8th DAAAM International Doctoral School

Encouraged by the huge success of the first seven DAAAM International Doctoral School events, we are proudly announcing the next one! Welcome to the 8th DAAAM International Doctoral School.

Application for the 8th DAAAM International Doctoral School

Doctoral School Final Program 2019 (Available in October 2019)

Zadar, Croatia, EU, 2019-10-20/27


DAAAM International Vienna /Moscow State Technological University „Stankin“ / The National Research University Higher School of Economics / International Academy of Engineering / Synergy Network


Co organizers: (Tentative list)

Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects – ÖIAV 1848 / Riga Technical University / Baltic State Technical University / Far Eastern Federal University / FESTO / International Academy of Engineering / Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas / Russian Academy of Engineering / Russian Academy of Sciences, KIAM / Russian State University for Humanities /  University of Mostar – Universitas Studiorum Mostariensis /  Tallinn University of Technology / Tokyo University / University of Cadiz / University of Nagoya / University of Novi Sad /FSB -University of Zagreb / Russian Academy of Engineering – Intelligent Robotronics Center / University of Iowa / University of Ulsan / Vienna University of Technology

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Our civilization is a technology based civilization. Increasing of complexity and decreasing of robustness are two typical development trends of modern technology. Only high level engineers with deep understanding and creativity are able to develop modern sophistical technical products and technologies. Doctoral studies are highest level of education of engineers. This is based on specialization and focus on small fields. The results are specialists ("Fachidiot") as excellent engineers. Modern society needs additional competences from engineers.

1.      Person with critical orientation in the historical contest of the development of the science and technology

2.      Person within the scientific and academic space

3.      Personalities with character and ethics

4.      International networking as a individual and as a part of the team

5.      Close cooperation with industry

6.      Development of characteristics and abilities of engineers for knowledge based society

7.      Philosophy of technology, developing scenarios and trends.

8.      Philosophical approach for engineers

9.      Others

DAAAM International Doctoral School is focused on support of the development of doctoral students in the direction to develop competence in those fields.



International doctoral school will use following working forms: lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, coaching, privatisimus, practical skills and critical discussions.

Program and scheduling

All selected candidates and professors will personally get detailed program and scheduling.


  1. Candidate must be a doctoral (PhD) student in engineering
  2. Must be an author of a paper at DAAAM-2019, he/she must present the paper at the conference and must pay the conference fee.
  3. At least one letter of recommendation for the International Doctoral School from the doctoral supervisor or expert in the field is needed.
  4.  Program, accommodation, food and services of International doctoral school are free of charge for all participants. Accommodation will be organized in Hotel Kolovare.
  5. DAAAM Membership
  6. Registration


Successful participants will receive Diplomas and Diploma Supplement at the end of the Doctoral School from the University of Zadar and DAAAM International. Diploma includes 4 ECTS credit points and will be signed by Rector of the University of Zadar, President of DAAAM International and representatives of all universities and institutions who are co-organizers of the 7th International Doctoral School. The list of students’ contributions including presentations and exams as well as list of all involved professors and their contribution will be listed.


The success of mankind civilization is based on science and technology. The main megatrend in the science is specialization which can be expressed with words “to know more and more about less and less”. Augmentation of complexity is dominating trend in the development of technology, this trend directly increases fragility and decrease robustness of modern machines and systems. Modern society is closely connected and very dependent on modern technology. All those machines and technologies are developed by engineers, but the role and influence of engineers in the development of the society is continuously decreasing. This process was supported by education of engineers which is focused on narrow technical specialization excluding historical contest, scientific and academic space and state of modern society.

International Doctoral School Professors (List is not complete!)

  • Bielic Toni, University of Zadar
  • Bleicher Friedrich, Vienna University of Technology
  • Celar Stipe, University of Split
  • Cosic Ilija, University of Novi Sad
  • Covic Dragan, University of Mostar
  • Drstvensek Igor, University of Maribor
  • Durakbasa Numan, Vienna University of Technology
  • Filaretov Vladimir, Far Eastern Federal University
  • Grabenweger Johannes, KHS Concern
  • Gusev Boris, Russian Academy of Engineering, president
  • Hofmann Peter, Festo & University of
  • Jerbic Bojan, University of Zagreb
  • Katalinic Branko, Vienna University of Technology
  • Krasic Petar, Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • Kusiak Andrew, University of Iowa
  • Kuvshinov Sergei, Russian State University for Humanities
  • Marcos Mariano, University of Cadiz
  • Otto Tauno, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Park Hong-Seok, University of Ulsan
  • Poduraev Yuri, Moscow State Technological University Stankin
  • Pryaninchnikov Valentin, Russian Academy of Sciences, KAIM
  • Sikic Zoran, University of Zadar
  • Stazhkov Sergej, Baltic State Technical University
  • Stopper Markus, MKW Concern
  • Takakuva Soemon, University of Nagoya
  • Torims Toms, Riga Technical University
  • Udiljak Toma, University of Zagreb
  • Uglesic Ante, University of Zadar, Rector

22 Institutions agreed to found permanent International Network for Support of Doctoral Students under the name "DAAAM International Doctoral School". This network is open for new members. If your organization is interested in these activities you are welcome to join us 1st Version of Founding Charter was signed on 26th October 2012.


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