructure and Properties of Aluminium Alloy EN AW-2024
dpn67119_b_1_Musalek: The Use of Virtual Reality Games as a Tool to Overcome Acrophobia
dpn67139_b_1_Muhamedagic: Experimental Investigation and Modelling of FDM Process Parameters for Tensile Strength Improvement Using RSM Method
dpn67147_b_1_Suleykin: On Big Data-Driven Digital Ecosystem Framework for Railway Reporting
dpn71020_a_1_Blazevic: Application of Air-Water Heat Pump in Refurbished Building with Existing Radiator System
dpn71055_b_1_Fernando J.: Modal Analysis Applied to Electric Guitar Design Influence on Manufacturing Parameters
dpn71141_b_1_Sevcik: Forensic Imaging of Glass Goblet Using Chalk and Sublimation Spray
dpn71149_b_1_Vichova: Comparison Analysis the Use of Modern Technologies by Fire Rescue Service
dpn71215_a_1_Zecevic: Techno-Economic Analysis Solar Energy Use for Sanitary Water Heating in Institute “Drin Fojnica”
dpn71219_b_1_Kovar: Use of Virtual Reality for the Therapy of Children with Social Anxiety Disorder
dpn71234_a_1_Stefanovic: Information Systems Success Models in the E-Learning Context : A Systematic Literature Review
dpn71234_a_2_Stefanovic: Static Code Analysis Tools: A Systematic Literature Review
dpn74003_a_1_Trzun: Monte Carlo Simulation of Missile Trajectories Dispersion due to Imperfectly Manufactured Warhead

10:45 – 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15 – 13:00

Section 04 – Invited Lecture: Staroveški Tomislav | “Applications of LinuxCNC-OpenCV in Industry 4.0”

Paper Q/A (Chairperson: Panfilov Peter) | Papers without a video presentation will be removed!

Expand the list of papers for Q/A
dpn74025_b_1_Gandreddi: Technological Assurance of Surface Roughness in Pocket Milling
dpn74069_a_1_Botunac: The Effect of Feature Selection on the Performance of Long Short-Therm Memory Neural Network in Stock Market Predictions
dpn74070_a_1_Ibrisevic: Dimensional Stability and Shape Stability of Massive Board
dpn74101_b_2_Kaufnerova: Stability Measurement – Comparison of Measured Values with the Regenerative Theory of Self-Excitation Oscillations
dpn74102_b_1_Skrivanova: Validation of Process Stability in the Aviation Industry
dpn74105_b_1_Blahova: Utilization of Fractal Geometry Possibilities for Information Systems Security
dpn74105_b_2_Blahova: Predictive Control of Processes with Utilization of Artificial Intelligence Elements
dpn74106_b_1_Zatloukal: Optimization of the Machining Process of NiCrBSi Thermal Spraying
dpn74115_b_2_Kotkova: The use of RFID Technology in Hospital
dpn74126_a_1_Tarasov: System for Monitoring and Control in Industrial Technological Processes
dpn74132_b_1_Babic: One Approach to the Detection of Illegal Occupation of Parking Spaces Reserved for Persons with Disabilities
dpn74214_a_1_Georgieva: Graphical Tool for Hybrid Fuel Cell Modelling and Simulation
dpn76008_a_1_Nikolic: Gender Discrimination in Purchase and Sale in Croatian Construction
dpn76009_b_1_Kocijan: Preparation, Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite
dpn76010_a_1_Stoyanova-Marinova: Expert Crisis Centre as a Mechanism of Support to the Enterprise Crisis Management
dpn76014_a_1_Raspudic: Optimal Design of Laterally Unrestrained I-Beams Using Genetic Algorithm
dpn76014_a_2_Raspudic: Stress and Fatigue Analysis of a Single Cylinder Engine Crankshaft
dpn76017_a_1_Nakic: Application of the Lean Concept for Analysis and Optimization of the Automobile Filter Production Company
dpn76019_a_1_Ljubobratovic: Predicting Peach Fruit Ripeness Using Explainable Machine Learning
dpn76021_a_1_Dvorak: Influence of Number and Thickness of Blades on the Performance of Centrifugal Fans
dpn76023_a_1_Korsakov: Object-Oriented Reconstruction of a Scene Using a Point Cloud
dpn76026_b_1_Reithner: Development and Implementation of a Secure Production Network
dpn76027_a_1_Barton Klufova: Effects of Basalt on Corrosion Resistance of Composite Basalt-Copper Laser Cladding
dpn76028_a_1_Krasavin: System of High-precision Movements Control of Underwater Manipulator
dpn76031_a_1_Budimir: Electric Load Modelling of the Power Transmission Lines and Comaprison with SCADA Measurements
dpn76032_a_1_Tinz: NC-Programming for Rolling Rotationally Asymmetrical Workpieces

13:00 – 14:00
Lunch break – Coffee Break

14:00 – 15:45

Section 05 – Invited Lecture: Leonhartsberger Martin | “Influence parameters on tool deflections in roll forming”

Paper Q/A (Chairperson: Pryanichnikov Valentin) | Papers without a video presentation will be removed!

