International Network for Advanced Technologies

The text of the Charter of Network:

We, the representatives of different Universities, Institutions, and Firms at the meeting initiated and organized by The Danube Adria Association for Automation & Manufacturing, DAAAM International Vienna under the auspices of The Danube Rectors’ Conference on the occasion of the Thirteenth International DAAAM Symposium "Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation: Learning from Nature" held at the Vienna University of Technology and Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects in Vienna, Austria, decided to found the DAAAM International Network for Advanced Technologies as a strategic alliance and permanent open platform within European Research Area for long-term co-operation and partnership in all fields and aspects of research, developing, transfer, education and use of advanced technologies.

The co-operation has to be continuously organized and had to be based on the partnership, friendship, tolerance, appreciation and positive experience of international scientific co-operation within the framework of DAAAM International during the last twelve years. The co-operation can use individual flexible project oriented forms, structures and aspects and support the young researchers’ mobility as well. The practical co-operation will be project-based organized. The highest priority is given to the organization of long – term international cooperation projects focused on advanced technologies for balanced development and harmony between men, technology and nature. The network has to be platform for dissemination of relevant information and ideas, supporting international partnership and encouraging of cooperation initiatives.

Signed by the founding members in Vienna, Austria, European Union, on the twenty-fifth of October 2002

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