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Project: DAAAM International Internship «Industry 4.0»

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Dear Colleagues!

This Fall, DAAAM International Vienna plans to launch an International Internship Program focused on Industry 4.0 education and R&D challenges which is specifically targeted at research and academic staff at Universities and comprises lectures of lead experts in digital transformation of industry in general and production& manufacturing, in particular, workshops, seminars, company presentations and visit.

We suggest that this internship program would be a good addition to the annual DAAAM Week event and accompany it.

Two options are considered for this special event, one is a two week period right before the DAAAM Week event and another one is a two week period after the DAAAM Week.

As a major location for the DAAAM International Internship on Industry 4.0 we suggest a nice city of Vienna, Austria, a residence place for the DAAAM International Vienna, TU Wien, Association Industry 4.0 Austria, and many high-tech companies including FESTO Didactic and TCI. 

Now we are composing a short intensive course covering different topics of Industry 4.0 and including number of events as it is presented in our draft program below

•    Introduction to Industry 4.0, building blocks of Industry 4.0, new business models, future of intelligent manufacturing and challenges of digital transformation of industry and society.
•    International networks of laboratories in support of cooperative education and research for Industry 4.0 (Synergy Network project by FESTO Corp for Russian universities).
•    Cooperation RDET programmes in the framework of international professional associations.
•    Bilateral and multilateral R&D programs of Austrian agency for promoting research (FFG).
•    Association Industry 4.0 Austria – The Platform for Smart Production.
•    Visit of FESTO Corp. (Esslingen, Germany) – an industrial leader in Industry 4.0 development.

On the completion of the full program of internship the attendees will be awarded an official DAAAM Certificate of completion signed by President of DAAAM.

We would appreciate any proposals from DAAAM members and partners on topics for the program of internship, guest lectures and invited experts, workshops and tutorials, industry visits, as well as other terms and conditions for the internship program implementation.

We also encourage you to give us your suggestions for times and locations of future internships, as well as new ideas of other projects that we could together realize using our wide academic and industrial networks of contacts and partnerships.

On behalf of DAAAM International Vienna and IAE-CEB I have an honor to invite you to join us in discussion of the project of DAAAM International Internship on Industry 4.0 and other project ideas during our meetings at DAAAM Week 2017 in Zadar, Croatia from November 5 to 12, 2017.

With my very best regards

President of DAAAM International Vienna
Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Dr.mult.h.c. Prof.h.c. Branko Katalinic

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