Expand the list of papers for Q/A
dpn76033_b_1_Saravanja: The Enchanting of Information Systems with Digital Technologies
dpn76034_b_1_Culjak: 3D Measurement – Comparison of CMM and 3D Scanner
dpn76035_b_1_Mandic: Two-Layer Architecture of Telco Churn Auto-ML
dpn76037_b_1_Levin: A Robotic System for Hydrogel 3D Printing on Complex Surfaces
dpn76038_b_1_Colak: Materials that Improve the Shielding Efficiency from EM Radiation
dpn76039_b_1_Skobic: Machine Learning Algorithms in the Profitability Analysis of Casco Insurance
dpn76040_a_1_Blazevic: Effective Reduction of NOx Emissions of Modern Medium Speed Diesel Engines
dpn76040_a_2_Blazevic: Development of Simulation Model for Dry Clutch Engagement Analysis
dpn76041_b_1_Drofova: The 3D Scanning Image Quality of the Interior with the Mirror Surface
dpn76042_b_1_Sousedikova: Formal Concept Analysis – The Popular Method of Data Analysis in Engineering
dpn76043_b_2_Sykora: Additive Manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
dpn76046_a_1_Ramljak: Impact of PV Plant on Voltage Variations in Point of Common Coupling
dpn76047_b_1_Majstorovic: Practical Application of Contemporary Project Management Software
dpn76048_b_1_Dzermansky: Software Support for the Integrated Rescue System
dpn76050_a_1_Bakula: Performance Analysis of a 50 Kw PV Plant in Tomislavgrad
dpn76051_a_1_Theiss: Potential of a Two-Stroke Direct Injection Engine
dpn76059_a_1_Pralas: Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Distribution Network Transition to 20 KV Operating Voltage
dpn76061_a_1_Medjugorac: Importance of Energy Management in Buildings
dpn76062_a_1_Susac: Energy Management of Load with Several Energy Sources
dpn76063_a_1_Pavlovic: Reduction of Electrical Energy Technical Losses by Switching from 10 Kv zo 20 Kv Operating Voltage in Distribution Networks
dpn76066_a_1_Corluka: Power Flows and Short Circuit Calculations for 10 Kv and 20 Kv Operating Voltage of the Distribution Network
dpn76067_a_1_Glavina: Comparasion of Network Losses at 10 Kv and 20 Kv Operating Voltage of the Distribution Grid
dpn76070_a_1_Samuele: Application of the Quality Function Deployment approach to the optimization of an Enterprise Resource Planning software
dpn76074_a_1_Stavlic: Comparative Analysis of the Presence of the New and Modern Technologies in Micro Enterprises
dpn76077_a_1_Timotic: Fitting the Spreading Diameter of a Glycerine Droplet Impact onto Horizontal Surfaces
dpn76079_a_1_Potnik Galic: Strategic Cost Management Models
dpn76080_b_1_Pistun: Impulse Mode of Natural Gas Flow and Its Effect on Metering System Accuracy
dpn76083_e_1_Sagbas: Effect of Dırect Metal Laser Sınterıng Process Parameters on Dimensional Accuracy of AlSi10Mg Parts
dpn76084_a_1_Demircioglu: Topology Optimization of a Tensile Test Specimen
dpn76086_a_1_Bodur: Precision in Additive Manufacturing, Optimization and Evaluation of the Accuracy of 3d Printer based on GPS System
dpn76088_a_1_Soloveva: Robotariums implementations witn the Elements of Artificial Intelligence Control
dpn76089_b_1_Plotnikov: Mapping Algorithm, Simulating Lidar and Sonars on Mobile Robots
15:45 – 16:15
Coffee Break

16:15 – 18:00

Closing Ceremony and Awards Announcement
FESTO Prize for Young Researchers and Scientists / Best Paper –
Best Presentation Awards / Virtual Group Photo of Winners / Participants
Birthday & Authors´ Club Certificates Announcement / Synergy Network Certificates
Announcement of DAAAM 2021 – Hopefully in person!
All official DAAAM Certificates will be only given in electronic form via Authors’ DAAAM Profile